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Monday, January 26, 2009

2 months later

Well, once again I have been delinquent with the blogging. It has been 2 months since my last blog. Here goes:

Christmas holidays were great, we went to Manitoba for a week and then Ontario for a week and a half. Then Paul flew home on the 6th. I had to head to Kingston on the 5th for an exercise. Exercise went alright. We had a big power outtage on one of the days so the ex was suspended for 12 hours. Was great. Then we finished the ex on the 15th and we partied all night. On the 16th I drove up to Petawawa to visit Lesley, Enno & Emily. Was alot of fun. I stopped at Julia's in Ottawa on my way home for another visit as well. The weather was horrible driving back to Kingston.

I started my pre-deployment training on the 19th and have done a week of it. It is going very very slow it seems. It is -20 here. I miss my BC weather. I have another 2 weeks in Ontario before I go home. Today I have the gas hut and then nav and field crafts tues and wed and then the BFT on Thursday. Friday or Saturday I head to Trenton for a week of the command and control course. Not sure how that will go since they are doing a trial and having us do only week #2 which is the exercise and syndicate stuff. I have alot of reading to do before then.

I miss Logan so much it is ridiculous. I am making the best of it and am visiting friends and family. Saturday, Amy, and I went up to see Grandpa and then visited Nana at Belleville hospital.

Today is Paul's birthday and unfortunately I have to miss it. He took the day off and is going snowboarding. Logan is doing good from all accounts and Paul told me he has set up a pretty good routine for the 2 of them.

I am started to hate how much time I am away from home. Living out of a suitcase isn't too much fun. I have been away from home since the 19th of December and won't be home until the 6th of Feb. After I get home, I am only home for 2 weeks before I have to go to Edmonton for 2 weeks. I have to cancel my 2 days of leave at the end of Feb. I am super pissed that I have to miss the Brad Paisley concert with the girls as well as volleyball regionals. Hopefully my girls will still kick Esquimalt's butt this year!

I am staying with Andrew McBride and his girlfriend Nancy. It is much better than staying 3 to a room in the shacks. I eat my meals at the base. I have hung out with Nevenka a couple of times. We went to a movie yesterday. We saw "Last Chance Harvey". It wasn't great. It was alright but wait for it to come on tv or video eventually. Last time I let her pick!!!!

I am not looking forward to the gas hut this afternoon but I'll get through it. Same with the BFT. 13 km carrying 55 lbs of crap won't be fun but I'll get through it.

That's all for now.