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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St Patty's Day!!!

Made a quick stop at Homesense because I wanted stands for the bathrooms that hold toilet paper rolls. I managed to get 3 at $12.99 each and I love them!! Did a quick stop at walmart yesterday with Logan. Here is what I picked up: Had a coupon for a free any brisk 12 pack. It is only good up to $4.29 so I have had to wait for them to go on sale because they have been $4.99 lately. Shoppers has them on for $2.99 so I price matched it and used my free coupon, - free twix bar with free full price coupon (fpc) - Glade sense & spray: $4.94 (price matched giant tiger) and used $5 off coupon - free. Would have made $5 with checkout 51 but the offer was gone by the time I had a chance to pick it up, - Pampers Easy ups: $15 at walmart for 40, used the $3 off easy ups coupon from the loblaws flyer = $12. - Schneiders turkey pepperoni sticks: 2 for $12 price matched superstore, - Arm & Hammer toothpaste: $2 - $1 coupon - $1 Checkout 51 rebate = free! We stopped at Canadian Tire yesterday for the scratch & save event: I picked up a 4L bag of homo milk, 4L bag of 1% milk, a $2.99 pack of 5 liners for the green bin. Total was $12.27 - $5 scratch = $7.27 - $5.00 in cdn tire money on the mastercard = $2. Paul picked up a $40 temperature scanner to find out where the cold air is getting in to our house. He also received the $5 rebate. 11 March: Made a quick stop at metro today. Highliner fish cakes 700 g on for 3 for $9.99, right beside them is a tear pad of coupons for $1 off one or $3 off the specialty highligner, I picked up 3 boxes for $7, Kraft cheese slices at $2.99 - $1.50 tearpad coupon - $2 checkout 51 = +50 cents, romaine hearts 3 pack $1.99. Total $10.48. 2nd transaction: twix bar free $1.29, cheese slice same as above claimed by my hubby, scrubbing bubbles daily shower cleaner refill $3.99 and used a buy 1 get one free so 2 for $4. Sweet deal! Total $8.28 which is almost the normal price of the scrubbing bubbles.