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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1 OCTOBER 0000

Got to bed at 0430 or so and got up at 1330. I went to lunch and then didn't feel good after lunch. I picked up my laundry and then went to my shower and ended up puking up all of my lunch into the toilet. Felt better after that though. Then stopped at Timmies on the way to work to grab a bagel since I figured I would be hungry since I was sick. I have a really annoying cough now and my throat is sore but I'll be alright. I finished work just after 2330 and came home. I decided to skip working out again tonight because I feel so crappy. I am hoping to kick whatever is bugging me by taking it easy.

Now that it is October, I can start saying that I am going home next month!!! Yeah!!

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

30 SEPT 2354

Had a good day today. I went to bed at 0530 and then got up at 1330. I went for lunch and then showered and headed to work. I didn't feel good after lunch for most of the rest of the day. I have a bit of a cough starting as well which has been annoying me. I had a headache tonight as well. So needless to say I am still not feeling well tonight after work so I am not going to workout. I am just going to relax and watch some grey's anatomy and then go to sleep.

Received a letter from Mom/Grandma today. Was nice

Love Rae-Lynn

Monday, September 28, 2009

29 SEPT 0142

I had a pretty good day today. I got to bed at 0530 and then slept till 1400. Got up, rushed to lunch, picked up my laundry, grabbed a quick shower and headed to the pharmacy to get my prescription filled for my antibiotics. Then I headed to work. Work wasn't crazy busy. I managed to finish the book "audition" by Barbara Walters that I was reading. It was good. I now started 3 cups of tea. It is really good so far. Finished work at 2350 and biked home. Got ready and went to the gym. I did 65 MINUTES on bike for 1104 calories burnt and 6.7 miles, 45 situps then 15 pushups. I read my new book while I was on the bike.

Not much else to report.

Love Rae-Lynn

Sunday, September 27, 2009

28 SEPT 0229

Had a great day today. Got up at 1230 or 1300 or so. I went to eat lunch and then biked down to MIR to get my jaw checked on but there was a long line so I gave up and came back, showered, and waited for work. Then I went to work which was very very quiet. Had to deal with a few things and then just relaxed. I even was able to read my book for a couple of hours. I was done at 2300 and I walked to the other medical facility to see if someone would look at my jaw. They looked at my ears and said they were fine. He wasn't sure what was going on with my jaw but gave me a prescription for some antibiotics that I can get filled tomorrow.

Then I came back and I had a video chat with Paul and Logan for 90 minutes. Was so awesome. Logan looks so much older already and it has only been 2 weeks since I saw them. He is so adorable. The house looks great. Paul looks great. Tikka even said hi. They are doing well but I can't wait to be home again with them to lighten Paul's load. I miss them tons. It is going very fast and I'll be home before I know it. Was so great to see them.

There was mexican night at the dining facility. Was the best one ever. They had jalapenos, and for the first time ever had sourcream.

Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, September 26, 2009

27 SEPT 0204

Had a good day. In bed by 0230 and up at 1100. I packed up a couple of packages to send out and then headed to the market. Was good. I had fun. Then I came back and did the laundry run and then I had an hour before I had to go to work so I had a shower and relaxed.

Work was good. Uneventful for the last 2-3 hours so I read my book at the desk. I am still reading Audition by Barbara Walters. Then I finished at 2330 or so maybe a little later, biked home and then went to the gym. I did 65 minutes on the bike for 6.65 miles and 1100 calories burnt. Then I did 40 situps, followed by 13 pushups and then another 10 situps.

Then I grabbed a shower. I am watching grey's anatomy and updating my blog. When I was walking home from the gym I noticed a lump on my jaw. My jaw has been bothering me lately when I turn my head to the left but there is clearly a lump/bump there now. I'll try and get up early and go to the doctor to sort it out. Maybe I have an ear infection that has spread. My pain tolerance is too high so the pain is just annoying but not a deterrence. Oh well. Hopefully it is nothing too serious.

Love Rae-Lynn

Friday, September 25, 2009

25 SEPT 2355

Had a good day today. Got to bed at 0530 and then got up at 1230. Hung out and organized some files on my laptop since it was getting full so I moved some stuff to my external hard drive. Showered and headed to work. Had a hectic first 3 hours sorting stuff out since I made a mistake on a spreadsheet so 11 pax were missing from a leg. It got all sorted out but I owe someone some Timmies. Work ended up being pretty boring since I finished everything way too early and I was pretty tired. I got out of work at 2330 which was a nice surprise. I am too tired to go to the gym. Just gonna blog, wind down watching some gray's anatomy. I finished Season 3 of Dexter so that was awesome. Now I have Gray's Anatomy to watch and then the L word. I doubt I'll run out. Plus my books to read. So taking the night off from the gym and then tomorrow is the market. Can't wait.

KLove Rae-Lynn

Thursday, September 24, 2009

24 SEPT 0218

Went to bed at 0530 and got up at 1330. I went to the mess for lunch and then quickly biked down to the laundry to do the laundry exchange. Came back, showered and headed to work. Got lots done as per normal. Was good. Realized that one of the guys that I work with knows Paul from his port security days in Esquimalt. Was so funny that he didn't put the pieces together!! It was pizza night. It was soooooooooooooooo good.

Finished work and went to the gym. I did 65 minutes on the bike for 1155 calories burnt and 7.22 miles. Then I did 35 situps, took a break, another 10, and then 12 pushups. Was really good.

Came back, showered, blogging and watching Dexter. I started my Christmas cards a couple of nights ago. Will work on those too!!!

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

24 sept 0500

Had a great day. Went to bed at 0530 and got up at 1200. Watched some dexter, went to work. Work went really well. Came home and went to the gym. I did 65 min on the bike for 6.94 miles and 1117 calories burnt. Then I did 30 situps, rested 10 more, and then 10 really good pushups. I sweat a ton. I am already finished up to Season 3 episode 3 on Dexter.

Just got back from calling Paul. Was nice except Logan was having a meltdown. He didn't want to eat supper and was crying so hard. It broke my heart. I hate hearing him cry. Paul said Logan almost went pee in the potty last night. Paul turned away and the pee went everywhere! Too funny.

I'm off to bed now. It is 0509

Love Rae-LYnn

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

23 SEPT 0232

Had a good day today. Got to bed yesterday morning at around 0400 or so and slept till 1330. Got up, went to lunch, then got my laundry. Then I headed to work. Work was busy as per normal but went well. I had flights to track which was nice as well as my normal stuff.

I booked the flights for Logan and I for the holidays. I am not sure how much time Paul will have so haven't been able to book those. Logan and I fly from Comox to Toronto on Dec 15th, then Toronto to Winnipeg on the 27th of Dec, and then Winnipeg to Comox on the 9th of January. I got good prices/seat sales for Comox to Toronto and Winnipeg to Comox but the crappy thing is that the flight from Toronto to Winnipeg is more expensive then the other 2 legs. Paul's will be way worse because he has to fly on a "peak" day.

I am already on S2DexterE7. I love that show. I finished work at 0000 and biked home. I couldn't find my keys for my bike lock in my pockets and when I got to my bike it was still in the lock. I was lucky it was still there. I went right to the gym when I got home after work. I did 60 min on the bike for 1038 calories burnt and 6.46 miles. Then I did 30 situps in a row, rested a little and then another 10 seconds and then did 9 pushups. I seemed to work out harder while I was watching my dexter on my ipod then when I read. Oh well. Dexter will be done with soon.

Happy Anniversary to Amy & Steve. The big #3. I don't think she reads my blog though.

Love Rae-Lynn

Monday, September 21, 2009

house renos

22 SEPT 0211

Had a good day. Went to bed at 0500 or so and got up at 1230. I managed to call Paul for 2 minutes at around 0430. Aunt Marjorie and Uncle Jerry had come up and they went golfing. Logan even went along. Paul pushed him in his stroller and carried his clubs. Logan insisted on carrying a club while he was in the stroller. I guess half way through the course they had to wait a bit so they let him run around and he wanted to swing the club at the ball too. Was so funny hearing the story about it. The renos are done and I have pics. Will upload them after this blog post. It looks really good.

Got up at 1230 and watched some dexter. Headed to work at 1500 so I could stop at Timmies and pick up a thank you ice cap for my friend that gave my bike a tune-up. Picked up a bagel for me since I didn't go to lunch. Work went well. I did a ton of stuff and was really busy.

Had episode #2 with the guy who made life hell for me in my first year. He sat down at the computer next to me to use the phone and I was helping him with phone numbers for people he need to call. Then my American firend who sits beside me asked about French people and stereotypes etc. He asked about the french fry thing and I said it was called poutine. Then I told them they love maple syrup. Then the guy who is like over 6 feet tall said that all Quebecers are tall and strong. His english is really good now so the American thought he was an anglo but I said that he was just saying that because he is french. Then the guy was on the phone and was talking really loud in french so I joking said to the American "and they talk really loud and talk with their hands". So the guy goes "f-off Rae-Lynn", I can't say anything back because he is a major and I thought he was joking and stuff and then he goes "you are making me want to go back to my old ways, but I won't". Something like that. And then I was just really upset. I had forgiven him and was moving on and was helping him and he commented on that. I thought I had made it clear to him how much he had affected me back then with his tormenting. So I turned away and kept working on my stuff and he was like, Rae-Lynn, come on. I just kept working and was trying not to cry. Then I went and got a bottle of water and then he left. Then my friend Brian who runs the HQ at night asked me if I was alright and said if he was bothering me he would kick him out of the HQ. I said no, it was fine. Then the guy comes back and asks me to go talk to him. I said I was busy but he said 2 minutes. So we go outside and start talking and he is like "what's wrong, I was joking". I said I wasn't sure that he was. I am not sure if I offended him with my joking or what but said that wasn't my intent. He said he was joking about f-off and the comment but I said what could I say, I would never say it back. He said I should of but I told him that's not how I roll. He is a major and is senior to me even though we were in first year together. Then I explained again why his comment bothered me so much. I started crying, and I had to go in to being harassed in grade 7, and then how much he bothered me. He said he really had no idea at RMC that it was bothering me so much because I put on this big tough exterior. I said it was a coping mechanism etc. Even though my friend Jason had told him multiple times to leave me alone he figured I could take it. The worst part is that had I cried in front of him at RMC he said he would have felt so bad he would have left me alone. If only I would have known that. So we had a little chat and made up. He said he will never joke about it again and I believe he is honestly sorry. He said when he was at RMC he hated everyone and had a lot of anger from his parents divorce when he was 13. So then I came back to the HQ and my G3 (acting G3) goes "having trouble with the new maj" or something like that. I said, no we have a torrid history and he started to smile and I was like, not that history. We didn't date, he made my life hell. Then they said they could kick him out forever if I wanted and I said no, that it was all good. I even told the "guy" about Raymond etc. I think it was a good lesson for him.

Then I finished work at 2350 or so, biked home. Managed to call my Dad for a quick 5 minute chat to make sure he was doing well. He said he is. Rick and Tyler went down there for a visit on the weekend so that was nice. Then I went to the gym. I did 60 minutes on the elliptical for 847 calories burnt and 5.47 miles. Was awesome watching "Dexter" on my ipod while I worked out. Then I did 24 situps, rested 20 seconds then 6 more. Then 9 pushups. My abs are killing me. I'm sure it will get easier day by day.

Came back, showered, updated blog and then I will watch another episode of dexter. I think I have an ear infection. Has been bugging me for awhile so I have to go and check that out soon.

Love Rae-Lynn

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Happy 6th anniversary to Rolly & Robyn.

First I'll do my usual synopsis and then get to the real "meat" of this post. Had a great day. Got up at 1230, watched a couple of episodes of Dexter. I am so addicted to that show. Then I went to lunch and then did the laundry run, then showered, and went to work. Work was great, was really busy sorting out major messes. Got it all worked out. Finished up at around 2335 and biked home. Then I went to the gym. I did 60 minutes on the bike for 1026 calories burnt and 6.38 miles. Then I did 25 situps, 5 second break and ended at 30. Then I rested 30 seconds and then did another 10 situps. After that I did 10 pushups. My arms are really sore from the pushups I did the other day. The backs of my legs are also really sore. By the end of my bike ride my butt is killing me. Then I showered and now I am back at my room. I am finishing up an episode of grey's anatomy that I was watching and uploading my blog. The rest of the blog post pertains to something that happened 2 days ago and culminated today.

In my first year at RMC There was a guy in my year in my sqn that I had a crush on. He was another first year and he had done prep year so he didn't have to do recruit term with us. I think my room-mate must have told him about my crush and then he mercilessly harassed me for my whole first year at RMC. I hated him sooooo much. I would go to a mutual friend and pretty much cry about how much he was bothering me and ask him to talk to him and get him to leave me alone. It was truly horrible. He harassed me at every opportunity. Needless to say, there are certain people who leave such a nasty mark on your life you never want to see them again. When I got here, I saw a Franco here that made me think of this person. I really didn't want to see this person again so I looked him up in the address book to see if he was still in the military and couldn't find him so I thought it was all good. That is until 2 days ago when I was walking in to the building that I work in and he was standing there in the flesh right beside the door. He is tall so I had to look up at him and he recognized me instantly. He said hi, and then I said hey as I noticed he was now a major and I kept walking as I had a mini panic attack in my head. He then said "you aren't going to say hi" I stopped, turned around and said "I did say hi", and then kept walking in to the HQ. I couldn't believe it. And he was promoted to Major. I was horrified that I would have to see him again. I saw him around a bit tonight in the HQ and then he came over and sat beside me and says "are you busy". I said, always busy, but what's up? Even now I can't remember everything but he asked what I had been up to since Grad. He couldn't remember that I had repeated first year and graduated a year behind them. But then I told him how miserable he had made my life and how he was one of the people that I had never ever wanted to ever see again. He told me he didn't realize that he had been that huge of an ass to me. He finally appologized for everything he did to me. We ended up having a good chat and I forgave him. I was able to forgive him. It was a long time ago. You wouldn't believe the weight that lifted off of me. I am not sure if it is because I am reading Barbara Walters book but I asked him if he could go back and take it all back if he would and he said yes. Was a good chat anyways and now I am over it and can finally put it past me.

That's all for now, I'm gonna enjoy some dexter, and then go to bed.

Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, September 19, 2009

20 SEPT 0139

Just got back from an hour long video conference with Paul and Logan. It was awesome except poor Logan looked so exhausted and hungry. Paul had a babysitter all morning while he volunteered at Rexspo for ski patrol. The babysitter didn't feed Logan any lunch so when Paul picked him up at 1230 to go for the 1300 VTC, Paul stopped at Timmies and so Logan only had timbits for lunch. He was adorable but seemed standoffish. Probably really missing me. He ran a bit but was very tired. Paul said Logan fell off our bed again the other day. Then at the end when we were saying goodbye he said bye bye, waved, and blew me kisses. Was nice. Was wonderful to see them again.

Finished work at 2345ish and biked home. Was a good shift. I got alot of stuff done. We get free redbull at work today. 2 max per soldier per day. I only have one. Was good. My buddy lent me S1-3 of dexter which I am trying to copy on to my external hard drive but it keeps disconnecting and giving me errors. Very annoying. I am copying each episode one by one now.

I am taking tonight off from working out because I was up so early and I want to keep my routine. I am going to stay up till 0500 and then sleep till 1330ish. I have a couple of errands to run tomorrow as well before work.

My buddy JJ did a mini-tune-up on my bike the other night with some WD40 and tightened the chain. It is as good as new. Very awesome. Brakes could be a little better.

There was a hit and run accident here the other day. An american was killed. They haven't found the driver yet. Makes me sick.

That's all for now!

Love Rae-Lynn

19 SEPT 1440

Got to bed at around 0500 after 2 episodes of grey's anatomy. I am loving the first season. Guess I had never seen it. I was planning on sleeping till 1200. I woke up at 1030 because I heard a noise. Crappy but decided to get up anyways and get ready for the market. I put on my pants and my Deloraine Elks collared shirt and biked all of the way down there. I was starving but didn't stop. I think I left here at 1130. Then I got there locked up my bike, locked up my back pack and got to the entrance and they said I needed a long sleeves shirt because of Ramadan. I biked all of the way home and changed. I was all sweaty. It is really hot here today. It is 36 degrees. On my way biking back to the market someone on a bike cut across the road and cut me off and I couldn't stop in time. Ended up t-boning him. All was fine no injuries. Was a huge shock though. He felt bad because it was his fault. Could have ended up worse. Then I went to the market. Got there again at about 1200 or so and stayed till 1340. Was good. I bought some Christmas presents etc. Yep, it's that time of the year. Sweat a tonne. When I left I stopped to pick up the key to the video conference room. I have one schedule after work tonight at 0030 my time which is 1300 in Comox. Can't wait to see Paul and Logan. Will be interesting to see what Logan does after just seeing me and then seeing me on TV again. I miss them both sooooo much. I am feeling great though. I actually feel better than I have felt in a long long time. Maybe it is knowing I only have 60 days left. I am planning on working out a tonne and losing more weight and just being happy. I am over the moon that my Dad is good again.

Now here's the big news. We are planning on coming home for Christmas/New Years holidays this year. Not sure of all the dates etc yet but Christmas will be in Ontario this year since we went to Manitoba last year first, and New Years will be inin Manitoba. Paul only has 2 weeks which may end up only being one week so he may/may not end up coming to Manitoba. I am trying to swing it so that Logan and I spend 2 weeks at each place. We will see though. It is actually super stressful. People who live close to family should really appreciate it. Every time we want to visit family we have to pay alot of money. What we would give to just be able to hop in the car and drive 4 hours or less and see family. Maybe we'll get posted to Winnipeg next. Mom H would like it to be Trenton but there are no positions there for me. Ottawa maybe though. At least we would closer. We will see. We still have no idea when we will posted next anyway. The stressful part is the money. It will probably cost us $3000 or so to fly because there is so many legs of the trip and they jack the prices up. This includes a couple of seat sale fares. Now we have 3 seats to buy etc. Paul may end up only with one week of leave so that would only be 2 legs for him and then Logan and I would be Comox to Toronto to Winnipeg, to Comox. Mom H does tend to spoil us when we are home though. It is just really hard because if money wasn't an option we would visit everyone all the time. Family is soooooooooooooo important to all of us. We'll see what happens.

Well, I'm heading out shortly for work.

Love Rae-Lynn

Friday, September 18, 2009

19 SEPT 0328

Had a great day today except that there was a ramp ceremony today for the soldier that we lost which is always a sad event. There was a bbq tonight as well for our division and it was great. The chicken and steak were amazing. I got to bed after 0500 and slept till 1330. Got up and went to lunch and then came back got my laundry, and then showered. Checked my email, posted by blog and then went to work. Shift went really really well. Got alot of stuff done. Finished work at 2355 and biked home. I checked my email and then went to the gym. I did 61 minutes on the bike for 1003 calories, 6.2 miles. Was a really really good workout and read my book. Then I did 9 good pushups, 30 situps, and then I went and did some core exercises that I read in the magazine that Twyla sent me Women's health. It was good.

Then I popped back in to work for a half hour or so to drop something off and help Pattie with something. Then I came home, showered, and now I am watching an episode of Grey's anatomy and updating my blog.

I will go to bed after this episode since I will be getting up at around 1030 or 1100 to go to the market, maybe a little later, then come back shower, and go to work.

My shelving unit from the office was apparently destroyed in the flood so hopefully they will 100% replace it.

60 days till I'm outta here.

Love Rae-Lynn

Thursday, September 17, 2009

18 SEPT 1343

Had a really good day today. After talking to Dad last night and all that excitement I ended up staying up till 0430 because I am going to try out a new routine and see how I like it. I slept till 1325, got up, showered and hung out checking my email etc. Then on the way to work I picked up a french vanilla and a bagel. I had that as my lunch and then started work at 1530. I recieved 2 packages. I received a birthday package from Aunt Marjorie and Uncle Jerry. Some awesome goodies in there especially the Victoria Secret Body lotion, a magazine and other goodies!!! I also received a 2nd wonderful package from Mom H. She sent me some books and some cardstock and patterned paper that I hope to use to make my Christmas cards. She also sent me a bottle of Shampoo and conditioner that should last me until I get home. My shift went really well and I got alot accomplished. It was also pizza night so that was really really good. Patti ended up coming in at like 2215 which was really early. She let me go home at 2330 since she was good to go. Was awesome. Biked home carrying my packages under one arm. Everything went well. Came home, couldn't blog because we had a comms lockdown. Unfortunately we lost another soldier today. Very sad.

Then I went to the gym and did a one hour workout. I did one hour on the bike for 10009 calories and just over 6 miles. Then I did 30 situps and 10 pushups. I read my book during the bike. I am reading "Audition" by Barbara Walters that Angela sent me. It is a good read. Very interesting. Then I came back, grabbed a shower, and now I am watching Grey's Anatomy. I am on Season one episode one. I guess I have never seen it. It is good to start from the beginning. I love it. I am updating my blog as we speak but won't be able to post it until the lockdown is lifted.

Will stay up till 0430 or so and then go to sleep. I will probably get up, go get my laundry and then go to lunch at the mess and chill till my shift.

Just got up at 1330 now, will go grab a bite for lunch. It took forever to fall asleep last night. Sometime after 0500. Will go to lunch, then laundry etc.

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Just talked to my Dad. He is doing wonderful. I am ecstatic. He feels better than ever. Such a blessing to catch it so soon. He said there was actually 2 blockages and they are stints not shunts. We had a really good chat. Stupid phone disconnected after 14 min or so so finally was able to get back thru so I could tell him I love him and say goodbye. One less worry for me knowing that he is doing well and has a new lease on life. He said that he saw all of his sisters and that Auntie Linda brought Grandma R (his Mom) over to see him this morning so that was nice. I am sure it put Grandma more at ease as well. Waiting to try and call Paul in a bit.

Love Rae-Lynn


Had a really good day yesterday despite what Dad is going through.

I stayed up till 0300 and then went to sleep till 1130. I got up and went and finalized my claim for my travels. The whole thing cost us around 8000, so $5000 out of our own pocket. I grabbed a bagel at Timmies on the way there. My chain kept falling off the track on my bike which was annoying but I'll adjust it tomorrow night. A buddy is bringing his wrench to work as well as some wd-40 for my chain. Then I came back and went to the gym. I did a one hour workout. I did 45 minutes on the bike for 735 calories burnt and 4.5 miles. I did 15 min on elliptical for 210 calories burnt and 1.33 miles so a total of 945 calories burnt. Was really really good. Then I came back and went for my shower. The water was shut off so I had a good old water bottle shower. Was going to update blog before work but took longer in the shower so didn't have time. Then I biked to work. I grabbed a red bull on the way in. I had only had a bagel at lunch and then my workout so got pretty low by 1800 or so. Was really busy till 1900 or so and then grabbed some supper at the mess and brought it back to my desk. I saw 99er tonight. Was cool. He welcomed me back and asked about my vacation. Was great!!! He gave me like 3 hugs before I left to go on vacation. He is wonderful. He is our general and he knows me by first name which is really nice. And not because I screwed something up.

I found out I have a package waiting for me at the air wing that I should get tomorrow. I think it is from Mom H and I am soooooo excited about it.

Dad makes his way back to Deloraine today. I should hopefully get to talk to him at 0230 my time which is 1700 his time. I am going to call anyways and hopefully it will be arranged. I will be very disappointed if it doesn't work out. I miss him so much and was so worried. Thank you to everyone for your prayers for my Dad and your concerns. I really appreciate it.

Paul got a cheque for $1000 to cover off his hotel and meals for the beginning of the flood as well as a cheque for the fridge. Must be an enviro cheque or something. Will help to get us back out of the hole from our vacation before we get charged interest. Should be fine. I did my claim with the military and I will get that $3000 in a couple of weeks. We paid that a couple of months ago so will be nice to throw this towards the other $5000 we owe.

I am thinking that the insurance must be covering us and it must be over $25000 or they would just make the $1000 on hotel and meals our $1000 deductible that we owed.

I experienced a huge miracle today. I weighed myself before my workout and I was 194 lbs. That was exactly what I was before our trip and we ate sooooooo much crap. I was ecstatic. I thought I gained it all back! Good news so I can keep working and hopefully lose another minimum 15 pounds before I go home but hopefully more although I seem to have plateaued. I have to kick my butt into gear. I only eat 2 meals a day now though. something for lunch and then a supper.

Nate just had his second birthday. Logan's is coming up on October 5th. I am really going to hate missing it. Maybe they will go down and visit Margorie and Jerry and celebrate it with them. Maybe Mom & Dad H will fly out to celebrate it with them. It is Dad H's birthday too!!!! Just putting the bug in their ear.

Last night I had a great phone conversation with Rolly and then talked to Grandma R. She is doing well although worried about my Dad as you can imagine. Must have been really hard for her not being able to see him while he was in the city. Auntie Evelyn visited him which was nice. I am sure all the sisters were worried. Jen reassured me. She said her Grandpa lived another 20 years after his heart attack so I am hoping that is what happens with my Dad. I found out that Grandpa Art isn't doing too well and will be moving in to a home and that Grandma Edith has shingles. My Mom has been in the city for the last 2 weeks helping out Grandma.

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Had a pretty good day. It isn't over yet though as I am still at work but taking a break.

I didn't go to bed till 0200 last night so I slept till 1100 or 1130 or so. Got up, went to the gym, did 38 minutes on the bike 611 calories burnt. I started reading a new book. It is the memoir that Barbara Walters wrote. Angela sent it to me in her package. So far it is really good, very interesting. I just finished Princess last night. It is the story of a princess in Saudi Arabia. She uses an assumed name but it was also very interesting. Women are very oppressed in Saudi.

Then I went to eat lunch, then showered and got ready for work. I have my own bike now. Patti scored me one while I was away. I love it. I rode it to work. Work has been pretty slow so that is nice to ease me back in to things. It is very low stress compared to how busy I am normally when I was on the dayshift.

I got an email from Lynn saying that Dad had an appointment in Winnipeg today and that he and her were travelling by Ambulance to winnipeg which is normal procedure. Then I got an update from Rolly saying that the appointment went well. They did the angioplasty and found one blocked artery. They put in 2 shunts and he is resting. He will stay overnight in Winnipeg and then should be home. I hope all will be well. I haven't been able to talk to him yet. I will call tonight when I am done work and see if Lynn is with him and if I can talk to him. It is really hard being away during this time.

They moved my work station across the room tonight at 2100 so I didn't have systems for 40 minutes or so. It is all back up and running again now.

I bought a new ipod cord today. Paul had mine so he can keep it and use it with the ipod that I gave him.

The weirdest thing about being back is getting used to life with no colour. Everything is the same dull dusty gray colour.

I miss Paul and Logan alot but hopefully this tour will start breezing by.

Not sure how I am going to plan my schedule. Day schedule was good because I would get to work fresh from waking up. Now if I go to bed after my shift I am up for awhile before I go to work so I will be tired. I do like going to bed without having to set an alarm clock though. We'll see how I end up sorting out my schedule.

I had a letter from Grandma Edith waiting for me as well when I got back from my holiday.

I tried to call my Dad last night but his phone wasn't on at the hospital. Then I tried my Mom. Was about 1430 in the afternoon but no one answered.

Thank you to everyone for keeping me and my family in your prayers, and especially my Father during this time. I would be lost without him. He needs to be around till my son grows up so they can have wonderful memories together.

Love Rae-Lynn

Monday, September 14, 2009

14 SEPT 2140


Hi everyone. I got back to KAF today at around lunch and had to come in to work at 1800. I am tired but will be alright. Was up at 0400 this morning to make all of my timings. I am all unpacked and got a couple of hours of sleep before I had to come to work.

There was a comms lockdown yesterday so I was unable to call Paul last night or check any emails. When I could finally check my emails today I was saddened to learn that my Father had suffered a mild heart attack on saturday. It was very confusing since I had an update email first updating me on Dad so I was frantically looking for the first one. I found it. Rolly (my brother) had sent me an email and then there was an update from him and a couple from Lynn. I think they worried about me when they hadn't heard from me but I was unable to call/email due to the comms lockdown. They say that Dad is on the mend and should be out of the hospital in 1-2 days. He will have to go to winnipeg for angioplasty and some more tests. I hope he has a full recovery.

Paul and Logan made it home. I just talked to Paul tonight and he said they didn't let him take the carseat on the plane so Logan had a horrible flight. He only slept maybe 3 hours of the 10. He misses me alot according to Paul. I feel horrible about that. I miss them both alot as well. They landed in Nanaimo and Uncle Jerry picked them up. They slept over and Aunt Marjorie cooked them a feast for breakfast. Then they made their way back home. Paul said all of the flooring on the first floor is complete at our house. I can't wait to see pics and see hot it looks. He said it looks good. Him and Logan are probably pretty jet lagged still. They had a huge time change to get used to. I only had a 2.5 hour time change so not so bad.

My new work hours are 1530-midnight for the next 24 days and then after that will probably be 1230-1900 for the rest of the tour.

I managed to drop off my laundry today and hook up my internet again. Patti found me a bike so I now have my own. Super sweet,

I am looking forward to the rest of my tour flying by. I miss Paul and Logan so much. I am grateful that our time didn't seem to go tooo fast. I enjoyed it all.

Weather is cooling off here. Apparently it gets down to 15-16 degrees at night. I am looking forward to the days cooling off.

Finger 11 played here while I was away so I missed that.

I came home and there was a package waiting from Angela and one from Twyla and a letter from Grandma Edith. Apparently there is another letter somewhere in my room to find. Sven said he just threw it into my room so I will have to find it later.

Yesterday I went downtown shopping. Picked up a few things I was out of like toothpaste and a face cleanser to use until I got back here. We ate at subway but because it was Ramadan you can't eat in public. Saleem and I ate in the backroom at the subway. Got back to camp at 1930 and found out there was a lockdown so couldn't check emails/call anyone.

Paul lost the cellphone on the trip over so he will have to cancel it and try to get another one since I still am under contract with telus.

I hope everyone is well.

Love Rae-Lynn

Sunday, September 13, 2009


My heart broke into a million pieces yesterday. It was the hardest day ever. We got up and thought we had packed up everything. I now realize I forgot my face cleanser. Not sure if I forgot my ipod cord as well. We will see when I take a look. We left the hotel at around 1000. He charged us an extra 50 euro for damage from Logan. Logan was playing with this huge mirror on the wall and he pushed it off. It weighs a tonne. Thank goodness it didn't hit him. It fell down and the whole thing didn't break, just a little piece on top not connected to the mirror. HE charged us 50 euro and then says will refund if it is cheaper when he has it repaired. sucks, but oh well. Then we decided to drop off my stuff and check me in. They dropped me off at around 1100 and I ran in to check in. There was a sign saying check in doesn't open till 1225. So I went back out and waited for them to come back from their loop. They picked me up, luggage and all, and we went to return the rental car and get them checked in. I have no idea how Paul managed by himself with all of the luggage when he came over. We had a trolly piled high with all his stuff and mine and then Logan in his stroller. Car seat piled on top of the luggage. We got my receipt for the rental car and then headed to check them in. Logan was very moody. I think he knew it was separation time. We checked them in and then we got them to let Paul take the carseat on the plane. On the way over, they made Logan sit in the seat without it so he wasn't comfortable. This will hopefully have made it easier on the both of them. Then we were going to grab a bite to eat but didn't see anywhere before we got to their security gate. I picked Logan up and he was distracted by one of those airport cars and wanted to drive it. Was upset I couldn't let him. I gave him hugs and he finally hugged me but wouldn't kiss me. I was so sad, crying all over the place. Gave Paul big hugs and kisses and then watched them walk away. Logan was looking back and I was saying bye bye and then I think he finally understood because he burst out crying. Not sure what happened after that or how long he cried. Paul had a backpack on the back, one on the front, pushing the stroller and carrying the carseat. My big strong man. I hope they aren't too jet lagged and that they made it home safe. Will call them later tonight to make sure all is well. Then I took my luggage and boarded the skytrain shuttle to my terminal. I waited in a long line to check in. it was around 1230. Then after checking in I went upstairs and grabbed some lunch. Then I made my way to my gate. They didn't upgrade me to business class this time. I even asked if there was room but they said they were full. Oh well :( I got a 30 minute back, shoulder, neck, and arm massage at a little spa while I was waiting. Was nice. I was tired I thought I would sleep the whole flight but I couldn't. The people beside me got up multiple times to go to the washroom and I was on the aisle. The stupid thing was that she would go and then he would go when she came back instead of going at the same time. The flight was really good though. The service on Emirates is amazing. They give you a hot facecloth to wash your face, the main dish I didn't like but they brought me an extra bun, and cheese when I asked. Had some free chardonnay, and watched dexter. Didn't sleep at all. Landed at 2335, cleared security, got bags and had to wait till 0200 to be picked up to come back to camp at the staging base. Got to bed at around 0300 and then got up at 1100. Heading to town at 1300 till 1800 to do some shopping and looking around. My last day off till I finish the tour.

In closing, thank you everyone for thinking of us. It is a really tough team but I hope it will go by super fast. We had a wonderful, wonderful family vacation with memories that we will treasure always.

Love Rae-Lynn (missing Paul and Logan soooooo much)

Friday, September 11, 2009

11 SEPT 2030

Was a sombre day reflecting on the events that occured 8 years ago. It is very sad and we are thinking of all those that died on that fatefull day.

We took Logan to another waterpark today. This time we didn't hesitate on taking him down the waterslide as per the video that I uploaded. He loved it. 40 Steps each time and we must have went 10 times or more. We also went in the water pool area and the kiddie pool and the kiddie hot water play area. Logan had a blast. This was a better deal than the other day. We paid 4.50 euro each and got 3 hours plus free parking. We only used about 2 hours though. The other day was 4.5 euro for 1.5 hours and we had to pay for parking.

Then we came back to the apartment and we all took a nap. Then we got up, watched some TV, cooked some supper.

Tomorrow will be a long day for Paul and Logan on their flight back to Vancouver, and then Vancouver to Nanaimo. I'm fly out around 40 minutes after them from a different terminal. We will probably drop me off to check my bags and get my tickets, and then I will go with them to return the vehicle since I need the receipts, and then check their stuff in and hang out for a bit and then when they go thru security then I will find a shuttle to my terminal and head over there. Will be a very very sad time. Logan always cries whenever I leave the hotel room without him. He says some funny stuff. He says "hot" now which is funny. When we went in the hot tub he said "Hot yahhhh hot".

He is sooooo cute. He understands sooooo much. He says Mom alot. He even calls Paul Mom which he doesn't like!!!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan


Yesterday was an alright day. We got out of here at 1100 and headed to town. We were heading to what was supposed to be an awesome water park. We got all the way there. 40 km and it was closed. So luckily I had a couple more written down so we went to the first one and couldn’t find it. The second one looked crappy so we didn’t go there. So we punched in the other address I had written down. We got there and it was the English movie theatre. We decided we would go see a movie. It was 1240 and it didn’t open till 1400 so we went to the bull and the bear restaurant for lunch to wait. It took forever which worked out well. We had a chicken & salami pizza, Caesar salad and fries. Then we went back over to the theatre. There wasn’t anything we really wanted to see and the price was way too expensive so we decided to leave. We came back to the apartment. Paul and I fell asleep and when we woke up Logan had fallen asleep on the floor in the corner. Was sooooo funny. Then we took him to the park for a bit but most of the stuff was too big for him. He had fun anyways, then we hung out here all night and watched the movie “The Proposal”. It was great. Today I think we will try another one of the water parks as it is our last day together. I think Logan knows because he is being very cuddly yet moody. I will miss him so much. He is a wonderful little boy. Hopefully the next 65 days after I get back will go by fast.

Tried to call Grandma R last night but it didn't work. Tomorrow will be a very sad day.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan

Thursday, September 10, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA RICHARD!! Auntie Evelyn: please pass on birthday wishes from me to her when you talk to her in case I can't call her!

We took Logan to the Titus Thermal Baths yesterday which is what they call a swimming pool here. Was good. It was all indoor. We went for an hour and a half, There was a pool that got gradually deeper, then we took him to the pool with the water slide. Have to be over 6 though so just Mom and Dad got to use it. Then we went in their warm tub. Can’t call it a hot tub because it wasn’t hot!! Then we found the kiddie pool and Logan had a blast with the umbrella water fall and the other water spouts. He really enjoyed himself. Then we came home and cooked supper. Not sure what our plans are for today and tomorrow but getting very sad.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I finally got mobile yesterday. We decided we would go to a mall to see if we could find swim diapers so we could go right to the waterpark today. We drove the 40 km to the mall and then walked around. It was a pretty big mall and very interesting. We looked around and finally found a pharmacy and some swim diapers. We picked those up and some hand soap for our room here. We grabbed supper there and then we were walking around and there was some guys putting on a show juggling. Logan enjoyed watching that so we watched for a bit. Then we drove back home. Once we got back, we took Logan for a little walk. At the end of the walk we found another one of those trampoline things just behind the apartment so we let him play. He was playing with another little girl who is one month younger than him. Then we came back up to the apartment, bathed him and watched a movie together.

On another note, the other day Paul found the puzzle ring that I had given him when I got here. I was happy about that. I took mine apart the other day and managed to get it back together!!!

Today we are going to go to one of the open air bath/swim places. Should be a good time!!!

Our time together is running short and I am getting very sad to leave them again. Thank goodness it is only for 65 more days. Plus I have to get some money to pay for this holiday. Went a bit over budget!!!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009



Yesterday was a good day. We drove into Frankfurt and went to the zoo. It was weird because it is an Urban Zoo right down town. It was very small as well. Lots of animals we couldn’t find in the pens but the ones we did see were quite different from some that we have seen before. The bears there were from India/Thailand/Phillipines area. There feet were really different. Was cool to see. We saw the lions from a distance. Tigers from a distance. The Penguins were awesome. They were so little. There was a section that you went in that was showcasing the nocturnal animals in there dark environment. Was cool. There was bats, rats, and other things. Very interesting. There was a microphone so we could hear the bats. There was an aquarium area with lots of cool fish. I found Nemo!!!! There was sea horses and it was super cool. Then there was a park in the zoo as well and we took Logan there to play. There was this huge trampoline thing that he loved and the swing was awesome. It was big enough for Logan to lay down on it as we pushed him. We were hoping he would fall asleep but he almost did and then we carried on. We saw seals, sea lions, zebras, camels, giraffes, 2 hippos and a rhino. There was also various birds, and turtles. After the zoo, we found a store on the way back to the hotel and stocked up on provisions for the rest of the week. We bought this choco-muesli which I thought would be good but we had it for breakfast today and I didn’t really like it. Paul cooked up some curried chicken for supper last night with some Uncle Ben’s express basmati rice.

Today we are planning on going to one of the open air bath swimming places but we are a little hungover so not sure if that will happen today or tomorrow. Yeah, waterpark will be tomorrow. I just took a nap and Paul and Logan went for a big walk and Logan was running around in a field. They had fun.

Last night Logan was so funny. Paul and I did a toast and clinked our glasses so Logan grabbed his sippy cup and ran over and did with us too!!! Then this morning I got him to give me 10!!!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan

Monday, September 7, 2009


Yesterday we got up and started driving to frankfurt. We ate brunch enroute. It was around a 600 km drive ish to our hotel. We arrived just after 1700 and then went into the town here of Selingradt and had supper. Our hotel room is actually called a double appartment and it is nice. There is 2 twin beds which pushed together are a king. Logan sleeps in the crack!!! There is a little kitchenette with a fridge and stove top. A bathroom, a balcony, a tv with satellite although everything is in german. A couple of nice leather club chairs and another seating area. Today we will go to the zoo and see how Logan likes that now that he is a little older from when we went to the LA Zoo.

Max relax is the plan for our next 5 nights, 5.5 days together as a family.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, & Logan

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Today was a good day. We got up at around 0830 and got ready and then walked to mcdonalds for breakfast. Came back and packed up and headed to Stonehenge. Traffic was crazy. It was supposed to be a 90 minute drive but it took us probably close to 3 hours to get there. Was very crappy at times. Slow moving. But we made it there and it was fun. It was really really cool to see. We toured around there. Let Logan roam free and he kept us busy. I had to grab him once out of the area he wasn't supposed to go to. There is an audio machine they give you that gives you more information as well. Parking is included in the price of entrance so that was nice. Then we took off for Folkestone to catch our eurotunnel ride back to Calais. I had us booked for an 1850 show up for a 1920 takeoff. We got there at 1720 and when you do the checkin it said we could go on the 1750 for no additional charge so we hopped on. Was so fast. It is way more environmentally friendly and I think we got screwed on the ferry cost. We paid the 190 to go over and 180 to go back. Very expensive but hey, holiday right. We are way over-budget on this holiday. Can't imagine if we were trying to do it 5 stars. So then we got in to Calais which is one hour ahead of the UK and then we went to supper and now we are vegging in the hotel.

Tomorrow we will head to Germany most likely and try to find somewhere to relax for the next week.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Had a good day today. We got up at 0800, walked over to catch the bus a block away, took the bus to East Croydon station and took a train to Victoria Station in London. We walked over to Buckingham palace and then took a tube over to see Big Ben and the London Eye. Then we went over to see the london bridge, had lunch, and then went to Trafalgar square, the Canadian Embassy and then Picadilly Circus. Then we headed back to Victoria station and took the train back to East Croydon. When we got to East Croydon Paul hopped on a train back to London to the Tower of London and then took another train to Greenwich by himself. Logan and I took the bus back to the hotel, grabbed all of our laundry and then I drove us to the laundromat. I did a good job lugging a suitcase full of Laundry and Logan there. We did the laundry and then came back to the hotel. We got back to the hotel at 1745 and Paul got back at 1915 from his excursion. Then we went to pizza hut for supper, watched the Lion King with Logan. He loved it. We didn't finish watching it. He just fell asleep as Simba went back home. Just doing a quick blog update. Tomorrow we will go to Stonehenge and then take the eurotunnel back to Calais and then start making our way back to frankfurt. We are hoping to get a hotel close to Frankfurt and veg for the next week.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


We had a somewhat relaxing time today. We found out that there is a one hour time change between England and France. So we used the internet this morning. Was hugely expensive though. 10 pounds for 2 hours. That was crappy. Booked our hotel. We booked at the Hilton Croydon. they had free parking but charge 10 pounds for 24 hours of internet use. Once we got here we checked in at 1300 or so and hung out in our room all afternoon and relaxed. I was surfing to try and find out how to get to London from here without driving. I couldn't find anything. Then we went to TFI Friday's for supper. Logan smashed his glass of milk on the ground. He was almost finished and then wouldn't touch the one they brought him to replace it. We had a nice meal there and then walked back to our hotel. I talked to the hotel attendants and they told me which bus we need to take tomorrow to go to london. We take a bus and then a train and then probably the "Tube" for the rest of our travels about. We intend on seeing: the London eye, tower of London, London bridge, buckingham palace, Big Ben. Not sure what else. Will be an interesting day. Then one more night here and then we will probably head to stone henge and then back to the mainland!!!

There was a couple of weird toilets in France we forgot to mention. There was just a hole and a foot grip. Was crazy.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan.

3 SEPTEMBER 2009 1109

We had a busy day yesterday. We got up and walked around downtown Ypres. We went to the In Flanders Fields Museum, Menin gate, and then we went to Tyne-Cot cemetery in Passendale. That is how they spell it here. Then we drove to Vimy and walked around there as well as the trenches. Then we decided to drive to Calais and take the ferry to Dover. Didn't get over till 2200 and we were tired so we stopped in Ashford and grabbed a hotel. It is a travellodge. Decent room. Double/queen bed, and a separate sofa bed for Logan. Got online, charged a fortune. 10 lbs for 2 hours. Booked our hotel in London. Heading there shortly. Have to pay for wifi there too but hopefully we will get online again. It is rainy/cold here. Poopy, Oh well. We will do 2 nights in London and then maybe take the chunnel back to France. Paul is doing a wonderful job of driving on the "wrong" side of the road!!!

Love Rae-Lynn,Paul & Logan.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


As per our normal it was a long and exhausting day. Poor Paul kept reading the GPS in Paris wrong and we kept going the wrong way and having to recorrect. Probably blew an hour on that. We got up this morning and I booked us a hotel in Ypres or Iepers as it is known now in Belgium. This is where Flander's fields is. We were hoping to hit juno beach, then vimy and then here. Well, we didn't get to Juno Beach till 1500 or so and then we decided to go straight from there to ypres since it was getting so late. We ended up stopping to drive around Dieppe and grab supper and then continuing on to Ypres. We are bagged. It is 2250 and we got here at 2215. Logan had a little nap on the way as well. We will have to back track tomorrow to Vimy. This hotel room is amazing though. It says queen bed but it is a king definitely. 89 euro and free buffet breakfast, free wi-fi, and free parking.

Logan was a trooper today with all of the car time. I was even sick of it.

Hopefully we will get some rest tomorrow and see where tomorrow has us. We are considering flying to Rome for a couple of days when we get back to frankfurt.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan.