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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shoppers and Superstore trip 20 July 2011

Shoppers drug mart trip 20 july 2011
Old Spice gift set of after shave, body wash and deodorant $8.99
Scrubbing bubbles: $2.99 Fantastik (5.49). Fantastik was free. Buy 1 scrubbing bubbles get fantastik for free
Satin Care trial size on for $1.99 according to the sticker if you buy 3. I bought 3 and had the $5.00 off Gillette coupon. Satin care is a gillette product. When she scanned it , it said $2.49 so someone else checked and said that it was a mistake but I get one for free because of the SCOP. They rung 2 in for 1.99 each and the third for a penny and used my $5 coupon as a $3.99 off. So they were free!!!
Physicians formula mascara $17.90 It is the organic one. There is a full price mail in rebate for it here: http://www.physiciansformula.com/rebates/2011/Organic-wear-Jumbo-Lash-Mascara-Freebate.pdf
Kellogg special k bars on clearance for $1.99 and I had a 50 cents off coupon,
Tylenol extra strength ez tabs 100 for $6.99 Came with coupons in the box for $3 off Tylenol back pain and and a $3.50 mail in rebate as well as $2.00 off tylenol muscle aches and body with a $2.50 mail in rebate as well!!!
Tylenol muscle aches and body $6.99
Before coupons my total was $55.42. After coupons my total was $55.42. After coupons the total was: $45.44 before taxes. I then had her scan my $10 off promotional coupon which wouldn`t have worked if it wasn`t allowed. This made my total after taxes and my $10 off at $41.19 and I have the mail in rebate for $17.99 of it. So my total out of pocket is around $23.20 for $55 worth of products.
Tearpads from the store: $1.50 off of any U by kotex tween product, Save $1 on fixodent when you buy 2, Save $1 on any Alberto European product, Save $1 on any degree clinical products.

Superstore: July 20 2011

They have gillete shaving gel for men on for buy 3 for $6.99 and I used my $5.00 off WUB3 so it was $1.99 for 3!!!
I also found outrageous 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner on for 50 % off on the end of one of the aisles so it was $1.10 each.

They have margarine on for $1.00 each but they were all gone and same with the 200g of marble for $2.00 but the ones I bought were just as good!

Link to mail in rebates: http://www.mrsjanuary.com/canada-mail-in-rebates/

Saturday, July 16, 2011

blog post and deals and coupons

Last night Finn and I went to Amy Cunningham`s CD release party at the `Freakin Coffeeshop` Was such a fun time. My friend Andrew`s band Tin Town also performed as well as Amy and Paul Rodgers. I love that coffee shop. It is so eclectic. The furnishings are funky with some antiques. The music was wonderful. I met my friend Camille there and a few acquaintances. Lots of nice people who wanted to hold Finn. I finally had a headset for him so the music wouldn`t be sooo loud. We picked it up in Cumberland yesterday at Organic Family Store. Wish I would have had the headset for musicfest. Dave from our pre-natal class with Logan was there too. Was good to see him. I found out once I got there that Logan and Paul could have come too since it was a private function. I thought I could only take Finn because he was breastfeeding because of the liquor license. oh well. Paul is still recovering from the vasectomy. I was home at around 2300. Was a great night.

Finn rolled over twice yesterday from stomach to back which was very exciting. Logan finished up a week at soccer camp. I am glad it is over because he didn`t cooperate very well with the instructors and wanted to do his own thing.

Now for the deals:

Apparently there is a tonne of furniture on sale at liquidation world.

Today is 20X the points event at shoppers drugmart!!Spend $50 before taxes and after coupons and discounts. So you will get 10000 points instead of 500 if you spend $50. 8000 points is equivalent to $8.00. Didn`t see too many great deals there so will have to shop around and see what I can do.

Rexall has tylendol body pain night not sure how much but they have a coupon in their booklet for $4 off and I have another coupon for $5 off that I think I cn use with it.
They also have Advil coupon for $3 off and I have one for $2 off so I will get $5 off the large size.

Postage stamps are 10% off of the 10 packs for a limit of 3 per person. Great deal!!! I always stock up when I am there.

If you have the mail in rebate coupon for the lysol healthy tough soap system they will re-imburse you up to 14.99 for this system, taxes and postage. It is now $8.99 at Rexall. You can also use your $5.00 off coupon so you will get it for $3.99 and then send in your receipt with the mail in rebate and they will send you $8.99 plus taxes and postage! Even if you don`t do the mail in rebate, $3.99 is a good price for the dispenser and refill. Refills are on for $3.99 there as well which is cheaper than I have seen elsewhere.

Arm and Hammer 31-35 loads with oxiclean is on for $3.49. I have acoupon for $1.00 off so I can get laundry detergent for $2.50.

Aspirin at rexall has a coupon for $3 off and I have one for $6 off so I will get $9 off. Depending how much it is I will buy it there. If it is over $10 I will buy it somewhere else.

Body pain night by tylenol. Rexall has a $4 off Coupon and I have a $5 off coupon so I will get $9 off. The $5 body pain night can be found here: http://www.livingwell.ca/english/print/21146

The printable coupon for $6 off aspirin can be found here: http://www.aspirinforpain.ca/pdf/aspirin_extrastrength_coupon_v2.pdf

Other printable coupons can be found here: http://www.mrsjanuary.com/free-canada-printable-coupons/

Heading to market days with the kids soon. Hopefully it will get warmer out. Rained all day yesterday and the day before. I have misplaced my car keys since thursday so I must find them.

Have a great weekend.

Let me know if you get some great deals!!!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

13 July

Happy Birthdays going out to Colleen and Rebecca for today and Suzie for yesterday.

We had a great weekend and celebrated our 6th anniversary. We had a sitter on Sunday from noon-1600 and we went to the spa. Paul had a 1.5 hour sports massage and I had 2 of my VIP spa services which was a vichy shower and then a body wrap. Was sooooo great.

Last Thursday night we went to Allison Krauss concert. The 4 of us since we couldn`t find a sitter in time. Was a blast. We got Paul`s ticket for $50 and mine for $65 and the kids were free. Then Thursday I scored a weekend pass for Vancouver Island Musicfest for $80. Sweet deal. I took Finn Friday night from 1600-midnight and then Saturday I had Logan and Finn with me there from 1100-2330 or so. Then I went again Sunday night at 1730 or so with just Logan. We had a blast. Logan asks me every day if we are going to musicfest and I tell him it is over. March fourth marching band were my favorite performers. We were lucky on Saturday to be sitting near awesome strangers that gave Logan lots of cuddles and played with him. These 3 women from Victoria are going to be wonderful grandparents!!! We found them sunday night and Logan got to visit them again and they bought him a helium balloon. Made it super easy to find him and our spot!! Finn cried for a couple of hours according to Daddy but eventually fell asleep around 2100 and then woke up for a feed once I was home.

I had a blast at musicfest and made some awesome new friends. The boys loved the music too!!!

Paul got a tonne of stuff done saturday while he was home alone and then went to a co-workers wives birthday party. No kids were allowed.

Tuesday Paul had his vasectomy so he has been recovering from that. I had a massive gall bladder attack yesterday which lasted from 1400 till the wee hours of today.

Happy Retirement to Lynn! This was her last year of teaching! Enjoy your time off.

I still have to schedule the free massage I get for my birthday for being an oh spa vip member as well as my hydrotherapy treatment. And I have a $20 giftcard to use so I will probably get the express pedicure for $40 and only pay $20.

Hope everyone is well. We are looking forward to our trip to Ontario for Julia and George`s wedding and to visit Paul`s parents and all of the other relatives and introduce Finn.

Paul received word that he has to pick a new trade and re-train. That means that he will be going away for at least a year. It is going to suck but we will get through it.

Finn is doing amazing. He is into 9 months and 12 month sleepers. He is a very baby except around Daddy! He will be rolling over any day now and still loves to get up during the night for some boobie.

Logan had a full week at the base daycare camp last week and was soooo tired each day. I have him in soccer for one hour a day this week and even though he begged for it he isn`t participating as much as he should. The first day he ran away and was quite far before I alerted the staff that he was missing. The 2nd day he stopped participating. Today we didn`t go because I was up all night sick and it was super crappy weather. Hopefully he will do better tomorrow.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan & Finn

Walmart shopping trip

I was at my Wal-mart here in Courtenay BC tonight. I tried to use a $1.00 off Crest Pro Health coupon on the trial size which was $1.00. I had 2 coupons and 2 trial size and they wouldn`t accept it. They said they won`t accept coupons on any trial size items even when the coupon doesn`t exclude trial size. Oh well.

I picked up 6 bags of cookies at 1.88 each. I got a 12 pack of burgers for $7.00, 1 L of chocolate milk on for $1.00 even though the flyer said $1.50. Sweet deal! I picked up 3 cover girl wet slicks on for $2.87 and used my 3 $2.00 off any covergirl coupon, I picked up a children`s advil for $6.47 and used my $2.00 off printable couponm,

I picked up 9 of the Old spice bodywashes which were on for $2.00. I used 3 Save $3 when you buy 2 so 6 of them were only .50 and then I used 3 $1.00 off so the other 3 were $1.00 each.

I picked up 3 satin care shave gels on for $1.50 each and I had 3 $1.00 off coupons.

I grabbed the snuggle 60 washes on for $3.97 and used my $1.00 off coupon!

I picked up the mccain deep n delicious for $4.67 and used my $1.00 off coupon.

I also got a 204 pack of huggies diapers for $39.97 and used my $3.00 off coupon. WE use cloth diapers here but I am going on a trip so will be using disposables for the trip.

Was a great trip. I saved $30 using coupons!!!

There was a young couple shopping and I saw they were buying the 4 pack of dove soap so I gave them my $1.50 off coupon since I wouldn`t be needing it. I also gave them the mail in rebate for the lysol hand soap automatic since I have already done mine.
And I gave them a .75 off any crest toothpaste coupon.