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Saturday, October 31, 2009

31 OCTOBER 2238

Went to bed at midnight for a change. Was good. Got up at 0815. Went to breakfast and ended up staying there chatting for longer than I would have liked. Then I came back and called Paul. We had a good chat. He has his first aid exam on Sunday. Logan is going to wear the elephant costume again this year. It still fits him. Will be fun to compare the pics to last years!!! I hope they have fun. Logan colored in a ghost at daycare and they made cupcakes. Brenda is so great. Love her!!!

Last night Paul and Logan carved pumpkins and then they baked the pumpkin seeds. Logan loved eating them.

Then after our chat I came back and went for a shower. Then I rushed down to the market at 1035 and it didn’t end up opening until 1120 so I waited for a long time. Was standing there sweating in the sun. Was a good time though. I picked up Seasons 1-2 of Californication and Burn Notice S1-2 for Paul and I. I picked up a 15 disk winnie the pooh series for Logan. I hope he likes it. I bought a keyboard skin for my laptop. It lays over the keys and keeps dirt and dust out. Would have been handy before the tour. I love it though. Will grab one for Paul next week. I also picked up the first 4 disks of Gray’s anatomy season 6. Can’t wait to watch them and catch up to Paul. I also picked up a notebook cooling fan for my laptop to keep it nice and cool. Seems to be doing the trick.

Hope everyone has a great time trick or treating tonight. I have a video chat with Paul and Logan that I am waiting for. Hopefully it will be as good as last week!!!

2 more markets left!!!!

Had a wonderful video chat with Logan and Paul tonight!!

Love Rae-Lynn

Friday, October 30, 2009

31 OCTOBER 1018


Went to bed at 0230 or so and got up at 1100. Set my alarm for 1000 and then dozed till 1100. Showered and headed to lunch and then work. Work was really really busy and was good for the most part till 1700 when we had another soldier wounded in an IED strike. He passed away from his wounds at the hospital. It was very very sad.

Went to supper after my shift at 1900, then did the laundry run and then watched some L Word, while I did some more work on my Christmas cards. Going to mail them from here and take advantage of it being free. Will save me $50.

Paul sent me an email this morning. Here is an exerpt from it.
So your son made me call poison control tonight. We were at the idiens park playing with Tikka and running around. Then Tikka took a shit. I couldn't find it. I was looking and looking. Then I heard logan spitting (the same noise he makes when he spits out food he doesn't like). So I turned around and he had a mushroom in his hand. With two bites out of it. I called 811 and they refered me to poison control. I brought the mushroom home with us so I could describe it. They said it sounds fine (not poisones) but the rule is if it is poison and what you eat less less than the size of a quarter you'll be fine. He said to check on him before I go to bed and again in the morning in case of delayed on set. I'll inform Brenda to keep an eye on him tomorrow aswell. Oh and he is a champ at eating salad now. We had supper tonight then split a salad. And he eats from a booster seat at the table now. He gets mad when you put him in his highchair now.

Thank goodness Logan is ok.

My little man is getting so big. Booster seat and all. I can’t wait to give him the “big boy” bed when I get home.

Looking forward to the market. Only 3 left!!

Love Rae-Lynn

Thursday, October 29, 2009

30 OCTOBER 0037

Had an alright day. Got to bed at 0130 or so and got up at 1000. Watched the season finale of Season 3 of the L word. Then I grabbed a shower. Then somehow I managed to misplace my keys. The keys to my barrack box, and to my bike. Searched for 20 minutes and then figured I must have locked them inside my barrack box. So then I had to walk to lunch, ate quick since I was behind schedule and then headed to work. Work was steady busy but not as insane as the last couple of days which was nice. There was a ramp ceremony today for the soldier we lost yesterday. I was at work so I couldn’t go. Hopefully that will be the last one before I leave. They are very sad. Then at 1845 I borrowed a vehicle and went to the MP shack to pick up the bolt cutters, then I ran back to work and picked up my Thursday night pizza. Then I ran home, and cut 2 locks off. Found my keys in my barrack box. Then I grabbed my 3 boxes of stuff I had to mail and loaded up the truck and drove over to the post office. They close at 2000 so it was a big rush. Got there at 1930 and furiously had to wrap everything up. Got everything mailed off. Then I came home and watched some L word. Now I am watching an episode of Dexter and then I will go to bed.

I am sad I have to miss Halloween with Logan since I missed last year and now I have to miss this year. I hope Paul takes lots of photos.

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

28 OCTOBER 2256

Had a good day. Got to bed at 0200 or so and got up at 1000. I watched an episode of the L word and then showered, and got ready for work. Had lunch and then went to work. Was insanely busy the whole time again. Went well though. Came home, did the laundry run, and then watched a few episodes of the L word. Then at 2130 I went to the gym. I did 10 minutes on the elliptical for 150 calories burnt and .93 miles, and then I did 35 minutes on the bike for 3.6 miles, and 574 calories burnt. Then I did 40 situps and 10 pushups.

Now I am watching an episode of dexter, then some more l word and then to bed. Trying to go to bed by midnight so I can start getting up earlier.

I think my front 2 teeth are sore from the whitening toothpaste I am using. I asked my dentist so I’ll see what he says.

Paul sent me a couple of emails saying Logan peed on the toilet yesterday. He also said that Logan said Nana during his bath!!!!

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

27 OCTOBER 2348

Had another good day. Totally feel like I am getting better.

I didn't sleep that great but oh well. Got up at 1045 or so. Showered, and went to lunch and then work. It was good but crappy. All of the work that I did on the 25th, inputting all of the express routes for November was for nothing. I spent my whole shift on the 25th working my butt off. Then the database crashed yesterday and it was all erased so I spent this whole shift putting them all back in again. Good times. Was getting a headache towards the end.

Finished up at 1840 and then I ran into Saleem and we went for supper at Niagara. was really good. Came home, watched some L word. My butt is sore from my bike ride yesterday so I took the night off. Still not 100% but I will be better. I'll hit the gym again tomorrow night!!!

Paul sent me an email and said that Logan said "sit down" yesterday. He is starting to repeat everything now!!

Can't wait to see my boys.

Love Rae-Lynn

Monday, October 26, 2009






The list that Aunt Marjorie just emailed me. Love it!

27 October 0154

Hello again.

Apparently since everyone thinks I am pregnant, I need to set the record straight.

No I am not pregnant. I wish I was but I am not.

That will have to wait for another time. I do realize I had quite a few symptoms but I took a couple of tests and it would definitely be positive by now if that was the case. Let's not forget about my IUD.

Anyways, just to settle the debate. Trust me, I can't keep a secret like that so if I was, you would know.

Love Rae-Lynn

27 OCTOBER 040

I am doing sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fabulous!

First off I am still sick but I feel like I am on the mend finally.

Last night I called Aunt Marjorie and Uncle Jerry at midnight which was noon their time. We had a wonderful chat. Aunt Marjorie told me a list of words and phrases that Logan now says. Here is what I can remember: Jerry, Buddy, please, thank you, hi, bye, on, up, mine, bum bum. I can't remember what else. Was soooo cute. He wouldn't talk to me though but we had a nice chat. Then I went to bed at 0030 because I was getting up at 0630 to go online and have a video chat with Paul and Logan which was 1900 in Comox. My alarm went off at 0637, jumped up, went to the washroom and then to the video chat with my boys. We chatted for an hour or so. Was sooooooooooooooooooooooo great. Logan was so happy to see me and this time stayed in front of the camera. He said hi to me, and did some dancing and laughing and running around. At the end he blew me kisses and said ba-bye. Was soooo adorable. He had a blast on the weekend with Margie and Jerry!!! They loved it too. So I was on a huge high from the video chat and then went back to bed at 0800, slept till 1100. Took me awhile to fall asleep. Then I got up and showered and went to lunch and then to work.

Work went well. I was super busy so that was good so it went fast. I got my parcel today of stuff I ordered from Stampin Up! from Barb to finish my Christmas cards. I was so stoked. The card she made me was sooooooooooooooo awesome. She also sent me the new catalogue and the mini's which I totally fell in love with. I was super stoked.

I finished work at 1840 or so, biked home, did the laundry run and then started working on finishing my Christmas cards. Was a blast. They aren't as nice as I was hoping but oh well. They'll do. I sealed a whole bunch of them and haven't done my Christmas letter so I will be emailing out my Christmas letter this year and a family pic. I will print some as well for family who don't have computers like my Mom, my grandparents, Paul's grandparents etc.

Worked on that till 2300 and then dragged my butt to the gym finally. I did 45 minutes on the bike while reading a new book called "Bloodborn" by Kathy Reichs. It is a forensic thriller I picked up at the px so I could exercise more.
I burnt 753 calories and did 4.73 miles then 35 situps and 11 pushups.

Here is the best news!!!! I weighed myself before the workout and I was 188 lbs. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ecstatic. 190 was my 2nd big goal. New goal is now 180. I feel fabulous. Yeah me!!!!

Now I am watching some more of the L word and then I will go to bed at 0200 and get up at 1100.

Love Rae-Lynn

Sunday, October 25, 2009

25 OCTOBER 2027

Got to bed at 0200, ended up waking up at 0600. Stayed up till 0800 and then went back to bed till 1100. then I grabbed a shower, and headed for lunch and then work. Was sooooooooo busy. We had our headquarters photo which was nice and then we had a medals parade. I got my campaign star. It is awesome!! Was a great ceremony. Then we had PD at 1900 which took 30 minutes and I found super boring. I am so tired. My cold is still full blown and it really sucks.

I'll be home in one month from today!!!

Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, October 24, 2009

24 OCTOBER 2109

Had a wonderful day today. Went to bed at 0130 b ut didn’t fall asleep for awhile. I got up at 0800, went to breakfast, and then had a shower. Then Paul came online so I went and called him. We had a great chat. He had already dropped off Logan In Parksville.

Then I went to the market and did some shopping. Was a lot of fun as always. Then I went came home, and dropped everything off and then went to work. Work was super busy. I got a ridiculous amount of work done. Was soooooooooooooooo good to be soooooooo busy. Then when I finished at 1830 there was a bbq that I didn’t know about. Was awesome. Had 2 beer and a piece of chicken!!! Was goo dtimes, then I took Paul a piece of cake, and then biked home. I did the laundry run, and now I am back in my room.

Gonna watch some L word shortly.

Love Rae-Lynn

Friday, October 23, 2009

23 OCTOBER 2109

no nausea today. But I have a cold. Yep, full on. It really sucks.

Forgot that Logan is away this weekend at Marjorie and Gerry's so I can't have a video chat with them. Maybe Sunday night I can video chat with them.

Work was super busy. I had a headache when I finished. Didn't finish till 1940 or so, then had supper and then came home.

Watching some more L word.

Got an awesome postcard today from my nephew Tyler. It was a wonderful surprise.

Can't wait till the market tomorrow. Might got to Bingo tomorrow night as well. Haven't decided.

Love Rae-Lynn

Thursday, October 22, 2009

22 OCTOBER 2303

I couldn't fall asleep till 0500. Slept till 1100. Woke up, showered, went to lunch. Felt like crap. Felt crap for the first 4 hours or so at work before I felt alright. The nausea was back and my crappy sore throat.

Shift went well. I was a little tired because I couldn't sleep very well last night.

Then it was pizza night at 1900 so that was great. Came home, did the laundry run. Then I started watching the L word. It is really good.

I forgot to mention the other day, I saw Ryan Herbert at the mess at lunch. Was cool. He just got here. Haven't seen him since Dean and Hannah's wedding. Small world, 2 kids from Manitoba seeing each other over here!!

Can't wait till the market on Saturday and looking forward to a video chat with the boys.

Got a package from Aunt Eileen today. She sent me a nice card and 4 pretty autumn leaves to decorate my tent space.

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

22 OCTOBER 0206

Had a good day. No nausea which was awesome but my throat had a tickle all day which is now a cough once again. Sucks.

Work was good. Really busy.

After work, I watched some Swingtown. I finished all of season 1 which was awesome.

I watched the pilot of the L word. It is sooooooooooo great. I am on the 2nd episode now. Gonna go to bed soon though.

Paul said Logan says Why alot now. So funny! Can't wait till the videochat this weekend.

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

21 OCTOBER 0001

Got up at 0945 today. Showered, and headed over to get my blood taken. That went fine. Then I went to lunch and I got to work at 1200 and relieved Sven early. Was insanely busy the whole time. I was exhausted when I finished. I was lucky though, Paul came in and I was done at 1825. I did the laundry run, and then went to supper, then I came back and watched some private practice. I finished all of my private practice. Not sure if the last episode I saw was actually the finale. Have to do some research.

Then I went to wash up and shaved my legs. Now I am back and I am watching some swingtown.

Felt sooooooooooooooooooooo much better today from yesterday. Not sure if it is the anti-biotics she gave me or what.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Love Rae-Lynn

Monday, October 19, 2009

19 OCTOBER 2052

Had a crappy day. Woke up at 1100, showered, and went to work. Felt like crap all day and still feel crappy. Just crappy, nausea and upset stomach. No diarrhea or vomiting, just feel crappy. Finished at 1900 and headed to the MIR to get checked. They gave me some antibiotics to try out and a req to get some bloodwork done. They will check for anemia. There was no point in checking for thyroid here because the test takes 2 months. Will get that tested when I get home as well as diabetes check.

Picked up some boxes and was biking with them back to my room and I wiped out. Hurt my hand but will be alright.

I’ll get the bloodwork done tomorrow.

Love Rae-Lynn

Sunday, October 18, 2009

19 OCTOBER 0025

Just got back from an awesome video chat with Paul and Logan. Logan was really really happy to see me today and very interactive. He said thank you a few times which was super cool. He was so adorable.

At the end of the chat he brought the plungers from the ensuite back to the living room. I told Paul to lock the ensuite. What a little guy!

Love Rae-Lynn

18 OCTOBER 2232

Had a great day. Went to bed at 0200 and up at 1100. Took me awhile to get to sleep but finally slept. Got up, showered, and headed to work a little early. Leo was bringing me some BK for lunch. He didn't get there till 1300 so I was about to give up hope but it was good. Work went really well. I was really busy so that was good. Got alot of stuff done. Finished up work and biked home. Did the laundry run and then went to supper. Saw an old friend from 2004 so stayed at the mess a for awhile till 2040 or so.

Went to the phone and had a great chat with Mom & Dad H. They are back from hunting. They heard some moose and I think saw one but didn't get any. That got some pheasants though. Was really nice to talk to them. I called Grandma Edith but she wasn't home.

Then I ran into some co-workers at old canada house and chatted there for a bit.

Just got back to my tent and it is 2230. Started to update my blog and I'm watching some private practice.

Hopefully I'll get another video chat with Paul and Logan but maybe not. We'll see.
Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, October 17, 2009

18 OCTOBER 0032

Had a great day. Went to bed at 0200 or so. Got up at 0945, showered, chatted with Paul a bit. Then I headed to the market. I picked up S1-7 of Monk. It is about an obsessive compulsive detective. Paul and I saw an episode on our holidays and we liked it. So I picked it up. Also picked up some more Christmas gifts. Have a couple more to do but hopefully next week. Then I have to mail this stuff home. Takes up so much space.

Then I headed to work. Went well, got alot of stuff done. Was great. My friend Leo brought me a hazelnut chocolate bar so that was a nice treat. Then I grabbed supper after my shift and came home. I was waiting for Paul and Logan to come on for our video chat but he wasn't there so a friend called him and told him to come on. One of the babysitters cleaned up a bit and Paul couldn't find the web cam. He ended up calling the babysitter to see if she put it somewhere but she said she didn't touch it so maybe Logan hid it. Paul ended up using the old one which was better than nothing because I really wanted to see them. Logan was very disinterested in me although he did smile at me at first and said hi, and also said bye at the end. He was going to sitter for 8 hours for Paul's take a break time and Paul was going salmon fishing. Hopefully he'll catch some big ones.

Then after our video chat, I called Grandma Richard and we had a nice chat. I am excited to see her on the holidays. Then I called Rolly and we had a nice chat too. Will be nice to see everyone over the holidays and watch Rolly & Robyn bond with Logan again.

Then I came back to my room and watched some private practice. Then at 2300 I headed to the gym. I did 55 minutes on the bike for 976 calories burnt and 6.12 miles. I then did 31 situps in 53 seconds and then did 14 push-ups. Was really good. Grabbed a shower and now I am back in my room. Gonna watch some more private practice and then go to bed.

Next weekend Paul has a ski thing all weekend so Logan will be staying with Aunt Marjorie and Gerry all weekend.

Got an awesome package from Nadia. She sent me 2 pairs of cat socks and a "Canadian" t-shirt. Was awesome.

Felt horrible this morning when I got up. I totally thought I was gonna puke. Grabbed a bagel on the way to the market.

Love Rae-Lynn

Friday, October 16, 2009

17 October 0933

Typed this last night but my internet wouldn't work so uploading now.

Had a good day. Went to bed at 0200 and got up at 1100. Showered, and went to lunch. Went to work. Went alright. Still have the phlegmy cough. Finished work at 1840, biked home. Did the laundry run, and then went to supper at the mess. Was steak and shrimp. Was good. Came back, watched some private practice and then made some phone calls. Talked to my Mom. Was good. She thinks that maybe my hairloss is due to a thyroid problem. I normally get that checked because she has a thyroid problem but will get it checked when I get home.

Talked to my Dad. He is doing good. We had a nice chat. Then I was able to talk to Paul for a bit. He was at work so we couldn't talk very long. Was nice though.

Tomorrow is market day so I am super excited about that!!! I'm gonna go to bed at 0100 and get up at 0900, shower and get ready to go to the market. Got a little more Christmas shopping to do.

Love Rae-Lynn

Thursday, October 15, 2009

15 OCTOBER 2213

Went to bed at 0100. Thought I would just let myself sleep to see if that would help with whatever is making me feel so crappy. Slept till 10 something. Was good. Got up, showered, went to lunch and then in to work. Work was alright. Finished at 1830 but waited till 1900 because it was pizza night. Pizza wasn't very good. Got home at 1930, watching some private practice. My back is sore and I'm still coughing so not going to the gym. Just gonna relax.

Had some sad emails from Paul. I think Logan is having a hard time with me being away. I can't wait to get home to my boys to end the pain for Logan. I feel bad that he is soooooooo sad that I'm not there.

1 more month to go and then home for some quality time.

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

14 OCTOBER 2315

Had a good day today. Up at 1030 because I needed to go and renew my internet. They are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow there. I was in line for 50 minutes. Finally got it done. It's all good now.

Then because it took so long, by the time I showered, it was 1210. Just grabbed a bagel on the way to work and then got lunch at 1400. Was fairly busy for my shift. Was good. I felt crappy though. I was super nauseaus. Finished work at 1840, biked home, did the laundry run. Then I watched a few episodes of Swingtown and now I am blogging and watching Private Practice. Season 5 of Grey's was awesome.

Had a headache today and I'm still phlegmy so didn't make it to the gym tonight.

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

14 OCTOBER 0014

Had a great day today. Up at 1100. Showered, went to lunch and then work. Was fairly busy at work, then grabbed supper after work. Came home, watched 3 episodes of Grey's and then went to the gym at 2200. I did 50 minutes on the bike for 863 calories and 5.38 miles. Came back showered, watched the season finale of season 5 greys. Was sooooooooooooo good.

Now i am going to watch a couple episodes of swingtown and then go to bed. Have to go renew my internet tomorrow.

Love Rae-Lynn

Monday, October 12, 2009

12 OCTOBER 2001

Had a good day.

Got to sleep just before 0300. Then someone was slamming our door like 5 times around 0845 so it woke me up. Very annoying. So not the best sleep but got back to sleep and up at 1100.

Went to lunch and then to work. Work was pretty good. Not as busy as yesterday though.

I finished at around 1830 or so and headed to the mess for my turkey dinner. The line was soooooo long. I was in line for 25 minutes before I got my food but it was delicious. I had turkey, stuffing, gravy and chocolate cheese cake.

Then I came back, did the laundry run and then now I am relaxing with my full belly. Won't be going to the gym tonight. I'll get back there tomorrow.

Love Rae-Lynn

Sunday, October 11, 2009

12 OCTOBER 0009

Happy Thanksgiving again everyone!!!

I had a really good day. I went to bed at 0200. It took me awhile to fall asleep but I got up at 1030 or so. Paul was online when I checked my email so was nice. We got to chat a bit. I got an email from Aunt Leen and she said that Papa had a little stroke on friday night but he is home now and is alright. I am so happy that he is alright.

Paul took Tikka and Logan camping on Friday night at Air Force Beach. They had a blast. Apparently Logan woke Paul up at 0630 on saturday morning and was poking him in the eyes and stuff. He said Logan also ate a tonne of popcorn and had soooo much fun. I will post the adorable pics.

Headed to work and was super busy the whole time which made it go by super fast. I found out something awesome. Tonight they are doing a Thanksgiving dinner for us with all of the fixings at one of the messes. I am sooooooooooooo stoked. I thought I was going to have to miss turkey dinner. I am very excited.

My stupid cough is still here. So annoying. I didn't go to the gym tonight. I just sat here and watched Grey's and worked on my Christmas cards.

I ordered some stuff from Barb a week and a half or so ago which I need to finish them. Hopefully it will be here soon so I can finish them.

Paul and Logan headed down to Parksville Sunday morning and were sleeping over at Marjorie & Gerry's. I'm sure they will have a blast. Oh yeah, Tikka is going too.

Had a great video chat with Paul and Logan last night. He finally woke up from his nap.

Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend. I am missing the turkey and stuffing!!!

Love Rae-Lynn

10 OCTOBER 2129

Had an awesome day. Got to bed around 0200 or so and got up at 0930. Showered and got ready. Then my internet wasn't working so I had to run over to the free internet and check my email. Then I went to timmies for a quick bagel and got to the market at around 1045 or so. I had an awesome time. I was finally able to find Private Practice S1&2. Picked that up. I also got some other Christmas gifts, and I bought 3 DVD's for $5. The first one was supposed to have: Black box secrets of UFO's, The new rulers of the world (bin laden story), Deepak chopra, Secrets of our mind, and "The Secret". It doesn't. It actually has" Knowing, Obsessed, Watchmen, Transformers 2, and everybody dies. The 2nd one has : Dance flick, Bruno, Away days, The boat that rocked, and Management. The third is a set of like 5 clint eastwood westerns that I got for Mom and Duffer for Christmas. I just looked and they aren't all westerns. Oh well. In the line of fire, White hunter black heart, unforgiven, honkytonk man, and escape from alcatraz.

I am sooooooooo stoked about private practice.

I finished up to the end of season 4 of grey's so just season 5 left to go before I can start something else.

Tonight I finished at around 1835 or so. Paul was in earlier than normal so got out of there earlier. I went for supper, then to get my laundry and then to the gym. I did 40 minutes on the bike for 758 calories burnt and 4.5 miles. Then I did 40 situps and 9 pushups.

Then I had a shower and now I am back in my room and going to watch some grey's. My back is really bothering me today. Weird on the back right hand side. I still have a bit of a phlegmy cough but am doing okay.

<40 days to go. 38 I believe.

Love Rae-Lynn

Friday, October 9, 2009

9 OCTOBER 1941

Had a pretty good day today. Got to sleep at around 0230 and got up at 1100. I showered and went to lunch and then headed to work. Work went by pretty quick and I was really busy the whole time. Finished just after 1900 and came home. Now I am just going to veg and watch some Grey's. I'll go to sleep at around midnight, get up at 0900 or so and get ready to go the market. I love the market. I'll go there for awhile and then head to work tomorrow.

Love Rae-Lynn

Thursday, October 8, 2009

9 OCTOBER 0043

Had a good day today. Went to bed at 0430 and got up at 1300. Paul got back today from his holiday so all 4 of us are here now. Had lunch with them and then picked up my laundry and went to work. We had pizza night at work which was nice. Had a really busy shift for quite awhile but still managed to read a couple hours of my book. It is really good. It is a thriller called Storm Cycle. Finished my shift at 2345 or so and biked home. then washed up for bed and now I am blogging and watching Grey's.

So now tomorrow I have my shift at 1230-1900 so I have less time off between my shift tomorrow and I have to adjust to the new timing but will be fine.

The coolest thing happened today. The officer commanding (a colonel) the Operational Mentoring Liaison Team wanted to meet with Sven and I. We went out and met with him and apparently Sven already had his meeting in the morning. I had mine in the afternoon. He presented me with a "coin" from the OMLT (operational mission liaison team) for all of my hardwork on the tour in support of them. It was sooooooooooooooo awesome to be thanked for all of my efforts.

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

8 OCT 0010

Got to bed at 0430 or so and up at 1300. checked my email and then got up and watched some gray's. Didn't feel like going to the mess. So hung out, then showered, and grabbed a bagel on the way in to work. I am already in Season 4 of Gray's. I love it.

Work kept me busy tonight so had no time to work on reading my new book.

My throat isn't sore anymore but I have a weird phlegmy cough. It is annoying. Sometimes I am hacking alot. Hopefully better tomorrow so we will see.

It is sooooooooooooo cold at night now. Even in our tent it is chilly. We may need to turn it down in our tent.

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

7 OCTOBER 0048

Went to bed at 0430 or so and up at 1300. Checked my emails and then went to lunch and then picked up laundry. Showered and went off to work. Was busy for the first little while sorting out stuff and then read a bit of my book. Finished up at midnight and biked home, washed my face and then sat here reading to finish my book. I t is called the Book Club and is by Mary Alice Monroe. Mom H sent it to me. It was really good. I have one more book left that she sent me. Will be starting that tomorrow probably.

I have got to the part in Grey's anatomy where the private practice characters come in. It is wonderful. Can't wait till I get to season 5. I have missed so many episodes and didn't even know it. It is sooooo good starting from the beginning and getting all caught up.

It is really cooling off here at night. Maybe we will start shutting off the A/C?? Still warm during the day though.

Looking forward to the resort in Cyprus. I think it will be a blast. I should have 2-3 days off there to explore and have fun. Definitely going to the spa and maybe renting a motorcycle to tour around the island with friends! Maybe deep sea fishing! Who knows but it will be fun.

And then home to my Boys!!!

Oh yeah. Paul emailed me the funniest story today. He said on Saturday after we had a video chat that he was going to home depot to buy some stuff. Probably for the pantry which he has put in wonderful shelving. Pics posted on his facebook. They are awesome. He did a wonderful job. I'll have to pull some pics off of facebook of Logan's birthday too. So they were outside and he was moving the carseat from the car to the truck and Logan was in the truck and so were the keys. I guess the door shut or he shut it or something and then Logan either locked the doors or something. So Logan was locked in the truck with the keys. We only have one set of keys since Paul lost the other set awhile ago. So he went in the house which was luckily unlocked and called tow truck and then went back to try and coax Logan to lift up the lock and let him in. Logan kept going "NO" and laughing. Then 5 minutes before the tow truck came, he unlocked the door. Sooooooooooooooooo funny! My little man.

Love Rae-Lynn

Monday, October 5, 2009

5 OCT 2358

Had a good day today.

Went to bed at 0400 or so maybe a little later and got up at 1300. Went to lunch and then showered and headed to work. Work was uneventful but I had quite a bit to do for the first little while. Finished up at around 2335, biked home, washed my face and brushed my teeth and now I am relaxing. Watching some Grey's anatomy and updating my blog.

I am starting to feel better. My nose was less runny. I am probably at 80% right now. Maybe one or two more days of taking it easy and then I'll be good to go again.

It is really getting cool here at night now. I think it gets to 18 or so.

Love Rae-Lynn

Hope Dad and Logan had a great birthday!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

5 OCT 0004


Went to bed at 0430 or so and got up at 1300. Went to lunch and then to laundry and then to the PX to buy some medicine. I feel like crap. I can't wait till I am healthy again. I am not going to the gym until I feel better. I think it will only make things worse. Especially since I don't want to make other people sick. I feel crappy about not making it to the gym but I am just so run-down and tired and sick that I don't want to go.

I started the new book "The Book club" and it is good so far!

Had a great video chat with Paul and Logan last night. Logan opened his present from us. He loved it. It is a little motorbike ride on toy. He used it all over the house and loves it!!! He blew me 6 kisses when we were saying goodbye. Paul was gonna go fishing with a friend on sunday so I hope he caught some fish!!!

Can't wait to see my boys!

Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, October 3, 2009

4 OCTOBER 0008

Had a good day today. I went to bed at 0300 or so and got up at 1000. I was able to cah online with Paul till around 1120. Then I got ready and went to the market. It was fun. I was there till around 1300 I guess and then I biked home, went to lunch, showered, and relaxed till work. I was able to pick up Season 1 of Swingtown. I noticed my S1-5 of grays seemed to be missing some cd's. There was only 5 and when I checked it the last one didn't seem like the finale that Paul had told me about. So I asked the guy and he said that if it says complete all season then it has them all. I said I had that but was missing some. He gave me a separate collection of Season 5 and said to bring the other dvd's back next week. I checked the new ones he gave me and it is complete so I am ecstatic that in a week or more I will be all caught up with everything that I have missed since I have been gone. It is so good seeing all of the episodes in order. I love that show. Work was alright today. I finished my book "infidel". It was a really good book.

I am excited that Mom and Dad finally have high speed internet at their house and will be able to have web chats with Paul and Logan and even me!!! So awesome!

It is really cool out tonight. The weather is a changing.

I feel even worse than I did yesterday. My nose is running and my throat is really sore and I have a hacking cough.

Paul should be back on the 8th so 6 hour shifts start on the 9th and I will be working from 1230-1900.

I will be home with 99% certainty on the 25th of November. Can't wait to see my boys.

I am having a video chat with Paul and Logan in 12 minutes or so. I can't wait. I hope Logan isn't too tired. At the end of the chat Paul is going to give Logan his birthday present and I can't wait to see how happy he is. He is gonna be soooooooo happy. Paul bought him a cake with his name on it for his birthday. He said Logan was whining all the way from the store because he wanted to eat it. Then the girl guides came by selling cookies and he ate 6 of those and wanted to eat the whole box but Paul wouldn't let him.

Also last night Paul put Logan on the potty as he always does every night before his bath. Logan was crying and upset and didn't want to sit on the potty but Paul kept him there and then he finally peed. Paul gave him tons of high fives and lots of cheering. Then they were laughing together. Was such a cool story. I'm so proud of my little man.

Love Rae-Lynn

Friday, October 2, 2009

3 OCTOBER 0012

Had a pretty good today. Went to bed at 0430 or so and got up at 1330. Did the laundry pick up. Grabbed a bagel for lunch on the way to work. Work was pretty uneventful. Forgot to mention yesterday that I finished three Cups of tea. I am reading Infidel now. It is about a woman from somalia. It is really good yet horrifying. I am probably half way through it. My voice is still crappy and my throat is sore with a cough.

I am happy that tomorrow is the market. Probably my last day where I can go there and not be rushed. As of the 9th I'll probably be working from 1230-1900.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn

Thursday, October 1, 2009

2 OCTOBER 0052

Had an alright day today. I woke up today feeling nauseaus. Didn't go to lunch. I bought some crackers at the px and had them and then grabbed a bagel at timmies on the way to work. Work went well. was pretty quiet. Had a few things going on. It was pizza night so that was great!!! Finished work at 2340 and came home. Got an email from Paul right when I got home. I went to the phone and had a good chat with him. He is home sick yesterday and today. Poor guy. They had a crazy workout at PT on tuesday and maybe that had his immune system down enough for him to get sick. He is feeling better and will be alright. Was great chatting with him.

Logan's birthday is coming up on Monday. Paul bought him this nice motorcycle thing to ride up and down the street. I guess he went to the garage the other day and Logan was with him and he saw the motorcycle in the garage and started freaking out cause he wanted it. Paul took him inside and he said Logan whined about it for an hour. Paul will give it to him on Saturday so he can play with it on the weekend. I'm going to have a video chat with them at 1300 on saturday. Is so nice chatting with them at home now instead of at the MFRC.

I finished my chat with Paul and decided to give myself another night off from the gym. My throat is still sore and my voice is all weird from what ever has me sick.

47 days left here!

Love Rae-Lynn