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Monday, June 20, 2011

Father`s Day 2011

Had a great Father`s Day! I was up with Logan and Finn at around 0600 or so and left the bedroom so Paul could sleep. Not sure what time Logan crawled in with us but Paul didn`t have very much room in the bed!!! I made Paul an omelette for the first time ever! It had cut up pork loin from leftovers, mushrooms, cheese, and diced herb tomatoes, and 4 eggs. And then I put some pineapple on the plate to make it look prettier. I got him out of bed at 0830 to come and eat it. He said he loved it. The card is one that I made at the Stampin Up party I hosted done by my good friend Barb Tripps. I love that card so much!

Then we went to church. Finn had on his `Daddy`s #1 Fan" shirt that I bought him from Old Navy. Looked so cute. After church we came home and I crashed with Finn for a nap since we were so tired. Paul got ready and headed up to Mt. Washington for some skiing. The mountain opened up this weekend for skiing and Paul had a blast. At 1400 Logan and Finn & I headed to Alex and Steph's for Dan & Lisa's baby shower. It was sooooo much fun. There was 3 games. One was to guess how many clothes pins in the jar and then how many gummi bears. Leah guessed right on the number of gummi bears. She is amazing. I tied in the guessing game of who was in the 6 baby pictures. We each brought a pic of us as babies (6 of us did) and Megan and myself tied. I also won the quiz game. So I let Megan have the prize for our tie. I won a set of dryer balls, Megan got a $10 gift card for hot chocolate and Leah won some granola. Then Steph gave me the clothespins and the gummi bears at the end. The clothespins will be good for my new umbrella clothesline. I am hoping that Paul installs it soon!!! Will save sooo much not running the dryer.

We were there till after 1800. Logan was pretty busy which was annoying. I took tonnes of toys for him but he was still in to everything making messes. Elleenya is soooo beautiful. Such a little sweetheart.

Then I came home and Paul helped me pick up the desk I bought from the neighbours across the road for $40. Came with a roller chair. Will be great in my scrapbook room. I totally need to re-organize that so I can use my stuff again.

Today I got a sweet deal at zellers. I was there to get cheese whiz which was on sale for the 500 g size for $3.49. I also had a $1.00 off coupon so that was great. Then I remembered that a friend wanted to buy Finn a gift and told me to pick up something for $100-$150. I decided to get a wagon. I saw a sign saying they were 25% off. Turns out the sale ended yesterday but they still honored the sale. I got the wagon which was $129.97 for 25% off which was $32.50 off and then I signed up for the zellers credit card which now gives you an additional 20% off for the whole day that you sign up. Worked out to a sweet deal. Also grabbed a teether set and a rattle for the gift. Then I was able to use my 20% off and get some more plastic dishes for the camper and some frosty mugs to freeze, some more clothespins, and a few other things on sale. I bought some Finish dish soap that I had a coupon for as well, and some ziploc that I had a buy 2 get 2 free, and $5.00 off the Lysol hands free soap system which is on for $9.99 at zellers. There is also a MIR for it that came in the last set of smart source inserts!! Great deal. Was hard shopping with both boys. I took Logan to his pre-school but now they don't do mondays. Rushed there for nothing. Wednesday is his last day till the fall. Tomorrow it is cancelled because of National Aboriginal Day. We will be heading down there for the celebrations from 1430-2000 but maybe won't stay the full time. We'll see how it goes. Meeting up with Lisa and Elleenya.

Went to the park for a bit with the boys today and met up with Nathalie and her 3. Logan was hanging from the monkey bars and I just got there in time to catch him when he fell. He had another accident on something else and banged his leg but walked it off after a few tears.

Finn is doing wonderful and is a very very happy and content baby. So big though. Was 20.5 lbs on Sunday. Getting too heavy for Mommy.

Love Rae-Lynn

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sweet Deals 17-23 June

Pharmasave: 12 packs of coca cola or sprite regular or diet cans, on for $2.99 each.

Walmart: Delissio on for $4.97 each, Kraft PB on for $2.97 each,

Zellers cheese whiz on for $3.49 have a $1.00 off coupon from save.ca or brandsaver.

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Finn`s Baptism

Friday night we camped at air force beach with friends and had a blast.

Yesterday was Finn`s baptism here in Comox at the base church. It was wonderful. My longtime friend Colleen was the Godmother and drove up from Victoria with her hubby and two children for it. Marji and Jerry also attended and Jerry was the proxy Godfather for the ceremony for my brother Rolly who could not attend. It was wonderful.

We bought a cake from costco (cheesecake) and I stamped out Happy Baptism Finn with my new stamp set Broadsheet alphabet from stampin up. Love this set, cut them out and put them directly on the cake and everyone thought it looked super awesome!!!!

I also made my taco dip with multigrain and regular chips, and a caesar salad and a loaf of dempsters rosemary bread!!!

I also gave Father, Colleen, and Uncle Jerry a bottle of wine we had made that I had made a label for. It said `Finn Alexander Richard Hacker`baptised in Christ 18 June 2011, Thank you for sharing in our special day.

The Baptismal gown that my Auntie Linda (Logan`s Godmother) made him, fit Finn perfectly. He was so adorable. He was awake for the whole service whereas Logan slept through his since he was only a month old for his!!!

After the service Finn slept for a good couple of hours. The Holy Spirit exhausted him.

Tammy stopped by for a visit last night. Visiting from Hawaii. Was nice.

Today is Father`s Day. Happy Father`s day to my wonderful Dad, my Father in law, and my brothers and all of my uncles, friends and family who are Fathers.

We have church at 1000, then a baby shower at 1400. Paul is probably going to go skiing a bit!!! The mountain is open this weekend.

I also have more de-cluttering and cleaning to do!

Enjoy the pics.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan & Finn

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shoppers 20X points event

Shoppers 20X. has to be $50 after coupons before taxes. I bought the Lysol touch free system for $15.99 - $5.00 off coupon, MIR from the inserts , I also bought the all bran bars on for 8.99 .75 off coupon from save.ca ,triscuit is $1.79 or $1.69 limit of 4, In a separate transaction I bought the Febreze noticeables for $10.99 from shoppers. second transaction because both MIR`s want original receipts.
Febreze I NOTICEables Oil Warmer Trade-Up Rebate Offer
Trade up to a Febreze NOTICEables scented oil warmer for free! Here are details on how you can take advantage of this special offer and get your Febreze NOTICEables rebate.

Air Canada 15% off sale Save on any fare to any Air Canada destination within Canada and to the U.S. for travel from June 17 to December 9, 2011. Simply use the special promo code THANKYOU* when you book by Sunday, June 19, 2011 at aircanada.com

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

petcetera coupon

http://www.petcetera.ca/Email/Petcetera-Coupon.aspx $30 off when you spend $100.

One 576 Sensations condom

I joined the street Team Army of One and one of my orders was to write a review of one of their condoms. Here goes:

576 Sensations is amazing!!!!! It is so amazing that my husband wants to get a vasectomy as a permanent method of birth control and I told him he is free to do so but that we will continue using condoms because One Condoms are so awesome and the massive orgasms from 576 Sensations are something I can`t live without!!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kobo codes and discounts

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For codes containing "ca", "us", "au", or "ww", simply interchange those two letter codes depending on your location (ww means "worldwide" I believe).

Also FBREADING is currently an active code for 35% off- not sure for how long or how many books.Sorry this has expired

Monday, June 6, 2011

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