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Monday, May 26, 2008

I am le sunburnt!

Wowie Wowie. I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long. Last week was rather hectic getting ready for the garage sale on the 24th.

Wednesday night was stampin club at Barb's. It was alot of fun!!! I didn't get home till midnight. I wasn't allowed to go to scrappin on thursday night since Paul was going to the driving range. It worked out for the best though since my back was so sore that I wouldn't have been able to lift my stuff anyways.

Then on Saturday Laurel and I took our "treasures" to Jen's for the PMQ garage sale. I ended up massively sunburning both arms and shoulders. They are still sore right now. I keep soaking them in aloe. I only got rid of a few things $87 worth. I am going to be posting a whole bunch of stuff on freecycle and some things on craigslist. After the garage sale we loaded up the camper and headed to Tee Pee park at Air Force Beach to camp beside the Selman's. It was alot of fun. Henry and Teenasha popped over. Tikka had a ball with Turner swimming and fetching. Paul and I had burgers for supper and Laurel and Brian had hot dogs. Jen had some kind of burger I believe. Logan was down for the count by 7:30 I think and slept through till 0600. Gill and Brandon showed up just after 8PM. Unfortunately little Nate would not go to sleep for Jen so she ended up leaving just after 9PM. We hung out at the fire until almost midnight and then we turned in for the evening. I was up with Logan at 0600 and we made it back to sleep from 0700-0830. Then we got up and make some breakfast and packed things up. On the way home we pumped out the camper and dropped it off at the storage lot on base. We were all pretty tired. Logan and I took a huge nap during the afternoon and Paul and Henry went to the Yacht club openhouse.

Last night I did some cleaning. Unfortunately Logan woke up 30 minutes after being transported to his crib because it was sooooo hot in his room. Logan ended up sleeping with me and Paul slept downstairs. Today seems cooler and we have a fan in his room so hopefully things will go better.

I had a chiropractor appointment today. Went really well. Apparently my right leg is longer than my left leg by the width of a pencil. Crazy crazy. I get fitted for my new orthotics tomorrow as well. Logan is off to childcare and no running for me until further notice.

I got the kitchen and living room vacuumed and mopped today while Logan was napping.

This Thursday Logan and I head to Ontario till the 8th of June followed by Manitoba till the 16th of June. We fly out with Jen and Nate so that should be alot of fun. I hope Nate travels as well as Logan!!!

Not much going on this week aside from appointments and packing for our trip. Hopefuly Paul will get all his stuff done around the house while we are gone.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


What Rae-Lynn Means

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You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense.

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You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow.

You are light hearted and accepting. You don't get worked up easily.

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You are a free spirit, and you resent anyone who tries to fence you in.

You are unpredictable, adventurous, and always a little surprising.

You may miss out by not settling down, but you're too busy having fun to care.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.

You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.

You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Victoria Day everyone!

So last Thursday I dropped Logan off at Jen's at 0840 and she was taking Logan and Nate to childminding. I headed to 6th street to meet the yummy mummies for our run to the airpark, around twice and back. I started running with Kimbo and when we were on the first loop of the airpark I had pulled my left calf. I started walking. I finished one loop at the airpark walking and then walked the 1.4 km back to my car. Then I had to run some errands. I also had to pick up Logan and Nate from Creative Kids. I parked at Jen's and walked to the gym. Then as I was coming out of the gym, Jen and Laurel met me and we all walked back to Jen's house together. Logan would not eat for them. I am not sure if it is because his teeth are bothering him. When we got home he was a champ eating his turkey stew though.

Then Thursday night I was scrapping at the MFRC. I completed 2 layouts and started a third. They are shown here. It was alot of fun. Jen, Laurel and Bobbi were there. Gill had already headed to Quadra Island with Brandon to go camping.
Friday morning I phoned the campsite on Quadra and she said she could put us right across the road from Gill and Brandon, Shirley & Dale (Brandon's parents) and Pam & Randy, Isabelle & Paul. We were able to make the 4:30 ferry to Quadra. We did manage to have a little drama on the way. We stopped at the shell station on the highway before Campbell River. Paul took out the propane tank and prepaid to fill it. When the lady came out she said it only needed 2 lbs so wasn't worth filling. Paul went inside to get the refund and when he came back we headed to the ferry. They told us we would be on the 5:30 PM ferry and we were there at 3:36. While we were paying for our ferry fee someone told us our side door of the camper was open. I looked in and told Paul the tank was gone. I was worried that it had fallen out while we were driving and we didn't hear it. Then Paul remembered that he hadn't put it back in the truck from the gas station. I had super quick thinking and asked him for his gas station receipt. I called the gas station and asked if the tank was still there. They said it was. I asked if someone could bring it to us and we would pay them. They said no problem $10. Paul ended up giving them $15. They were so awesome to bring it to us. We didn't want to lose our spot in line for the ferry. We were lucky that our jack handles and other stuff didn't fall out of the compartment. We arrived at our campsite soon after since the ferry is only 10 minutes long. It was a huge site and very very nice. Jen, Nate & Turner were over for the day visiting Gill so we hung out with them for a bit. I decided to ask them if Mark & Tammy could also stay at our site since they hadn't reserved a site ahead of time. Wendy was awesome and said they could. I called them and they weren't sure they were coming. Later we were hanging out at Gill's campsite and it was 9:30 PM. Someone from the campsite office came over and asked for me saying Mark had called and asked us to email pics of the site. It was ridiculous since I told him I couldn't since there is no email at the campsite. We got our site set up and all was well. Gill's campsite area was gorgeous. They were right on the water. Tikka was in heaven with so much play time and Nate adjusted really really well. We decided to use disposable diapers for the weekend since we were camping and had no facilities to do laundry. It worked out really really well. It was nice to come home and not have diapers to wash. Mark, Tammy, Madison and Ryan ended up showing up Saturday at around 1PM. It was great to see them. We moved our truck over and they got set up. We had a blast with them on the weekend. Then on Sunday Paul wanted to leave sunday morning after check out. We decided we would hang out all day as their guests and then grab the 6PM ferry. Then at 5PM I didn't want to go home and managed to convince Paul to stay another night. We managed to pump out the camper at the sani station and pay for our extra night so that we could get up and go in the morning. We had another awesome night. I love campfires. Saturday night we had smores with the Mambos. Very delicious. A slug also managed to climb up the picnic table while we were playing crib and was right beside me. So disgusting. Logan woke up at 0455 this morning. I was able to feed him and change him and he fell asleep again by 0600. We slept till 0700 and then packed up. We helped Mark and Tammy pack up and then thye told us to head out since they had to wait till 0900 to check out. We left and were close to the beginning of the line for the ferry. We didn't think the Mambo's would make it on the ferry till later but they did. The kids came running up to the truck. The weather was 26 on friday and saturday and then 20 or so on sunday. Today we woke up to rain. Once we got to Campbell river we decided to go to Banners for breakfast. It was delicious. We were home by 1130 or so. I let Paul take care of Logan while I emptied out the whole camper. Later I had to run downtown to fun a few errands. Logan had a wonderful time camping. It was so nice to just relax as a family. We had some really awesome meals and great campfire times. It was nice to get to know Brandon and his family more. I cooked supper and got Logan to bed. Tomorrow Logan has childcare and I will be cleaning the house. I won't be running tomorrow or probably at all this week since my calf is so sore. I re-strained it today at the ferry. Paul was in the washroom and the car ahead of me was already on the ferry so I had to run over to grab him. Wednesday night is card club and thursday night is scrapping. I also have to get my stuff ready for the PMQ garage sales next weekend. We may camp at tee pee park next saturday night so we can go to Laurel and Brian's campfire and then go to bed. My hips and knees are also really bothering me right now. I hope it isn't early osteoporosis.

I totally recommend We Wai Kai campground on quadra island. Wendy was amazing and very accomodating.

I also have some more awesome news. Gill and I were accepted to be volunteers at Merrit mountain Musicfest this year. We are just waiting to see if Paul got accepted!!!

Also forgot to say that Dale (Brandon's Dad) looks alot like George Young (Julia's husband). Lots of similar body movement too. Weird.

Cheers for now. I am le tired.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Best Wednesday ever!!!

This was the best wednesday ever. I dropped Logan off at Childcare from 0900-1200. Gill was over at 1000 and we started scrapping. Jen came over at 1300ish and we managed to get the babies to nap and we scrapped till 5PM. It was sooooo great. I finished 6 layouts, One is a double between all day and then tonight after Logan went to bed and I did some cleaning. I really love the new layouts. Not sure what I am going to scrap tomorrow night at the base. Then after we were done scrapping we took the babies and the dogs (all 3) up to the park to play. That was fun too. Hopefully we will be able to camp on Quadra Island. Then we can see Gill and Brandon which would make it the best camping every. I have never been to Quadra Island yet. You drive to Campbell River and take the ferry from there. Ferry only takes 10 minutes. Mark and Tammy and the kids are planning on coming with us unless they are sick. Layouts are posted on facebook but here is a couple.
Paul worked crazy hard today. He mowed the lawn, made turkey soup and then headed to work from 1500-2200.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Awesome Run

We ran in the rain today. I did 4.8 km and Jen and Laurel did 5.2 km. Jennifer and Nikki came too. They probably did around 4.8 km too. I am very very sore again. My old hips. I am walking around like a Grandma. My hips and knees are pretty sore now. It rained for the whole rain. I was lucky to be able to run without Logan. Logan was at Creative kids today from 0900-1200. I enjoyed the time away from him. Was a nice change to run without him. I just had my camelback. I doubt I would have been able to keep up to Laurel and Jen if I had the stroller. I picked Logan up at 1200. They said he was fine although he always wanted to be held. He was sleeping when I went to get him. I have him booked in for wednesday and thursday this week. Logan and I popped over to Jen's for lunch. Gill met us there. Jen made us this fabulous chicken soup and gingerbread man shaped biscuits. Soooooo yummy. I stayed till 1400 and then came home. Logan fell asleep before 3 PM and then I fell asleep at 3:30. We got up at 5 PM when Paul got home. He seemed to be pretty warm tonight and only went to sleep after 8PM. The thermometer said 37 degrees so maybe those teeth will be up in the morning. I had to bring him to my bed and cuddle him to get him to go down to sleep.

I am soaking my wine bottles. My wine is ready to bottle at Signature Wines so I need to make an appointment to bottle it. I think our washer is leaking. Paul will look at it tomorrow. We booked our Summer flights today. I'm not gonna lie, it was ridiculously expensive. We are definitely staying here for Christmas unless we get service flights. Total was around $2400. We are flying west jet this time since they won't charge us for having 2 bags and you are allowed way more baby stuff with them. It cost us $15 more than if we flew Air Canada.

Tomorrow I am dropping Logan off at Creative Kids at 0900 and then Gill is coming over at 0930 to scrap with me. Will be nice to be able to scrap at the same time as her. Normally I can't scrap if Logan is up because he is keeping me busy. Paul is home most of tomorrow till 2 PM. He works 3PM till 9 PM tomorrow painting an airplane. He is going in at 2PM to load up the camper on the truck.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day gifts

Oh yeah, I said I would post about the Mother's Day gifts that I sent to our 3 mommies.

I made them each an acrylic mini-album of pics of Logan and us. I used those plastic hockey card holders. 10 for $1 at EFADS. (Everything for a dollar store). I punched holes in the sides with my cropadile and slid in 2 sided fancy paper. The other thing for my Mom I made at my cardmaking workshop with Barb. Lynn and Paul's Mom got hand made mother's day cards too.
See pics below!

These 2 are the ones I made for my Mom.

Here is a couple pics of the acrylic album.

Update from the weekend!

Saturday (during the day was quite uneventful). Paul worked on stuff around the house, took some rocks to the dump, bought new tires for the bike trailer and a bolt to fix my jogging stroller. I don't think Logan and I were up to too much. Oh yeah, Paul got up with Logan in the morning so after I pumped at 0630 I got to go back to bed till 0900. That was awesome!
At 1600 we dropped off Logan at the babysitter's and headed to the Officer's mess for International night. Jaime our normal babysitter was babysitting for someone else at 1630. So Jodi (her Mom) said she would watch Logan till 7 PM when Jaime was done with the other people and then Jaime would bring Logan home and bathe him and put him to bed. 19 Wing was hosting visiting Air Forces for Fincastle ( a sub hunting exercise). The British, Scotish, New Zealand, Australian, and (Greenwood Nova Scotia) all had air crews out. This event was amazing. Everything was free. There was so much booze it was ridiculous. I had a glass of moosemilk, another fruit drink and then lots of white wine. Paul had lots of everything else. Just after 4:30 the people that Jaime was babysitting for showed up. I was confused. I asked them if they were going to be home by 7 PM and they looked really confused. So I was pretty worried and didn't want to screw over Jodi. I called her and she said it was fine and that Logan was sleeping anyways. No worries, back to the party. All of the food was free too. There was a pig that was roasted, The aussies bbq'd some awesome ribs, there was burgers and dogs, salads, etc. It was great. Scott and Bobbi were there but unfortunately Bobbi had to be home at 7. Paul and I had a blast. At one point I fell down in the washroom and smashed my knees since I saw the wet floor sign way too late and my holey soles (like crocs only better) are very slippery at times. We were home by 1115 PM and were delighted that Jaime had made it home with Logan and that he was in bed!!! Good times. Sunday we were both super hungover but I managed to get up and feed Logan and then the 3 of us went back to sleep. Logan had us up again before 9AM so we could make it to the base for church. Then the 3 of us headed to Ricki's for Mother's Day Brunch! I tried to nap with Logan as much as I could throughout the day since I felt so crappy.

We gave Madison her birthday present before we went out. She loved it. She is starting to get interested in scrapbooking so I gave her a whole bunch of scrapbook stuff that I didn't pan on using. A 12x12 album, 1 of the 2 blocks of paper in a costco pack, 3 pairs of scissors, some templates, some stickers, a cutter (since I upgraded to the Carl), and some other cool stuff. I found out on Sunday that she spent all day sunday scrappin. She brought over her album to show me. I was very impressed.

Then last night some of the Yummy Mummies and other girlfriends headed out to Lucky Bar for the exotic male dancers for Mother's Day. Jen, Angela, Laurel, Bobbi and I headed there. Kim met us there (the owner). She arranged for Jen, Laurel and I to have free cover. It was quite the entertaining evening. Unfortunately though, it was supposed to start at 2030 but didn't end up starting till 2130. There was 2 "dancers" Raphael and Diamond. They did 2 shows each. They did their first show each and then there was a huge intermission. I was so tired. It was really fun though. Highballs were only $2. I drank Cranberry gingerales and water. Refills on non-alchoholic drinks were also free. I didn't get home till after midnight and it was 0100 before I made it to bed. Needless to say I was still pretty tired today. I managed to get in a 30 minute walk with Logan and Tikka. And then Logan went in the swing at the park. He seemed to enjoy it. Then we stopped in to say hi to Tammy who was still feeling ill from Saturday night as well.

I have Logan booked in at creative kids this week on tuesday, wed, and thursday from 9-12. I hope to have some me time and do some scrapping or whatever. Tomorrow I have a run with the yummy mummies that I will be doing without Logan. My hips and knees have been really bothering me lately though so hopefully I won't be super slow even without pushing Logan. I just got good news from Jen tonight. Her and Nate will be on the same flight to Toronto as Logan and I on the 29th of May. Shall be fun being travel buddies!!!

Ta Ta for now. You can see some pics from last night at the dancers of the girls on our yummy mummies facebook group site!

Friday, May 9, 2008

My hubby is pretty great!

I'll get to the bit about my awesome hubby later in the post.

So Logan was up at 0200 last night. He rolled over on his tummy and was sideways screaming his lungs out. I went up and changed him and he went back to bed till 0600. We had an alright day although he was pretty fussy. Someone passed on an exersaucer to us that was identical to the one we had but with a few basic toys in it. We passed our old one on to Jen who later helped me fix the cloth seat which I had been installing wrong. Nate will enjoy his "new to him" exersaucer. Needless to say we didn't make it to the pool for a swim this morning.

I was going to join Paul at TGIF for fish and chips and Jaime said she would babysit but Logan was super fussy when he woke up from his nap so we cancelled. Jen came over and we took the puppies and the babies for a walk. I had filled up the tires of my little tykes stroller/trailer today and apparently I filled them too full because when I went to get Logan ready for the walk they were both very flat and falling off of the tires. I had heard a couple of bangs earlier in the afternoon and it turns out that that was my tires popping. very poopy. Logan was pretty fussy on the walk. Paul was home around 5 PM from TGIF and as a joke I asked him if he wanted to watch Logan and Nate so Jen and I could go to TGIF. He said no right away but around 5 minutes later said "How long would you guys be if you went" and from there said he would watch Nate and Logan. We were gone around 40 minutes when I called him. Things weren't going well. When Nate is hungry, he needs his food. Paul was trying to feed them both at the same time. Paul was amazed at how good of an eater Nate is. Much better than Logan!! We assumed we would be able to eat at 1730 as per normal and have a drink and probably be only gone an hour. Unfortunately the supper wasn't going to be served till 1800 and Paul asked us to come home when I called. We picked up some Little Caesar's pizza on the way home. Nate was sure glad to see his Mommy. Paul said that every once in awhile Nate would look around like he was looking for Mom. I guess since that is probably only the 2nd time that Nate has met Paul that maybe that had something to do with it. I was super impressed with my hubby stepping up like that and trying to give Jen a break. It was very sweet of him. We got to see a few people that I hadn't seen forever.

I weighed and measured Logan yesterday at the public health care building. He was 21 lbs 12 ounces and 29 inches. he seems to be slowing down.

We will be getting the camper ready for next weekend, this weekend!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I am so sore.

So exercise wise I have had a pretty good week. Monday Laurel and I ran from my place. She ran me like a race horse. The pace was much faster than I would normally run and we ran farther than I typically run. Was really good but both hips were really sore after that. Tuesday morning, the yummy mummies ran from my place. I probably ran 3 km. That was all I could do since my hips and knees were so sore. Jen went really hard core and added in the big hill from st. andrew's way up to idiens park. I didn't. ... lol. I was home by 10 AM due to a fussy Logan. Then yesterday given the above soreness I took Tikka for a walk instead of a big run. Today I did some running around town, printing some pics for scrapbooking and stuff and I bought new runners. I went to extreme runners and I was supposed to get a 10% discount but judging by the price she charged me $5-6 extra on the base price and then no discount. I'm gonna have to call them tomorrow. I do like the shoes though. I took Tikka and Logan out for a run this afternoon. I only ran 21 minutes and then did pushups but it was good. I am still so sore. Then tonight I had scrapbooking and there was a good turnout: Jen, Gill, Bobbi, and Angela were all there. I finished one layout for me and then I am almost finished the 3 (7 Month) layouts for the parents.

My Mom called me on yesterday to thank me for the Mother's Day gifts I made her. After Mother's Day I can post pics and a description.

Was sad for Jen and Gill that Jen is getting posted to Cold Lake. It was a complete shock to them which made it even worse.

Logan is pretty messed up this week. He is waking up at weird times and getting up really early in the morning. He is making it super hard for Mommy. He is pooing once daily now though so that is good for him.

Sunday night a few of the ladies (the yummie mummies), and my BFF Gill, and a few others are heading out to Lucky Bar for the male exotic dancers for Mother's Day. Worst case scenario it will be a good laugh. Will be good for the ladies whose husband's are away. Paul gave me the okay to attend!!

Not much planned for the weekend. We shall see what happens.

I broke down and bought the Carl rotary trimmer today from Staples. I like it alot. I have to get the tricks from Laurel though. I missed her at scrapping tonight. I'll guess I'll hear why later. Jen mentioned something but I must not have been paying attention because I can't remember.

We are planning on going camping for the long weekend. We are looking at a place in Campbell river. They have free wifi so I am all over it. Will be Logan's first camping trip. Should be fun.

With gas being so expensive we can't go toooo far!!!

Cheers for now!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Busy-ish Day

Logan was up at 0200 but I let him fall back asleep. Then he woke up at 0400 so I went to check on him. I think his teeth were bothering him. I fed him, changed him and brought him back to bed with me. He finally fell back asleep after 5. I was supposed to go running today with Laurel but Paul and I went to church at 10 instead. There wouldn't have been enough time to do both. Someone we don't know from church came up to us after mass and gave us a totally awesome baby gift. She said she had it for us for months and loves seeing Logan at church. She gave us an inukshuk, the book "Love you Forever" by Robert Munsch, and a leather photo frame. It was a very thoughtful awesome gift. Then we went for brunch at Ricki's followed by grocery shopping at Superstore. When we got home Paul got right to work in the garage, and weed whacking. I took a nap with Logan. Later Logan and I played some more and then he had bath time. He was super wide awake tonight but I finally was able to get him to bed at 7 PM. He settled down right away. He is doing much better with the solids. He had some carrots, and Sweet Potato for lunch. For supper he had some oatmeal and peaches and then his milk. After I got Logan to bed, I vacuumed and did all the dishes and started some baby laundry. Then I popped over to Jen's to visit with her and Laurel and to return her mustard and mayo. I thought my BFF would be there but she wasn't. Maybe she was raiding. If she updated her blog, then I would know!!! I hope she had a super awesome class today at Scrapbook central. After I got home I uploaded photos to facebook and here. Paul installed the baby gate over the stairs. It doesn't look like there is enough room for the cats to get under but I coaxed them upstairs for treats and they were able to make it through. Laurel and I are heading for a run tomorrow at 9 AM. Meeting at my place. Will take Tikka with us. I got Mother's Day packages off for my Mom and my step-Mom today and I'll send Paul's Mom's tomorrow! We received bad news about Paul's Papa (his Mom's Mom) today. He has a growth as big as a grapefruit near his bladder. My Grandpa had the same thing and once diagnosed he unfortunately only lasted a few more months but I am hoping the same won't happen for Papa. He is 82. Logan and I are heading East at the end of the month. We are going to see Paul's parents for a week (and visiting Logan's Great-Grandparents) and then going to Manitoba for a week. It should be fun. Too bad Paul can't make it.

Good night.

New layouts!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

All day scrap

I had an awesome day at the MFRC all day scrap. I got to scrap with Gill, Jen, Laurel, Heather and 2 new friends Sam and Kim. It was awesome. The food we picked out went over really well and everyone had fun. Too bad Angela wasn't there though. I finished 9 layouts and 3 special Mother's Day gifts for my Mom, my step-mom, and my mother-in-law. They are awesome. I didn't think my layouts were that nice at the end of the day but looking at them now I am pretty happy about them. They were alot of fun. Paul took care of Logan all day today. I rolled out of bed, showered, ate, pumped, kissed and cuddled Logan and was out the door. After the scrap, Gill and I went out for supper to the Griffin. I got home just after 8 PM and to my surprise Logan was still up. Paul said that he had been fussy for the last 3 hours. Felt a little bad that I didn't dcome straight home but I figured Logan would have been in bed or that Paul would have called if he was having trouble. Logan seemed ecstatic to see me. Apparently his teeth had been bothering him. I gave him cuddles, snuggles, and a bottle of boobie and got him in to bed at 9PM. I hope he sleeps till 9 AM then I will get an awesome sleep!!! I am going for a run tomorrow with the yummy mummies at 9 AM. I guess I have to get up before 9 AM then. will post pics when I get a chance.

93 words


Friday, May 2, 2008

Mother's Day photo contest!

Jen entered this photo contest so I thought I would do. It seemed like a fun thing to do.

The picture I chose is from October 14th 2007. Logan was 9 days old. My labour lasted 40 hours before they finally did a c section. I was only dilated to 7 cm and my cervix was very swollen. Logan was face up and canted off to the side so he probably wouldn't have been ever able to make it out on his own. He was also 9 lbs 15.5 oz. This picture shows how absolutely tired I was as I was still trying to do everything myself as opposed to resting like I was supposed to. I just loved him so much and didn't want to miss anything so I was always with him. This picture shows how absolutely dead tired I am but I am still lovingly bathing my sweet little boy!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Post mid-week update

The week has been going pretty good so far. Logan is a rolling machine now. It is so much fun to watch. Sometimes he only rolls when you aren't watching though. I have set up the video camera and caught him in action. Monday I recuperated from being away on the weekend. Tuesday Gill came over in the afternoon to scrap. Logan took a 2 hour nap during which was awesome. Wednesday I went for a 20 minute run, and then a walk with Logan and Tikka. I also did some errands Wednesday night after Logan went to bed. I was able to get some pictures printed from Walmart for the all day scrap on saturday at the MFRC.

Today I went for a run with the Yummy Mummies group. Logan was pretty fussy for the most part until he fell asleep. We did 2 laps at the Courtenay Air park which worked out to 4 km in total. We also did some step ups, push ups, and crunches. I hope I'm not extra extra sore tomorrow. Then I returned some BPA avent bottles to London Drugs. I returned 10 bottles. I was refunded $7.99 each for the 9 oz bottles and $6.99 each for the 4 oz bottles. In total $85 of in store credit. I probably have to take my Avent Express II microwave sterilizer to Toyr R Us for a refund.

Tonight I went to scrapbooking at the MFRC. Was good. Laurel and Bobbi were there out of my "group". We had fun. I was working on a cute little project that can't be posted till after Mother's day. Then I popped over to Angela's to deliver her order from my stampin up workshop last week. Ended up visiting till 10 PM. I'm really gonna miss her when she leaves. She a really good friend and v-ball player, and fellow scrapper!

Tomorrow I am probably going swimming with Jen in the morning with the babies and then Gill and I will go get food for the all day scrap in the afternoon.

Paul is going to install the new baby gate this weekend since the little one is probably going to be mobile very soon.