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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feb 25 20X the point event at shoppers

So had a good week. Thursday I saw "This means War" at the theater with Stephanie for the stars and strollers. Kids were at daycare. It was awesome.

Yesterday we had a huge snow storm. Paul made it home later than normal but made it home.

Today we came down to Mom and Dad's. They were supposed to come to the hospital but Great Grandpa is in the hospital now so we came up instead. It appears to be pneumonia. We visited him today in the hospital with the kids.

Then I stopped in to Shoppers drugmart in Belleville on the way to Mom and Dad's since it is a 20X the point event when you spend $50.

Here is what I bought:

2 Neilson choc milk 1 L at $1.29 each
3 Duracell mini chargers regular $19.99 on for $9.99 and used my $5 off on each one from P&G
9 Charmin travel toilet paper at $1.19 each
7 Charmin 5 packs of seat covers at $1 each
Used the following coupons on the Charmin: 4 Save $1 on 1 Charmin. Then I usd 2 Save $4 when you buy any 3 of the following brands: charmin, puffs, etc, and 3 Save $3 when you buy any 2 of the following brands: charmin, puffs, bounty etc. So basically the charmin stuff was free and I actually got a bit of an overage. I used $21 in coupons for them and it only cost me like $17.70 for the products. Sweet!

Then the duracell mini chargers came with 2 AA rechargeables and the charger and only cost me $4.99 each.

Total before taxes and before coupons was $50.19.

Total after coupons before taxes was $14.19. $6.19 in tax. Total OOP was $20.38

500 regular points earned and 9500 bonus points earned for a total of 10000 points.

Before I rang that stuff through I bought a shoppers drugmart gift card to get the points but I screwed up. I bought a gift card for $57 thinking that my total was $57 after taxes but not taking in to account my coupons. So now I have $57 minus the $20.38 left on my card. Oh well. I got 570 points for buying that shoppers gift card and then used it to pay.

The best part of my transaction was that one mini charger sells for $19.99 regularly at shoppers and my total after taxes was cheaper than buying one of those at regular price!!!

The bill says I saved $33.70 on my sale items!!

Paul got a 95% on his exam on friday which was awesome but then failed his practical practice test. I am sure he will do awesome on the real thing on Monday.

HOpefully Great Grandpa will come home from the hospital soon.

Only one more week left before I have to go back to work :(

I started the couch to 5K again to try and get back in to better shape. So far I have done 4 workouts in 4 days. Doing well.

I started watching Life Unexpected on Netflix and love it. Already on Season 2. Makes the workouts go by superfast. When I go back to work I will get to work out every day from 0800-0900 so that will be nice. I only go back for a week and then I am off for Spring Break and the following monday and then the rest of the mondays in march and the last friday in march and first monday in April. Wish I was going to see the junos which are in ottawa this year.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb 21 2012 post #2

Feast or famine on my blog. Some days no posts and today there is 2.

So I took Logan to pick up the parcels on the way to daycare and I didn't have the notices left by the postman. I misplaced them from friday night till today. She wouldn't give me my parcels. Said I had to find them or wait for a 2nd notice. I was not impressed. I actually started crying in the car. Must be stress. Logan goes "why are you sad mommy?" I said because she wouldn't give me my parcels. Took him to daycare and Finn was having a blast. Didn't want anything to do with me.

After that I dropped the comforter off at the drycleaners. Worked out to $35 or something for the duvet to be cleaned. Oh well. I got to use my 20% off coupon though.

Then I came home and made a couple of chicken wraps with cheese wraps for lunch and then organized some coupons to get ready for my trip.

I headed to rexall on merivale first. They have multibionta vitamins (30 packs) on for 2 for $20 right now and I have $10 off printable coupons which would make them free. First I did a quick walk around the store to see if they had any tearpads. I found some awesome save $3 when you buy 2 aveeno products! Then I found the vitamins. Unfortunately they only had the ones for 50 years old and older but I got 6 of them anyway, and then I picked up a 6 pack of pepsi that I had a free coupon for and a 2L pepsi that I had a free coupon for, and a smartfood popcorn that I had a free coupon for. On my bill it shows $4.99 for the pepsi, and then a $4.99 coupon, $2.49 for the 2L and then $2.49 coupon and then $10 for each vitamin and $10 coupon, and then $3.69 for smartfood popcorn and then it subtracts $3.69. My subtotal is 0.00 and then it charged me hst on everything for $9.25. I then used a printable save $2 when you spend $20 at rexall coupon making it $7.25. If I had more time I would have bought all of the vitamins separately and used a $2 rexall printable on each one. I ended up paying $7.25 and it says on the bottom of the receipt that I saved $104.11.

Then I popped over to metro. I didn't find any tearpads here. I redeemed 2 free product coupons for 12 grain bagels at $3.79 each and then I picked up 1 pack of hamburger buns and one of hot dog buns 2 for $5 and then redeemed another free 2L pepsi coupon for $1.75 and another 6 pack of pepsi at $5.99. Now looking at my receipt she only took $4.99 off. crappy. Anyway, the bill came to $7.01 and I earned 1 airmile. I think since they are charging me tax on the full price before the free coupon that it will be better to buy my stuff at walmart price matching it for the lowest price possible in the future. I

Next stop was walmart. I had an awesome cashier. I picked up another childrens tylenol at $5 - $3 printable, thinsations at $2 -.75, my free natrel baboo toddler drink $3.26-$3.26, 5 philly cream cheese price matched food basics at $1.88, 2 large eggs price matching cdn tire at $2.29 each minus my save $1 when you buy 2 eggs coupon, price matched dempsters bagels at cdn tire for $2.29 -$1 coupon, I picked up 2 packs of english muffins at $1.74 each because they had $5.50 in coupons in them. 4L of milk $4.29 price matching cdn tire, dempsters white bread at $2.48 price matched to $1.99 at shoppers. It also came with $.50 off my next pack of bagels, price matched ziploc storage bags for $2.27 at superstore and used $1 off each one, 2 packs of chicken weiners at .97 each, then the best thing ever was valentines day chocolate at 75% off. I scored 6 400g toffifee's and 7 ferrero rocher for $1.50 each. awesome!! subtotal $51.26, total $55.30 total $ value of coupons used was: $11.01. Regular price of the chocolates was a minimum of $6.47 each so they should have been $84 on their own!!!!

ok so the coupons from the english muffins are: .75 off black diamond cheese, .75 off lactantia butter, .75 off cheese makers 250g cheese, .75 off almond fresh 1.89L, .50 off oasis 960 ml juice, .75 off allens 2L apple juicle or 1.89L juice, .75 off twinings tea and .50 off naturegg omega 3 eggs.

the coupons from the ziploc is: save $1 off any 2 ziploc products, save.75 off any fresh produce, save .75 off any Block cheese product, and save $1.50 off any fresh chicken products.

Then I popped over to food basics since walmart wouldn't let me price match the basmati rice. I picked up 2 basmati 10LB bags at $5.99 each. They also had dove go fresh on for $2.99 and I bought 5 and used 5 $2.00 off on each one making them $1 each, I picked up a 9 pack of chicken breasts stuffed with broccoi and cheese for $10, lactantia homo milk $6.29 - $1 coupon = $5.29 and it came with another $6 in coupons for stuff like more milk, astro yogurt, black diamond cheese strings and black diamond cheese. I mentioned this in a previous post, and I picked up skinny cow ice cream bars for $4.99 minus $1 off printable from facebook, a free bag of doritos from the superbowl event and 4 packs of bacon on for $2.44 or so. I can't find my receipt right now but I think that was everything.

Then I popped in to bulk barn to pick up Logan's free cheecha puffs from the cheecha gram I sent him on valentine's day. I had to pay $.32 in tax. Can't wait to try them.

Then I was rushing to the daycare to get the kids. Kelly called at 1630 while I was enroute to the daycare to invite the boys and I out to denny's at south keyes to celebrate fat tuesday, aka shrove tuesday, aka mardi gras aka pancake tuesday. I picked up the boys. Logan started crying because he didn't want to leave. Finn wanted nothing to do with me. We quickly ran home to drop off some groceries and headed to denny's. We had a great meal. Was delighted that kids eat free on tuedays!!! I had the new prime rib skillet. It was yummy. Finn did a great job on his pancakes, eggs and bacon and sausage and then puked up a tonne of stuff at the end of his meal all over himself, his coat, the floor etc. Was very gross.

After I cleaned him up we ran into walmart since we were there and I wanted to get the peas for Logan at the $1 price. I picked up 3 bags which are $2.97 at walmart and price matched them for $1 each at no frills. I also picked up a 400g tub of philly dill pickle for $3 pm no frill, then I bought 6 double boxes of puffs for $8.97, 12 rolls of bounty for $8.98 and 1 charmin seat cover for $1. I was able to use a $6 off when you buy one bounty, one charmin, and one puffs product coupon!!!The puffs came with the following coupons worth $20:
save $6 when you buy one charmin, puffs and bounty, save $3 when you buy any 2 products from the following brands: bounty, charmin, puffs, save 50 cents on any bounty napkins, save $1 when you buy any one bounty 12 roll count or larger, save 50 cents on any charmin freshmates, save $1 on any charmin product, save 50 cents on any tide product, Save $1 on any puffs product, save 75 cents on any duracell coppertop, save 50 cents on any downy or bounce, save $1 on any pampers diapers, save $1 on any febreze fabric refresher 800ml, save $1 on any clairol natural instincts, save $2.50 on any head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner.

Came home, bathed the kids and put them to bed. Then I had to cook up the hamburger meat that was defrosting all day. Made pasta sauce for thursday as we will try to go without meat tomorrow for ash wednesday. Fish it will be!!! I don't consider fish meat.

Through in a load of clothes since Finn puked on everything and now I am off to bed.

Boys have a dr. appt so they won't go to daycare till after that which is at 11am. Then I will clean the house all afternoon and get organized.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn.

21 Feb 2012

Hi everyone!

Things are going alright here. Last week I decided to go with the daycare that I had found that would take both kids. I called all of the references (5) and they were all glowing and wonderful. I am glad that I didn't let the bird scare me away. The bird will be moving to the garage in April. Silvia is wonderful. Logan and Finn both love the daycare. They cry when they have to leave to come home with me. Makes me feel good. Not really but I am happy that they are happy there. She is took Finn last wednesday morning, then all day thursday and friday and took Logan after school on thursday and friday. She is also taking them this week too and isn't charging me because she wants to make sure we are all comfortable. This Friday Logan will get on his bus from her place and be dropped off there and then all next week is practicing for when I go back to work on the 5th. I can't say enough good stuff about her. She is wonderful and the kids love her. She is very accomodating.

Last Thursday Stephanie and I went to see The Vow for stars and strollers. Was nice for me to be kidless for the movie. I loved it. Friday afternoon Stephanie and I went to walmart and loblaws to do some shopping and couponing.

I picked up 2 140 packs of cruisers for Finn size 4 for $28.75 and was able to use a $5 off coupon on each pack at loblaws. I bought them at loblaws because there was a no tax event!

Then we went to walmart and I picked up the following:

3 philly cream cheese. price matched food basics $1.88 each saved $1.10-$1.60 each
Romaine $2.47 (3 pack regular price walmart)
top dogs hotdogs on sale for $1.88 each at walmart 2 packs
9 pack of pork loin chops reduced to $4.90 from $7
free twistos (coupon from superbowl) $2.67 savings
pringles on for $1 bought 3
bananas $1.48
tylenol infants on for $5 minus my $3 off coupon. bought 3. Regular price is $6.96 or &7.96.
apples price matched independent 1.96/kg
aussie shampoo and condition was $2.96 at walmart, price matched zellers for $2.49 and then used .75 off each bottle. bought 7. Saved $1.25 per bottle.
thinsations $2. - .75 off coupon.
clorox wipes price matched metro $1.99 minus $1 off coupons. bought 2.
white bread wonder plus $1.88 price matching giant tiger and then used .75 off coupons. bought 2.
bagels I think they were $3.50 or something but price matched canadian tire at $2.29 and then used a $1 off coupon. dempsters bagels
broccoli .97 can';t remember if this was a price match
axe shower gel price matched no frills at $3.00 each and then used a $2 off coupon making them $1 each. bought 2.
Strawberries price matched no frills 2lbs for $3. They only had 1lb at walmart so bought 2 of those and he put them in as $1.50 each.
rice crispies squares on for $2.00 each bought 2 and then used a buy 2 save $1 coupon from superstore.
froot loops $2.97 x 2 and 1 frosted flakes at $2.97. used a buy 3 kellogs get $3 off coupon from superstore.
frenchs mustard was supposed to be $1 but I see on my bill I was charged $1.79 minus my 75 cents off coupon.
I also see on my bill one of my coupons for a $1 got entered as $2.00 so basically that corrected the overcharge on the mustard but had I noticed it scan incorrectly I would have got it for free but things were crazy at checkout with all of my price matching etc.
I also bought snap pees for Logan which were $2.97. Later I found out that they are $1 at no frills so I could have price matched them. doh.

total number of coupons used was 22. total coupon savings of $30.17 and then my price matching on top of that.

Total out of pocket was $76.21

With my shopping out of the way I didn't need to run out this weekend. I heated up some of the oven chicken breasts for supper and did potatoes in the oven and a caesar salad. I also made a cheese cake but it wasn't ready in time so we had it on saturday. I love my new epicure cheese cake pan.

Saturday we headed to the war museum at 1430 after Finn's nap. We spent 2 hours there and had a really good time. Logan loved it. It is free for the military but we thought we would have to pay for Logan but apparently each military person can bring 1 or 2 not sure guests each that also get in free. Only cost us $4 for parking.

Then we popped over to Michael and Kelly's for supper. We had lassagna soup which was awesome and a great visit. We ended up forgetting the diaper bag.

Sunday we got up and went to church at 11 and then took the boys to Funhaven. Logan absolutely loved it. We went for 2 hours. Only cost us $9.99 for Logan. Finn had fun too.

Unfortunately the military doesn't get family day off so Paul had to go back to Kingston sunday night. we were very sad to see him go. On family day, the boys and I just hung out and watched movies in the den. We even rocked out a little with rockband!!

This morning I took Finn to daycare and Logan to his bus. Then I vacuumed. Doing some cleaning and then I will pick up Logan from the bus and then take our comforter to be drycleaned. I have a fab coupon for 20% off!!! Then I have to pick up a couple of parcels from the post office. Then I will pop over to the Independent and then probably head over to walmart and food basics. There is a couple more things I need to pick up on sale and then I will do some more house cleaning before the boys come home.

Making spaghetti for supper tonight. Can't wait to use my super duper epicure pasta pot!

Can't believe 2 weeks till I go back to work. Life is going to get crazy busy!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

Monday, February 6, 2012

epic shopping trip to walmart

Had an epic shopping trip at walmart today.

5 sweaters $5 each = $25, regular price $15 each savings of $50.
French's mustard $1 - $.75 coupon = 25 cents
Multi grain cheerios $3.97 - $1 coupon = $2.97 plus there is a code for a free movie pass.
Aveeno daily moisturizer walmart price $7.47 or so, price match it to shoppers for $5.99 minus my $2 coupon = $3.99 savings of: $3.48
Cold Fx walmart price $23.00 price match to superstore for $16.77 - $4 printable = savings of $10.23 per bottle. Bought 3 bottles savings of $30.69
PGX walmart had the lowest price of $19.96 this week - $10 printable = $9.96 and I bought 3 so total savings of $30
Gaylea butter not sure what it was at walmart $3.33 maybe or more but pricematched it to independent for $2.99 and used my $1 off coupon. Bought 2 saved $2 minumum.
Ivory bodywash walmart price was $4.47 but I pricematched it to independent for $2.97 and used $3 off coupon from brandsaver making them free. I actually made 5 cents buying 5. Total savings $22.35 Since you pay tax on the pre-coupon amount each bottle cost me .38 for 701 ml.
Dove conditioner. Was $4.47 or so at walmart and I price matched it to independent for $2.99. no coupon. Savings up at least $1.50

Total retail cost before price matching and coupons was approximately: $242.33 and with taxes would have been: $273.83.

After my pricematching and coupons my total before tax was $107.32 after taxes of $20.69 my total was $128.01.

This would give me a total savings of $145.82 or 53%. Plus the free movie pass from the cheerios. I was very happy with this trip. The sweaters are great. I now have another 3 month supply of cold fx and pgx for the lowest prices that I have ever paid. I love price-matching and couponing.

Based on taxes of $20.69 doing some math they figured my taxes on $159.15 because they don't factor in the prices that they would charge for things without the pricematching. Example the sweaters were $5 but regular $15. I still only had to pay tax on the $5. But the PGX which was $19.96 I paid full taxes on $19.96 and then got my $10 off each bottle.

Total $ value of coupons used was: $62.75

On another note Sobeys has the philadelphia cream cheese dips on sale this week for $1.99. They were out of the dill pickle when I stopped by so they saved me from my myself.

I am excited about the free chocolate bar from Macs next week. http://www.mrsjanuary.com/canada-freebies/free-twix-peanut-butter-from-macs-with-coupon/

Love Rae-Lynn


A couple of deals I forgot about.

Multibionta vitamins are on sale this week for $11.99 at Shoppers drugmart. Use this $10 printable to score a great deal. If you copy and past that in your browser and it says operation is not allowed just click on that , may happen twice and then the coupon will pop up.


The other sweet deal is chicken chunkies on for 2 for $10 at metro this week. Pair that with a $2 off chicken chunkies and you get 2 for $8 or $6 if you have 2 coupons.

Apparently French's mustard is on sale at wal-mart for $1. There was a 75 cents off coupon in the insert and you can also print your own at: http://frenchs.ca/en/promotions/coupon.php - $0.50 off French’s Mustard
- $0.50 off French’s French Fried Onions
- $0.50 off French’s Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce
- $0.50 off Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

I think the cold fx is the best deal. $16.77 at superstore with a $4 printable:


Sunday, February 5, 2012

update & couponing

My playdate last week got cancelled with Stephanie at the last minute. I ended up taking the boys to Wal-mart to the walk in clinic to get their shots. Finn was supposed to get 4 shots and Logan 1. The dr. said in Ontario they give 2 at 12 months and 2 more at 15 months instead of all 4 in one go but he agreed to it for me. Then they realized that one of them was expired so I just went with 2 shots and then will do another 2 for Finn at 15 months somehow schedule that in even though I will be working. Finn did his angry cry. Logan was a super duper tough guy and didn't cry at all so I promised him a popcorn party!!! Then we did a quick walmart shop around but didn't find any deals so we headed to Loblaws college square to try and get 1 year photos done for Finn. We got there and the girl said that she had to take care of the portrait studio, photo lab and electronics so it was best to make an appointment. We said thanx for wasting our time and left. I managed to pick up a good deal. Vintna crackers were on sale for 3 or 4 boxes for $5. I had a $1 off coupon so it was pretty sweet. I tried to find prime rib to price match it with the sale at no frills but couldn't find any at the walmart.

Then we stopped at value village and I scored a pair of spider man winter boots for Finn that are bigger so I can get his foot in easier. Not a big deal since he isn't walking yet. I also scored a pair of American Eagle jeans and Calvin Klein jeans for $9.99 each and Logan found an electronic book for $1.99 that Brenda has in Comox so I let him have it. I received a free reusable shopping bag since my purchase was over $25. I have also joined their supersavers club. Join at www.supersaverscard.com and you get a 25% off for your next purchase as well as advance notice of sales and other awesome deals!! I was then driving to freshco when we ran out of washer fluid so we stopped at the walmart supercenter on bank st to see if they had the prime rib and to get some washer fluid. They didn't. I got some washer fluid and then 2 dove bodywashes at $2.97 minus 2 $2 off coupons. Logan wanted some bubble bath witch was $2.98 so I bought 9 charmin toilet seat covers at $1 each and used my Save $4 when you buy 3 coupon. This created a $3 overage and gave me a great discount on the bubble bath. We headed to the car and I put in the wiper fluid. It was tricky getting my hood open. It is being finicky these days.

Then we were off to freshco. I called Kevin and Karina to see if they would watch the boys while I went to freshco because Logan has been asking for Uncle Kevin and Auntie Karina and they said no problem so I dropped off the boys and headed to Freshco. They also didn't have the prime rib roast but I picked up 2 rib roasts at 50% off for $6.50 and $6 each. I picked up 2 purex at $3.97 each and used my save $2.50 when you buy 2 coupon. I also picked up the $3.97 milk bag of lactancia and it came with $6 of coupons on it. There was $1 off black diamond cheese 200,300 or 500g, $1 off black diamond cheese strings, $1 off astro yogurt, $1 off any 2 2l or 4l lactancia, and I can't remember the other ones right now. Was $6 in coupons. I bought 2 bags. Oh yeah I bought Pam for $4.57 or so and used my $1 off coupon and then I had a buy 1 pam and get $2 off eggs so my eggs were .65 after the coupon. Was an alright deal. would have been better if Pam was on sale but I needed eggs and didn't want to make a trip anywhere else. Then I picked up the kids and we headed home for supper. Then because I promised Logan we had our popcorn party after bathtime and then he went to bed just after 2100. Was a later night.

Thursday Logan had school and then after that we packed up and headed to Auntie Julia and Uncle Georges for a visit. We had a wonderful visit and she gave me a couple awesome bags of clothes for Finn and I gave her some coupons!! We got home for supper time and then bedtime for the kids. Laundry for me to do and then watched Greys and Private practice. I now do my laundry and run the dishwasher between the hours of 1900 and 0700 to get the cheapest electricity rates. I can actually program the dishwasher and washer to delay starting by a certain number of hours.

Wednesday night I also found a childcare provider close to us that will take both kids and made an appointment to go and see her on friday after Logan had school. We headed there and I still have to make up my mind. Price wise it is alright. Cheaper than alot of other places that I have heard of. Pro is that she can take both kids, Logan can still ride his bus to and from school from her place. her hours are 0700-1645 which works for me as well. Cons are that she has a macau and 2 dogs. I am fine with the 2 dogs but the macau is insane. I was only there for 45 minutes and it was driving me crazy. She had a flood in her house so her basement was the daycare but now it needs to be fixed so everything is on the main floor. The bird is in a huge cage in the corner. There was crap all over the cage and apparently they can crap on you if you are near the cage. On top of that it screeches all the time when it isn't getting enough attention. The first few times Finn was fine but then he would lower his head and start to cry. I found it very annoying but Logan loved the daycare and the bird. I am still going to keep on looking. Another pro was that she gets 3 weeks holiday unpaid. Lots of places get paid vacation and then you have to take your kids somewhere else during that time so you pay double. I would have to pay when the kids aren't there which is pretty standard but I was spoiled by Brenda in BC and only had to pay half of what I would pay if it was full time. Hopefully I can find a place that I love as much as Brenda and Janice in BC.

After that Auntie Kelly popped over with a birthday present for Finn and to drop off my epicure order and the orders from the party. I texted Karina to see when she wanted me to drop off and she said they could pick it up so we invited them for supper. I was planning on heating up my mexican lassagna and I had it thawing out all day. I was planning a caesar salad and extraordinary dip for the appy. Paul got home just as we were loaded up to go to the independent so I was able to leave the kids with him and go on my own. I picked up romaine, cream cheese, graham crumbs, and chocolate crumbs, dream whip, and the gay lea gold sour cream was on sale for $2 and I had 2 $1 off coupons so I picked up 2 containers, and 4 avocados for $5. The best deal was the french cross chardonnay on the way out of the store that was on sale for $35 for 4L instead of $40.

I headed back home and whipped up the extraordinary dip and used the epicure caesar and made that dressing. Karina opened up her guacamole from epicure and we made that too. It was phenomenal. I will be ordering some of that. Then when I took the tin foil off of the mexican lassagna it wasn't mexican lassagna. It was the epicure chicken breasts. They are delicious so we just had those instead. It was lovely. Man I love the extraordinary dip!!! Erin and Andy popped over later on as well and picked up her order. Still waiting on the baby!!! Was a nice visit with them too!

Saturday we made our way down to Dows Lake so we could skate on the rideau canal. We drove around the lot and couldn't find parking so we kept looking elsewhere. Then we ran to the superstore at westboro because I wanted a hard copy of their flyer and I wanted to pick up the cold fx that were on sale for $16.77. We picked up 2 bottles because that was all they had at the sale price. It was one per customer but there was 4 of us. We did the self checkout and had no issues. Then we headed back to dows lake to try and skate again. We found parking on a side street 3-4 blocks away. We parked and loaded up Finn in the stroller with all of our gear. As we were walking down the street Kelly and Michael recognized my hat and called us over. I was in my own little world. They had planned to skate as well but it didn't work out so they were heading home. They lent us Owen's helmet since we forgot Logans. We headed out to skate. I lasted 5 minutes on my skates. I really had to go the bathroom and there wasn't one around so I knew that if I fell I would pee my pants. Both would be horrible. The ice is very bumpy and rough so I didn't want to chance falling and getting hurt worse that I already am. I have major body pain these days so more pain would be awful. My feet are killing me in the morning and my wrists are killing me at night. Very painful to try and do pushups. Back hurts on and off as well. So I put my boots back on. Logan did a really good job and kept his skates on for around 20 minutes or so. Then he wanted his boots back on so we swapped them back on. Paul took Finn in the stroller for a big skate. Logan and I waited for the Giant Tiger "train" to come so we could go for a ride. It was a truck pulling 3 train cars. It went around a km or so and back in a loop. Was fun but got chilly just sitting there. I was freezing by the time we got back to the beginning to go to the car. Paul found us with Finn and we got to wave to them as they were skating. They even found a bathroom together and some taffy. We made it back to the car and then had to rush rush home since we were invited for supper at Stephanie and Brendans. We picked up dessert and french bread, rushed home, then Paul had a quick shower and we packed up and headed over there. I was also delivering Stephanie's epicure order. We had a wonderful supper that was so delicious. Pork loin and potatoes, and these decadent tomatoe treats. We had a great visit as well. Paul did basic training with Brendan and I have known Stephanie since 2003. After supper I held the baby a bit and then Stephanie and I did some coupon trading and sorting. Paul and Brendan, Logan and Connor headed to the basement to watch some hockey. After we were sorted out Stephanie and I headed to Walmart to make a quick trip for some deals.

Here is what I got:
PGX 90 caplets $19.96 minus the $10 printable save on foods coupon. = $9.96
Crest trial size pro health rinse $1 - $1 off p&g any crest pro health rinse = free
Crest glide floss $3.98 - coupon for free glide floss when you buy crest pro health rinse = free.
mini carrots $1
activia strawberry 650 g tub $3.97 pm to $2.39 from canadian tire flyer - $1 off activia coupon mailed to me by the company for watching their video = $1.39. savings of $2.38
Immunity fx price matched to superstore for $16.77 - $8 printable = $8.77
Cold fx 60 price match to superstore for $16.77 - $4 printable = $12.77
Babybel 6 pack price matched to $2.99 from no frills and used the $1 coupon attached to the package. Bought 2 packs. Was $4.77 at walmart so savings of $5.54
Black diamond cheese strings 16 pack price matched to no frills for $4.44 and used $1 off coupon. Bought 2. I believe they were $6.60 or so at walmart before the price match so I saved $6.32.

The pgx and cold fx were one per person so I had Stephanie grab 1 of each for me as well and I paid her back.

We pricematched ruffles at 2 for $4 for her which were $2.50 each at walmart. Saved her $2 on the purchase of 4. price matched Tide at Cdn tire and used a $1 off. price matched 12 pepsi from metro for $2.99 for her. She also was able to use the buy anyt venus razor and cartridges and save $10. Razor was $9.88 and came with 3 cartridges and cartridges were $10.18 or so so she got a pretty good deal.

While we were shopping around I found a huge rack of clearance pajamas on for $5 down from $12. I figured that this would be a good go if they didn't scan for $5 then we would get them for free since the scanning code of practice. We each picked up a pair. Logan is good to go right now so I picked up the 6X size. Stephanie went first in line so it scanned at $7 so she got hers for free. Then when we did mine the cashier automatically corrected it before the computer scanned it wrong so I didn't get mine for free so I didn't get them. The cashier said that once they know of an error in the system they have to correct it before it scans wrong. So after I did my transaction my subtotal was $44.75 , $7.60 in taxes and $52.35 out of pocket + 27 to Stephanie for my cold fx and pgx.

Total paid was $79.35. $value of coupons used was $32. Savings due to pricematching on top of that.

Then I took the pajamas to a different cashier and they still hadn't corrected the system so they scanned at $7 and I got them for free!!! The lady that didn't give it to me the first time was the supervisor so she didn't seem pleased that I got it for free from a different cashier but oh well. Sweet deal!!!

I have added the most awesome tool to my repertoire while shopping. I take my ipad with me and I use the website flyeronfire.com Every week they input all of the flyers in to this database. It mainly uses the flyers from Ottawa. So while I was shopping I saw the babybel with the $1 off coupons attached to them. I inputted babybel and it popped up that they were $2.99 at no frills. There is a link to the flyer and what page of the flyer they are on, then I used my ipad to show the cashier the price on checkout. Worked awesome. I used it for the ruffles for Steph, the tide, my pgx which walmart was already the cheapest. I also had the hard copies of all of the flyers except for no frills. Such a sweet system I have going now.

Then we headed back to Stephs. It was now 2230 and we headed home to bed.

Today we got up and had breakfast and headed to mass at the base church. It was wonderful. Logan had a peanut butter and banana wrap for lunch (recipe I learned from Bobbi Lalumiere) Paul and I had the left over half breast of chicken from friday night chopped up into 2 wraps each with romaine, tomatoes and cheese. Delicious.

Paul is working on his homework as I update my blog and then we are heading to the hill near Logan's school for some sledding!!! Will post pics and a video shortly.

This week Kelly is coming over on Tuesday to help me organize the kitchen better so that will be fun!!Still have to work on finding childcare etc.

Love Rae-Lynn Paul, Logan and Finn.