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Saturday, May 29, 2010

29 May 2010

Things have been going well here at home. Paul has been passing his projects at work so that is great. Work is going well for me too!

Paul had a mess dinner on the 20th.

Jen & Dale's baby boy was born on Friday the 21st. I saw him that afternoon. He is gorgeous but they said I couldn't keep him!!!

I have been trying to do exercise every day. If I don't have badminton I try and go for at least a 30-45 minute walk with Tikka and sometimes Logan.

Chris and Heidi came up for the long weekend and we had a great visit!! Her 2 dogs are awesome and Logan loved playing with Chris and Heidi.

I started getting sick on the 22nd. I had a really sore throat and felt crappy. I was hoping it was due to pregnancy because I tend to get a sore throat when I am pregnant but it was too early to tell so I have been waiting to find out.

Took Logan to a friends on the 24th for a play date. He had fun playing with all of their "Cars" toys.

When we got home he decided to soak himself in the sprinkler and it wasn't too warm outside. He had fun though.

Was busy with a secondary duty this week. I am the Aboriginal Defense Advisory Group military rep. This week was Aboriginal Awareness Week so we set up a display at the gym. Looked great. 2 Native Art Galleries donated door prize draws and the Native RV Park donated a one night stay at their park. We did the draws on Friday with the Wing Commander. It was great.

I had badminton on Wed and Friday but I didn't play great. I have been super tired and hoping it is baby related.

On the 26th Rolly and Robyn's baby was born. A baby girl named Quinlan and I can't wait to see pics. I am so happy for them. They are home with the baby now and loving being parents.

Paul's Papa went in to the hospital on the 27th and has had a couple of heart attacks so we are praying that he will be ok. I booked Paul a flight to Ontario for Friday night so he could go and see him. I had to work Friday and saturday nights so I was able to get emergency childcare thru the MFRC. The lady and her husband that have him are awesome and thought he was a great little boy. He had a blast too. He loves playing with all of the cars and toys. He didn't seem happy to see me this morning when I picked him up. I brought him home in his pj's and then fed him breakfast and then he watched cartoons while I got some more sleep. Worked out well.

I took a pregnancy test today even though it is 2 days early but it was positive so I was ecstatic. I am around 4 weeks. Baby is due between 6-8 Feb or so.

In the afternoon, I walked over to visit Jen with Logan and Tikka. Logan was in the stroller. We had a good visit and I got some snuggle time with little Owen. He is sooooooo adorable.

Then we walked home and Logan and I took a nap.

Then at 1900 I dropped him off again at childcare and came in to work.

My face is breaking out again which was another sign that I am pregnant and my hormones are all over the place but I am ecstatic about adding to our family. It didn't bother Logan when I was holding Owen and he kissed him.

Paul should be back wednesday morning and Logan and I leave Tuesday night for Ontario arriving at 0617 on wednesday morning. I am going for badminton nationals in borden. I don't have to be in Borden till the 5th so that should give me a few days with Mom and Dad H and Logan.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

16 May 2010

Shane Yellowbird was spectacular. We really enjoyed the concert. Thanx to Nick and Katie for babysitting for us. They had a blast with Logan. Monday Logan was supposed to go to daycare but couldn't because he was still sick. Marjorie and Jerry came up to watch him while we went to an appointment and then we had a pizza dinner with them. Logan was so excited when he heard they were coming.

Tuesday I had chiro, and then wednesday I had badminton practice at lunch so Logan went to creative kids for an hour and a half. He didn't want to leave because the toys are so awesome there. He almost played with every single one. Thursday Logan and I and Tikka walked over to Gill's to visit Jen and Nate. Was good. Friday Logan was at daycare and I had some me time, and badminton at lunch. I played 6 games and won 5 against guys!! Was great!

Saturday Paul did tons of yardwork. Logan and I went to the PMQ garage sales. We picked up a second car seat so I don't have to keep switching mine from my car to Paul's. Is so much more convenient!!!! Got a bunch of puzzles and books, an elephant, a train, and a bib with sleeves!!! Ran into Scott and Bobbi and had a great visit with Bobbi! Saturday night Jen and Nate came over for supper and we had a great visit. Logan cried when Nate had to go home.

Then Paul was doing more yardwork and I bathed Logan and put him to bed. Then I took a beer out to Paul since he was working so hard. After 10 minutes we tried to get in the house and we were locked out. Either Logan or Nate locked the doorknob on the house that we never lock so the key punch unlocked the deadbolt but we were stuck outside. WE checked all the doors to the house and they were all locked. I was going to go through the bedroom window via ladder which is really high. I called out to Logan outside his window to see if he would wake up but he didn't come to his window. When I went to check the kitchen window Logan was up and I tried to get him to unlock the front door but he wouldn't. Then I told him to go downstairs and open the door to the garage but he wouldn't. So I went on to the patio and called him over and he unlocked the patio door and let us in!!! I was so happy and proud of him.

Today I am at work. I am on dayshift today. I met up with Logan and Paul at 1000 for church this morning so that was great.

We have tickets for the Aaron Pritchett concert on the 21st of May at Lake Trails School. Free for Logan. Will be awesome!!! Not sure what else we are doing on the long weekend.

Today Paul finished putting down the rest of the soil in the holes on the yard and rolling it.

Found out today that there is a crop for kids charity event in Parksville from the night of the 24th of Sept-26 Sept. So far, Gill, Laurel and myself are going!!! It is going to be great.

Paul has a sports day coming up this friday. I think he is golfing!

Weather has been pretty good here. A few drops of rain this afternoon but yesterday was sunny and warm.

Happy Belated 34th wedding anniversary to Mom and Dad H.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul and Logan

Saturday, May 8, 2010

8 May

Hmmmm. What have we been up to since my last post? I had badminton practice on monday and wednesday. Logan started getting sick on Wednesday night. He went to daycare on thursday but I had to stay home with him on Friday. I went in to work from 1600-1915. Someone else filled in during the day. He is still sick. He has a phlegmy barky cough, and no voice. I took him to the walk in clinic today and they think he has croup but they took a swab to rule out strep. Should find out in a couple of days. He is getting his energy back, but is still sick. I feel so bad for the little guy!!! I work tonight from 1915 till 1000 tomorrow morning. Then the other guy will do 1000-2200 at night so I can go to my Shane Yellowbird concert with Paul. A friend from work and his wife are going to babysit for us! Can't wait.

Other than that, not much is new. Paul is working hard on his projects and received an above average assessment on one!

We watched "It's complicated" last night and loved it!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mom's out there a day early.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan