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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We have arrived in Ottawa.

Things have been super crazy since my last post. We went to Ottawa on the 9-18 of November for our house hunting trip. We bought a house in River side south in Gloucester that is really close to where I will be working.

We were home on the 18th and had a accepted a conditional offer on our house in courtenay that should hopefully close at the end of January contingent to them selling their house.

Then we went to jr. ranks bingo with Jen on the 19th and it was awesome. Chloe, Cailey and Codie babysat the boys. On the 25th of November they did a pre-pre-pack of our stuff and then did a pre-pack on the 28th and packed on the 29th. The load was on the 30th and our movers were awesome. We really really liked working with them. Then we had the clean on the 1st. We had cleaners and Paul and I cleaned and it was still 5 hours of cleaning. But the house looks great. Dad flew in on the 1st and we also put 4 new snow tires on the truck for the trip. We sold our kia sephia to one of Pauls friends in comox.

We hit the trail on the 2nd of december and stopped in Parksville for a wonderful Jamaican breakfast with Margie and Jerry. I love her dumplings. Was so sad to leave them. They were soooo amazing to us while we were there. We miss them terribly. We caught the 1230 ferry to Horseshoe bay and we unfortunately Paul was by himself in the truck so he couldn't use the HOV lane. We hadnt thought of that but we found each other near chiliwack. We made it to Kamloops that first night and stayed at the Hampton inn.

Day 2 of driving we got 20 minutes east of salmon arm when I noticed the trailer paul was towing looked weird. I got him to pull over and sure enough he had lost a tire. All of the nuts were gone too. Paul and I and Finn back tracked to salmon arm for parts and then came back and fixed the trailer and we were off again. probably cost us 3 hours fiixing the trailer. That night we made it to Canmore and stayed at the Radisson.

Day 3 we left Canmore. We stopped in shoppers calgary to see about redeeming 95000 shoppers points for the $250 mega bonus redemption but they didn't have what I wanted so we kept going and stopped in Strathmore. For the $250 I was able to get a new watch ($60 and has a pedometer on it and heart rate), a wii game, donkey kong mario for ds, a game for the ps3, 3 movies for Paul, a $24 electronic learning toy for Finn, and then 8 dairy milk chocolate bars, 2 pepsi, and 6 bags of chips. Then because it was alberta it only cost me the one tax!!! Was awesome.We made it all of the way to moose jaw and stayed at the temple spa hotel with the geothermal hot springs. It was awesome.

Day 4 we got up and made it to Pierson where Mom and Duffer met us at Grandma Ediths. We had a great visit and then stopped in Medora so Paul could work on some light issues with the trailer. My windshield washer pump wasnt working and we werent sure why. Then we got to Deloraine at 1730 and had a wonderful supper that Lynn made. Rob and Rosie and Rolly, Robyn and Quinlan and Ursula all came along with Dad and Lynn and we had a great visit.

Day 5 we headed to Winnipeg and stopped in Brandon to see Rick and then Winnipeg where we went to see Grandma. We were lucky that Auntie linda and Uncle Dave were there so we had a visit with them. Then we went to Auntie Elsies and had a great visit with her. Then we went to Canadian tire to see if the car was ready and they hadnt even looked at it yet. Paul ended up staying there with the car to wait on it. We headed to the Fairfield by Marriott and it was wonderful. Paul was there shortly after and we were told the car was fixed.

Day 6 we left winnipeg and headed to thunderbay. We stayed at a hotel there with waterslides for the kids.

Day 7 we left thunderbay and made it to Cochrane. The Windshield washer fluid didnt work all day so we stopped in hearst and steve from canadian tire was awesome and fixed my car for real this time. We stayed at the best western cochrane and had chinese food for supper .

day 8 we made it to Tamiko which is 34 kms north of north bay and the trailer was toast so we called a scrap metal place in north bay and they came and took the boat and trailer away. Then we had lunch in north bay and made it to Mom and Dads by 2000.

We made it to Ottawa on day 10 and I had a flat tire in my car so I had to get 2 new tires but that was fine.

We finished our paperwork with the lawyer on monday and Paul headed to work at ndhq. Got the keys to our place at 1800 and Dad and I dropped off all of the stuff from the back of our truck. Place looks great!!!!

I have been sick since October and I think I have a blocked duct right now in my boob.

Today we did a beer run to Quebec. They have 60 coors lite for $56.65. great deal. I also grabbed a 24 of stella for $23.08 and $28 keiths for $28. Great deal as well. Picked up the coors lite for my father in law.

Then we went to Wal-mart and got some super duper bargains. They have the scrubbing bubbles daily shower and extended cleaning triggers on for $5.97. I have coupons for $5 off making them 97 cents each!!! You can only get one per person so I got DAd to grab one for me. Then they have colgate sensitive pro-relief on for $4.88 and it comes with a free tooth brush. I have $3 off coupons so we each got one for Dad so he will have 2 at $1.88 each. The tooth brush alone is a $5 toothbrush. He normally pays over $5 for that in Deloraine. Picked up 2 bags of tostitos multigrain on for $1.88 each. I picked up gold fish teddy graham chocolate flavour $2.97 but had a 50 cents off coupon. I used my coupon for a free scrubbing bubbles one step toilet cleaner which retails for $9.97. And I picked up a $12 bag of cat food for Bear. I grabbed some wal-mart microwave popcorn for Logan too for $1.43 for 3 bags. Oh yeah I redeemed my $3 off purex for a $4.47 or so 53 load purex bottle of laundry soap. Coupon came with a free sample from the company and expires at the end of the month. I have 3 coupons to use by the end of the month for free stuff, a free philadelphia cream cheese dill spread, a free kraft salad dressing and free amooza cheese strips. I think I have a free kashi bars coupon too. Have to go to the grocery store.

I handed out multiple coupons to people I saw with items that I have coupons for. I have so many expiring at the end of december. I also left some coupons on the shelf for stuff that I wont be buying.

I took a drive past the parliament buildings for Dad. He thought they were way out of town from on the news and had no idea that they are right down town.

I finished my Christmas letter and emailed it off to Auntie Linda.

Finn is so good at feeding himself and refuses to eat baby food now and just wants what we are eating. Logan is having a swim in the hotel pool right now as I update my blog.

Looks like our stuff will be here friday morning. Hopefully the unpack will be saturday morning so we can get all settled in while we have help. I'm going to run down to ndhq tomorrow to sort out my mata/pata stuff. I dont have to clear in at work till I am ready to start work.

We ate at East Side Marios last night and they have kids eat free on mondays. Was good!!!
Thats all for now!!!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn. From the nationals capital!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 30th. update and deals I have recently scored.

We have been crazy busy with the house and all. We are doing well. Some updates are that the house is finally on the market. Up for $399,000. Market is crappy here right now so we will see what happens. Our HHT is booked and we are heading to ottawa from the 9-18 November. Hopefully we will find something good. And hopefully our house here will sell soon.

Finn started crawling this week!!! It is a leopard crawl and is soooo adorable. Logan, Finn and myself are all sick. It sucks but hopefully it will pass soon.

some awesome deals from this week:

At London drugs I had 3 stacks of finish coupons for $8 each. So I got 3 20 packs of Finish Quantum powerball all for free. I also picked up a windex on sale for $3.99. I used a buy one get one free coupon and a save $2 when you buy 2 which meant I got 2 windex for $1.99 total. I price matched neocitran warming liquid from the safeway flyer on for $6.99 and stacked a smart source online coupon and a tearpad coupon to get $6 off paying only .99 for it. I stacked 2 $1 off noxzema coupons and got a $3.99 noxzema for $1.99. 2 charmins for $10 minus my save 2.50 when you buy 2 coupon, Ocean spray juice 2.99 minus 2 $1.00 off coupons making it 99 cents. Iams cat food on for $9.99 minus my $5 off coupon getting it for $4.99. Pediasure on for $9.99 minus $7 in coupons making it $2.99.


I picked up a double pack of glade scented oil on the clearance rack for $4 down from $12 something and used a $3 off coupon getting it for $1. Olay body wash on for $3 and $3.22. Grabbed 4 and used 4 $1.00 off coupons. 4 Alberto styling gels/creams on for $.99 used 4 $1 off coupons and they were free.

Rexall: Tylenol childrens on for $7.99 minus a $3 printable from living well.ca making it $5.95 after taxes and earning me 54 aeroplan points!!!

Shoppers: febreze to go on for 99 cents. Used my $1 off any febreze and bought 3 making them 3.

Last night I popped by shoppers to do the redemption of 95000 points for $200. I picked up a 25th anniversary Nintendo DSI XL on for $149 down from $179. It came with super mario cart and the brain age games. I also grabbed mario for it for $35. Triscuits were on for $2 and buy 2 get 200 bonus points. I bought 4. I picked up degree deodorant/antiperspirant off of the sale rack. It was a 2 pack on for $2.00. I used my $1 off any degree tearpad and paid $1.50 for 2 making them 75 cents each. I bought 4 packs. I bought a gillette clinical for $2 with a $2 off coupon making it free but noticed it was expired when I got home. Oh well. I can't remember what else from last night but I ended up paying $44 because you have to cover taxes on the full 200 etc and I had over $200 worth of stuff. Oh yeah, I bought 4 packs of baby mum mums on for $2.49 each.

Then today I popped in to Shoppers quickly tonight and they had axe bodywash trial size on for 50 cents on the clearance rack. There was a deal buy 3 get 3000 bonus points. I picked up 12 of them for a total of 6 something and earned 12060 bonus points. I also picked up hydrasense filters 30 pack on for 2.99 and used my $1.50 off coupon making them $1.50 x 2 packs. And a nyquil on sale for $3.79 and earned another 90 points.

Superstore has dove hair products on for $2.99 which is an awesome deal. I bought 3 shampoo and 3 conditioners. The coupon zone has $1.50 off any dove product but says one per family. They let me use 2 of those coupons and then I used 2 save $2 when you buy 2 dove product tear pads giving me $7 off of my total and a few superbucks that I had. Total cost for 3 shampoo and 3 conditioners came to $10.36 out of pocket.

Logan is now addicted to my Nintendo DSI on top of Little big planet on the PS3 and mario brothers on the WII. He is sick so I let him play it a bit more than normal this weekend.

Hoping that we feel better super soon.

Last weekend Marjorie and Jerry came up to watch the kids saturday night so Paul and I could have some alone time. We had side by side massages at oh spa and then we went to dinner and then to the party at the legion. Then we had a free hotel room at old house because of my vip spa membership. It was wonderful!!!Thank you so much to Marjorie and Jerry. We love you sooooo much,.

Love always Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

Friday, October 7, 2011

My first stacking trip to London Drugs

Today was a busy day. Paul and I had a meeting about the posting at the base for almost 2 hours. The kids were at daycare with the lovely Janice!!! I forgot to drop off a bottle when I dropped off the kids so I went over and nursed Finn on my way home. I spent some time organizing my coupon binder and putting coupons away and getting rid of some old ones.

I took a look at the London Drugs flyer and thought I was going to get some crazy awesome deals and then I realized that my charmin coupons weren't stackable. I still went because I thought I could get some good deals and wanted to try out stacking.

Similac formula is on for $24.99. I had 2 cheques from the company worth $10, and $5 as well as another $5 off coupon so I paid $4.99 for a container of formula.

They have all dove products on for $2.99. I got a nourishing oil shampoo for $2.99 minus my $2.00 off coupon so $.99 and then a visibly something body wash on for $2.99 with a $2.00 off coupon and then I used my save $2 when you buy 2 dove tear pad coupon so those were free.

They have pampers Size 4 52 diaper packs on for 2 for $26.99 or $16.99 each. I picked up 2 and unfortunately the P&G coupons aren't stackable but I was able to use a $5 off coupon on each one. 104 diapers for $16.99 sweet!!!

They had the scrubbing bubbles extend a clean on for $6.99 and I used my $3.00 off coupon. The scrubbing bubbles toilet gel was also on for $3.99 and I want to try it out so I used my buy one get one free coupon and got 2 for $3.99.

My bill was $32.00. I used $43 in coupons I believe. Was sooooo awesome!!!

Logan turned 4 on October 5th and it was a great day. Marjorie and Jerry came up for supper and we went to Boston Pizza to celebrate. Was a wonderful birthday!!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

deals and update

Took Logan to the dentist today and the dentist said everything is great!!! Both boys are doing well.

Tomorrow is Logan's 4th birthday. Unfortunately they will be at daycare since I have a medical at 0730 tomorrow. Logan has school as well. Oh well, we will celebrate tomorrow night. He can't wait. I have a bunch of running around to do for his birthday anyway and some more cleaning.

Safeway has speedstick on for $2.49. If you use the coupon that came out in redplum or smart source a couple of weeks ago then it is $1.49. If you buy 3 you earn 25 airmiles. Today is also customer appreciation day so double the airmiles or 10% off I believe!!! Also if you spend $75 you get a $10 giftcard.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Disregard that I said that the Shimmer Strips mascara duo was an awesome mail in rebate. Upon opening up the peely mail in rebate, the offer expired november 30 2010. Therefore I will be returning my un-opened Shimmer strips. Oh well.

The deal on the organic jumbo wear mascara is still a sweet deal and isn't expired.


Mail in Rebate Action

Hi everyone.

So the kids were at daycare today. Finn finally slept till 0500 instead of 0230 or 0330 so that was nice.

I cleaned and decluttered down in the scraproom in the basement all morning. Then picked up Logan at 1200 to go and catch his bus. Then came home and did more cleaning till just after 1400. Then I headed to Oh Spa for my third of my 3 monthly services. Today I got a brow shape/wax. I headed out to the hot tub for 10 minutes before the waxing. Was awesome. Then after the service I had 25 minutes to kill before I had to go and get Logan so I decided to pop over to Rexall to look for some tear pad coupons.

I managed to find a super sweet Main In Rebate score. Physicians Formula cosmetics has a whole bunch of awesome mail in rebates right now. I managed to pick up a Shimmer strips 2 in 1 mascara. It was $14.99 and has a full price mail in rebate tag attached to it so I will get all of my money back and I earned aeroplan points. There is also the reguilar mascara there too with the full price mail in rebate tags attached!!!! I also scored my free box of Oatmeal to go bars from that cereal box at the recycling centre and a pack of oatmeal clusters on for $1.87. I also grabbed a bottle of downy on for $3.99 and used my $1.00 off coupon. Great little trip.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recent deals I have seen and update

Hi again everyone. Just updating with some wicked deals that I have seen.

Mrs. January told me about a book that you can get free at shoppers drugmart. I got mine at Comox Location right when you go in. It says Be Well Get Well on the front and has a green top. Chocked full of coupons. There is an awesome coupon for 10,000 bonus points if you buy a lifebrand digital thermometer which is as cheap as $14.99 or $16.99. Sweet deal.

also a note about the 40 caplets dayquil/nyquil pack that I bought on monday. these are $21.99 at the downtown Courtenay shoppers. So that was a great deal.

Other stuff I saw. Courtenay shoppers drugmart has Born Free nursing bottles. These are a 2 pack and the regular price is $24.99 on for $4.99 which is amazing. There was also Ritter chocolate bars on for $1.25. The Lays were not on for $1.79 at the courtenay location. Wish both stores would have the same deals.

At Liquidation world I picked up a Calgary flames sweatshirt and sweatpants for Logan for $10. I also saw that they had Coleman rain pants and rain jackets on for $12. Sweet deal. They had huge remote controlled cars on for $30 which was a good deal. I had initially grabbed one for Logan for his birthday but took it back because I found a remote controlled hummer for $16.99 at Winners. They have cinemax popcorn on for $1.50 for 3 bags. Good deal and has 3 pins in it for supposed $9 in discounts but i tried and they are expired. Oh well. Decent popcorn. I picked up these suction cupped Toy Story characters for $3.00 for part of Logan's gift as well. Grabbed these chimy toys for $5 for Finn and Rainbow links for $2.Pringles four cheese on for $1.00,

At Winners they had the RC truck, picked up some nice wall sayings for after we move, and new earphones for Logan.

Finn had his 6 month dr. appointment today. He will be 8 months in 3 days LOL. He weighed in at 21 lbs 12 ounces and 29.5 inches. He is 95th percentile for length and 90th for weight and head circumference.

Sunday I headed to car free Sunday in Courtenay with Logan and Finn. The weather was super crappy pouring rain in the morning but sunny and hot in the afternoon. we had a blast. At 1530 I went home and grabbed my bike and my carrier for Finn and Logan decided to stay with Daddy. Finn and I had sooooo much fun riding around up and down the streets of the loop. Ran into a whole bunch of friends too.

Finn has one of his top front teeth coming in too. So he has the bottom 2 which have been there for awhile and then one of his top 2 coming in and one beside the top one that isn't coming in.

I heard that Pharmasave is having double coupon days on friday and saturday so I have to check if our location is doing it. Apparently Victoria is. Super cool.

Friday night we bowl with Logan's school and that will be fun!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sept 26 Shopper's Drug mart shopping trip

Stopped at Shopper's Drugmart after dropping off Logan to catch his bus to school that he takes on Mondays and WEdnedsays. Was quite a few awesome deals.

Lays potato chips on for $1.79 each limit of 4.
Nyquil/dayquil pack 40 caplets total $9.99 on sale rack
Cottonelle wipes and refills on for $2.99 each (used three $1 off coupon and bought 3)
Post Cereal Honey nut crunch on for $2.49, used my $1 off and my .75 off.
Mr clean eraser on for $2.99 used my $.50 off
Physicians formula pack on for $6.99 and has a $6 MIR.
Tylenol body pain night on for $8.99 and had a $5 off coupon
Philly dill pickle dip on for $3.29 (not a great deal but still on sale)

I used $10.25 in coupons so my total came to $59.71 after tax and then on the bill it says I saved $61.50 today!!! The post cereal was supposed to give me a free t-shirt and magazine on each box but I didn't read the box to see that the deal expired in June. Crappy. But still a good price for a box of cereal. I got the almond crunch one.

I got home just before or around 1400 and Paul got home at the same time. The power is out all over town and at the base so he got to come home. We still have power at our house!!!!

Also Purex laundry soap and the 3 in 1's are on for $3.99 too. I have a $3 off coupon but all stocked up on laundry detergent right now and my coupon is good till december so I will wait till after we move. Not sure if the movers will move my laundry detergent. Hopefully since it is still sealed but you never know.

Did some awesome organizing, cleaning and decluttering in my scrapbook room this morning.
Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

Sunday, September 25, 2011

coupon give a way!!!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Sept 23 2011

Hello everyone.

I have been crazy busy doing some more massive decluttering/cleaning this week. Finn's, Logan's and the master bedroom are looking the best they have ever looked. Another few loads to Too Good to be threw and some more toiletries donated to Lilli House (the women's shelter). Too good to be threw is a thrift store that you can donate household goods to that raises money for the women's shelter as well. Feels good that all of my priceless "clutter" (read hoarding) can go to good use. And I am feeling way less stressed the more I get rid of and tidy up. The kids have been at daycare all week with me taking Logan to school in the afternoon. I feel like a taxi driver. It is alot of time spent driving taking him to school for 1245 and then going back downtown to pick him up at 1525. Oh well. That is life. Today they have been at daycare since 0930 and they will be there till 1600 so I have been making soooooooooooooooo much more headway. It is nice that I haven't had to run there and get Logan and take him to school.

Yesterday I went for my monthly spa services at Oh Spa. I had a body polish and a massage and it was wonderful. I took the kids to daycare at 0930, then at oh spa for 0945 for 1000 start. Out of there at 1210 rushing to pick up Logan out in Beckton estates, and then way back downtown for drop off. Then home. I then did some more tidying, and then went to town a little early to drop by shoppers drugmart. I picked up some good tearpad coupons. I redeemed my $6.00 off aspirin for a bottle on for $5.99 so that was free. I was also able to pick up some Alberto european styling putty on for 99 cents and use my $1.00 off coupon so that was also free. I grabbed some baby food on for 59 cents each too. A good score was some neocitran warming liquid cough/cold syrup. It was on sale for $6.99 and there was a tear pad there for $3.00 off. So it was only $3.99. Unfortunately there was only one coupon. I would have loved to buy 2 and get the bonus points. Oh well. I stopped by the Shoppers in comox on the way home from dropping off the kids and they didn't seem to have any tear pads of coupons and didn't have the same sale. The neocitran was $10.99 there.

After picking up Logan we stopped at Superstore for a few things. We got a brick of cheese, some cheese strings on sale with a contest on them, some 50% off bread and buns, some other bread, sour cream. They were out of mcCain's deep n delicious so I couldn't redeem our full price free coupon for it. But the awesome deal I got was tostitos and ruffles coupon for buy 2 and get a free con queso dip, salsa or spinach dip. I bought 2 tostitos lime and got the free spinach dip. The chips were on sale for $2.47 each. The spinach dip retails for $4.99 or $4.49.

Then we came home and Finn was very happy to see Mommy. Paul cooked up some delicious curried chicken for supper!!! Soooooooooooooooooooooooo yummy!!

Then we played some Wii Mario brothers with Logan. He is quite good at it. He calls it "mexico brothers" or Mexico because they say "It's a go" and he hears Mexico!!! Sooooo funny. Then bedtime for Logan at 2100. He stayed up later that normal so play Mexico. Then Paul and I and Finn watched the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy. I loved it. Man I missed it. Finn went to bed finally at 2200 without a fuss and slept till 0700. This was awesome because all week he has been waking up at 0430 or 0330. He even took some formula from me at 2100 no problem from the bottle.
He is such a great little man. Logan is wonderful too and dotes on his baby.

Last weekend Paul converted a pedal bike into a balance bike for Logan and he seems to like it and is getting the hang of it.

Oh yeah, this week I was able to redeem my coupon for the free kinder egg for Logan. He loved it. Was so funny,. I would pick him up and he would say "Did you get my free egg". I said it was mine. It is also hilarious when I get the mail and he goes "Did you get some coupons Mommy?" He is a broken record lately. He constantly says "Member Mommy, Member Daddy" as in Remember. But all the time. Also, Right Mommy, and Right Daddy constantly. And he always says " I said ......" Pretty sure he got that from us. he also said to me yesterday "I told you three times...." He didn't but it was too funny.

That's all for now. Lunch and then back to the cleaning. Counter of the island is almost bare!!! I know. Crazy eh?

House isn't up for sale yet and we don't know when our HHT is yet.

Oh yeah, Shoppers spend your points event is this saturday and sunday. Redeem 50,000 points for $100 or redeem 95000 points for $200.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

13 Sept 2011

Well, it has been a long time since my last post but things have been crazy around here.

We were off to Victoria on the 27th of July to catch our flight to Ontario to visit with Paul's family. We were on the red eye out of Victoria at 2355. We landed at 0700. Logan was up till 0200 BC time watching TV. Luckily Finn fell asleep!!!

Dad Hacker picked us up in Toronto. Needless to say I was exhausted by the time we got to their house. I went to bed straight away and had a nap.

Then Friday afternoon I headed to Ottawa. I went to my friend Nevenka's house and we had a nice steak supper with her and me and Michael. Then we picked Paul up at the airport at midnight. The next day we had lunch with Kevin and Karina and then we went to Julia and George's fabulous wedding!!!! Sunday we headed back to Mom and Dad's.

Monday was a holiday and Paul's sister Amy picked up Logan and took him to a birthday party with her and Steve.

Wednesday Dad and Logan went up to the hunting camp and Finn and I headed to Brighton to stay over at my friend Jen's house. Was a great visit. Friday I headed to Kingston to visit my friend Lesley. Was awesome. We went to see Crazy Stupid Love the movie and really enjoyed it. I got back to Mom and Dad's at 2200 or so.

We had a wonderful visit with Mom and Dad with lots of swimming at Chisholms Mills and Logan doing lots of fun things with Grandpa. Mom had a party to celebrate Finn's baptism on the Saturday before we went home and it was lovely to see all of the family.

Paul flew out on the 9th from Kingston and we left on the 10th to winnipeg.

The Manitoba trip highlights were seeing all of the extended family and spending a couple nights at a hotel with Robyn, Rolly and Quinlan and our swimming in the hotel and taking the kids to Tinker Town. We also had a crazy hot time at Mom's visiting her and Grandma. At the end of the trip we had a great party at Auntie Lindas house to welcome Uncle Dave's half brother that he never knew he had. Was such a great time.

Then my last 2 nights in Winnipeg I got to stay with Dino and Lynne and have a great visit and see Leonie!!!! We also took Logan to Assiniboine park to play in the new kids nature park.

Then I arrived in Victoria on the 22nd of August and we drove to Parksville and ended up sleeping over since I was soooo exhausted. Paul was away on a kayaking adventure training trip to the broken islands.

Soon after arriving home we learned that we may be posted to Ottawa and now it is official. We leave here around the 30th of November and I start work at the beginning of January so I will have to cut short my maternity leave by a month.

I finally was able to have my gall bladder surgery on the 7th of September and I am recovering well. Still a little sore. I can't wait to get the staples out tomorrow. They seem to be annoying me. We have been working like crazy to declutter our house. We have taken 2 truckloads of stuff down to "too good to be threw". This is a thrift store that uses the money it makes to support the battered women shelter in town. Still more to go but things are going pretty good so far. Hopefully we will be able to get our house on the market soon.

Logan is back at his Aboriginal headstart pre-school. He loves it again. Finn is growing like a weed still. He rolls both ways and manages to get everywhere he wants to go. Logan is hilarious and still loves being a big brother.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shoppers and Superstore trip 20 July 2011

Shoppers drug mart trip 20 july 2011
Old Spice gift set of after shave, body wash and deodorant $8.99
Scrubbing bubbles: $2.99 Fantastik (5.49). Fantastik was free. Buy 1 scrubbing bubbles get fantastik for free
Satin Care trial size on for $1.99 according to the sticker if you buy 3. I bought 3 and had the $5.00 off Gillette coupon. Satin care is a gillette product. When she scanned it , it said $2.49 so someone else checked and said that it was a mistake but I get one for free because of the SCOP. They rung 2 in for 1.99 each and the third for a penny and used my $5 coupon as a $3.99 off. So they were free!!!
Physicians formula mascara $17.90 It is the organic one. There is a full price mail in rebate for it here: http://www.physiciansformula.com/rebates/2011/Organic-wear-Jumbo-Lash-Mascara-Freebate.pdf
Kellogg special k bars on clearance for $1.99 and I had a 50 cents off coupon,
Tylenol extra strength ez tabs 100 for $6.99 Came with coupons in the box for $3 off Tylenol back pain and and a $3.50 mail in rebate as well as $2.00 off tylenol muscle aches and body with a $2.50 mail in rebate as well!!!
Tylenol muscle aches and body $6.99
Before coupons my total was $55.42. After coupons my total was $55.42. After coupons the total was: $45.44 before taxes. I then had her scan my $10 off promotional coupon which wouldn`t have worked if it wasn`t allowed. This made my total after taxes and my $10 off at $41.19 and I have the mail in rebate for $17.99 of it. So my total out of pocket is around $23.20 for $55 worth of products.
Tearpads from the store: $1.50 off of any U by kotex tween product, Save $1 on fixodent when you buy 2, Save $1 on any Alberto European product, Save $1 on any degree clinical products.

Superstore: July 20 2011

They have gillete shaving gel for men on for buy 3 for $6.99 and I used my $5.00 off WUB3 so it was $1.99 for 3!!!
I also found outrageous 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner on for 50 % off on the end of one of the aisles so it was $1.10 each.

They have margarine on for $1.00 each but they were all gone and same with the 200g of marble for $2.00 but the ones I bought were just as good!

Link to mail in rebates: http://www.mrsjanuary.com/canada-mail-in-rebates/

Saturday, July 16, 2011

blog post and deals and coupons

Last night Finn and I went to Amy Cunningham`s CD release party at the `Freakin Coffeeshop` Was such a fun time. My friend Andrew`s band Tin Town also performed as well as Amy and Paul Rodgers. I love that coffee shop. It is so eclectic. The furnishings are funky with some antiques. The music was wonderful. I met my friend Camille there and a few acquaintances. Lots of nice people who wanted to hold Finn. I finally had a headset for him so the music wouldn`t be sooo loud. We picked it up in Cumberland yesterday at Organic Family Store. Wish I would have had the headset for musicfest. Dave from our pre-natal class with Logan was there too. Was good to see him. I found out once I got there that Logan and Paul could have come too since it was a private function. I thought I could only take Finn because he was breastfeeding because of the liquor license. oh well. Paul is still recovering from the vasectomy. I was home at around 2300. Was a great night.

Finn rolled over twice yesterday from stomach to back which was very exciting. Logan finished up a week at soccer camp. I am glad it is over because he didn`t cooperate very well with the instructors and wanted to do his own thing.

Now for the deals:

Apparently there is a tonne of furniture on sale at liquidation world.

Today is 20X the points event at shoppers drugmart!!Spend $50 before taxes and after coupons and discounts. So you will get 10000 points instead of 500 if you spend $50. 8000 points is equivalent to $8.00. Didn`t see too many great deals there so will have to shop around and see what I can do.

Rexall has tylendol body pain night not sure how much but they have a coupon in their booklet for $4 off and I have another coupon for $5 off that I think I cn use with it.
They also have Advil coupon for $3 off and I have one for $2 off so I will get $5 off the large size.

Postage stamps are 10% off of the 10 packs for a limit of 3 per person. Great deal!!! I always stock up when I am there.

If you have the mail in rebate coupon for the lysol healthy tough soap system they will re-imburse you up to 14.99 for this system, taxes and postage. It is now $8.99 at Rexall. You can also use your $5.00 off coupon so you will get it for $3.99 and then send in your receipt with the mail in rebate and they will send you $8.99 plus taxes and postage! Even if you don`t do the mail in rebate, $3.99 is a good price for the dispenser and refill. Refills are on for $3.99 there as well which is cheaper than I have seen elsewhere.

Arm and Hammer 31-35 loads with oxiclean is on for $3.49. I have acoupon for $1.00 off so I can get laundry detergent for $2.50.

Aspirin at rexall has a coupon for $3 off and I have one for $6 off so I will get $9 off. Depending how much it is I will buy it there. If it is over $10 I will buy it somewhere else.

Body pain night by tylenol. Rexall has a $4 off Coupon and I have a $5 off coupon so I will get $9 off. The $5 body pain night can be found here: http://www.livingwell.ca/english/print/21146

The printable coupon for $6 off aspirin can be found here: http://www.aspirinforpain.ca/pdf/aspirin_extrastrength_coupon_v2.pdf

Other printable coupons can be found here: http://www.mrsjanuary.com/free-canada-printable-coupons/

Heading to market days with the kids soon. Hopefully it will get warmer out. Rained all day yesterday and the day before. I have misplaced my car keys since thursday so I must find them.

Have a great weekend.

Let me know if you get some great deals!!!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

13 July

Happy Birthdays going out to Colleen and Rebecca for today and Suzie for yesterday.

We had a great weekend and celebrated our 6th anniversary. We had a sitter on Sunday from noon-1600 and we went to the spa. Paul had a 1.5 hour sports massage and I had 2 of my VIP spa services which was a vichy shower and then a body wrap. Was sooooo great.

Last Thursday night we went to Allison Krauss concert. The 4 of us since we couldn`t find a sitter in time. Was a blast. We got Paul`s ticket for $50 and mine for $65 and the kids were free. Then Thursday I scored a weekend pass for Vancouver Island Musicfest for $80. Sweet deal. I took Finn Friday night from 1600-midnight and then Saturday I had Logan and Finn with me there from 1100-2330 or so. Then I went again Sunday night at 1730 or so with just Logan. We had a blast. Logan asks me every day if we are going to musicfest and I tell him it is over. March fourth marching band were my favorite performers. We were lucky on Saturday to be sitting near awesome strangers that gave Logan lots of cuddles and played with him. These 3 women from Victoria are going to be wonderful grandparents!!! We found them sunday night and Logan got to visit them again and they bought him a helium balloon. Made it super easy to find him and our spot!! Finn cried for a couple of hours according to Daddy but eventually fell asleep around 2100 and then woke up for a feed once I was home.

I had a blast at musicfest and made some awesome new friends. The boys loved the music too!!!

Paul got a tonne of stuff done saturday while he was home alone and then went to a co-workers wives birthday party. No kids were allowed.

Tuesday Paul had his vasectomy so he has been recovering from that. I had a massive gall bladder attack yesterday which lasted from 1400 till the wee hours of today.

Happy Retirement to Lynn! This was her last year of teaching! Enjoy your time off.

I still have to schedule the free massage I get for my birthday for being an oh spa vip member as well as my hydrotherapy treatment. And I have a $20 giftcard to use so I will probably get the express pedicure for $40 and only pay $20.

Hope everyone is well. We are looking forward to our trip to Ontario for Julia and George`s wedding and to visit Paul`s parents and all of the other relatives and introduce Finn.

Paul received word that he has to pick a new trade and re-train. That means that he will be going away for at least a year. It is going to suck but we will get through it.

Finn is doing amazing. He is into 9 months and 12 month sleepers. He is a very baby except around Daddy! He will be rolling over any day now and still loves to get up during the night for some boobie.

Logan had a full week at the base daycare camp last week and was soooo tired each day. I have him in soccer for one hour a day this week and even though he begged for it he isn`t participating as much as he should. The first day he ran away and was quite far before I alerted the staff that he was missing. The 2nd day he stopped participating. Today we didn`t go because I was up all night sick and it was super crappy weather. Hopefully he will do better tomorrow.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan & Finn

Walmart shopping trip

I was at my Wal-mart here in Courtenay BC tonight. I tried to use a $1.00 off Crest Pro Health coupon on the trial size which was $1.00. I had 2 coupons and 2 trial size and they wouldn`t accept it. They said they won`t accept coupons on any trial size items even when the coupon doesn`t exclude trial size. Oh well.

I picked up 6 bags of cookies at 1.88 each. I got a 12 pack of burgers for $7.00, 1 L of chocolate milk on for $1.00 even though the flyer said $1.50. Sweet deal! I picked up 3 cover girl wet slicks on for $2.87 and used my 3 $2.00 off any covergirl coupon, I picked up a children`s advil for $6.47 and used my $2.00 off printable couponm,

I picked up 9 of the Old spice bodywashes which were on for $2.00. I used 3 Save $3 when you buy 2 so 6 of them were only .50 and then I used 3 $1.00 off so the other 3 were $1.00 each.

I picked up 3 satin care shave gels on for $1.50 each and I had 3 $1.00 off coupons.

I grabbed the snuggle 60 washes on for $3.97 and used my $1.00 off coupon!

I picked up the mccain deep n delicious for $4.67 and used my $1.00 off coupon.

I also got a 204 pack of huggies diapers for $39.97 and used my $3.00 off coupon. WE use cloth diapers here but I am going on a trip so will be using disposables for the trip.

Was a great trip. I saved $30 using coupons!!!

There was a young couple shopping and I saw they were buying the 4 pack of dove soap so I gave them my $1.50 off coupon since I wouldn`t be needing it. I also gave them the mail in rebate for the lysol hand soap automatic since I have already done mine.
And I gave them a .75 off any crest toothpaste coupon.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Father`s Day 2011

Had a great Father`s Day! I was up with Logan and Finn at around 0600 or so and left the bedroom so Paul could sleep. Not sure what time Logan crawled in with us but Paul didn`t have very much room in the bed!!! I made Paul an omelette for the first time ever! It had cut up pork loin from leftovers, mushrooms, cheese, and diced herb tomatoes, and 4 eggs. And then I put some pineapple on the plate to make it look prettier. I got him out of bed at 0830 to come and eat it. He said he loved it. The card is one that I made at the Stampin Up party I hosted done by my good friend Barb Tripps. I love that card so much!

Then we went to church. Finn had on his `Daddy`s #1 Fan" shirt that I bought him from Old Navy. Looked so cute. After church we came home and I crashed with Finn for a nap since we were so tired. Paul got ready and headed up to Mt. Washington for some skiing. The mountain opened up this weekend for skiing and Paul had a blast. At 1400 Logan and Finn & I headed to Alex and Steph's for Dan & Lisa's baby shower. It was sooooo much fun. There was 3 games. One was to guess how many clothes pins in the jar and then how many gummi bears. Leah guessed right on the number of gummi bears. She is amazing. I tied in the guessing game of who was in the 6 baby pictures. We each brought a pic of us as babies (6 of us did) and Megan and myself tied. I also won the quiz game. So I let Megan have the prize for our tie. I won a set of dryer balls, Megan got a $10 gift card for hot chocolate and Leah won some granola. Then Steph gave me the clothespins and the gummi bears at the end. The clothespins will be good for my new umbrella clothesline. I am hoping that Paul installs it soon!!! Will save sooo much not running the dryer.

We were there till after 1800. Logan was pretty busy which was annoying. I took tonnes of toys for him but he was still in to everything making messes. Elleenya is soooo beautiful. Such a little sweetheart.

Then I came home and Paul helped me pick up the desk I bought from the neighbours across the road for $40. Came with a roller chair. Will be great in my scrapbook room. I totally need to re-organize that so I can use my stuff again.

Today I got a sweet deal at zellers. I was there to get cheese whiz which was on sale for the 500 g size for $3.49. I also had a $1.00 off coupon so that was great. Then I remembered that a friend wanted to buy Finn a gift and told me to pick up something for $100-$150. I decided to get a wagon. I saw a sign saying they were 25% off. Turns out the sale ended yesterday but they still honored the sale. I got the wagon which was $129.97 for 25% off which was $32.50 off and then I signed up for the zellers credit card which now gives you an additional 20% off for the whole day that you sign up. Worked out to a sweet deal. Also grabbed a teether set and a rattle for the gift. Then I was able to use my 20% off and get some more plastic dishes for the camper and some frosty mugs to freeze, some more clothespins, and a few other things on sale. I bought some Finish dish soap that I had a coupon for as well, and some ziploc that I had a buy 2 get 2 free, and $5.00 off the Lysol hands free soap system which is on for $9.99 at zellers. There is also a MIR for it that came in the last set of smart source inserts!! Great deal. Was hard shopping with both boys. I took Logan to his pre-school but now they don't do mondays. Rushed there for nothing. Wednesday is his last day till the fall. Tomorrow it is cancelled because of National Aboriginal Day. We will be heading down there for the celebrations from 1430-2000 but maybe won't stay the full time. We'll see how it goes. Meeting up with Lisa and Elleenya.

Went to the park for a bit with the boys today and met up with Nathalie and her 3. Logan was hanging from the monkey bars and I just got there in time to catch him when he fell. He had another accident on something else and banged his leg but walked it off after a few tears.

Finn is doing wonderful and is a very very happy and content baby. So big though. Was 20.5 lbs on Sunday. Getting too heavy for Mommy.

Love Rae-Lynn

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sweet Deals 17-23 June

Pharmasave: 12 packs of coca cola or sprite regular or diet cans, on for $2.99 each.

Walmart: Delissio on for $4.97 each, Kraft PB on for $2.97 each,

Zellers cheese whiz on for $3.49 have a $1.00 off coupon from save.ca or brandsaver.

liquidation world june 20-26
Reg. LW Price $1.88 - $12.88

Reg. LW Price $4 ea
Compare at $6.99 ea

Compare up to $14.99
WOW! Save up to $13

Compare up to $39.99
WOW! Save up to $36

Compare at $1.17
64g, Assorted flavours

Reg. LW Price $4 ea
Compare at $9.99 ea

SMALL PAILS - 2 for $1.50*
Compare at $1.99 ea

3PK OF CANDLES - 2 for $9*
Compare at $11.99 ea

Finn`s Baptism

Friday night we camped at air force beach with friends and had a blast.

Yesterday was Finn`s baptism here in Comox at the base church. It was wonderful. My longtime friend Colleen was the Godmother and drove up from Victoria with her hubby and two children for it. Marji and Jerry also attended and Jerry was the proxy Godfather for the ceremony for my brother Rolly who could not attend. It was wonderful.

We bought a cake from costco (cheesecake) and I stamped out Happy Baptism Finn with my new stamp set Broadsheet alphabet from stampin up. Love this set, cut them out and put them directly on the cake and everyone thought it looked super awesome!!!!

I also made my taco dip with multigrain and regular chips, and a caesar salad and a loaf of dempsters rosemary bread!!!

I also gave Father, Colleen, and Uncle Jerry a bottle of wine we had made that I had made a label for. It said `Finn Alexander Richard Hacker`baptised in Christ 18 June 2011, Thank you for sharing in our special day.

The Baptismal gown that my Auntie Linda (Logan`s Godmother) made him, fit Finn perfectly. He was so adorable. He was awake for the whole service whereas Logan slept through his since he was only a month old for his!!!

After the service Finn slept for a good couple of hours. The Holy Spirit exhausted him.

Tammy stopped by for a visit last night. Visiting from Hawaii. Was nice.

Today is Father`s Day. Happy Father`s day to my wonderful Dad, my Father in law, and my brothers and all of my uncles, friends and family who are Fathers.

We have church at 1000, then a baby shower at 1400. Paul is probably going to go skiing a bit!!! The mountain is open this weekend.

I also have more de-cluttering and cleaning to do!

Enjoy the pics.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan & Finn

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shoppers 20X points event

Shoppers 20X. has to be $50 after coupons before taxes. I bought the Lysol touch free system for $15.99 - $5.00 off coupon, MIR from the inserts , I also bought the all bran bars on for 8.99 .75 off coupon from save.ca ,triscuit is $1.79 or $1.69 limit of 4, In a separate transaction I bought the Febreze noticeables for $10.99 from shoppers. second transaction because both MIR`s want original receipts.
Febreze I NOTICEables Oil Warmer Trade-Up Rebate Offer
Trade up to a Febreze NOTICEables scented oil warmer for free! Here are details on how you can take advantage of this special offer and get your Febreze NOTICEables rebate.

Air Canada 15% off sale Save on any fare to any Air Canada destination within Canada and to the U.S. for travel from June 17 to December 9, 2011. Simply use the special promo code THANKYOU* when you book by Sunday, June 19, 2011 at aircanada.com

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

petcetera coupon

http://www.petcetera.ca/Email/Petcetera-Coupon.aspx $30 off when you spend $100.

One 576 Sensations condom

I joined the street Team Army of One and one of my orders was to write a review of one of their condoms. Here goes:

576 Sensations is amazing!!!!! It is so amazing that my husband wants to get a vasectomy as a permanent method of birth control and I told him he is free to do so but that we will continue using condoms because One Condoms are so awesome and the massive orgasms from 576 Sensations are something I can`t live without!!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kobo codes and discounts

KoboBooks.com Discount Codes
11 June 2011 - Currently active discount codes:

giftread (25% off - Expiry Unknown - One time use)
Welcome20 (20% off - Expiry Unknown - One time use)
Kobodollaroff ($1 off)
June20off (20% off)

NOTE: You do have to make sure that you are buying a non-agency book. Agency books generally have only one price listed. If a book has two prices, it is not subject to Agency price fixing and will usually/always work with coupons.

For codes containing "ca", "us", "au", or "ww", simply interchange those two letter codes depending on your location (ww means "worldwide" I believe).

Also FBREADING is currently an active code for 35% off- not sure for how long or how many books.Sorry this has expired

Monday, June 6, 2011

Gymboree: Up To 70% Off Everything


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Todays deals

http://www.mrsjanuary.com/canada-coupons-2/free-canada-coupons-save-1-on-kraft-cheez-whiz-singles-shredded-cheese-coffee-whipped-cream/ - Free Canada Coupons: Save $1 On Kraft Cheez Whiz, Singles, Shredded Cheese, Coffee & Whipped Cream

Kernels Canada: Buy 1 Large Bag Of Popcorn, Get One Free - http://www.mrsjanuary.com/canada-deals-2/kernels-canada-buy-1-large-bag-of-popcorn-get-one-free/

Free Canada Coupons: Save $1 On Franks Red Hot Product + Save $2.00 On Any 2 Jergens Liquid Hand Soaps -

For a few more hours get 40% off your entire purchase at CricutMachine.com! Simply enter coupon code my40 at checkout to receive 40% off cartridge, machines, mats, accessories and more! This sale ends tonight at midnight!

liquidation world sale starts today:

The Treasure Hunt Starts Monday June 6th
7 Days Only!*
50% OFF*
Our already crazy low prices!
Reg. LW Price $2 - $15
Pink, blue, beige, ivory, white & green
Discount only on Capri Towels by Cambridge

Reg. LW Price $4.88 ea.
Compare at $6.99 ea.

Compare at $10.00

Compare at $14.99

Compare at $3.99

Compare at $14.99

HANES APPAREL - 3 for $5*
Reg. LW Price $3 - $8 ea.
Compare up to $16.99 ea.


* Prices in effect June 6 - 12. Some exceptions may be applied. No adjustments on prior purchases. Quantities limited. Selection varies by location. Some items may not be exactly as shown.

Miss a Day, Miss a Deal!

Count me in! How do I find Liquidation World?
Find the closest Liquidation World using our handy Store Finder.

Happy Hunting!

The Liquidation World Team.

New coupons added at save.ca for lots of kraft products like cheese whiz and jalepeno cheese whiz. Order your free coupons today!!!

New coupons at groceryalerts.ca

Save some money!

Friday, May 27, 2011


The Treasure Hunt Starts Now!
SAVE 73% OFF retail price


WOW! - SAVE UP TO $1377!

Your Choice - $500*

Compare up to $1877.00


25% OFF*

Individual pieces

Lincoln Sofa Set
Microfibre & bonded leather
Includes sofa, love & chair

Bonded Sofa Set
Bonded leather
Available in red, black & white
Colour selection varies by store

Both sets may not be available at all locations


* Prices in effect May 24 - June 5. 25% Discount does not apply to 3 Piece Set, only individual pieces. Some exceptions may apply. Selection varies by store. No adjustments on prior purchases.

Miss a Day, Miss a Deal!

Count me in! How do I find Liquidation World?

Find the closest Liquidation World using our handy Store Finder.

Happy Hunting!

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comox valley & green cone

It's not too late to get a green cone from the Comox Strathcona Water Management Service. We have until June 10th to pre-order and pre-pay for the green cone.

The Green Cone food waste digester looks kind of like a home composter but is much more. It takes all types of food waste - meat, dairy, bones, vegetables and even animal feces - it basically allows you to take everything from the kitchen table and dump it directly in. You don't need to turn it, or empty it more than once every few years. Using solar heat in combination with macrobacterial activity. it breaks the waste down aerobically into nutrient rich water that is absorbed into the soil, and a very small amount of residue. As an enclosed system, it doesn't attract vermin or any other animals. It's easy to install, the hardest thing is digging a shallow (2') hole. All it needs are decent drainage and sunlight. A Green Cone can accommodate all of the food waste of an average family of four or five. It's a solution that can deal with the waste where it's generated, and that's just the best possible option.

See more on the green cone at: https://www.greencone.ca/Intro/whatsagreencone.php

To get yours call 250-334-6000 or 1-800-331-6007. You can pay by credit card or in person with cash or cheque at 600 Comox Road, Courtenay. If every household in BC had a green cone composter then we would divert 750,000 tonnes of waste from the landfills.

Do it for Mother Earth. I did.

Let me know if you got one. They are charging $200 in Victoria. Ours is only $120 taxes in.

Save money, save the planet, reduce waste. Reduce, re-use, recycle, re-purpose.

Love Rae-Lynn


http://mmmeatshops.ems01.com/emax_May27_11/header2.jpg 1 DAY huge sale Saturday may 28th: scratch and save up to 100% off of your purchase.

Toys R us: Friday may 27- Thurs June 2nd: 1/2 price event. http://www.toysrus.ca/category/index.jsp?categoryId=2585798&locale=en_CA

BABIES R US: http://view.ed4.net/v/4GLUYR/GJCYW/OFGMN4B/B4EWB/MAILACTION=1&FORMAT=H&csm=203491536&csc=453743&csa=204359412&csu=456808&camp=EMAIL_TRUCA_20100813_EN_OnlineVersion

LINK for coupons for AC MOORE (USA) http://www.acmoore.com/images/upload/week22_11couponse.pdf

http://www.joefresh.com/en/fresh_promotions/get_your_coupons/ $5 off a dress over $19 and $2 off sunglasses at extra foods or Superstore

pop up gazebos on for $75 at Liquidation world. Patio sets 25% off $399 for a 6 piece set. Very very nice set.

Great deals at wal-mart starting today: http://courtenay.flyerland.ca/walmart/46/flyer/56528?mode=2-page&page=1

http://www.groceryalerts.ca/ new coupons up for: Arm & Hammer products, maple leaf hot dogs etc.

http://promotions.newegg.ca/nepro/11-1449/index.html?nm_mc=EMC-IGNEFL052711CA&cm_mmc=EMC-IGNEFL052711CA-_-EMC-052711-Index-_-E0-_-PromoWord HUGE DEALS AT NEWEGG.CA

http://promotions.newegg.ca/nepro/11-1449/index.html?nm_mc=EMC-IGNEFL052711CA&cm_mmc=EMC-IGNEFL052711CA-_-EMC-052711-Index-_-E0-_-PromoWord BIG DEALS AT LONDON DRUGS

HOME OUTFITTERS: all patio sets on for 25% off: http://www.homeoutfitters.com/en/patio2011.html ALSO ENTER TO WIN A BEAUTIFUL PATIO SET.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

clearly contacts is giving away another 10000 pairs of glasses to those who haven't received them yet. You only pay shipping and tax. Around $17. Use code: FREECANADA526

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Select Canadian destinations on sale for one day only.




Book by May 25, 2011 for travel on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from
June 4 to July 13, 2011.*



The Treasure Hunt Starts Thursday May 26th

ALL PATIO SETS - 25% off*
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ASSORTED PLANTERS - Starting at $1
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28.3g - 8 packs

TORQ DISPOSABLE RAZORS - 2 for $5 or $2.98 ea. -- SAVE 72%
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6 blades, 2 pack


* 4 Day pricing in effect May 26 - 29, 2011. Some exceptions may apply. No Adjustments on prior purchases. Although great care is taken in the production of this VIP email, typographical, illustrative, promotional or pricing errors may occur. We reserve the right to correct any errors.

Miss a Day, Miss a Deal!

Count me in! How do I find Liquidation World?

Find the closest Liquidation World using our handy Store Finder.

Happy Hunting!

The Liquidation World Team.
Yesterday I was planning my purchases outside shoppers drug mart in my car and the battery died. I asked a nice couple beside me if they could jump me and they said they didn't have cables and I said I was pretty sure I did because Paul had bought me a set. They were parked beside me and the 2 car batteries could not have been farther apart. I must have an 8 foot set of cables or 10 foot. They reached and they saved me!!! I gave them a coupon for $4 off an oil change and $5 off of Whitespot and thanked them profusely. Was so kind of them.

Speaking of oil changes and coupons. I picked up a pamphlet/paper called The Rural shopper last monday with Angela at Quality Foods for free. In it I have found a coupon that is good for an oil change in Campbell River at IRONWOOD AUTO TECHNICIANS located at 995 Ironwood Street. They even accept walk-ins. Coupon gets me an Oil change & Filter, for $29.95 and includes: free tire rotation, multi-point visual inspection, brakes, air filter, coolant, battery, fluid, belts and hoses. The best part is that it doesn't expire so I will head up there soon for an oil change and tie it in with some purchases from craigslist!!! So great.

Another deal I heard about is that if you go to Superstore or Extra Foods on the first sunday and Monday of the month that they give out coupons at customer service for 15% off a purchase of $100 and other ones. Only good for you to use that day. But really great deal. I also found out from my friend Mike that if you go to superstore at 0700 you can get day old meat, dairy, and breads for up to 50% off. Sweet deals.

Love Rae-Lynn

Here are some of the wedding pics:

Friday May 20th

The plan was for me to walk the little children attendants down the aisle to their seats for the wedding. I was supposed to be a guest of honor. Originally when I heard that Gill had 5 bridesmaids and I wasn't one of them I was surprised that I hadn't even been asked but I thought that I would be fat and ugly at the wedding and busy with a 4 month old baby so I didn't give it too much thought. Gill had assured me that I was a guest of honour. The most ironic thing is that when I was searching for a dress for the wedding Gill wanted me to have a coordinating coloured dress for the pictures since she wanted me in them. When I was dress shopping I went to Ladybelle bridal in Nanaimo, BC. It was in April so only around 6 weeks till the wedding. Too late to order anything in without paying a $50 rush fee. The staff was awesome there and found me 3-4 dresses off the shelf to try on. Another lady there shopping for a dress for her grand daughter took Finn and took care of him the whole time I was dress shopping. She was a total Angel. I had mentioned on Facebook that I was going dress shopping in Nanaimo so Gill asked me if I could pick up Jasmine's dress at LADYBELLE briday. I said no problem. So I tried on the dresses they found and the choice was between a shorter pretty blue dress with a heart shaped strapless at the top and a long floor length pink dress. Both were beautiful so I consulted the bride. During the talking we found out that the little blue dress was the exact same dress as her bridesmaids were wearing. I was disappointed because it was such a nice dress but normally guests at the wedding should not be wearing the same dress as the bridesmaids. Gill asked if I was comfortable spending $220 on a dress. I was exhausted after being up all night while Finn pooped every hour on the hour and I just wanted to find a dress that would make Gill happy. After consulting the folder that contained the information for Gill's wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses it was determined that the blue dress was the exact dress but was in a different colour than the ones already picked out and it fit me perfectly like it was meant for me. Gill said I could go ahead and get it. I was over the moon that I found one that matched.

Fast forward to rehearsal Friday may 20th. So I am watching the rehearsal and tearing up. It was very emotional and I really wanted to be up there with Gill celebrating her day!!! Especially since one girl was missing. So after the first run around I told Gill that I would love to stand up there with her and Paul could walk my kids to their seat. She blurted out "Brandon doesn't want u up there". She had mentioned to me something about Brandon not wanting me as a bridesmaid because they weren't super close with Paul. She sort of kid gloved it because I really didn't understand that the groom "strongly disliked me". I responded "That's harsh" and walked away. I was feeling very very under appreciated. I just started crying right there. I am not happy about that because I am normally very good about not crying in public and burying my feelings. I was doing the ugly cry over to the side for quite some time and feeling awful for it. I despise drama and didn't want drama around Gill before her wedding. So we went through the rehearsal one more time and Gill came to talk to me and explained that she had been fighting tooth and nail to include me in the wedding from the beginning and that she fought to have me as a guest of honour and sit at the head table, and that she really wanted me to stand up with her at her wedding but Brandon was adamant. I explained that it was tooo hard for me to be wearing the same dress as everyone else and not get to stand up with her and that I would prefer to just show up at 1500 with everyone else and stand in the back for the wedding and be out of sight. I could tell that she had fought hard for what she wanted and it was her wedding day and I wanted to make it perfect so I said we will go with her plan. I was very very sad but she is my BFF and I wanted to make her happy. So we headed home.

On the way home there was a kid standing in them middle of Lerwick with his hands waving. I could sense he needed help and the universe wanted me to help him. I pulled over and he said he needed a ride to courtenay. I was planning on picking up pizza at pizza hut anyways so I said that he could come home with me and then after I showered I would take him. Paul had been busy mowing the lawn. Something was off with this kid and I asked him if he was on drugs and he denied it. He was a good looking clean cut kid. He sat down and watched the game while I got ready. Then I decided to delegate instead of doing everything else. Paul called Pizza hut coupon in hand and ordered a meal for pick up. I then asked Paul to drop off Austin. Paul thought I knew Austin and I explained no, that he was broadcasting a sign to me that he needed help so I decided to help him. I shouldn't have brought him home and it was kind of stupid picking him up when I had my kids in the back seat but I wanted to help him. Paul took him and dropped him off and later told me that the kid was in fact high on something. Something worse than weed. I am hoping and praying that us helping him restored his faith in humanity and that he can stop using drugs. I found out from him that his step-father is military. So if any of you in the Comox Valley military community know a guy in the military that is a pilot who has a step-son named Austin, we need to help them and sort out Austin so he doesn't become another statistic. My baby brother Raymond committed suicide June 22 2002. He had been using drugs and they fried his brain and made him think he was worthless. We miss him each and every day and if we can prevent even just one suicide then we are doing well. I feel awful that I brought a teenager high on drugs into my home. I am so thankful that he didn't pull a knife on us or something and that this story didn't end bad.

I rushed off in my Canucks jersey over my dress and headed to Dale and Shirley's for the rehearsal supper. Dale bbq'd up some food and I had a chicken weiner/hot dog and a chicken burger. It was delicious. I had a bud light lime with my friends and we had a great time. I had bought a Canucks garden gnome for Drew and Sher since Drew worked on my computer and diagnosed what was wrong. He loved it. We all passed the Gnome around kissing it and giving it motor boats. Good times. I got home just after 2100 and furiously finished working on the toiletries pack that I told Gill I would supply for the bathroom at Glacier Greens during the reception. When all was said and done it was 2200 or so when I finally made it to the bed and breakfast. MulBERRY land B&B was soooo awesome. I could hear geese quacking when I rode up and the landscaping and esthetics are beautiful. They have a huge chess board in the back yard that you can play where the chess pieces are 2 feet high. I don't really care for chess but have played with Paul and when we go there for a date night together I will definitely play with him or he can play with Naomi's husband who loves chess.

So we were giggling all night. I was up till 0230. I waxed my eyebrows and my lip. Everyone has a moustache and if you think you don't you are probably wrong. Hair naturally grows there and it may be lighter and some people are lucky enough that they don't have to take care of it. all that taken care of and then polished my finger and toenails. I slept hard from 0230 or so till 0545. I was working on a wedding day miracle for Gill. I saw that someone was selling a whole bunch of wedding gear on craigslist and that she had 50 chaircovers for sale. I sent her a couple of emails in the middle of the night saying I wanted to buy or rent the chaircovers as a surprise for Gill. Every other detail for the wedding was thought of. In the end it turned out that it came down to cost so that was why Gill didn't get them. I racked my brain all night trying to figure out what I could of done that would make Brandon not like me. He was always super polite to me and I had no idea. The only thing that came to my mind was something that happened when we were in Merritt in 2008. Paul, Gill and I went to Merritt. We were volunteering. Gill has extreme anxiety and when someone tells you they have that, it is hard to imagine that they have it if they seem completely fine when you are around.

I had never known anyone who panics or has anxiety. She had told me stories about it and said that she couldn't be alone. So while we were volunteering I arranged for her and I to work together. Even on my anniversary with Paul I was partners with Gill so she wouldn't panic. As I said though I had never seen her panic before and didn't give it much thought but stayed with her. We had golf carts and it was fun. Read all about our trip to Merritt and volunteering in my older posts here. http://raelynn77.blogspot.com/2008/07/merritt-and-more.html So this one night when we were there our job was to sell pamphlets at the gate and make sure people had their stickers to get in and park. Shane Yellowbird was playing on the mainstage and we were missing it. I asked if I could take a break and go see him play. I agreed to physically run the 2 km back to the mainstage and back if I couldn't get on the bus and that I would only go for one song. I ended up catching the bus there, watching the one song, which was awesome and then running all of the way back to the gate as per my promise. I found out later that Gill and Paul were pissed because I got to see Shane even though they didn't really like him and would not have been willing to run there and back. That was find but when we finished much later it was just in time to see Sugarland I believe. We walked over to the bus stop and were waiting. It was going to take forever so we decided to walk. Gill said she wasn't walking and that she was tired. We were all exhausted but we wanted to get to the show so we asked her to come. She adamantly refused so we left her. Knowing what I later learned about her panic issues and how bad they are we never would have left her if we knew. we started walking. Pretty soon we see Gill riding right by us on the back of golfcart. Some good samaratan had picked her up and was giving her a ride. I was pissed that she rode right by us and didn't give us a lift. So Paul and I finally get there and I am soooo pissed off. We find Gill and I don't want to talk to her I am so angry. Paul being the awesome guy that he is plays peace maker. Gill wanted money and I didn't want to give it to her but Paul did. We ended up talking and she said that she ended up going in to a full fledged anxiety attack when we left her and was paralyzed. Then she got the ride and was still panicking and didn't think about getting us a ride too. We were both crying and hugging each other and we made up. I felt awful for her panicking. I just thought she was being lazy about not walking and was pissed that I gave up my anniversary with my hubby for her and she couldn't get us a lift on the golf cart. Needless to say it was a huge misunderstanding. We both felt bad but we talked and forgave each other. Every time I think of this story I feel like a big a**hole. She tells me not to think about it then. she is the best. We had a great time together for the rest of the weekend and we haven't discussed it since. But my brain figured out that maybe that was why Brandon "didn't like" me. So I was up at 0530, had a bath in the huge claw foot soaker tub. Amazing, shaving my left with my portable pack of BIC SOLEIL twilight triple bladed razors. I had a 4 pack with 2 bonus that I took to the B&B because there was six of us and that is how I roll. No one else wanted one but on the wedding day Sher used one on Drew to fix a spot he missed on his face. These razors were awesome. I believe I got extra points for them as well they worked on my legs without shaving cream. I used the goat soap provided by the B&B that was amazing. After that I got dressed and then I pumped my breastmilk to drop off at home. Was sooooo funny. Someone knocked on the bathroom door and asked what I was doing. I said pumping my breastmilk and if they wanted me to be quieter they would have to manually express it for me. Was soooooooooooooo funny. Then I got up and took down everyones Timmies order because I had a plan and wanted to make a wedding day miracle.

I asked Gill if she told Brandon about what happened at Merritt and she said she did. This confirmed it for me that that had to be the reason. I asked her what he drinks and she said French Vanilla and I was off. She said he was getting up at 0700 so I said I would wait till then before going over. I rolled over to Tim Hortons on the corner of Guthrie and Anderton. I ordered a french vanilla for myself, Brandon, and Joel the best man, and 3 milk 1 sugar for Jen (maid of honour) and a to go 10 pack of hot chocolate for the rest of the guys and a double double for Paul and a 3 cream one sugar for Drew and headed over to Brandon's house. I took the drinks in and went and knocked on his door. He said he was occupied and would be right out. As soon as he came out I asked if we could talk. This is all new territory for me since I am mostly anti-confrontational by nature. I am also a peace maker and a care taker. While I was waiting for Brandon I gave Drew a towel from the linen closet and scooped out their cat litter chunks. They both hate doing it so it gets super full before anyone cleans it. I don't mind doing it so I thought I would do it for them and make them happy. Brandon came out to talk to me and we went to the bedroom to talk. He hugged me straight away and said he was sorry and then I said
"If you hate me because of Merritt and what happened there, then you are a great fiancee, if you hate me for any other reason you are an a**hole. I said that I know I hurt her deeply at Merritt and I would never ever hurt her again and her and I had forgiven each other and moved on. I also told him that I am going to me a millionnaire by the time I am 43 years old and he doesn't want poor Gill to have to masturbate in her guest suite on the cruise because he won't be there and all of us will be with our husbands". He admitted to me that that was the reason that he was angry with me. I asked him why he never talked about it and he told me that he hates confrontation as well. I told him that every detail of Gill's wedding was perfectly done and he wouldn't want her to have any sadness to do with the wedding 10 years down the road and say that everything was perfect except that she was still upset that one of her bestfriends wasn't allowed to stand up with her. We hugged it out and he appologized and I appologized and he said he would text Gill to let her know that he would be happy for me to stand up with her. I was over the moon. The power of talking to someone face to face is sooooooooooooooo powerful. Do not carry grudges and dislike. Chances are it was a mis-understanding. We wiped the slate clean and all was well in the universe. I rushed home to drop off Paul's double double and a french vanilla for Aunt Margie. Margie and Jerry came down Friday night for 2 nights to watch our children for us and we love and appreciate them soooooooooo much. Then I headed back to the B&B and got there in time for our 0730 breakfast. It was amazing. It was home made waffles with whipped cream, and fresh blueberries and strawberries. And I told Gill that everything was good and that Brandon said I could be a bridesmaid. She was dumbfounded and incredulous because she had been trying for a year and he wouldn't even tell her why he was upset with me. She was so incredulous that she didn't actually believe me till she talked to Brandon later. It was sooo awesome seeing how happy she was.

So then I dropped off Natalie at Velvet Underground (http://www.velvetundergroundhair.ca/) website is still under construction but you can see it. It is the best kept secret for haircare in the comox valley. They are soooo amazing. Every detail is thought of at this spa. Immaculate, 2 hour parking right beside the adult store, they also have wi-fi that you can use when you are there having services. It was soooooooo great to still be connected while you are sitting there. I accomplished alot while I was there. After dropping off Natalie I had to run home. While I was home the girls called me and said that Gill's hairpiece was missing and asked if I could go to the B&B and find it. I searched all over the b&b and it wasn't there. It also wasn't at their house. I went to Barb's and found out that she was at Glacier Greens setting up so I finally texted her and she said that she found it. I picked up a few other things that shouldn't have been there as well and took them to the B&B. Thhttp://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=2381406587646760112&postID=6358941565934720036en I rushed back to get my hair and make-up done after picking up a case of my energy bars that I got on sale at shoppers drug mart. I used to think Shoppers drug mart was the most expensive place possible to buy things. And it is if you don't buy things on sale. But everything I buy is on sale and deeply discounted. Man I love saving money. So then I got back to the hair salon and gave all of the girls energy bars since we had been up all night laughing etc!!! My hair was done by Cheri and was amazing. Leah did my make up and she is sooooooooooooooooooooo good. She said she loved working on my eyes and was so sweet and great. She is super affordable and can make anyone look hot!!! Posting my before and after pics here. Was so funny. People are always asked how they want their hair and make-up. I told them that they are the experts and do whatever inspires them and that I had full confidence that they would come up with something awesome. They really appreciated using their creative genius. I told them that "you don't go to a gynecologist and tell them how to do a pap smear". They laughed. Speaking of gynecologists. If you are looking for an awesome OB go to Ocean View Women's clinic at http://www.yellowpages.ca/bus/British-Columbia/Comox/Ocean-View-Women-s-Clinic/5887358.html They are awesome. Dr. Bagdan did my c-section and he is amazing. Dr. Wilson was my OB. Everyone that I met there was amazing and super helpful. One time Dr. Wilson got called to the hospital so they were able to fit me in for my check-up with Dr. Bagdan cause they saw me with my infant and 3.5 year old. Big ups to them!!!

Then we headed back to the B&B to get ready and take pics. While I was at the salon the woman with the chair covers called me and said I could rent 42 of them for $42. Was such a sweet deal. She popped over for my $100 deposit and even dropped them off at the b&b for me. Was so great. We only used probably 30 or so and they made such an awesome touch and Gillian was soooo happy and surprised. We did our thing and got dressed for the wedding. we were running behind schedule so we weren't able to do any wedding party pics before the ceremony. Wedding was so beautiful and great. The photographers KP photography out of Victoria were amazing and fun to work with. I have seen a few pictures like the ones they did on the green in the dark at the golf course and it was amazing!!! I almost wiped out walking down the rock path in my high heals with Logan but I didn't. It was the most beautiful wedding ever!!! From there my hubby volunteered to take the 30 chairs or so to the wedding reception site. He is the best. They didn't have a plan in place. Each guest was gonna take 2 chairs each. Paul dropped the kids off at home and came back and him and Gary and a few of us loaded up the chairs and then him and Gary went and did the set up.

We went to a field near Anderton road and took wedding pics. We were cold but we survived and she will have some awesome pics. Then I headed home with the hopes of Uncle Jerry dropping Paul and I off at the reception. Paul had already gotten dropped off by Jerry so unfortunately I was another trip for Jerry. But we really appreciated not having to leave a car at the golf course over night.

Everything about the wedding reception was amazing. All of the desserts were hand made from scratch by Shirley Querin and were amazing. There was pie, the best brownie I ever tasted, matrimonial cake, carrot cake etc etc. Gill also had a candy bar and had made little bags for each guest to fill with candy. Sooooo yummy. The meal was a buffet and was delicious. Caesar salad, roast beef, yummy. Paul and I decided to leave the kids with Margie and Jerry so we could have a date night and we were the envy of every other couple with kids. Was so great and stressfree. During the meal Nat's son spilled something like berries on her dress. I whipped out my "stain to go" from liquidation world bought for $2. It took the whole stain out in a flash and Nat was ecstatic. Tide stick is $3.99 or $4.99 so this was a steal. The speeches were also great and then the first dances were amazing. The heater kept blowing the circuit breaker and we were really cold in the tent to Paul and I decided to see if we could fix it. He got it going again and it happened multiple times through the night. Gary and Paul were both fixing it off and on. The funny thing is that the rumour going around was that the "guy in the pink shirt" Gary, was shutting it off. I quickly dispelled that and assured people that he was in fact trying to fix it.

The coolest thing Brandon and Gillian had set up was a photo booth. They had a camera on a tripod set up with a remote taped to the wall and guess went and took their picture with the goal being that Brandon and Gillian would have a picture of all of the guests and it would be a combined photo/signed guestbook. Best idea ever!!! Gill had a vision of her wedding since she was a little girl and she made it perfect. We left at midnight and I was doing the head bob all of the way home in the shuttle. Best wedding ever!!! And so much fun.

Sunday we got up and went to Superstore gas bar to do some extreme saving. I had spend $250 for groceries so I was entitled to 25 cents per litre off of up to 100 L of gas. I offered to gas up Margie and Jerry's car but they refused. Jerry drofe Paul's car, and I drove my car and Paul took the truck. We were able to get our 100 litres of gas and saved $35.00. but we earned superbucks on the whole thing so we earned $4 in superbucks. Total savings of $39. So great. Then we went to Church and then we headed over to the Officer's Mess for a special brunch put on for honoured guests and out of towners. It was catered by PLATES in Courtenay and I personally thought it was delicious. There was eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, pancakes and super awesome potatoes. There was also caesar salad and then all of the making for chicken or beef fajitas. soooooooooooooooooo good.

After that we headed home and then Margie and I went to liquidation world so I could show it to her. I had printed us both off a 20% coupon for Sunday only. I scored 2 pairs of American Eagle sweat pants, 4 AE knit sweaters, a pair of AE flip flops and at least 15 different shirts for Paul that will look sooooooooooooooooo good. I also picked up a little white skirt for me and got enough for my friends so we can have a little white skirt event!!! So perfect for summer. The best part is that the skirt is a size 2. It fits everyone perfectly when I put it on them. Super great!!! The sweaters were $12 before my 20% off and are normally over $50 each. That means they were on for 5 for the price of one. Maybe I did get 5. All I know is that I scored huge!!!

Then we went to Burger King and I did some couponing there. Aunt Margie had a set of my coupons in the drive thru and I went in. Just so everyone knows if you are in uniform at Burger King courtenay (military) you get 10% off. I was wearing my canucks jersey so he gave me 10% off as well. Also I had my 2 can dine for $8.98. Then if you buy an extra value meal you can get hershey pies, apple pies, milk shakes, and cineparts etc for only 99cents. I ended up getting us the whopper and chicken sandwich meal, 3 milk shakes, 2 hershey pies and one cineparts. Total bill was onloy $16. I was looking at my bill and was confused because I paid $1.98 each for the pies but everything else was 99cents. They were busy but when I talked to the assistant manager he explained that I wasn't entitled to the 99cent menu. so I asked why he gave it to me on the shakes and the cineparts but not the hershey sundae pies. I then realized that I owed him money but thing was that I didn't want these products if they weren't 99Cents. So he was going to refund me $2.00. I told him not to worry about it since we all make mistakes and he was happy. Aunt Margie's bill was also wrong. He took her coupons and forgot to apply them so we went in and her bill went from $17 to $10 when he did her coupons. When I walked in the store with my coupons the woman ahead of me asked where I got the coupons and I said in the mail or the paper. She was from qualicum and they don't get coupons there but whenever they come to Courtenay she craves burger king. So I gave her all of the coupons that I didn't use and she was soooooooooooooo happy and grateful!!

Then home we came and shortly after Margie and Jerry went home.

I have also learned that Subway gives a 10% military discount and you only have to show your ID!!!

Happy Saving I have to try and work a miracle so I can attend Quinlan's first birthday!

Right now I fly in to Winnipeg landing at 2145 on the 28th and the party is during the day so I am going to see how much it costs to go on the 27th instead. I am sure West Jet will give me the sweet hook up since I do alot of promotion for them.

Sunday night we headed over to Tina's and I met some awesome people and made some new friends. I found out it was her birthday and she was stressing about not having enough money for a flight to Greenwood for her friends wedding. I told her I would book it for her and make it under $600 for her. I did. I put in on my credit card but she is paying me back after pay day and was ecstatic. West Jet had a seat sale on till the 23rd that I mentioned in my blog for the whole east coast. Was amazing!!!
Thank you west jet!!1

Love Rae-Lynn.