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Sunday, May 31, 2009

31 May 2134

I am guessing that some people are just reading the blog that gets emailed to them. If you are, you are missing the 2 pics I just uploaded yesterday!! Check them out!

Gill took the family photo the day before I left. I love them!!!

So this morning I was up at 0630 as per normal, showered, went to breakfast and then work. Sven said he didn't mind if I went to church so I was gone from 0855-1055 for mass. Was good. Pentecost Sunday. The only hard thing about church is there is no kneelers and it is mostly americans on sunday 0900 service and they all still kneel where we don't in Comox. Oh well.

After mass, went back to work, Finished right on time at 1600, was outta there at 1610, was awesome. We had a relatively quiet day despits some computer issues. Walked back with Sven. We stopped at the spa because I had a massage booked for this wednesday at 1630 and we thought Sven had one monday at 1930 and we were gonna switch since my new shifts start tomorrow and will be 1300-1900 so I wouldn't be able to go on wednesday. Turns out he made a mistake and booked for 1730 so can't switch. I was able to book in for Thursday morning at 1100 though so I am happy. I will have a 30 minute back, shoulder, neck massage.

After that we walked back to the shack. I got changed and went to the gym. I was off from the gym the last 2 days so I needed to go. I did 35 minutes on the elliptical 3.2 miles (I thought it was miles but not sure anymore. That is over 6 km's and I doubt I can run 6 km in 35 minutes. Not sure.

After that I went and did the laundry run and then went to supper. It was tacos. I couldn't resist and I had some cucumber with it.

After that I came back to my room and then went for a shower. Then I decided I needed to change the layout of my furntiture in my room. I moved everything around. I like it way more now. We'll see how I sleep. I get to sleep in tomorrow. I don't have to be at work till 1230 for 1300 and then will only have 6 hours. I need to avoid breakfast now. I seem to be eating too much because I find if I don't eat a big breakfast I get the shakes by noon. I'll work something out.

Then I had a video chat with Logan and Paul tonight. I used the good connection provided vice my camera. Was awesome. Logan is so adorable. He is changing so much, it is unbelievable.

Then I tried to call my Mom but she is in Winnipeg. I hope everything is alright with Grandma Edith and Art.

Oh yeah, PD was cancelled tonight so that was a nice change.

I am really looking forward to the new shift. I will get to sleep "at night" vice during the day and I can sleep in. Any day where I am not woken up my an alarm clock is like a holiday. Only thing is that Sven's alarm is his cell phone and it is really loud and every morning it scares the crap out of me. Wasn't so bad when we are doing the same shift but tomorrow it will be loud at 0530 for him. Maybe I'll go pee and then back to bed.

Man I'm tired. I think I am still tired from Thursday or friday. Whichever one where I was there till after 1800.

2 nights ago I got like 5 calf cramps in the middle of the night. Man those hurt.

Talk to you later. Will post a couple more pics!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

30 May 2123

Awesome day. After my post this morning I headed over to work. As always,it was insanely busy. Sven told me at breakfast that he wanted us to switch to 6 hour shifts by ourselves until the HLTA's started. I thought it was awesome. Tomorrow is my last shift with Sven from from 0800-1600. Then on monday I will start shifts from 1300-1900. It will be awesome. Then when Patti goes on leave I will do dayshift from 0800-1600, paul will be 1600-midnight and Sven will take midnight-0800. Then when Sven leaves he switches with Patti and I am already dayshift. Then when he gets back he takes my shift and I go away and then when Paul goes away I will do 1600-midnight, and then after all HLTA's the last month and a halfish will be back to the 6 hour shifts. I think it will be great.

Then at 1130 I got a ride over to the market with my friend Mark and his buddy from work Mike. I exchanged my dvd's that didn't work. For Logan I was able to get looney tunes 10 disk collection instead of the chinese thomas. I exchanged my 3 dvd's that didn't work for forgetting sarah marshall, my best friends' girl, and yes Man, and ghosts of girlfriends's past.

I bought a webcam for $30 US, exchanged my piece of shit laptop vacuum for an awesome headset with microphone. I sweat a ton. It was crazy. Got back to work, missed lunch. Sven then went to the market when I got back. Then we finished up work at around 1645 and I walked home with my treasures. Went online for a bit. I actually managed to video chat with my friend Andrew in Japan. Was cool. Then i went to supper at the Asian Mess. I know I said I wasn't gonna. I ate from the western line. Had a piece of meat. Can't remember the name but it was good and the rice was amazing. Then came back and went online some more.

Was able to try out my webcam and headset with Paul. It went not great but was alright. He was in a hurry to take Logan to childcare so he could have some free time. Was cool.

Will chat with them again tomorrow night. Will be great.

That's all for now. I bought some other stuff at the market but I don't want to ruin any surprises.

Paul and Logan got letter #1 from me on thursday. That is taking a long time. Rayna and Lynne finally got their birthday cards too.


Was awesome.

Friday, May 29, 2009

30 May 0647

When I finally got out of the office it was 1800 or so. I was exhausted. I walked home and chatted with a marine that is a secret squirrel. He had been at work since 0700 the day before. I guess I shouldn't complain. I don't know how they do such crazy shifts. He was going back to sleep until midnight and then he was supposed to go back to work.

I got back, changed, and packed up my laptop to go and see the internet guys. We can buy internet in our tent from the pakistanis. It is $30, 70 or 100 per month. Apparently $30/month is crap. I bought the $70 plan and so far so good. I find it really quick. I love it. It is a bit of a walk to these internet guys so that wasn't fun after a really long day. On the way back I hitched a ride with a guy from the phillipines on his gator. It was awesome. prayers answered. He dropped me off right outside my shack. So I bought that, then I came back and went for a bite to eat at the mess. It was steak night and there was breaded shimp but I tried the shrimp and didn't like it. Then I got home just after 2000 and had to run down and do my laundry which is starting to suck. Just the heaviness of my laundry bag and the walk. But another prayer answered, a couple of guys I work with drove down there since they live at the isos near new canada house and they dropped me off pretty close to home on the way back. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy. Then I grabbed a shower because I sweat alot yesterday with all of the running around and then was on the internet last night. It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I can't believe (actually I can) that I was being so cheap. I was like $70 US/month x 7 months, what a waste. But it works out to $2 a day and makes me so happy. I am not really incurring any expenses here except for what I buy at the market as gifts, and souvenirs. I don't drink coffee. The only time I go to Timmies is to use my coupons for a bagel.

It was well worth it. Apparently it is pretty good with skype on the $70 plan but not sure. I will have to buy a webcam and a headset to try it out. I can buy a webcam for #$25 from the px. If I don't like it I can return within 15 days for a full refund. I may just try that. I could probably get a headset at the market as well so I will have to look around. I don't want to spend too much and the market isn't very reliable at times. I am heading to the market for a little break from work today. I arranged it with Sven, and then I will let him go. I should have a ride there so it should be pretty quick.

No more waiting in lines for computers. I love it.

I hope to have a messenger chat with Paul and Logan tonight my time, saturday morning their time. Will be good. Seems like we can only really chat saturday or sunday night due to the time change.

That's all for now.


29 may 1805

Still at work, exhausted. Getting ready to leave. Today was a crazy crazy busy day. I was up at 0630, was sleeping soundly when the alarm went off. Got up, showered, breakfast, then work. I just got an email from national saying they can't honour my rental quote of $260 from 23 aug - 12 sep due to some glitch and that they will give me 20% off of current rates. I am pissed since I booked my flights to frankfurt on the premise that we had received such a good deal from national. I will write them quite the letter and see what happens.

I am exhausted as I mentioned before. Not working out tonight most likely. Bazaar is on tomorrow so I have to return some videos!!!

Sorry I don't have more.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

28 May 1625

Just finished up my shift. Was a crazy busy day. Up at 0615, showered, and headed to breakfast and then work. Now that I am done work, I'll go the gym, and then shower and eat supper and maybe watch a movie tonight.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

27 May 1930

Got up earlier today so I would be able to call Paul. Got up at 0600 and the power was out, air conditioning was off..... Showered in the dark and headed to eat. Power was out there too, had breakfast in the dark..ish. Went to work and was able to give Paul a quick call. The new work schedule is crappy for calling home. I am sleeping when he is home from work, and he is sleeping when I am at work. OH well.

Last night I watched a movie called "The Code". It is with MOrgan Freeman and ANtonio Banderas. It was awesome.

Work was good today. Didn't get out of there till almost 1700. Went to drop off and pick up laundry. Sweat my butt off. Then I went to the NATO gym for the first time. It is brand new and very clean and bright. It also smelled really good compared to the American gym. But the American gym is closer to where I live and it has more elliptical machines than the NATO gym. I can also wear my running shoes on the walk over to it whereas the nato gym you have to carry your shoes in your hand. A bit of a pain in the butt. Then I showered and had a bite to eat and now I am updating my blog. I am loving the action of the dayshift. It is awesome!!!

Booked a back massage for the 3rd. That is the soonest one is available at 1630. Can't wait. I put my gun on my belt today since the shoulder holster is annoying. It is really annoying on the belt when you go to the washroom though because it is so heavy. Adds time to everything. I'll have to come up with a better solution.

Hmmmm, what else.

That's about it.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

26 May 1203

Man is it hot on dayshift. I was so exhausted yesterday after my shift cause I was up at 0330. I went home and hung out until 1840 and then went to supper and then for my facial. It was pretty good. CAme home, showered and went to bed just after 2000. I woke up at 0410 and may have fallen back asleep for a bit until 0630. up, showered and off to work. Today is going well. Super busy and stinking hot out but doing good.

Nothing much is going on.

Finished work at 1630, walked home, changed and went to the gym. I had a good work out. I did fat burn again on the elliptical for 33 minutes, 310 calories and 2.3 miles I think, and then did 13 minutes on the bike for 1. something miles. showered,and went to supper.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

25 May 0555

Went to bed at 2200 last night after watching an episode of criminal minds. Slept soundly till 0330. Then I had to go to the bathroom so up I went. Then I was wide awake. Will be hard switching shifts. SO I lay there until 0400 and then decided to watch an episode of criminal minds. It was awesome. Then I lay there some more and decided to get up. I was starving too. I am used to eating breakfast at 0530 or 0600. So I got up and showered and then came over to use the internet for a bit. I think it will be a long day since I am up so early. Oh well. I'll get used to it.

Sven and I will leave at 0700 to head over to eat and then go in to work.

Then I have my facial at 1900 tonight. CAn't wait. i have a few monster zits on my face that are very very annoying.

Left Rick a birthday message on his phone last night. It is still his birthday right now in Canada!
That's all for now!


24 may 2100

Had a good day. Had a msn messenger video chat with Paul and Logan for around 45 minutes. Was awesome. Soooooo good. Then went to sleep at 1000. Got up at 1730. Had professional development at 1900. was done by 1925, came home, went to the gym, showered, and then did a video chat with Dad & Lynn. They could see me but I couldn't see them.

Had a good chat.

off to bed soon and then day shift tomorrow 0800-1600. facial at 1900 can't wait.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

24 May 0205

Hey everyone.

This is my last midnight shift for awhile. Patti is apparently ready to take over the shift. I'll start monday on days with Sven from 0800-1600. I am going to be soooooo tired. Will be nice to sleep at night though!!!! And it won't be such a pain in the ass going to sunday night PD.

Left work at 0830, was in bed by 0900 I believe. Slept through until 1715 when Sven and Patti came back. Got up, went down to drop off a bag of laundry. Showed up at 1800 for the 1900 bbq. Didn't recognize anyone so came in to work to see what was happening. Went back out at 1830 and sven and Patti were there. Had a piece of steak and some salad and a bun. The flies kept landing on my food so I had to keep shooing them away. Was kinda gross. Didn't get to drink my 2 beer since I am on watch tonight. Then went to church 2000-2100. It wasn't great. Too much french for one, and then secondly english was their second language and the sound system wasn't great.

Then walked around the boardwalk a bit. Went back and showered, and got ready for work.

Found a way better deal on rental cars. National car rental is quoting me $156.00 canadian total for 18 days!!! Sweet. That is pick up and drop off in frankfurt. We will see what happens.

I am off for a full 24 hours after this shift!!! Will be a nice little break. Will be hard to get in to the day routine though.

That's all for now.


Friday, May 22, 2009

23 May 0238

Hello again.

Today was good, frustrating at times but good none the less.

I left work at 0830, and went home and changed into civies. Then I took my laptop to the boardwalk down by timmies. They have free wireless internet. I thought, let's give it a shot. My laptop has to be plugged in so I found a spot at a picnic table. Unfortunately it was really hot so I was in the sun. I waited 24 minutes to try and get my hotmail to load before I gave up. Dust was getting on my laptop and I was annoyed. So I got in the walk thru line (they have a walk thru window which is normally quicker) than waiting in the main line that gets to go inside in the A/C. I had a bagel. It was good. Dave was there so sat to chat. I also saw Joshy there. He was on my nav course in winnipeg. After that I walked home and finished watching the movie I started yesterday. It is called Observe and REport. Not great and I am a huge Seth Rogan fan. Then I watched an episode of criminal minds! It was really really good. Oh yeah, I did go to the PX and I bought a bag of chips. It was on sale for 75% off so was only .75 vice $3.05. I was good though, I only had a handful and then put it away. I will make it last a whole week!!!

Then I went to sleep until 2030. I got up and by the time I got to laundry it was 2100 on the dot on my watch but 2105 on their clock on the wall and the doors were locked. There was people inside who gave me my laundry but they wouldn't take the one I had with me. Was very annoying. Sucked carrying 2 bags back with me.

After that I went over and quickly checked my email and then went to the gym.

I had an awesome workout. I did 33 minutes on the elliptial for 3.0 miles. My first 2 miles were hardcore 21 minutes but the last one was slacker. I did the random mode. Was fun. Then I did 6 pushups and 10 situps. Not great but you gotta start somewhere.

Now I am at work.

Market is cancelled again tomorrow.

I have a bbq tomorrow night at 1900 where we would normally get our 2 drinks/month but I am on watch at midnight and no drinking within 8 hours of going on duty. Then I have church at 2000-2100.

That's all for now.

oh yeah I think we are flying into and out of frankfurt for our trip. We can rent a car from peugeot buyback. It is a brand new car and we get it for $1500. It is alot but the train would be alot too and there wouldn't be as much freedom. We still have to finalize what we are doing. I think it is an extra $290 to pick up and drop off in germany vice france. Flights return to france were more expensive as well.

Dad is off to BC in July to visit Paul and Logan and give him a break. Everyone is excited. Lynn had other commitments unfortunately. He will be there from 2 July-21 July. I am sure Paul is looking forward to the help!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

22 May 0108

Finished work at 0830, walked home, and started to watch the movie can't remember its name right now. Basically mall cop with Seth Rogan. It is pretty shitty but watched half of it. Then went to sleep just after 1000. Was woken up at 1500 and had to get up for a bit but then went back to sleep at around 1530 or so. Slept till 2000 and then woke up to my alarm but went back to sleep until 2100. Got up, went to the gym, did 15 minutes on the bike 1.3 miles and then 17 minutes on the elliptical for 1.57 miles. Was a good workout. When I got to the shower I found out that the water was off. Not sure what was going on. I grabbed a 24 pack of water bottles and had a water bottle shower. Including washing my hair I used 16. It was still a good shower. The water was warm. There was no way I was going to work like that. I probably wouldn't have worked out had I knew that the water was down.

Prepared a sympathy card for Pat and Rob Ralph. Rob's Mom Isobel (Mom & Dad Hacker's) neighbour passed away. She was a lovely lady.

Got an awesome email from Nadia yesterday and another good one today!

When I was talking to Paul last night Logan said "puppy" clear as day!!! Was sooooo cool. He'll be talking up a storm in no time.

hmmm, nothing else really going on. Should be a slow shift tonight. Not much to do.
I should be on this shift for another 2 weeks most likely.

oh yeah, Jen asked if the waking up all the time sucked. Yeah it sort of does. It would be nice to just sleep for 8 hours. When I have the 1600-midnight shift then it will be awesome. Then I can sleep through until I wake up!!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

21 MAY 0201

Today was alright. I went home after watch, watched an episode of criminal minds and then went to sleep at 1000. I woke up at noon while they were testing the alarms but went back to sleep. Then at 1500 or so someone turned the main light on and woke me up. I fell back asleep until 2000. I got up, did the laundry drop off and pick up and then went to the gym. I had a really good work out. Ankle is still bothering me but doesn't seem to bother me on the elliptical or the bike. I did 22 minutes and 30 seconds for 2.07 miles and then did 8 minutes on the bike for 0.7 miles. Came back to the shack, went for a shower, and then watched another episode of criminal minds. At 2315 got dressed for work and headed over. Things are going fine. Should be a quiet night to get lots of stuff done.

I got a personal thank you from the maj today over some work I sorted out last night. He called me Rae-Anne but whatever. I did something good!

I have a facial booked for monday night at 1900. Can't wait. Only $10 for 30 minutes!!!

I hope the market is back this weekend!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

20 May 0336

Finished work at 0830 this morning, walked home, went right to sleep since I found out at the end of my shift that I had to come back at 1900 for a meeting and that is right in the middle of when I normally sleep. Slept 0900-1145 or so, got up, went for lunch and then got back to bed just after 1300. Up at 1745. Checked my email quickly, went to work and finished at 2000. Met up with Mark for coffee at Timmies. Had a good visit. Went home, called Dad had a good chat. Then I went to the gym, did a 33 minute workout. 10 minutes on the stair climber and then 23 minutes for 2 miles on the elliptical. Then I showered and got ready for work. Paul (that I work with) got his second parcel in a week. His husband is sending him a package every week. I know that isn't doable for Paul. He has his hands full.

Watch is going alright tonight. Not super busy but working on some stuff.


Monday, May 18, 2009

19 may 0331

Went home after work, was really really hot. Watched an episode of criminal minds, sorted out some of my stuff. tried to sleep. couldn't sleep. Got up and went to eat lunch at 1200 and then came back and got to sleep between 1330-1400. up at 2100, went to the gym. I decided to do the bike since my ankle is still sore. I did 23 minutes or 2.3 miles. Showered and came to work. Not a very exciting day to report on but it was fine. Had a good chat with Paul today. Apparently he is tooo busy and exhausted to deliver the Mary Kay stuff so I am hoping that people will pop in and pick theirs up.

That's all for now.


I love love love air conditioning!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

18 May 0241

I was walking back from the washroom this morning and I blew an ankle. It totally rolled hard and is still very sore.

Finished work, and then I had to scramble to find a way to supply to get the tan cover for my ballistic vest. It is a pain going there. Couldn't get a hold of Mark. Ended up being able to get the Air Wing vehicle from Jeep. It is an automatic. I was soooo happy. I thought it would be a standard and everything is left hand drive so thought it would be hard to shift with my left. IT was auto that was cool!!! Drove to the shacks, grabbed my vest, took it to supply, got the new cover which isn't actually a cover. I had to remove all of the insides of my green one and re put the tan one together. Sucked but I got it done. Also was able to exchange the other shirt I had to exchange. I loved driving!!!! I thought it would suck but it was fun. Then I watched an episode of Criminal Minds and then went to sleep at around 1200 I think. I missed church since I had to run around to supply. Slept till 1800 and then I had to get up to go to PD> It was from 1900-1920 so then I went to the mess and grabbed a bite to eat, then dropped off and picked up laundry. After that I went back to bed at around 2030 since I was still tired. Got up at 2245 and showered and then came to work at 2330.

Been busy since I got on but slowing down now for a bit.

Sven said he is going to keep Patti on the dayshift for awhile. I think it is a good plan since she must learn.

I bought 4 shower loofahs at the dutch duty free since they are out at the BX and I hear that happens alot. They were $1.10 each. Probably the only thing in that store that is a good price.

Ankle is still sore so no pt today.

I think it was 41 today.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

17 May 0242

Went to breakfast after my watch and then went to call Paul. We got disconnected and I couldn't get him back (after 9 minutes) so I was worried that there was a communication lockdown and that our video chat would be cancelled. It was just a power outtage at the satellite when I called and he said would be good by 1600. Went to my room, watched an episode of criminal minds. Couldn't sleep, read 50 pages of a book, played Skipbo 3 times. Finally got to sleep at 1400 or so. Had to get up at 1930, massage 2000-2050. Was awesome. Only $20 US. Then I went to get ready for my video chat. It was wonderful except it seemed that Logan didn't know who I was. He was probably confused because he has never seen me on tv. Was wonderful to see him and Paul. They are joined at the hip now. Logan was falling asleep in his arms. He was up till 2130 last night (they had a bbq) at the beach, and then he was up early at 0630. We had that for 35 minutes and then I went to the gym. I ran the first mile in 11 minutes, and then I walked a half mile at various inclines and speeds and then I ran the last half mile to 2 miles at a fast pace and then walked after 2.0 miles. Was good. Gym was dead at 2230. Then I showered and came to work. Loving this shift and working by myself.

Tomorrow I have mass at 0900 and then PD at 1900. I also have to go to supply so I am hoping Mark can give me a lift again!

41 here today apparently!!!


Friday, May 15, 2009

16 may 0342

Holy crap.

I have been crazy busy for the last 4 hours on shift. Lots of fires to put out.

After watch this morning I went home, watched an episode of criminal minds and then went to sleep at 1100 or 1200. I overslept, missed my alarm, was late for PD. Didn't get in crap but afterwards I bought a 2nd alarm clock. That is what happens when they make you go to a meeting when your body is normally sleeping. I also missed pizza night but they saved my pizza for me and I ate it at 1940 when I showed up. Went back to my tent, did a laundry run and then went to the gym for a 30 minute walk. Stomach was upset after my pizza. One supper/week we can have pizza from pizza hut if we want. Value up to $8, we don't go to the mess and then they pay for the pizza. The pizza is $9 so it cost me $1.

After watch I will go right to sleep after breakfast since I have massage at 2000-2050 and then vtc with Paul and Logan at 2130, and then watch at midnight.



Thursday, May 14, 2009

15 May 0105

After watch, went back to my tent. Mark picked me up at 0900 to give me a ride to supply to change out my combat shirts to get the ones with more pockets and more velcro for patches. We managed to find it and I switched out 3 shirts. Then we went to Timmies for coffee. I had a bagel. After that he dropped me off and I watched the DVD of videos from Paul. Most of them were videos that I had taken before I left but he did a special 12 minute one for me for Mother's Day. They were at Air Force Beach. It was cool. Logan was running around and splashing in puddles and being all together adorable. It was great. Got to sleep around 1200 and then I got up at 2030. I had a good chat with Sven about the shifts and I decided to do another midnight-0800 shift with Patti and then she will move to days with Sven for a few shifts to get more SA (spatial awareness) of which she has a definite lack. So I will be on by myself tomorrow night at midnight and looking forward to it!!!! Then the market after my next shift. After the chat with Sven, I went to the gym. I ran 2.0 miles in 23:20 so I was happy. I did the whole thing at a faster beginning speed than normal and then increased it throughout quite a bit. I think I've lost 10 lbs so far. Last night's shift was crazy busy!!! I loved it.

Then I came on watch. Tonight we have PD at 1900 so that will screw up my sleep so may try and go to sleep right after my watch.

Then on Saturday night I have a massage at 2000. Only $20 for 50 minutes. I can't wait. Then at 2130 which is (1000 AM) in Comox, I have a video chat booked with Paul and Logan. They go in to the base to the Military Family Resource Center. It will be awesome.

That's all for now.

Having a blast but missing my 2 boys!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

14 May 0408

Finished work at 0800 and went back to my room. I watched 3 episodes of criminal minds and then tried to sleep. I couldn't so I went to the gym. I did 30 minutes walking at various speeds and inclines and then did a 5 minute bike ride.

Went back had lunch, showered, and went to bed at 1400. Got up at 2300 to get ready for work

This is my last midnight-0800 shift. Tomorrow and the next day will be 0400-1200 and then after that probably 0800-1600.

I got a package from Paul today with my Mother's day card from Paul and Logan and a Mother's day card from my Mommy. Was very nice. havne't watched my DVD from Paul yet. He sent me some videos of Logan and I am excited to watch them!

Saturday I have to go back to the market to return Thomas the tank engine since it is in chinese. I'll go after my shift.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

13 May 0105

Today was really hot. I finished work and went home, watched an episode of Criminal Minds, and then went to Timmies with Paul for a bagel. I have received $20 in Timmies money for free since I have been here. One was from some people in Toronto and another was from one of the legions. Sweet deal!!! After that I went home and got to bed around 1130ish. Then I got up at 2100 and then went to the gym, I ran 2 miles in 24 minutes or so. Then I showered, and checked the Thomas DvD's that I bought on Saturday. I wasn't impressed, they are all in chinese so I have to take them back this saturday.

Got to work, went to grab a quick bite at the mess.

Not much going on today.


Monday, May 11, 2009

12 May 0121

I was really really tired after my shift last night. I trudged home, watched an episode of Criminal Minds and then went to sleep. I got to sleep probably at around 0930 or 1000 but I was woken up at 1500 or so. I am not sure what Patti was doing but she was loud. So I got up, went to the gym, did a 2.0 mile run (26 min) and some walking. Only 31 minute workout, then I did laundry drop off and pick up, showered, and then got back to bed just after 1800. Then I got up at 2300 to come to work for the midnight shift. I ran over and had a quick midnight meal and now I am back at work.

I was able to call my Mom yesterday so that was nice. She doesn't have internet so she and I can only correspond by mail.

Patti should be good to work on her own in a couple of nights so that is good.

Paul said that at mass on Saturday night, Father read the MND's message for Mother's Day and mentioned that I was away and probably missing Logan or something like that. He said a lady from church came up to him and asked him if I have received the package that she sent me. Sounds like I am getting a package!!!!

Hope everyone is well.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

11 May 0151

Finished my watch, went home, changed into civies, picked up laundry and then headed to mass for 0900-1000. Then I went to try and find supply since I wasn't issued a reflective belt and they made it mandatory to wear them as of tonight. I walked for around 20 minutes and then realized that I didn't know where it was. I found the MP shack and went in there to ask directions and they showed me and it was still quite far from where I was. Then a tech that was there fixing something told me that he would give me a ride there if I wanted to wait 5 minutes. I said hell yeah since it was getting up to 41 degrees. He gave me a ride there and waited the 2 minutes for me to get the belt and then drove me back to my barracks. Was awesome!!! Then I didn't get to sleep unti after 1200. I had to come in to work for 1900 for professional development so I was only able to sleep until 1800. After Professional development I tried to sleep again at 2000 but not sure how long it took me to fall asleep. Then I had to get up at 2300 to shower and get ready for work. A little tired but I will go to sleep right after I am done work probably tomorrow. I think I will only be on this shift for another 2-3 nights and then I will shift by a half shift so I will come in at 0400 to check Patti's work and then shadow the day shift for 4 hours. I will do like 2 of those shifts and then shift to 0800-1600 to shadow the day shift. After that, then I think we will have a few more shadowing for the other guys to see other shifts and then hopefully we can go to 6 hour shifts until the HLTA's start (our trips home or abroad). The shifts will be 0600-1200, 1200-1800, 1800-midnight, and midnight-0600. I will be doing the 1200-1800 shift most likely. I got my dates for my trip. I will be in Europe from the 25th of August-11th of September. We are already starting to look for flights.

I got my first piece of mail today. I got a letter from my Grandma. It was very cool. She mailed it on the 28th of April from Winnipeg so it didn't take that long to get here. Writing her and my Mom a quick note today since they both don't have email.

Didn't make it to the gym today but I figure I'm okay with all of the walking that I did.


Saturday, May 9, 2009


Today was a pretty good day. After my watch I went to the gym and did a 30 minute walk since I had just run the night before. Give the old knees a break, then I did a laundry run, changed the sheets on my bed, showered, and got ready to go to the market. Paul and I headed to Timmies and we had bagels. Then I headed down to the market. It is about a 15 minute walk or so from my tent. I bought some more dvd's, a cable to connect my pda to my computer (still won't charge), not sure what is wrong with it. It is only 5 years old!!! lol.

I got back to my room at around 1300 or later. Skipped lunch. I watched the 2nd episode of criminal minds season 1. Then it was 1530 so I decided to go to sleep. I slept until around 2200 and then got up, had a shower and got ready for work.

Now I am at work.

Tomorrow, I have mass at 0900, and then I will probably sleep since we have training tomorrow night at 1900 for probably a half hour and then I will up until my shift at midnight.

At the market they are selling a 136 dvd collection of walt disney movies. This includes barbie dvd's, a whole bunch. They want $120 US for it and I want to know if anyone thinks that is a good deal. Man I'm cheap!!! Wish they sold scrapbooking stuff here!!!

It was 36 degrees here today, will be 38 tomorrow and then 41 for the next 2 days after that!


Friday, May 8, 2009

9 May 0357

Today I had breakfast after watch finished at 0800 and then I did a laundry run. Then I decided to go to sleep at 0930. I slept until 2000 which is rather late. Oh well, I then went to the gym, biked for 17 minutes, and ran for 25 minutes, walked for 5. Was a good workout.

After that I tried to get online with my laptop but I think the network is still down. Then I watched the first episode of criminal minds. Was soooooo good!!!! Man I love that show. I have the first 4 seasons on DVD!!!

Then I came in to work. Has been a good watch so far. I managed to chat with Barb on facebook!!! I talked to my Grandma Richard yesterday which was awesome. She was very surprised to hear from me.

Market tomorrow so very excited. I have to exchange a movie and take a look at some other stuff!!!!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

8 MAY 0202

Today I had breakfast after watch, and then I checked my DVD's from the market to make sure they all work. I have S 1-4 of Criminal Minds. Very excited. One of my movies didn't work so I have to take it back tomorrow morning and exchange it.

That took awhile and I still have to check S1-4 of Rescue Me.

Then I went to the gym. I ran for 25 minutes, 2 miles, and then walked another 5 minutes for cool down, showered and came back.

PM was here today so that was pretty exciting.

Then I slept from 1300 ish until around 1900 when I was woken up a couple of times. Finally back to sleep from 2100-2300 and now I am on watch.

Paul told me Logan has a yeast infection. Poor little man. Using disposables for awhile until it clears up. He is always laughing and yelling stuff when I call home.

That's all for now!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

0255 7 May

Not much to report today. Shift ended up good last night. Then today I didn't do much of anything. Watched (Paul Blart Mall Cop). It was funny!! On shift right now.

Maybe I'll have more to write tomorrow.

Oh: Gill rocks!!! She is still keeping me in her top 5!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

0135 Wednesday morning

The morning shift went really well training Patti. She is starting to pick it up quicker. After watch I went for breakfast and then went to sleep at around 0900 or so. Patti woke me up at 1330 or so so I ended up getting up. I watched the movie "Obsessed" It is really really good. I was probably pissed off the whole time because the girl in the movie is the type of girl I hate. The whole premise is that she is going after a happily married man who has a child with his wife.

After the movie, I got up and went to the gym. I did a 35 minute workout. I walked for 5 min, ran for 25 minutes and then walked for 5. Then I went to get my laundry and drop off another bag.

I got my other unaccompanied baggage today. Dave grabbed it for me while he was over there. It had all of my toiletries in it. Also it has my other set of sheets, my comforter and the cover for the comforter. Not sure if I will bother even bringing the other duvet out since it is in pristine condition unopened. I may just use the blanket Suzie gave me. We'll see.

Then I showered, and went to supper and then went back to bed just after 1800. I got up at 2245 and then headed in to work.

I just remembered the other annoying thing here is that we eat all of our meals with plastic plates, and cutlery and cups etc. It would be impossible to feed us all on actual stuff but the disposable stuff is such a huge waste. We have free bottled water everywhere as well which also adds to such an environmental disaster!


Monday, May 4, 2009

One week down

I got here pretty much a week ago right down to the time. It is 2245 right now. I'm up and getting ready to go to work. (midnight-0800) I ended up staying till 0920 or so this morning and missed breakfast. I came back to my room and watched a movie (bride wars), I loved it. Then I ate lunch, picked up my laundry, went to the gym (ran 15 min, walked 15 min), showered, and went to sleep. I was up at 2100 or so but then managed to go back to bed at 2130 until 2230. Now I am over checking emails etc, and then I will head in to work.

Today was cooler. Was a nice change. It is very windy tonight.

I am starving right now since I only had a small lunch. I am pretty much down to 2 meals/day.

Nothing too exciting to report. Laundry service is awesome. 48 hour turn around. They do everything. When you pick it up it is all nicely folded in a plastic bag in the laundry bag!

oh yeah, everyone smokes here. It is disgusting. It is only $1.70/pack or something so people think it is too cheap not to smoke. You get sick of it always being around.

Talk to you tomorrow!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

day 6

I got off shift this morning at 0800. Shift went well. I think I am very comfortable with the night shift now so I have to teach Patti for a week or so before I move to the dayshift to learn "my job".

After my shift I went to breakfast and then church was at 0900. AFter that I went to see if someone could take me with the vehicle to find my other unaccompanied baggage. I have one box but not the other but all the vehicles were busy. So I went "home" and decided to take in some laundry and pick some up. The laundry I wanted to pick up wasn't there so I came back and went to the BX (American canex). I was in line for 10 minutes to buy some carmex and a new venus razer since I think I left mine at home.

Then it was just after 1100 and I decided to go to sleep. I was going to sleep until 1930 and then get up for supper but I woke up at 1740 or so. There was a huge thunderstorm and torrential rain. I loved it. I love rainstorms. So I ended up going back to sleep and didn't hear my alarm so I woke up just before 2200. I grabbed a shower and got dressed for work and now I am on the internet. I will head to work shortly. probably go in an hour early and then go and eat at 2330. They have a midnight meal from 2330-0100 or 0130. I am hungry since the last time I ate was breakfast and all I had was some Alpen cereal and 2 pieces of toast.

I am used to the heat already and I actually really like it. I love everything here so far. It is just like going to summer camp! Paul and Logan seem to be doing really well. Paul posted some adorable pics of Logan on facebook.

I will probably stay at work till 1000 or 1100 tomorrow to do some dayshift stuff. We'll see how tired I am.

Thanx for all of the emails and comments!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

day 5

Just wrapping up day 5 in paradise!!!

I was on watch last night from midnight until 0800 this morning. There is tons to learn so I was busy the whole time. The person that was teaching us is teaching Patti and myself and Patti has limited computer skills for a 98% computer job so it is pretty frustrating. I am trying to learn the job while I have the other person here so I can teach Patti because this shift will eventually be Patti's by herself and I will be doing one of the day shift. They want officers on during the day.

After watch this morning I grabbed a breakfast and then was going to take a nap but Saturday is the market. The afghanis bring in goods to sell to us. We have to wear pants. Shorts aren't allowed. I headed up that way at 1000 because I wanted to stop at the duty free store. There wasn't anything I was interested in. Prices didn't seem that great. They had lots of chocolate, smokes of course, booze we aren't allowed to buy, toiletries, kids toys, clothes, and some electronics. Then I walked up to the market. You bargain for everything. I have to carry a 9 mm handgun around with 2 magazines. The holster I was issued wasn't very comfortable. I wore it on my belt but it was a pain every time I had to go to the bathroom so I was on a mission to buy a cheap shoulder holster. I got a nice one that I like for $7. He wanted $10 but I got him down. I also bought a pair of ipod headphones for $5 which was a good deal and the cable that connects the ipod to the computer for $6. I forgot mine at home. These headphones are awesome!!! I also bought seasons 1-4 of rescue me, seasons 1-5 or 1-4 of Criminal Minds, and then 6 movies: Kandahar, bride wars, obsessed, paul blart mall cop, step-brothers, and role models. A couple of them don't work so I will take them back next saturday and exchange them. There was tons of stuff for sale, carpets, pashminas, marble chess sets (very nice), watches, handbags. You name it, tons of stuff. Then I came back from the market and had lunch and tried to sleep. I got up at 2000 so not sure how much sleep I got between 1400 and 2000. Then I had a shower and now I am online. I am on watch again at midnight. I am hungry since I skipped supper to sleep but the mess is open at 2300-0100 so I will grab something on my way in to work. The food here is very good. There is 4 messes. Bangkok asian mess which I will avoid like the plague!!! then there is the Luxembourg which is closest to work so I will grab my midnight meal there and breakfast after work. There is the Niagara mess which is the canadian one which is my favorite. and then there is the cambridge british mess. Lots of fried stuff and curry. It is a bit of a walk. There is alot of selection. You can have the hot meal, then there is the pasta bar, sandwich bar, and short order fast food section.

Sven hooked up $70 US/month internet in his bunk space. Not sure if I will. This is working pretty good right now.

It actually rained last night for a bit which was nice!!!

My bunk space is pretty comfy.

Showers and washrooms are great. Most of the bathrooms are flush toilets. If I am sleeping I just go to the port a pottie because it is 30 feet from my tent whereas the showers/washrooms are a city block distance or so.

Not sure if I blogged that I got to watch slumdog millionaire and 4 holidays on the plane on the way to quebec. They were both awesome.

There is tons of french speaking canadians here so most people think we are all french now and are surprised when we speak english!!!

That's all for now.


Friday, May 1, 2009

It is really hot here but I am doing well. I finished all my mandatory training that everyone does when they get here. Last night I started job shadowing. The problem is that the guy that I am replacing had his last shift yesterday and he was training someone else so one of the new guys who got here a few days before me trained me from 1830-midnight. Then I stayed till 0400 with Patti and her trainer to learn some more since tonight Patti and I are doing the midnight - 0800 shift by ourselves. There is a vertical learning curve so hopefully I will be able to learn quickly. It is a higher stress job here than what we were learning in training previously.

There is lots of shopping here. They have a boardwalk with lots of vendors and there is also an AMerican PX which is like our canex. I already had to buy a pair of shorts and a t-shirt because all of my workout stuff and other clothes are in my unaccompanied baggage weren't here yet. Patti found one of my boxes yesterday and brought it to the tent for me. Still missing one box.

This place is huge. I have clocked a lot of miles in my boots already. Feet are dead tired at the end of each day. Still waiting to find out the dates for my time off.

Went to bed at 0545 this morning and got up just after 1200. I had lunch, dropped off my laundry, went for a run on the treadmill at the US Gym, came back, organized my room a bit, now I am here. After this I will shower, go to supper and then lay down till around 2300 before I go to work.

All is well. Settling in fine. It weird getting used to walking around with a pistol every where I go. My hair feels pretty dry.

Internet seems to be working pretty well right now.

talk to you later.