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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Yesterday was my Battle Fitness Test (BFT). It was very very hard but it went really really well. I finished my march in 2 hours and 17 minutes I believe. You have 2 hours and 26 minutes and 20 seconds. I am pretty sure that was my time but I think he said I was 11 minutes early but I think he just messed up the math. Oh well. I went at a 5.7 km/hour pace for pretty much the whole thing. The other 2 people doing the BFT with me finished at 2 hours and 24 minutes. I went ahead and walked at my pace. The weather was perfect for the first half. Then it rained a little but it didn't bother me. I just kept on marching. My Knee was bothering me at the half way point and of course I had a lot of phlegm since I am sick but it all worked out. Chapman would keep me company for parts of it. He was very cool. He just kept pushing me. I think he wanted me to get a really good time since I was pushing so hard so he didn't want me to slow down and coast in. The fireman's carry went better than planned. I won't elaborate on here but I got my miracle!!!

I came home after the BFT and it was slow walking. I have a bunch of new blisters. Mostly little ones except for my swollen toes with huge blisters. Mostly my baby toes. They were quite the site for sore eyes!!! I was sore but not as sore as I was from the march I did on the 19th. Good thing I did that march. So last night Dad took us out for Paul's birthday dinner (from Jan 26). I was having celebratory nachos from my exertion. We had a lovely dinner at Boston Pizza.

Today I woke up and my legs are still a little sore, and of course my blisters keep filling up. I'll be fine though.

It is starting to get sad since my Dad leaves tomorrow morning at 0730. We had a wonderful visit. It was so awesome he was here. Thursday I was able to go over to Barb's for 3 hours to do some scrapbooking with her, Laurel and Gill. Last monday night, Dad and I went to Bingo but we didn't win. Paul took my Dad golfing yesterday afternoon. I was wanting to rest after my BFT so I stayed home with Logan.

So yes, tomorrow will be very sad seeing my Dad off. I will probably go alone to the airport since his flight is at 0730. Logan didn't get up till 0800 this morning so I won't wake him up. Maybe though, Dad will probably want to say goodbye to him.

I just finished reading 'Deception Point' by Dan Brown. He is the author of Angels and Demons and the Davinci Code. I absolutely loved it.

Now, I have signed out "the new strong willed child" from the library to hopefully shed some light on mr. Logan. He has become quite slap happy lately hitting up in the face etc. I am not impressed.

Paul and I are off work till wednesday. Logan goes back to daycare on Monday. We'll send him back since we already payed for those 2 days. I work until the 6th of April and then I am off until I leave. I just have to start/finish packing up and get a few more sign offs and then I am good to go.

That's all for now.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I am sick sick sick and sick of being sick!

After the training in Edmonton, I came back and had a couple of days off, then one day at work followed by badminton regionals for 2 days. I won first place for the ladies for the Pacific Region. It was alot of fun. I can't go to nationals though because they are after I go away. I won a golf shirt which I gave to my Dad since he loves them!!!

Then I started my leave. I have Logan with me for the next 2 weeks. His daycare is closed for 2 weeks so I saved my leave to be able to watch him. On the night of the 14th he woke up screaming with a fever. Paul got up to take care of him. He started his cold. He has a horrible cough. I took him to the dr. on tuesday and she said his ears are clear and just a cold but may stick around for 10 days. He was super cuddly all week because he was under the weather. On wednesday my Dad flew in which was awesome. We picked him up at the airport and Logan knew him right away. It was nice for Dad that Logan was so cuddly because he normally is so busy you don't get to just hold him and love him up!!! Then on Thursday night and all day friday he was pretty active again, as well as today. He is still coughing every now and again but he is on the upswing. I, however, have been feeling crappy since thursday.

It probably didn't help that I went for a 13 km march to train for my Battle Fitness Test which I have on the 27th. I have to carry 55lbs of kit and walk 13 km in under 2 hours and 26 minutes. I did the full march carry 45 lbs in 2 hr 26. I did have the dog though and had to stop at lights, and there was alot of hills. I could hardly walk when I finished. I have a whole bunch of new blisters. One on the top of each baby toe, but nothing to crazy. I could hardly walk that night, and the next day. Today is saturday and I can finally walk okay without alot of pain.

Yesterday, we headed up to Campbell River so I could check out their scrapbook stores as well as take Logan to Let Em Loose to see if he would enjoy it. It was pouring rain all day. Logan seemed to have fun at Let Em Loose. There wasn't a ton of stuff for him to do there but he was fairly busy with it. He kept grabbing the plastic balls and throwing them over the fence. I walked over to the Scrapbook Room for a little look while he was playing and Dad watched him. Then I came back and was visiting with Astles. I sailed with him in 2001 for Op Apollo. He was there with his 8 year old Logan is very cautious, almost to the point of overly cautious. He doesn't have the reckless abandon and free spirit of his friends, especially Nate. That is a compliment to Nate, not something negative. So he is walking around on this play structure. As I am watching, he is standing at the end and there was a girl behind him. She was older, at least 3 or 4 so she shouldn't have even been there. All of a sudden, she puts her hands up and pushes Logan super hard off the edge of the play structure. He goes flying and is lying on the ground crying. I couldn't believe it. Dad was confused and didn't see it. He thought it was weird that Logan would fall off since he is so cautious. I ran over there, and I was super pissed. I said in a raised voice, not yelling to the girl "Why did you do that?" Why did you push him". I was very distraught. I picked up my little Logan Bear and was holding him as he cried, as I scanned the area for who owned the "demon" that pushed Logan for no reason. Her Mom came over, and asked what happened and I told her. She grabbed her daughter by the arm and asked her why she did it. Logan and I walked by and went to sit down by Dad since he was screaming. It is around a 2.5 foot drop I would guess. The mother brought the girl over who was crying hysterically with snot all over her face and was trying to get her to appologize but she was crying so hard she was inaudible. Then Logan stopped crying and I took him away to play. We climbed up the big structure but I couldn't fit through one of the openings so I had to take him out of there. We slid down the slide together. Then we played on the toddler one a bit. He went down the slide all by himself. It was fun!!! When we went back over to Dad, the other lady was leaving and she told her kid to "say sorry to the little boy", and she goes "Sorry Little boy". I felt sorry for the mother although her excuse was "She's isn't normally like that, she's really tired". I was pretty shocked to see it unprovoked, to a child that is clearly way younger and smaller. After the lady left, another lady that was sitting there said that that girl does it all the time, so not really sure what to think about that. The crazy thing was that the mother has a little boy of her own that is probably around 9 months old. I wonder what she does to him at home. I was so worried because of Natasha Richardson and everything in the news. But he was alright.

After we got home, last night, Logan ran away from me on the couch and before I could grab him, he launched himself over the top onto the floor again. I couldn't believe it. I think his new call sign will be "crash" or "helmet". I am considering making him wear his bike helmet 24/7 now!!!

Paul was patrolling last night and all day today at the mountain. Logan is down for his nap right now and I am gonna go and grab my shower. I had a good night sleep back in my own bed finally. I have had to sleep with Logan in the queen bed in his room monday-thursday night. He even let me sleep in until 0745 this morning which was a nice treat, since I am sick and recovering from my March.

I have to work this Tuesday doing my 9mm training and then I have my march on the 27th. I go back to work on the 1st of April. I should only have 6 more working days till I leave though so that should be nice.

I am enjoying having Dad here and so is Logan. We are looking forward to hosting Nana Karen for Easter. She has said that she may come out which would be awesome.

I have to be in Quebec on the 23rd of April so I am running out of time here.

Nana Karen sent out a package of goodies for Logan. She got him this pony thing that connects to the TV for Christmas, so that came, as well as his own camping chair and tons of clothes. Logan has more hoodies than anyone I know!!!

Paul is on leave until the 1st of April as well so it will be nice to have some family time.

That's all for now!

For the pictures, when you see the blue slanted piece, he was pushed from on top of that.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

On the road again

I am in Edmonton right now for a week of training. I am the only one staying in barracks though so that sucks.

Since I got home on the 6th of Feb, things have been really good. I went to volleyball regionals this week in Victoria and unfortunately we lost to esquimalt.

Paul go to go to the Brad Paisley concert because I had to go to the range for my C7 shoot + night shoot. I rocked the shoot, in a blizzard. Paul had a blast. He got to see Dierks Bentley, Brad Paisley and Crystal Shawanda.

After volleyball regionals I got to visit with Angela and Jen who are both visiting in Comox right now. Was so great to see them again. I didn't get to fully participate in their scrap weekend since I had to prep for this trip to Edmonton.

When I get back to Comox I have badminton regionals followed by 2 weeks of leave. I can't wait. Paul will be off for one of the weeks. My Dad is flying out from the 18 March - 29 March so that will be wonderful too.

Logan is growing so fast. His favorite word is hi. He says it so much. He is a very sweet soul, even when Nate is beating him up or shooshing him!!! I love my little sweetheart. Paul has been really busy with ski patrolling and single parenting while I am away.

Will be heading over to visit with Allison & Josh while I am here. They are having me over for supper. I also hope to see Vince.