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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

18 June

Hello again.

Having an alright week. Was off Monday then worked the dayshift tuesday and wednesday, then the nightshift on thursday and tonight (friday night). Logan was supposed to go to daycare on Thursday but he didn't want to leave me so I kept him. Was a great day snuggling since I didn't feel great.

Today Paul had a beach sports day at work. He took Tikka with him and they had a blast.

We are going to go to the fish and game Father's day on Sunday. They have stocked the pond and I think Logan will enjoy catching some. I told Paul he could ski since the hill will be open but of all surprises he is "all skiied out" for the year!! LOL

I finish tomorrow morning but will likely need some sleep and then the weekend with my boys!!! Will be nice.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan

Sunday, June 13, 2010

13 June

Home sweet home.

So great to be home after being on the road.

We had a great time in Ontario. We had the meet and greet the night of the 5th and then we started playing on the 6th. I won all of my games on the 6th against Prairie region and atlantic region.

Then on the 7th I played Ontario and Quebec and lost all of my games. Quebec ended up winning the team event with Ontario second. Then we had a bye on on the 8th so I did some shopping. I picked up 2 veggie tales movies for $4.99 each from Value Village, 2 maternity tops, and a brand new stampin up stamp set for $4.99. I also went for a massage since I was very sore.

On the 9th we started the individual eliminations. I won my first game and choked in my second game against Manon. She is a legend and I was so nervous I kept hitting them all out. I ended up 5 out of 10 in singles, 3 out of 5 in ladies doubles and not sure where we were in mixed. Then the 10th was the finals. It was a long day sitting on the bleachers but some really good badminton. Then we had the closing banquet the night of the 10th. It was very sad since Debbie and Manon won't be playing at nationals anymore. It finished at 2100 and I drove home to Sutton.

I have been having horrible sleep. My stomach always seems nauseaus and "off". I toss and turn forever and then finally fall asleep only to wake up early at 0500 to go to the washroom and then at 0700. I was so excited to see Logan as well. The morning of the 11th he came to my room and we played for a bit. Mom headed down home to see Papa on the 11th and Logan, myself and Dad hung out. I took a few naps since I was so tired. Dad took Logan to the park and they had a blast. Logan didn't take a nap that day so he was pretty cranky at the end of the day. They all went out to the fire pit and hung out with the neighbours but I felt crappy so I went to bed. Another crappy sleep. Then we got up on the 12th and headed to the airport at 1130.

The flight was really long since we had a middle and an aisle from Toronto to Calgary so Logan couldn't really lean on anything. I went to the washroom and he got up and was trying to get in to the washroom but I didn't know it was him. When I came out he was running up and down the aisles!

We went right from the plane in Calgary to the next one. Was so great to get home. Felt crappy all night and couldn't eat supper. I had some of my chicken sandwich at 2200 before bed and then Paul finished it. Tikka was soooooooooooo happy to see me and Logan and so was Bear.

Was up again at 0700 this morning so I am pretty tired but I made breakfast for Paul and Logan and shortly we are headed to church.

So good to be home!!! We had the best time with Nana and Grandpa but it is nice to be home again.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan

Saturday, June 5, 2010

5 June 2205

I worked the 29th and 30th nightshift so Logan was at emergency childcare. He had a blast. Sunday I was busy cleaning the house after my shift. Took Logan and the dog for a 44 minute walk.

Woke up monday morning at 0620 with a nosebleed. House must be dry. Had a 25-30 minute work out with the dog and Logan.

Logan and I went to the thrift shops looking for trains and cars. Found quite a few cars for super cheap. No trains though.

Tuesday we were busy packing our bags for our trip. We had pancakes for breakfast. Did some errands and a 30 minute walk. We popped over to see Barb and Logan got into the backyard and jumped into her pool fully clothes. She has a cover so he was floating on top. I pulled him out all wet. He rode home in a plastic bag. Good thing I was watching him. We left the car in the 24 hour parking so Paul could pick it up on Wednesday. Had a good flight to Calgary. Logan watched his movies. Then we had a 3.5 hour wait in Calgary. We watched more movies on the floor. They have free wi-fi as well so that was good. Logan played around. He pulls his cars suitcase all by himself. It is adorable. Then on the flight to Toronto he slept the 4 hours. I got maybe an hour of sleep. I was so exhausted when we got there. We landed early so I found out Paul's gate. I carried all of our carry-on and Logan ran beside me all of the way to Paul's gate. We were a sweaty mess when we got there but we got 5 minutes with him. Was worth it for a hug. Then we walked back to the baggage and Nana was there waiting for us. We loaded up the car and headed home. When we got home I grabbed a shower and then I went to bed from 0900-1200. Nana hung out with Logan and then went shopping with him. He didn't have a nap till 1600-1900 and then I bathed him and I went to bed at 2030. Logan came to bed at 2130 after hanging out with Nana and Grandpa.

Then on Thursday we headed down home to visit Papa. We stopped to see Aunt Maryann and Dwight, Michael and Great Nana on the way. They spoiled Logan with more presents and he acquired a woody doll and a buzz lightyear so he is ecstatic. Great Papa didn't end up making it back to Belleville hospital so we didn't see him till
Friday at 1100. He was stuck in the hallway at Kingston hospital with no food or drugs. Was ridiculous. Amy slept in chair beside him all night. Thursday night we took Logan swimming and it was alot of fun. Friday we visited great Papa and then Auntie Amy took Logan to Kingston for some fun. I went shopping at the thrift stores. I found an almost brand new train set and tracks for Logan for $6.99 from value village. All in the original box. Was the best deal ever. The train runs on batteries and Logan loves it. I set it up for him as soon as we got home. I also got him a cars dvd and puzzle game that he loves for $5.99 which also looks brand new. Then at a consignment store I was able to pick up a snap n' go stroller so when the baby gets here the bucket car seats snaps on and it is super easy for transporting the baby.

We got back to Sutton just after 8PM Friday night. Went to bed at around 2230 or so.

Got up this morning and hung out and played with Logan and then Nana took Logan to town for a haircut at 1230 and I headed out to Barrie at 1245. I picked up the 2 cans of akees for Aunt Marjorie and then found my way to Georgian college and someone let me in my room because the team wasn't here and had the keys. I was able to take a bit of a nap and then we headed down to Borden for the meet & greet. Was great. Lots of still competition this year. Out of the 4 regions I have to play against I will probably only be able to beat 2 of the girls in the singles in the round robin. Then for the eliminations the seed #2 out of the 2 regions that I can't beat are also superstrong so maybe I can get 5th in singles?? Not sure. We should be able to get at least 3rd in ladies doubles and not sure about mixed.

I will be done some time late on the 10th so will either drive back to Sutton that night or if it is too late and I'm tired, I'll wait till the morning on the 11th.

I miss Logan tonnes but he is having a blast with Nana.

Love Rae-Lynn