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Friday, September 26, 2008

To Ontario and back again.

P and L made it to Ontario safe and sound. I wasn't sure that he would make it in time since the night he left I received calls from Ontario that Grandma probably wouldn't make it through the night. They got there in the morning and Mom picked them up. They also got a call during their drive from Toronto that it didn't look good. Dad had headed out to belleville at midnight the night Paul flew out. P made it in time and Grandma was very happy to see them both as was Grandpa and everyone else.

Thursday I cleaned the house and took Tikka for a run and then went for a 1 km swim. Then Thursday night Gill and I had a swim at Barb's and then helped her with her swaps. I was there until 0100 helping her. Friday afternoon Tikka and I, Gillian and Jack did the Terry Fox run as a walk. It was 5 km. Then I went to the Support Our Troops march at 5:00 PM. I was still at the march when Mom H called me and said that I should come home and that she would pay for the ticket. I went home and was on the internet all night finding flights and someone to take Tikka for me. Tim and Shaleena took Tikka and Camille watched the cats. I headed to Parksville at 2230. I slept overnight at Marjorie and Jerry's and then Jerry took me to Nanaimio airport at 0600 to catch my flight. It was pretty go go go. Nancy picked me up in Kingston and drove me to belleville hospital. Grandma recognized me which was nice and then P and I headed back to Grandpas house. We were staying there with Mom and the baby. Grandpa, Dad, Amy and Steve had been staying at the hospital around the clock. Palliative care was really good to us and let us stay with her. I visited again on Sunday. Sunday night, P and Grandpa were home for an hour when they got the call to come back. Grandma had slipped into a coma. She passed away Tuesday morning at 0700. It was very very sad but she was in so much pain that we were relieved for her. We had 2 wakes on Friday and then the funeral on Saturday morning. We flew back to Comox on Tuesday. It was a very very sad time.

I have a pinched nerve in my back from sleeping on one of Grandpas 40 year old single beds. I am hoping it goes away soon because it is very painful. My arm is very very sore as well and my hand feels numb at times. I have physio now but I want it to be fixed ASAP since I go back to work in a week and a half.

L is doing well. His fat lip was gone by the time I got to Ontario. P dressed him up in his Lederhosen for Grandma one day and she enjoyed it. When he took L in the room Grandma brightened right up and said his name. Was really nice to see. L was amazing to have around for comic relief at such a sad time. I am getting him to stand for longer and longer amounts now. He is resistent and will often go limp. It is very exciting.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I am getting just as bad as Gill for not blogging. Has already been a month. Things have been hectic since we got home. I have been frantically searching for childcare for L. Looks like we found a place. Conveniently mostly on the way to work. I am soooo happy about that. I was super stressed trying to find a spot for him. L is awesome. I think he'll be walking soon. He walks behind his walker and up and down the hallway holding on to the wall. He babbles a ton. I love it. He did fall down today on his face and cut his lip on his 2 bottom teeth. He has a huge fat lip. L and P are leaving tonight for Ontario. P's Grandma has cancer and hasn't been given very long to live so they are off to say goodbye. I will really miss them and most likely will miss Logan's first steps since he is so close to walking. I will try and exercise a tonne while they are gone. I want to go swimming every day and then running. Will be easier without the baby but will miss them. I also want to get the house in order and clean.

I go back to work on October 8th and am gonna be gone for 3 weeks before Christmas. Oct 19-25 to greenwood. Nov 6-15 to california, and then Nov 30-Dec 6th to Greenwood. Busy busy. I have 90 days to get my B cat back.

Hope to be more up to date with my blog.