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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

L update

I forgot to give a big L update. He is now 10 months old. He has 1.5 teeth. The 2nd one started the day after he turned 10 months. He is weighing in at 24.5 lbs and 30.5 inches. He is a stair climbing, crawling, cabinet opening, pulling himself up, cruising along furniture machine. He is in to everything these days. He loves spilling the water dish all over the place and spilled the dog food all over the floor the other day. He still doesn't eat anywhere near as good as Nate but he is working on it. He still sleeps through the night but stayed up much later on holidays. He didn't want to miss anything. Now that we are home he wakes up at 0400 or so and then goes back to sleep with me in the bed in his room. He woke up at 0100 this morning though and then was up at 0600 for good. He is fussier lately because of his teeth I am assuming. I am still stressing out about finding childcare for Logan. Would appreciate any leads.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I last blogged. I thought I blogged more in Manitoba but I guess I didn't. Then while I was in Ontario I had no internet access so I wasn't able to blog. Here goes. May be a long one depending on how much I can remember. I last blogged on July 23rd. That night Rolly, Robyn, L, Tyler and I headed down to Pierson to my Mom's house for supper. It was great. There was twisters around Brandon and a thunder and lightning storm but we made it home no problem. Thursday, we just hung out and then we went over to Dad & Lynn's for supper. Dad took Tyler golfing and Logan and I hung out and watched TV and then went home and I got him ready for bed. Made it to bed at 2230. I was tired. Tyler gave up waiting for Rolly & Robyn to get back from Brandon and went to bed just after 2300.
Friday morning Grandpa Herb came by just after 1100 or so and took Tyler and Logan home with him. Tyler went to the library with Grandma Lynn and Grandpa hung out with Logan. I decided to run to Dad and Lynn's from Rolly's around the perimeter. I ended up running 4.3 km to the south end of the perimeter, and then I walked to the cemetery to visit Raymond and my Grandpa. I then walked the 1.5 km or so over to Dad's. I took his car and went to Rolly's for a shower and grabbed some muchies and coolers for the lake. Friday afternoon at around 1630 Tyler, Logan and I went back to Rolly's house to pack up to go to the lake for the weekend. We headed to the lake and Rolly and Robyn's cabin. It was awesome. They barbecued up some burgers for supper. We watched a movie on the satellite. Saturday morning Rolly cooked up an amazing breakfast. We hung out down by the water all day. I took Logan swimming but there was so many weeds it wasn't that fun. Rolly was driving the seadoo and pulled Tyler and I around on the hot dog. The first time we fell off really hurt but the next time was fine. Rolly said we were jacking around and that was why we fell off. I still think it was because of his driving. Then we tried knee boarding. I couldn't get up and had a bad bail at one point and lost my nose plug. Saturday night Dad, Lynn & Ursula came out for supper. It was really really good and then they took Logan back home with them. It was a nice break although I did miss Logan. That night we played poker. I started off doing really well. I had a straight flush!!! Then I made a stupid play later and was out. There was Clark, Rolly, Robyn and I playing. Donna was playing sudoku puzzles. Later we went to bed around midnight I would guess. They made some nachos which were awesome. Sunday we just relaxed a bit. I went on a pontoon boat cruise with the neighbours which was fun. I had a little swim. Tyler did lots of knee boarding with Rolly and Carrie. Then we left that night after supper. I almost forgot my cell phone but I remembered and then managed to find it. I went back to staying at Dad & Lynn's for sunday night and monday night. Logan was in bed when I got home that night at 2200 but he woke up at midnight when I was going to bed. He went back to sleep right away. Monday Mom came down for one last visit with Logan with us. It was nice to see her again. Tuesday morning Dad & Lynn left for Brandon. Tyler, Logan and I left shortly after them. We stopped at Superstore for formula and I bought a fill it in book for Tyler who loves them now. Then I took him home. We couldn't find his meds but it turns out he forgot them at Dad & Lynn's. Then Logan and I headed to Winnipeg. We stopped in at Grandma Edith's for a visit. It was nice. Then Dad & Lynn came by and we all headed to Auntie Elsie's house. We dropped off blue thunder and headed out to Auntie Olivine and Uncle Bruno's. Wednesday we headed to town for a bit and then visited Grandma Richard. Logan I flew out on Thursday morning to Ontario. I managed to forget my sunglasses but Auntie O sent them to me.
My flight ended up stopping in thunderbay enroute to Toronto. Logan had some troubled with his ears at this point. I had 2 seats to myself to T-bay. Then I had 3 on the way to Toronto. Flight went alright. Grandpa Hacker picked us up at the airport and we headed to Sutton. We ended up moving Paul's flight up by 24 hours since he had the friday off. Was $250 which was exactly what I had in a flight credit so it worked out alright. Paul landed at 0615 on friday August 1st. For most of Friday Paul slept since he was on the red eye all night. Friday night Dad and I went to the Argos vs Blue Bombers CFL football game. It was so awesome. We got to sit in the season pass spot so we weren't even in regular seats. I had astroturf at my feet. The food was also free. We ate before we went but we managed to eat some free pizza and chips and salsa and a hot dog. The game was awesome to be so close to the field but I was disappointed that Winnipeg lost.
Saturday night we headed over to a friend of Mom and Dad's for a party. It was alot of fun. Mom and I took the car and and the ferry. Dad and Paul took the boat over to the island. Paul, logan and I ended up coming home on the 2200 ferry. The water was pretty rough so Mom and Dad ended up sleeping over there. We had a great time at the party and Logan was a big hit. Sunday night Amy ended up coming to Mom & Dad's. On Monday, Dad, Paul, Amy & I went out downrigging. We ended up bringing home 2 lake trout. We may have lost a couple. We cooked them up for supper and they were awesome. Paul, Amy and Dad did some waterskiing once we got back. We relaxes, tuesday, wed and thurs. Thursday night we watched Harold and Kumar escape Guantanamo. Was hilarious. Friday Logan, Paul and I headed down to Kingston. We stopped to visit Nana and Papa and Grandpa and Grandma Hacker on the way. We got to Amy's at around 1930. Saturday we went and visited with Andrew and Nancy and Andrew's parents. Andrew and Nancy had a belated birthday cake for me. Saturday night was Paul's reunion and Mom and Dad came down to babysit Logan for us since Amy and Steve were going too. Mom and Dad cooked up a fabulous supper for us before we went out. We had a really good time and Nevenka came to hang out with me. Erin Smith was also there so that was nice to catch up with her. Paul won a door prize and Nevenka gave me here ticket when she left and she ended up winning a body shop gift basket which she ended up giving to me. Sunday morning we got up and Mom and Dad had cooked us a wonderful breakfast. Then Mom and Dad left to head to Grandpa and Grandmas. Paul and I went to the cemetery to visit his friend's grave and Nevenka met me there. Steve and Ryan also met us there. Then we headed to Grandpa and Grandmas. We visited there for awhile and then headed to Nana and Papas. After a visit there we headed home to Sutton. Another long day. I did all the driving since Paul was hungover and I had the GPS so I wouldn't get lost. Monday, Paul and his Dad started working on the shed for down by the water. They didn't finish it until Friday. Wednesday was spa day. Mom Hacker got me a facial for my birthday and then side by side 1 hour massages for Paul and I for our anniversary. It was sooooo awesome. Wednesday night Paul and I took the aluminum boat out fishing. It was sooooo much fun. We caught a few. I had a decent size perch and a decent bass but we threw them back. Thursday morning Nana and Papa came up for a visit. We had a wonderful supper thursday night with them and Bill and Vicki. Friday night we had some more fish which was awesome. We came home Saturday morning. It was a long day. We had a wonderful, wonderful time in Ontario. Mom and Dad spoiled Logan and were sooooo good to us. We had awesome meals. It was really nice for them to be on holidays while we were visiting. Was great to see Logan's great grandparents again. Nana Karen and Logan had alot of good times together and I know she misses him tons since we left.
After we got home and I cleaned up a bit we headed to Air Force beach for Nate and Griffin's 1 year birthday parties. It was alot of fun. We swam in the ocean which was super warm as well. It was sooooo good to see lots of my friends after being gone for a month.
Logan went to sleep at 2000 last night but was up at 0300 this morning. We brought him to bed with us and he went back to sleep till 0730.
Today I cleaned all day. It sucked but I got alot done. I will sleep good tonight.