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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hmmmm. Let me try and remember what happened over the past few days. Thursday morning, we woke up did a whole bunch of stuff around the house. Then we took Logan and Tikka up to the park. We had a blast playing there and then we came home and got ready to go to out. We drove up Mount Washington to get mine and Logan's seasons passes. We get free passes ($32 total for GST) since Paul is a volunteer ski patroller. I may actually do some skiing this year with Logan. I think he would like it. Paul also wants to buy some bob skates for Logan so we can take him skating. I will need to pick up a pair of ice skates though since I don't have any. We went up to Washington, and got the passes, then we drove to future shop to pick up a new headset for our portable phone. I love being handsfree!!! Then we went to the insurance centre to put insurance back on Paul's car since it wasn't driven while I was away, then gas at superstore and then Hunt Rd Post Office to pick up a box of stuff that I sent home. Was great to get the package!!! Then we got home at 1630 or so. Was a busy busy day. Paul was going to go to hockey but I was still so jet lagged and exhausted so he stayed home to let me rest. He did a chicken in the slow cooker and it was amazing. Then he bathed Logan and I took Logan to bed with me to relax and he cleaned some stuff in the kitchen. He did an amazing job. Then he woke me up at 2100 for Grey's anatomy but it wasn't on. He then put Logan to bed.

Paul was happy about sleeping in till 0600 since he has to get up at 0545 when he is a single parent. I got up and grabbed a shower and then came out to have breakfast with him. Then I was talking on the phone to Rick when all of a sudden I turned around and there was my little man. He had got up, opened the door to his room and came down to see me. We had a blast. I put a movie on at his insistence and started doing some cleaning. I put together 90% of the storage unit that we got new because of the flood to replace the damaged one. My little man even helped me. It was great. Then I was bagged at 1200 so we went to the bedroom for a nap. We both fell asleep. I got up at 1300 and he slept from 1230-1430 or so. Logan and I had to run down to superstore to pick up some chicken for Paul and a couple of other things. He got his cookie and was very happy. I picked him up some plastic rubber maid containers with straws for his water. He loves them!!! Then we dropped off Paul's drycleaning for him. Logan is giving me heart attacks by running away and trying to run into traffic. I'll be nipping that in the bud. Then we came home and played outside with Tikka. Logan was playing on his motorcycle and I was throwing the ball up the cul-de-sac for Tikka. Father came home and Logan went running for him. Then Paul came home early at around 1600. He said he was going to TGIF so I didn't expect him till 1700. He didn't go and came home. He had called me earlier to tell me that Turkey Bingo was going on at the Officer's mess so I was stoked about going to that. I left at 1645 and headed to the mess. Paul picked up his regular friday night Chinese from Quality Foods for him and Logan. Logan was very upset I was going out. Was great to see everyone at the mess. The turkey dinner with all of the fixings was awesome. I was sitting with Dave, Nadine, Stephanie & Alex and Tammy & Allison. Was good. I won a turkey!!! It is a $30 coupon for quality foods for a turkey. Then that finished at 2100 so I was heading home but I popped over to see Sue who was having a housewarming in her PMQ. Was good I stopped since she is going away today till March to Portage La Prairie, MB for pilot training. Will miss her. She convinced me to stay till midnight. Finally got home, missed calls from Paul because no reception in the PMQ's. He was heading to bed but was happy I was home. I didn't mean to be out so late. We went to bed and we heard a noise and I went to check on Logan and he was on the floor. I put a ton of blankets on the floor beside his big boy bed and I smelled poo so I changed his bum. Then I put him back to bed but he got up and followed me to bed so he slept with us. Paul said that Logan was kicking him in the face at 0600. We ended up getting up at around 0730 and Paul made us pancakes. Then we finished off the shelving unit and Paul fastened it to the wall in the office so I can begin to get set back up. Logan and I went to lay down at noon again and not sure if I got any sleep. Then we got up and Paul had to go and buy a new battery for his car since his was dead after not being driven. I started cleaning the living room. It looks much better. I was also mad scrambling for a baby sitter. I called Selena to see if Christina was able to babysit but Selena said she was too busy and didn't know I had been in Afghanistan so she offered to babysit herself. I got the house looking much better and Paul did some running around in town. Then Logan went for a nap at 1530 while I vacuumed. I decided to dress up for the Jr Ranks bingo since I lost so much weight and all my clothes look brand new since the insurance company had them all dry-cleaned. I put on a skirt and my knee high boots and one of my new shirts. Paul was very impressed!!!

We headed to the Jr ranks bingo at 1740 and we had the supper that was included. It was soooooooooooooooooooooo good. Chicken, fries and veggies, and a drink for me and more for Paul. We didn't end up winning but was sooooo good to see my friends. I was very tired at the end of the night. It was finally over at 2245 and we drove home. Selena said that Logan and the animals were complete angels and he was a pleasure to babysit. I gave her a pashmina to thank her and she was overjoyed!!!

Then finally to bed in my wonderful bed with my wonderful amazing husband.

Had a great sleep but Logan was up at 0700 so I got up and changed him and brought him to bed with us. We didn't get back to sleep so I showered and brought him out at 0800 and let Paul rest. He got up just before 0900. We are getting ready for church at 1000.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

25 NOVEMBER 2152

So after my last post on the 23rd, we had to clear out of our rooms and start our Departure Assistance Group (DAG) from Paphos at the hotel. We went to the ball room and had some briefings and then we went to breakfast at the hotel, then we had to have our luggage inspected at the hotel, then we sat around and waited till 0300 for the bus to the airport. I sat with Heather on the bus and G3 was across from me. We had some good laughs on the way there. When we got there, we grabbed our gear. Heather found my barrack box and brought it right to me. Was awesome. Then we went inside and Duane was ahead of me just carrying his barrack box instead of using a cart. I piled his on my luggage cart, and then mind on top of his and then I sat on top of the barrack boxes like a queen and he pushed the cart through the line-up. We were in line for a half hour or so but I describe it as the best line - up of my life since I was just chillaxin. I also did some fill-it-in word puzzles. As goofy as I looked, it was worth it to see the big smiles that people got out of it. Then we went through security. They don't use the wands there. I forgot I had my dog tags on so I am thinking that that is why it beeped. They call a woman over and she pads you down quite intimately, over the breasts and down. Was very interesting. Then we had to go through passport control and then we were just waiting. It was like 0430 or so and we were supposed to board the flight at 0550 for a 0630 departure. We found out at 0700 that we were delayed due to a broken door and time unknown of when we would be departing. We finally boarded at around 0830 I believe but didn't take off till 0930. It was a 1980's 340 Air bus. This plane only had movies on one screen, no individual power stations or tv's. The food was good though. I had scrambled eggs, potatoes, mushrooms, yogurt, for breakfast, then lunch was chicken in gravy, with salad, cheddar cheese and crackers and a bun. Then later we got a bag of chips and a turkey sandwich. Was good. No alcohol on the flight though. I could taste the Guiness all day. Darryn and I had 3 seats to the 2 of us so that was nice. The spare one between us. We had a great flight. I didn't watch the movies, I was sleeping on and off and I managed to read a 273 page book called Beyond Ugly by Constance Briscoe (Triumphing over a loveless childhood). It was an alright read. It was a long flight but we had alot of laughs at times. We flew 5.5 hours to Shannen Ireland and then we deplaned so they could fuel. They said it was 1.5-2 hours. So we all walked to the area where we could hang out and there was duty free shops there and a bar and food. G3 bought 10 guiness for the guys and me. I had my first guiness ever. I didn't like it but I drank it. I didn't even finish it when they were calling us back to the plane. Some of the guys bought sandwiches. G3 and Simone had one called Chicken and stuffing. I took a bite and it was amazing. Everyone but me has had a sandwich with stuffing and turkey or chicken on it and I hadn't. Paul hasn't either but we will do it this Christmas because it was sooooooooooooooo amazing. Then I ran in to the duty free shop and bought a t-shirt for Paul. Then back to the plane for another 8.5 hours or so flight. We were 3 hours late leaving Paphos but we ended up landing in Edmonton at around 1500 so we made up 1.5 hours. We deplaned to a huge fanfare of people. There were some dignitaries. The first hands to shake as we left was our Commander the General and his RSM. He knows me as Rae-Lynn but my nickname on tour was Boots, so that was what he called me when I left the aircraft. Then there was a couple of guys that were injured in IED strikes that I knew in the line when we were shaking hands. Was so good to see them. Then we went inside and had to hand in our passport and get something stamped. I went around saying my goodbyes and hugging people because I decided to head to the airport vice the hotel and try to get on the A/C flight instead of waiting till the morning. I hugged my friends and said goodbye. I went to shake G3's hand and he hugged me and thanked me again for my hardwork. Before the flight took off I ended up buying him a 2 euro massage in a massage chair because he thinks that going to get a massage is "gay". He loved it and was very appreciative. I had one at the hotel as well, and then I had another 2 euro left so I had another one. I also forgot to mention that I bought one of those inflatable travel pillows for 6 euro at the airport. Then Andrew bought the deluxe model to show me up, which comes with an eye cover so you can make it dark. His was definitely nicer but was 12 euro. I also bought 2 books "Beyond Ugly" and Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult, which I will be passing on to Robyn after I finish them. I think it will be quite the read. Front cover says "Your son says the bullying was unbearable, but his revenge was murder, what would you do? ".

When we landed Andrew gave me his deluxe edition and Darryn said he wanted mine. Was going to save mine for Paul but decided to pay it forward and give him mind. Was awesome!!

So after I finished my goodbyes, I figured out what hotel everyone was going to in case I couldn't get on the flight and then I would have went there. I was sooooooooooo exhausted. I was outside in the cold trying to find my bags and everyone was asking what I was doing. I said I was getting my bags and heading for the airport so they let me and helped me look. I got the shell guys to call me a cab and I arrived at the airport at 1615. I was standing there waiting at the ticket purchase line which was closed and she was talking to someone. I started to think about how homesick I was and how much I couldn't wait to see them and that another night would be torture and I just started crying. I was still in my uniform and had all of my bags. When it was my turn I explained through tears that I had a flight at 0620 the next day and was wondering if there was room on the 1715 flight or the 1815 flight to Vancover and then Comox. She got her supervisor and he came over and called me Rae-Lynn and asked if I was alright and said not to worry they were waving the fee, and the extra baggage charges and were putting me on the 1715 flight. I was ecstatic. I had to take my barrack box to the oversize area, not sure why but I did, and then I went through customs. I didn't have my liquids in little baggie so I was rushing and finally got that done and got through and went to my gate to wait. I tried to call Paul but no one was home so I left him a message. Then we boarded the plane and took off. It was an Ebrauer. The onflight entertainment system was broken so I couldn't even charge my ipod. Luckily Darryn let me charge it off his laptop battery during the trip. I inflated my pillow and put on my eye cover and tried to sleep. Then I read a newspaper. I was so sad to hear about the toddler that fell to his death at Toronto Airport. So sad. Then we landed in Vancouver and I couldn't tell my gate yet. I headed to the white spot and ordered a grilled chicken caesar and then when it came I had to get it boxed up because it was 1820 and I still had to find my gate. I noticed they have free wi-fi at the terminal so I was able to connect with my ipod to put on facebook that I was landing at comox at 2015. Was awesome. Then I got my food and rushed over to find my gate. Had to go all the way over to B19. They have made so many changes to the terminal for the olympics. It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great. Then I got to my gate and I scarfed down my supper. I wanted to fix up my face but didn't have time before we boarded. Then we boarded and the flight was going to campbell river and then comox and they said that they may not be able to land in campbell river. They were able to and that was fine. I quickly threw on some makeup so I wouldn't look like a total zombie. Then we took off for the 8 minute flight to Comox. I was so stoked. We landed and I rushed off the plane and hurried to the arrivals. I didn't see anyone and then I saw Paul and Logan. They came over and Father Arek was there taking pictures. I bent down for Logan to come and see me but he didn't recognize me in my uniform. He did recognize my voice. I picked him up and he kissed me and then I let him run around. Then he came running up to me to pick him up and gave me more kisses. I pulled his stuffed chocolate lab puppy out of my bag and he saw it and came running at me to get it. He loved it. He was soooooooooooooooooooooo happy. That night we got home and Logan was in bed with us and we were reading him books. He would kiss me, then Paul, then me, then Paul. So happy. Then he fell asleep and I fell asleep and then we moved him to his crib. Paul and I would fall asleep and then wake up and then sleep. Paul had an upset stomach at 0400 so we were up for that. Then Dad called at 0645 and woke us up. He never checks his facebook otherwise he would have known that I was home. Paul was given 2 days short leave for the 25 and 26 so that was awesome. We got up at around 0740 or so and I asked Logan if he wanted to go swimming and he said yeah. So at 0930 we went to the aquatic center and had a blast for 2 hours or so. He went down the slide a few time. I made the mistake of going down the slide and hurt my but. We ran into a girl from our pre-natal class so that was nice catching up. Then we went in the hot tub and then they turned on the wave machine which I had never seen and Logan absolutely loved it. We put him in a floating toy and he road the waves. Then he was running around in the shallow water. He made me laugh a million times. He is soooooooooooo smart. Then we came home and we tried to have a family nap but Logan wanted to do stuff so I took him to his room with me and I converted his crib to a toddler bed. It is awesome. Then I did some laundry and we played downstairs. The house is in shambles from the flood so we have alot to do. It is really clean though but lots of clutter to put away. Paul did an amazing job of things while I was away. Then finally at 1430 I got some sleep. Then I got up and got ready for going out for supper. We went to Boston pizza. It was great! Then we went to Wal-mart to get some boots for Logan but all of the winter boots aren't high enough for his high arch so they hurt him. We may need to go to Kiddie Cobbler in ONtario and get him a nice pair. His shoes are good enough for here but we will be in the cold for 1 month. Then we stopped at Superstore which now looks completely different from when I left. There is now self-checkout. It looks like the one in New market. I was stoked. They have way more Joe clothing and was awesome. I wanted to take Logan to look at stuff but he headed right for the bakery for a cookie so I took him. He was so excited. He had his cookie and didn't want to share. At the end we were waiting for Paul and he notice the security camera and recognized him and me on it. He always says you, when he sees himself. He was dancing and watching it. It was hilarious. Then we drove home and Paul put out the garbage. I let Logan use his motorcycle in the cul de sac. He is soooooooooooooooooooo fast on it. And once again hilarious. Was all good until the other kids playing accidentally kicked a soccer ball at my head and it really hurt and gave me a headache and I was crying so we came inside. Paul saw a weird vehicle and came out thinking one of us got run over. Luckily not. Then we came in and I bathed Logan. He didn't go pee on the potty for us but I also didn't see it happen in the tub if it did. We then hung out and I put him in his big boy bed at 2200. He was over tired and didn't want to go to bed. He barely napped this afternoon. Paul said I was snoring sooooooooooooooooooooo loud last night. Probably because I was so physically and emotionally exhausted and so happy to be home.

I hope he doesn't fall out of bed, because he moves around so much.

Not sure what is on top for tomorrow but we had a wonderful day today. I was able to talk to Robyn, Rolly, Dad, Mom H, Grandma Richard today. So happy to be home. Can't wait to see all my friends but not sure when that will be. We have soooooooooooo much to do around the house etc. I am in at work 30 Nov, and 1,2 Dec.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul and Logan (finally together again)

Monday, November 23, 2009

23 NOVEMBER 2312

Hmmm. So here is my big blog update.

We arrived in Paphos on the 18th at 1900 or so and came to the hotel. We had alot of briefings and then I grabbed a two minute shower and put on civies and then we headed downstairs for a meal. Was good. I finally decided to buy the bottle of white wine. I carried it around all night drinking it, and it was a good night. I think I went to bed at around midnight. Then I was up at 0700 or so the next day and went to breakfast and then we had a roll call at 0900 and then our first session from 1000-1130. Was alright. It was totally more geared to those who had been outside the wire though. Then we had lunch. Then we had to do 2 elective classes. I took Healthy relationships from 1300-1400 and then Stress and Anger management from 1430-1530. I was super tired but they were alright. They set it up that way so we could have the rest of the time off instead of having 2 half days of stuff. Then that night I went for a 1 hour full body massage and foot treatment. Was really really good but was more like a relaxing massage where I should have asked for therapeutic massage. Then I was feeling like a million bucks. This was from 1900-2030 so I showered and started drinking in my room. I had some rum and pepsi and then I went downstairs. The drinks were too expensive there. They are like 6 euros each etc. Wine bottle is 16.5 euros. So I would run up to my room and drink some more. Then the rest of the gangs flight came in and they were around and I was sooooooooooooo happy to see them. I was hugging everyone and told them I missed them. Then Andrew bought wine and I was drinking that and soooo happy and then all of a sudden just totally drunk and I don't remember lots. Andrew said he was laughing and trying to get me to puke by the tree. I remember puking in the toilet and stumbling around. Heather took care of me all night and finally was able to convince me to go the room but not before I puked in the lobby. I had some severe alchol poisoning. Then I put myself in the shower and lay there in the water and eventually passed out. Then I woke up an later freezing and I got up and went to bed. I didn't schedule anything for friday so it worked out well. I woke up, went to breakfast, saw Simon and John and asked if I could hang with them. They were going for a walk. So we took a long walk down the road and then into a little covey area. I went for a swim in my underwear. It was sooooooooooooooooooo refreshing. I think I was still drunk. LOL.

I was drinking lots of water though and recovering.

Then we walked back. I can't wait to get Simone's pics because he took some great ones. Then we came back to the hotel and Heather had told the mental health people that she was worried about me so I had a chat with them for a couple of hours about some of my issues. Then that night we went out for supper, the army guys from the JPOC and myself. We had a nice dinner at a nearby restaurant. I had a ribeye. No drinking. Saturday was my daytrip to Nicosia which is the capital of cyprus and 2.5 hours away from Paphos. It was good. When we got there we headed to the Old part which is the turkish part. We saw the green line etc. I needed to buy new clothes because all mine are like 10 sizes too big. John and Simone were frustrated waiting for me but they finally went to go get food. I bought a girly sweater and a pair of jeans for 20 euros each. I was happy. Then we walked alot. Then on the way back to the other side I wanted to go to a bra shop so they left. Couldn't find anything and then started walking back to the border. I found this great shop that was going out of business and everything was 50% off. The lady working there was awesome. I bought 3 tank tops, 4 Christian Dior shirts, 3 lacoste golf shirts, and a pair of awesome blue jean capri pants and a Diesel belt for $100 euros. It was soooooooooooo great. Then I was done and waiting at the pick up point at 1530 and the bus wasn't coming till 1730. Was cold so I threw on my new jeans. Then we took the bus back and I was talking with my friend Todd who is very similar to me. He also doesn't have the filter that most people have that filters what people say. He helped me realize that I am normal and not ADD. I probably just have a mild form of OCD and some other issues. I am just really really good at multi-tasking and am easily bored when I am under stimulated.

Then we got back and I came upstairs and was able to video chat with Paul and then Heather and I went downstairs for food. I think we were in bed by 2300 that night. My feet were pretty sore.

Then on Sunday was my day tour of Kourion, Limassol and one other city. I woke up at 0500 and got up and walked down to the beach and took some pics. Then I wrote Logan's name on the sand and did a little video for him. Then I saw Pistol Pete swimming in a speedo. Then I was walking back up the path to the hotel and there was this guy and I was on high alert. He walked up beside me and said hi. I said Hi. Then he said where you from, I said Canada and he was from Syria, then he asked if it was my hotel and if I go and be his wife in the hotel. I said no I'm married, and he asked again, finally he got the picture and left. Was so weird. Then I went to the hotel and talked to people. Breakfast doesn't start till 0700. Then I had breakfast and then my tour. We drove around. I saw the old amphitheatre, was cool, the birth place of Aphrodite, goddess of love, I saw a medieval castle. We were taken to a village and the lunch was provided so I forced myself to try some new foods. I had the cyprus salad which was alright, I tried the spinach roll, not a fan, had the fried cheese which was good, the best ever pork souvlaki, a rib, and a meat on a stick, and the fried potatoes, and a glass of red wine with lunch that was not good because of the other day when I was sick. Was a great day. We got back to the hotel at 1700 and then I showered and got ready for the HQ-509 dinner. We had a huge dinner in the ballroom. It was voluntary for airforce but mandatory for everyone else. I went and had a blast. I was really tired though. Chops made me dance with him and I felt shy and silly since I was sober. I really wanted to go out last night with everyone but was sooooooooo tired. I came back to my room at 2100 and was able to chat with Paul and Logan. Finally we got the video working and was sooooooooooooo good to see them. Really homesick. Logan knows so many words now.

Then I went to bed at 2300 and woke up at 0700 today, had breakfast and then walked over to the St George hotel which I heard was way cheaper than the spa here. I went and made an appointment for 1 hour full body scrub, 1 hour therapeutic massage, and 1 hour facial. It was at 1200. It is 10 minute walk from here so I walked home after my appointment and sat and talked with friends, then packed my stuff, and then walked down there at 1130 arriving at 1140. I went in to the steam bath and I was coughing, probably because my lungs are full of crap and dust, then I went in to the hottub and the pool then I had my treatments which were awesome. My skin is sooooooooooooo soft and I feel really really good. Then I walked back, and Heather and I went for an early supper, and then at 1800 went to bed to get some sleep. Patti called just as I was getting to sleep and woke us up. Sucked. I ended up getting up out of bed at 2200 and took a long relaxing shower, and got ready. Heather booked a second flight from edmonton to comox for tomorrow since we land at 1330. I am going to go to the airport in my uniform and see if they will take pity on me and let me fly out tomorrow. I will try. There is 3 flights. 1600- arriving 2015, or 1715 arriving 2015 or 1830 arriving 2210 in comox. I will try to get on for free otherwise I will sleep over and take the flight that I booked leaving 0620 arriving 0915.

I can't wait to get home.

Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, November 21, 2009

21 NOV 2315

Just a quick line or 2 to let everyone know that I am still alive and well in Cyprus. Today was sightseeing in Nicosia. Tomorrow is 3 town tour, then a bbq for supper. Monday should be max relax so I will blog more then about my travels etc. I still want to go para-sailing on monday as well.

Missing Paul and Logan tons and can't wait to see them.

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

18 NOVEMBER 2342

Hello from Cyprus

Today was a long but awesome day. I was up at 0500 because of the same idiot whose watch alarm went off and then didn't get up. We left our shacks at 0745 to go and hand in our luggage and froze to death till 0845. Then I grabbed breakfast with Paul and then I walked back home. Ended up chatting with Paul and then hanging out. We had an 1130 timing and then we got there and it was actually later. Trevor popped over to say goodbye and then we went for lunch. Was good. Then I popped in to check on Jay and then I went to wait for my flight. My flight was awesome. I was freezing cold since where my seat was but the C17 is amazing. I even got to go to the cockpit and take a look. Was great. Then we got to Paphos and came to our hotel and had a briefing and then got our rooms. Then I showered, then went to the buffet and then had a bottle of wine and hung out. Then I found the internet cafe and now I am blogging. Then I will go say goodnight and then go up to bed. I have a 0900 timing tomorrow but I need to eat breakfast before that.

I have one full day tomorrow of mandatory lectures and then I am off till the 24th. I am going to go parasailing, go to the spa and snorkeling and maybe some touristy stuff.

Ran into Marcie here. She is in now. Haven't seen her since 2000.

Missing my boys but will enjoy the break from my tour until I am home.

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

18 NOVEMBER 0611

Sorry didn't blog last night. Was too tired.

Yesterday I was up at 0500. Someone has their watch alarm set and it woke me up. I had mine set for 0600 but alas. I got up and checked my email and found a sad email from Paul. I don't really want to get in to it too much on my blog right now. Not until he is doing better but needless to say I am very pissed off that people don't think about other people when they do shit to them. What transpired would have been better off waiting the week till I was home and Paul had his support network back and wasn't a single parent. He is alright, and we'll be fine. He had a couple gigglefests with Logan. Man I can't wait to get back home to them.

So then I went to eat, showered, and then called Paul to talk to him. We had a good chat. It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freezing cold in the mornings here. Doesn't get warm till 1000ish. So then I went to breakfast and then we I went in to work to check on the new guys.

My G3 asked me how I was and I said good and then told him what happened to Paul and he couldn't believe it either. He must have senses me doubting coming on the tour. There was a whole bunch of stuff that happened this week and it was like one kick in the teeth after another. First of all, my PER didn't reflect in my mind my overall rockstarness at this job. It is good but the guy that wrote it has never seen me work. He works in a completely different area of KAF. I had asked him to talk to my G3 when I did my brag sheet since I technially work for the G3 and the army when I am here. So back to my story from yesterday, G3 pulls me aside and tells me that I should be very proud of my self and what I accomplished and that I was a huge asset to him and I did extremely strong and excellent work through some very challenging days. The 3 big ones being the election, the Griffon crash, and the day that our General and his tactical unit struck an IED and we lost one of the generals guys and others were injured. It was very nice of him and extremely genuine. I shook his hand and said that it was a pleasure working with him. The 2nd kick in the teeth this week was when we had the Air Wing final pizza night on Sunday night. Sven received an Air Wing Commander's Commendation. Sven is the other Captain in my working cell. I rose above and congratulated him but you could tell he was embarassed. I am assuming it is because he realized how much work I did and that without me 75% of the work wouldn't get done. I am not exaggerating. Between Paul and myself, we did all the work. Sven was better after I came back from HLTA but it was evident to the 4 of us that I was the big producer. Even Patti who I had difficulties with in the beginning has stated numerous times about the amount of work I had accomplished. But anywho, Trevor told me not to worry about it and no one will notice my whole career when I do good shit so stop caring. So all this happened before my awesome chat with G3.

Also back to the PER, I know people will be confused but during our PER debrief he told me that someone came to him and told him that I was reflecting poorly on the airforce and that I was leaving work to go to the market for 3 saturdays in a row back in August. He had never got around to talking to me about it and since it was the end of the tour he only mentioned it because I asked. I couldn't believe that my dedication on my PER was only skilled. I eat all my meals at the desk and am extremely dedicated. So we were a little rushed but I explained to him that on those occasions that I only left for 10 minutes which is shorter than 90% of the smoke breaks that people take, that I ate all my meals at my desk and that I had nothing going on and I took someone's cell phone so that if shit happened I would be right back. And that I had G3 approval. He wouldn't tell me who said it but I started thinking after and I realized that it was Kent. He is this 45 year old navigator who was from greenwood. Very smelly and crappy at his job as a tac-p. I don't know why he thought it was his business. So I was very upset because he was trying to make me look like a bag of shit when I was hardworking and dedicated.

So then I went back over to G3 yesterday and I was like "you passed that on to the Air Wing" right? And he was like, no but I can. And then I was like, my boss came to see you about my PER right? And he was like, no again. I told him my PER was alright but not what I would expect given how he personally felt about my work and how I felt and then I mentioned that Sven received a wing commander's commendation and he exclaimed that I deserved one too and no one consulted him on that either.
So basically he is writing a letter of appreciation to go on my file that will be sent to my boss in comox and to the wing commander and to the guy that wrote my PER so they can see that in the eyes of the army I am a rockstar. I not only did my job but excelled at it and didn't waste 7 months of my life away from my husband and son for no appreciation.

The other good story is that there was a bbq on the night of the 16th for our HQ. I was sitting with the General's assistant, another Captain and I told him that it meant alot to me that the General knows my first name and that I was looking at the Air Wing Pictures and the one of me and the General there is no space between us. He has his arm around me and it is obvious he knows me where as in all of the other pics with other people, there is a huge space because they are strangers. Then he told me that when the General is presenting medals to people he gives the medal a double tap with his finger when he knows the person, sort of like a symbol of good luck and appreciation, and he said he remembers that the General did that to me. Was so awesome. I can't wait to party with these guys in cyprus.

So all in all, I was feeling shitty from the kicks in the teeth but now I am feeling much much better since my G3 is such a great leader. That guy worked his butt off all tour for 10 months with 16 and 18 hour days. He has the bags under his eyes to prove it, yet he is still writing a letter to try and fix the laziness of others. I have nothing but respect and admiration for him. Truly a wonderful leader.

So after our chat, I had a parade practice at 0700 for the Air Wing Commander's change of command parade. I had my jacket on but it was freezing cold. We had 2 do 2 practices, then we had the real thing where they made us take off our jackets. I was sooo cold. I was shivering and miserable. We were also in the shade which didn't help. I love the new air force drill that they made up when we were on parade. We did a remove headdress for the blessing from the chaplain and then the chief decided that when we did the replace headdress that we would keep our hands on our beret until he called us to attention and then we could bring our hands down. I felt retarded doing this since I know it is wrong. So ridiculous. Then we had some more out clearances to do. I popped in to work at 1230 to see how Jay was doing and then I had to go out to the air wing. Then I was back at 1420 and stayed at work with him till 1700. I was exhausted so then I left. Good thing I was there. He was tired too from getting up early so I sorted some stuff out for him. He is doing an amazing job and I am very proud of him. Then I came back and went to say goodbye to Trevor who didn't show up tll after 2100 since he had to work a really long day. Said my goodbyes. Was good to spend some time with him this week since I haven't seen him since november 2008. I told him he better be safe!

So busting out of here today. I'll be in Paphos tonight and the vacation begins!!

7 more sleepies till I am home.

Love Rae-Lynn

Monday, November 16, 2009

forgot to mention that during our video chat I got to hear Logan say Jerry, Buddy, please, thank you, and a few more things that I can't remember right now. Paul said that Logan put that dora chair on the couch and then sat in it!! He is so funny!

16 NOVEMBER 2106

Had a pretty good day. Got up at 0700. Was an accident since I only had to be up just before 0900 to go turn in my unaccompanied baggage. Rob was grabbing his stuff and was a little loud so it woke me up. I asked him if he had room for me and my stuff and he said sure so we headed down there and turned it in. Was good. Then I came back, and headed to breakfast with Paul. Then I went and called Paul and we discussed the options. I figured that I would try and call westjet and see if I could get moved on to the flight leaving at 0830 and get to comox at 1120 and see if they would waive any fees since I am coming home from Aghanistan. I waited on hold for 20 minutes of my "phone card" time and then gave up. Then I did some more packing, and then showered and read a bit of my book. I wasn't able to go in to work with Jay since I had a meeting at 1300. It was soooooooooooo poorly organized. There was 140 of us and they had us in 3 groups and you had to do all of the stuff in order. So group one went in to their briefing and everyone waited, then group 2 and then us. They knew the names in each group ahead of time but didn't bother telling us and getting us to show up staggered. They just had us all show up at 1300. Uber retarded but oh well. I was super tired since I am so wired these days about coming home and so happy that my friends are here. So I didn't finish up there till 1500 and then I went in to work to help out Jay. He was a rockstar. He only had a couple of questions for me. I got a couple more signatures for my outclearances. Then I called westjet and waited online for 40 minutes before she came to the phone and told me that she couldn't change my ticket and that I had to go thru the travel agent that booked it. She suggested I pay the change fee and the difference in fare to have a guaranteed seat instead of trying to go standby and paying $50 to go on the earlier flight. So I checked online at Air Canada and West Jet one more time and the flight that I originally wanted with Air Canada was on sale for $79. I bought it. It came to $127 and takes me right to Comox 5 hours before my other flight. Only $20/hour for time that I am soooooooooooooooooooo craving with my hubby and my son. I can't wait to see them. Logan was so adorable on our last video chat. He is Daddy's little boy. I hope he still wants to hang with Mommy like on my HLTA. I was so stoked that I was able to book this. I won't be re-imbursed but that is fine with me. I will still get them to pay me what they would have owed me for lunch if I had of taken the flight that they arranged. I think that is only fair and I have to make sure that they cancel the ticket. I'll get that one cancelled tomorrow afternoon. Oh yeah, here is the worst part. I learned today that the people booking my flight did consult the other person flying back to Comox and she said that she would prefer the direct flight at 1300 and that most people hate flying thru Vancouver and that she wanted to sleep in. And that she doesn't like the puddle jumper airplanes. I was soooooooooooooo pissed because when I got my crappy flight I called her upset and she didn't mention that they asked her. She is also my room-mate in Cyprus so I will try and bite my tongue and not tell her how much she screwed me over. She should have to pay for my earlier flight. Good times!!!

Then at 1800 was the HQ5-09 BBQ. Went to that. Was good I had my jacket because it gets super chilly here at night. I had an awesome steak and a sausage. Popped back in to check on the guys on duty and then left at 1930 and came home and changed. Then I went to hang out with Jay and Trevor but they weren't there so I went to the internet room and Jay was there. Then we went to use the phones. I called Dad & Lynn and Mom & Duffer but no one was home. Then I called Grandma Richard and we had a good chat. She thought I was home already but I said no.

Then I hung out with Jay and Trevor for a little bit and then came home and got ready for bed. I have parade practice at 0700 so I have to be up at 0600 to shower and eat before that. Then I have to return some more stuff after that and then another meeting in the afternoon. Then I will go in and see Jay at work again. He is doing soooooooooooooooooooooooooo great though. I am so proud!!

Mailed off my Christmas cards today as well so that was good. Had a good chat with Paul this morning. I really hope that Paul's unit gives him 2 days short leave when I get home. He hasn't got his memo back yet but I figure it is the least they can do given the fact that I volunteered to deploy for 7 months and he has had to be a single father.

I am just so happy that I don't have to sit around in Edmonton wasting my time.

I can't wait till my massage in Cyprus. My shoulders are so sore.

9 sleepies to go!!1

Love Rae-Lynn

Sunday, November 15, 2009

15 november 2138

Had a pretty good day except I got to bed at around 0030 and then I woke up at 0830. Was trying to sleep in but woke up hungry so I went to breakfast. Had some cereal and a croissant. Then came back and called Paul and Logan and then we had an awesome video chat. It was soooooooooooooooooo great. Logan was so funny and so smart. I can’t wait to see him again in person. Will be sooooooooooooo awesome!!!

Then I packed up the rest of my stuff and then showered and headed to work. Work went really well. Then we had our last air wing dinner. It was pizza and our 2 beer per month. Was fun. Mark came to the dinner as well to say goodbye. He has to stay till march.

Tomorrow morning have to get up early to turn in my unaccompanied baggage, then I have regular shift. Another early morning the next day as well.

That’s all for now.

10 sleepies.

Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, November 14, 2009

14 NOVEMBER 2306

Had another great day today. I am pretty tired but was good. I went to bed at 2300 or so and then got up at 0830 this morning, went to breakfast. Then I talked to Jason a bit at OCH and the other guys from work. Then I showered and got ready for the market. I borrowed Patti’s bike for Jason so we could bike to the market together and I could introduce him to my contacts and show him where to get a gun holster etc. Was really good. We went and got his holster, and then we went to see Faisal who Suzie introduced me too. I picked up a couple of things from him and Jason got one thing. Then I took him to my DVD contact and I said goodbye that it was my last market. He was very sad, and said he didn’t want me to go but I said I had to. I said my 2 year old needs me at home. Then when we were browsing he came up to me and gave me 4 free kids DVD’s for Logan. Was nice!!! Then I showed him the purses etc, chess sets, blankets, pashminas etc. I made a couple more purchases and then I showed him where to get his keyboard protector to keep dust and stuff out of his keypad. Was a whirlwind tour. Then we biked to work, dropped off our stuff, and then headed to lunch. Then we started our shift with a redbull each. Jason was a rockstar again today. We were sooooooooooo busy. At lunch we saw the sign for Mexican food night at the mess so I was super stoked all day waiting for it. Only the 2nd one I have seen since I have been here. So when the other guys were in we headed to eat at 1840 so they could read the log and then we headed over to eat. It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I had tacos and chicken fajitas. And real sour cream for the 2nd time!!! Then we went back in to make sure they didn’t have any questions and to pick up our purchases from today. I managed to pick up the first 4 episodes of dexter season 4 as well. Then we biked home, and dropped our stuff in my room, and then did the laundry run, then we went to the dutch PX cause Jason wanted to look around. I picked up the cutest stuffed chocolate lab for Logan. Its name is Sam but I am going to change it to Tikka and hopefully Logan will love it. Then we locked the bikes up and I came over to visit Trevor but he is sick so he was in bed. Now just hanging out with Jason and doing some file sharing. Then going to bed. Overall with the market and the Mexican night, million dollar day!!! Tomorrow is our Air Wing BBQ. Jason, me, Sven, and Ed are heading over to it. We get our 2 beers so it should be fun.

That’s all for now.

Oh yeah, I got an email from my boss at home in Comox. I am being attached posted to wing ops in January, and then officially posted to wing ops next summer. I will be the wing ops planner. Will be good. I will be heavily involved in stuff for the Olympics. Apparently I was the #1 draft pick of the Wing Operations officer. “ They want me because of my excellent planning and organizational skills” This should hopefully merry me up with Paul’s posting schedule so that we can be posted together when it is time for him to be posted.

Love Rae-Lynn (11 sleepies to go)

Friday, November 13, 2009

13 NOVEMBER 2209

Had an awesome day today. Didn't get to sleep till 0200 and was going to sleep till 1100 but I woke up at 0830 and was hungry so I went to breakfast. Then I returned some stuff to supply and did the laundry run and then showered and got ready for work. Picked up Jay at 1145 to head to lunch and then to work. We had a really crazy busy shift again but he sat in the seat and only consulted me if he had questions. I am very impressed. He is doing sooooooooooooooooooo well. Sucked for me because I wanted to do it all because I love the job but I had to watch so he could learn. Was fine. We didn't finish till 1930 and then we walked home. Then I did another laundry run to drop off my last bag of stuff. I'll pick it up tomorrow and then on the 15th I return my laundry bags. Then I hung out with Trevor and Jason a bit. Then I came back here and now I am blogging. I want to be in bed by 2300 at the latest. Market day tomorrow and I am exhausted right now. There is a bbq on sunday that is mandatory and another one on monday I think. Will be awesome.

Love Rae-Lynn

Thursday, November 12, 2009

13 NOVEMBER 0026

Had an awesome day today. I woke up at 0730 to go to the washroom. Finally got back to sleep around 0900-1100, then got up and showered and met up with Jason for lunch and then our first shift together with me training him. He is super smart and is totally like my twin. I think we were separated at birth. It is so awesome training someone who is so switched on. We get along really well. We had a tough shift and were crazy busy. He is very keen to learn and will pick it up no problem. Finished up at 1900 and Jason bought a pizza for us to eat. Was awesome. Then I went to the px and picked up a pair of sweatpants and some other surprises. Then I went and hung out with Trevor for a bit and then came back here. We had a comms lockdown so had to wait for it to be lifted to be able to blog.

They aren’t going to switch my flight so we are deciding if we will buy my flight ourselves or not. I am even considering flying to Vancouver the night of the 24th and then getting a flight to comox first available. We will see!! I am waiting to hear from Paul about the Nanaimo option. It is the cheapest and will get me to Nanaimo for 0907 which is 5 hours earlier. Maybe him and Logan can sleep over at M&J and then all come to pick me up on the 25th. We will see.

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11 NOVEMBER 2352

Had a pretty good day. Got to bed at around 0100. Took forever to fall asleep. Then I was going to get up at 0830 to go have breakfast but Patti woke me up. I heard her waking up Paul so I got up and went to breakfast. Paul was over there eating and then Patti showed up. Then I came back and called my hubby. We had a great little chat. He was out hunting that night with his bow. Didn’t get anything yet but hopefully he will. Logan is down at M&J’s.

Then I headed over to work at around 1015 for our Remembrance Day parade. It was all the more special being over here this year. I can’t go in to much more details but it was really really good.

Then I went in to work and the hard drive swap didn’t help things so we had to get the upgraded version and Sven wasn’t able to do a full back up before the swap so we lost some stuff so helped him get things sorted. I had a redbull and then went on shift at 1230. I wasn’t hungry yet from breakfast so I didn’t eat before my shift and then I totally forgot to eat cause I was sooooooooooooo busy with stuff. Patti had done 18 separate bookings/changes in the database last night and they were working on the database and somehow reverted to an older copy. I re-did all 18 of her changes as well as the other bookings and things I was working on. Was a good shift though. Our replacements still had some inclearances to do so they didn’t come on to train with us. One guy started tonight at 1900 with Paul till 0100 and the other SGT will go on at 0100-0700 and then Sven’s replacement will go in with him and mine will go in with mine. I am meeting him at 1145 tomorrow and then we will go to lunch and then in to work.

Finished shift at 1850 biked home and then did the laundry run. Then I went over to Old Canada House. Ran into BS again and talked to Sven’s replacement. Then I wandered over to see my replacement Jason. He is from Comox as well so wanted to chat. He is totally like my mirror image so that is awesome. He is totally switched on so we will have a great turnover and he will do well in my position. Then when I was talking to him, my buddy Trevor heard my voice and realized it was me and came over. It was sooooooooooo awesome to see him. I haven’t seen him since my MOAT when I was in Greenwood. I may have seen him one other time when I was out there for a simulator. Can’t remember. We went to RMC together and he is a really good friend who I only seem to manage to run into in the armpits of the world. Greenwood and Afghanistan.!!!! LOL. We had a really really good chat but he only got here today so he was super bagged. It is actually really crappy that my good good friends were on the roto before me (Suzy), and the roto after me. (Trevor). Too funny but nice to see them and get a hug. Man I miss hugs. It is soooooooooo horrible not having any physical contact with another human ie hugs etc. I’ll try and spend some more time with him before I leave. He will be here for the next 10 months.

Was soooooooooooooooooooooo cold tonight. I had my one hoodie on and then I put my inner rhythm hoodie on top of that since it was so chilly. My teeth were chattering.

Doesn’t like they are going to switch my flight for me. I may just go ahead and pay for my own flight. I miss my boys so much. One option is paying $170 and flying to Nanaimo arriving at 0907. P&L could maybe stay at M&J’s overnight and then come down and pick me up. This would involve me letting my people from work know not to expect me in comox. The second option is paying $126.85 and booking my own earlier flight out of Edmonton arriving comox at 1120. Option 3 is trying same day standby the day of when I am in comox and getting option 2 flight for free. The fourth option is renting a car and driving home the night of the 24th. I can guarantee I would get there sooner. Option 5 is hitchhiking but with all of my bags, might be rather difficult. Would be alright till I got to BC but then it is illegal. Actually pickup is illegal. Option 6 is partying all night in Edmonton on the 24th and getting hammered and then sleeping in so I am not actually awake and missing my boys and then hopping on at 1300 and getting home at 1340.

I will probably just go with Option 6. LOL
7 sleeps here, home in 2 weeks!!!
Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11 NOVEMBER 0031

Happy Birthday to Logan’s Great Nana Shirley and our Nana Shirley. And Happy Birthday to Uncle Frank. Both celebrating Nov 11th.

Had a wonderful day today. I woke up at 1040 20 min before my alarm. Last night I stayed up till 0200 watching the season 6 finale of the L word. Unfortunately that was the last season but I really enjoyed the series. Then I went to sleep and slept pretty good. Got up and did some more arranging of stuff. Showered, went to lunch and then headed to work. Work was insanely busy again. One of my main computers was acting up severely again today. We replaced the hard drive tonight after my shift so hopefully will be good to go tomorrow when we start our handovers.

I didn’t even get to go to the washroom until 1700 and I start at 1230. That is how busy I was with stuff. Was good though, finished up at 1845 or so and headed over to eat supper. It was chicken tenders….so delicious. Then I biked home at 1930 or so and did a couple of things and then BS popped over to see if I had anything ready to give him before I leave. I gave him 3 of my hanging storage shelves that I had already taken down. We had a good chat for about an hour or so. It was really really cold out tonight. I am also going to give him by wooden nightstand/shelf thing, and my 3 drawer cart, as well as my duvet and cover, and my 2 pillows. Was really good to see him. Made me miss home that much more but nice to see a familiar face. He sort of got screwed on his HLTA dates which even pissed me off. They gave them both to him during the same fiscal year. Someone should have noticed that him and Laurel are a service couple and that it should be in the next fiscal year so she could take leave with him. Oh well, I guess if I did 9 months, chances are both of mine would be in the same fiscal year. His are also at the beginning of his tour though so at the end he will have over 5 months without seeing his family. I am sure they will be fine but would have been nice if they could have got a better spread of dates. Was so funny when Brian told me he reads my blog! I wasn’t expecting that. He was wondering what the L word is and I told him it is a tv series. LOL!

So they looked at my email from yesterday because I have read receipt but no one replied to my request of them booking me the earlier flight. We will see if they reply by tomorrow. The least they can do is reply. Gosh!

So today is Remembrance Day. Will be quite a memorable one since I am here. Heading over to work to arrive at 1030 tomorrow for the ceremony. Then I start day one of training the replacements. Hopefully it will go smoothly. I will probably get up at 0830 so I can grab a quick breakie so I am not starving during the ceremony. Just gonna finish up this post and then hit the hay.

Logan is down with Aunt Marjorie and Uncle Jerry until the weekend since the daycare is closed.

Love Rae-Lynn

8 sleeps left here, 16 till I am home!!!

11 NOVEMBER 0031

Happy Birthday to Logan’s Great Nana Shirley and our Nana Shirley. And Happy Birthday to Uncle Frank. Both celebrating Nov 11th.

Had a wonderful day today. I woke up at 1040 20 min before my alarm. Last night I stayed up till 0200 watching the season 6 finale of the L word. Unfortunately that was the last season but I really enjoyed the series. Then I went to sleep and slept pretty good. Got up and did some more arranging of stuff. Showered, went to lunch and then headed to work. Work was insanely busy again. One of my main computers was acting up severely again today. We replaced the hard drive tonight after my shift so hopefully will be good to go tomorrow when we start our handovers.

I didn’t even get to go to the washroom until 1700 and I start at 1230. That is how busy I was with stuff. Was good though, finished up at 1845 or so and headed over to eat supper. It was chicken tenders….so delicious. Then I biked home at 1930 or so and did a couple of things and then Brian Selman popped over to see if I had anything ready to give him before I leave. I gave him 3 of my hanging storage shelves that I had already taken down. We had a good chat for about an hour or so. It was really really cold out tonight. I am also going to give him by wooden nightstand/shelf thing, and my 3 drawer cart, as well as my duvet and cover, and my 2 pillows. Was really good to see him. Made me miss home that much more but nice to see a familiar face. He sort of got screwed on his HLTA dates which even pissed me off. They gave them both to him during the same fiscal year. Someone should have noticed that him and Laurel are a service couple and that it should be in the next fiscal year so she could take leave with him. Oh well, I guess if I did 9 months, chances are both of mine would be in the same fiscal year. His are also at the beginning of his tour though so at the end he will have over 5 months without seeing his family. I am sure they will be fine but would have been nice if they could have got a better spread of dates. Was so funny when Brian told me he reads my blog! I wasn’t expecting that. He was wondering what the L word is and I told him it is a tv series. LOL!

So they looked at my email from yesterday because I have read receipt but no one replied to my request of them booking me the earlier flight. We will see if they reply by tomorrow. The least they can do is reply. Gosh!

So today is Remembrance Day. Will be quite a memorable one since I am here. Heading over to work to arrive at 1030 tomorrow for the ceremony. Then I start day one of training the replacements. Hopefully it will go smoothly. I will probably get up at 0830 so I can grab a quick breakie so I am not starving during the ceremony. Just gonna finish up this post and then hit the hay.

Logan is down with Aunt Marjorie and Uncle Jerry until the weekend since the daycare is closed.

Love Rae-Lynn

8 sleeps left here, 16 till I am home!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

updates from Paul

Hey Good news first, Logan said potty tonight. We watch sponge bob sometimes so I bought him a sponge bob tube of toothpaste. He can see this from the potty. So tonight while on the Potty he said what sounded like sponge bob. He also said wet again.

Now the bad news, Brenda's son is sick with the flu. Maybe the swine flu. He is at home in isolation. Logan's vaccine is not active for another 4 days. So I tried to invoke my child care for tomorrow. Barb can't they are leaving. So Butch said I can come to work late tomorrow because I'm going to take Logan to parksville. I have made arrangements for him to stay there until friday. Butch was going to give me the whole day off tomorrow but I told him I was moved off the standby list for the 11th to do century. So he said come in late. This kind of works out ok because Margie and Jerry were going to come up for the 11th. Just keeping you in the loop.

Hopefully our daycare lady Brenda's son doesn't have the swine flu and makes a full recovery. Logan is off on a road trip to see Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and Aunt Margie. Hopefully they will have a good time.

Love Rae-Lynn

10 NOVEMBER 0010


Had an awesome day today. Last night I tried to go to bed at midnight and then I called Paul and Logan when I couldn't sleep cause I missed them. They had just got back from church and they came online and we had a video chat for an hour or so. It was sooooooooooooooooooo great. Logan was his adorable little self. Even saw Tikka. Was really really good. Then at 0100 I went to bed and was woken up at 0930 by someone moving in to our tent. I decided to get up. So I packed up some more of my stuff and then I finally showered and got ready for work. I grabbed lunch and went in to work. As always I was a rockstar. Tons of stuff for me to fix and sort out. Was really really busy. I finished at 1850 and borrowed the vehicle to drive home and pick up my last box to send home, grabbed it and mailed it home. Then I drove back to work and returned the vehicle and then went in for a little bit.

They sent me my itinerary for my flight to comox on the 25th. They booked me on the westjet flight leaving edmonton at 1300 arriving in comox at 1345. I was super pissed because I know there is flights before that with Air Canada. I quickly went online and found that there is an Air Canada flight leaving edmonton at 0620 and arriving in Comox at 0915 via a stopover in Vancouver. I emailed them and asked if it is possible for them to put me on that flight instead. Hopefully I will find out tomorrow what they will say. I think they thought they were doing me a favor by booking me on a direct flight but I was previously told that the booking priority was first available flight. The other person going to comox as well is happy with the flight. We will see what happens. I will be ecstatic if they book me the 0620 flight. I want to get home as soon as I can. Time will tell. The problem is that I think the westjet flight was only $79 before tax and the aircanada one is $197 before tax so I doubt they will change it.

Then I biked home, did the laundry run and then came home. It was almost 2100 be that time. I watched some L word till 2210 when this guy popped over for my chair that I promised him. He bought me a huge lindt chocolate bar in exchange for the chair. He actually gave me 2. One was dark chocolate with hazelnuts so I shared that around at work because I hate dark chocolate. The other one is super awesome milk chocolate with hazelnuts.

After he came by, I went to the gym. I did 60 minutes on the bike for 1018 calories and 6.19 miles. then I did 40 situps and then 15 pushups and then 8 pushups. Was great.

Then I grabbed a shower and now I am blogging and watching the final episode of season 6 of the L word and then bed time.

Love Rae-Lynn

Sunday, November 8, 2009

08 NOVEMBER 2012

Had an insanely busy day. I went to bed at around 0100 or so maybe later. Got up at 1040. Manged to chat with Paul a bit till 1130 and then grabbed a shower and headed to work. Work was soooooooooooooooo insane. I put out fires my whole shift and didn't finish till 1945. It was a million things at once. The weather was horrible today so a whole bunch of flights got cancelled and had to be scheduled. Man was I soooo busy. Biked home after work and it is finally nice to relax. Watching some L word. The weather was so crazy today with the wind etc it is cold out and I took my sweater to the laundry so I am not going to the gym tonight.

Just gonna relax with some L word and hopefully get a good night sleep. Maybe if I get up really early, might be able to video chat with Paul and Logan again.

Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, November 7, 2009

07 NOVEMBER 2353

Just got back from the gym. I did 60 min on the bike for 1010 calories burnt and 6.12 miles. Then I did 30 situps and then another 10 and then 15 pushups and then another 6.

Was really good. Just grabbed a shower and now I am going to watch another episode of th L word and then go to sleep.

Congrats to Leslie and Andrew on the birth of James Thomas.

Congrats to Allison and Josh on the birth of Thomas Joshua!!!

Love Rae-Lynn

07 NOVEMBER 2013

Had a really good day today. Went to bed at 2330 or so. I ended up waking up at 0630 to go to the washroom. I tried to go back to sleep and then gave up at 0715. I called Paul and then we went online and had a videochat with Paul and Logan. It was awesome. Logan said so many words. "bravo", etc. It was soooooooooooooooooo great. Logan was running around and playing. Tikka was in the "doghouse" for eating Logan's supper off of the coffee table while Paul and Logan were in the other room.

Then I went to breakfast, then showered and managed to go back to sleep from 0930-1040. Then I got up and got ready and headed to the market. I picked up Season 6 of the L word, and Bring the Pain S1-2, The Chapelle Show S1-3 as well.

Then I went to work. It was good. Was super busy. I was so busy I missed going to lunch. Luckily I had a pack of microwave kraft dinner so I had that. We also had this awesome yogurt in the fridge so I had that too.

After work I biked home, then did the laundry run and now I am watching an episode of the L word. Then at 2000 I'll go to the gym and read my book on the bike.

Love Rae-Lynn

Friday, November 6, 2009


I have 12 more sleeps in the sandbox and 19 more till I am home. Can't wait to get home to my boys.

I went to bed at like 2320 last night. Got up at 0930. Was able to chat with Paul online for an hour or so. Was great. Him and Logan are doing awesome. I am so happy that they have bonded so closely while I have been away. Logan is such a polite little boy with his pleases and thank yous. I am soooooooooooo proud of him.

Last night Paul had hockey so Logan was with a babysitter.

After our chat I grabbed a shower and then headed to work. Work went well. I had alot of stuff to do and tie up some loose ends. Was really good. Finished just before 1900, biked home, went to supper, then I went to drop off Brian's tacvest (Laurel's husband). Someone had taken it by accident and I was able to get it for him and bring it to him.

Then I watched a couple of episodes of burn notice. It is really good. I am gonna get ready and hit the hay early again tonight. Probably by 2320 at the latest.

Tomorrow is the market and I am very excited. It is my 2nd last one. Then tomorrow night I should be mailing home my last package. Then if I buy anything else it will have to go with me in my bags!! I am getting anxious to get out of here and get home.

I can't wait to sleep in my own bed, and hug my hubby and my son!! To see my cat and dog, and all of my friends!!!

Love Rae-Lynn

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Had an alright day. Got up at 0930 and phone Paul. We had a good chat.

Last night Paul took Logan to the movie night at the base. It was G.I, Joe. He said Logan had a good time. At one point Logan stood up on the couch and then farted really loudly and then started laughing. That’s my boy!!

He was also dancing on the stage for a bit.

They didn’t get home till 2100 or so.

Work was alright. I’m looking forward to getting home. I got a massive migraine at the end of my shift and I still have it. I’m gonna go to bed at around 2300 tonight or sooner depending on how I feel. I came home, did the laundry run and then watched the last episode of the L word season 5. Was good.

Then I went to supper and now I am blogging. Then probably bed time.

20 sleeps till I am home!!! 13 more sleeps here!

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

05 NOVEMBER 0006

Had an alright day today. Got up at 0930, phoned Paul and had a good chat. Then I showered and got ready for work. Then I noticed it was only 1100 so I started packing up my stuff to go home. I think I am only gonna have one mob box now. Did quite a bit of packing so that was good. I will be shipping my boxes 2 days before I leave so making sure that nothing important is in there cause I won't get it for awhile.

Work went alright. Was busy. I didn't get out of there till 1910 or so. Biked home and watched some L word.

I'm gonna head to bed soon. My arms are very sore from the flu shots yesterday.

Paul and Logan had their's yesterday too. Logan was a champ and didn't cry. He needs another one in 3 weeks. Logan fell asleep on the way home after the shot. He was very tired. They waited 2 hours for Logan to get his shot.

Paul also said that Logan went potty at daycare. Brenda asked him if he had to pee and he said yeah so he went.

Logan also loves the halloween candy. Paul has to ration him.

Man I miss my boys.

21 sleeps.

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3 NOV 0852

Happy Birthday Gillian.

Had a great day. Got up at 0930 and showered, and then went online and was able to chat with Paul for 15 minutes before I had to go. Paul and I drove over to the other side of the base for our briefing for leaving this place. Finished and returned the vehicle. Then we were able to get our swine flu and seasonal flu vaccinations. We were told not to exercise for 24 hours and that we should take some Tylenol tonight because our arms are going to be sore. We got one in each arm. I am relieved that I have it already.

I think Paul is trying to get his and Logan’s this week. I was surprised how many people don’t want it. Blows my mind.

Work was busy enough. Was good.

Finished at 1850 and biked home, then I did the laundry run. Then I started packing up some more stuff in my room. Was good. Now I am settling down to watch some more L word. I am in season 5 now, the final season that I have. Then I can pack it up and send home my last box of stuff.

22 more sleeps!!!

Love Rae-Lynn

Monday, November 2, 2009

03 NOV 0040 23 SLEEPS


Had a good day. Got up at 1000 and chatted with my hubby online for 30 minutes. Was good. He passed his first aid exams so that was great.

Showered and headed to work. Work went well. Was busy the whole time. Finished at 1850 and biked home. I went to call Mom H to wish her a Happy Birthday but couldn’t reach her. Then I called Dad and we had a nice chat. Tried Mom but no one was home.

Came home and watched some L word till 2300 and then went to the gym. I did 45 minutes on the bike for 773 calories burnt and 4.83 miles. Then I did 32 situps, then 10, then 9 pushups and then another 6. Was good. I read my book while I biked.

Then I grabbed a shower and now I am watching an episode of the L word and then I will go to sleep at around 0100. I have to get up earlier cause Paul and I have to go to the other side of the base for a DAG brief for when we leave.

23 more sleeps till I am home sweet home!!!

Love Rae-Lynn

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Had a great day today! I went to bed at 0130 and got up at 1000. My hubby was online so we chatted for an hour and a half. Was awesome. He told me some awesome Logan stories so here goes.

They had a blast trick or treating. He took Tikka as well. Logan said thank you and bye bye to everyone after they gave him some treats. My polite little man. People were in yards trying to scare people and Logan would wave at them. The night before Halloween Paul carved pumpkins with Logan. After the candles were lit inside Logan tried to touch the pumpkin and Paul said “hot” so whenever he saw one Halloween night he would say “hot”. Paul had his first aid friends over on Saturday afternoon to practice for their exam which is today. Logan had a blast flirting with all of the girls. I guess at one point Logan was in the bathroom and the toilet seat was up and he was trying to put his potty seat on the toilet and was making a mess. Paul was about to get upset at him when he realized that Logan may have to go pee. He asked him and Logan said yes, so Paul put the seat down and then put Logan’s seat on and then Logan had a tinkle. So wonderful!!! He is such a smart little guy. Here is the best part. While Logan was on the toilet he starts pointing and grunting or something. He was pointing at the Canadian tire flyer to get Paul to pass it to him. Paul always reads the flyers on the toilet so Logan wanted to be like Daddy. I think that story is soooooooooooo funny. Monkey see, monkey do.

Hmmm on Friday night they had some Chinese food and Logan insists on eating with chopsticks because Daddy is. He managed to stab a piece of chicken with one but it fell off just before it reached his mouth and they both laughed.

Paul also noticed lately that Logan has been full on calling him Daddy, not Da da or momma. Lol

So after my chat with Paul, I showered, and headed to lunch and then to work. Sven had had a crazy busy shift. Mine was steady and I got a lot of loose ends tied up. Was really good. We were supposed to have PD tonight but it was cancelled which was a nice surprise.

Not sure if the elections are going to happen or not since the competitor withdrew. We’ll see what happens.

Came home after work and did the laundry run. Then I watched an episode of the L word and 2 episodes of gray’s anatomy. I have no more of season 6 of gray’s left to watch L. Oh well. I still have quite a bit of the L word.

Then at 2225 I went for a run outside. I did a 20 minute run around the base. My knees were sore at the end but was alright. Then I went to the gym and did 20 situps, then 13, then 10. Then I did 11 pushups, then 7, then 9. Was really good. I grabbed a quick shower and then now I am back in my room and it is 2330.

Happy Early Birthday to Mom H. Her birthday is on the 2nd. I hope she had a wonderful birthday.

I have 24 more sleeps till I see my boys and I couldn’t be happier. I miss them soooo much!!! Logan is changing so much.

I really enjoyed my tour and I know I made a difference and lives were saved because I was a rockstar at work. It is hard to think about all of the firsts I missed and hopefully Logan will be alright with having me been away and won’t hold it against me.

I can’t wait to see Bear. Will be weird to be home and Habibi won’t be there. He was such a good cat.

Love Rae-Lynn