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Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30th

Hello everyone.

Last Saturday Papa and Paul put a new door on the house. Paul had to leave at 1500 so Papa and I finished the knobs and the weiser locks. Then Papa and I went to church with Logan and then we went out to supper for Dad's last night here. Sunday morning Dad flew home to Manitoba and Paul competed in the snow to surf competition. I had a relaxing day with Logan. Sunday afternoon I had a cut and colour with Evelyn and Paul wasn't home yet so Logan got to come with me. Paul came home from his competition and mowed the lawn before we got home. He was exhausted. He had fun though. He had to run straight up a mountain and then ski down. He said he had a hard time getting his boots in to the skis because of all the ice on them and that his skis came off part way down so he had to stop and put them on again.

I worked days monday and tuesday of this week and then wed and thurs nights. Monday I played badminton at lunch as well as on wednesday. Work went well this week. I am now off till next Thursday. I got home today at almost 0800. I read till 0900 and then slept till 1400.

I picked up a used trampoline for Logan on Wednesday from a military couple that bought a house and have no room for it. Logan loves it as you can imagine. Will be great keeping him in our yard instead of in the neighbours!!! I even put it all together myself.

It is all confirmed for my badminton nationals in Ontario. Mom H is flying Logan out with me so she can spend some time with him. We take the red eye the night of the 1st and get there at 0617 on the 2nd. I don't have to be in kingston till the 5th I believe so we will have a few days together. Then my tournament is over on the 10th and we would normally not fly home till the 11th but I fly home on the 12th with Logan. Should be a great time!!!

Paul is busy working away on his package. Ottawa came back and said that he gets another shot at his apprenticeship. I believe he has till October to complete it and so far so good!!!

Tomorrow night he has his hockey wind up party.

I can't wait till the Shane Yellowbird concert next Sunday night!!!!

Logan is doing well. He is so smart and funny but very stubborn and always wants his own way. He is saying more and more words and phrases and is a joy to be around for the most part!!!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan

Thursday, April 22, 2010

22 April

Unfortunately we lost volleyball regionals. I still had a blast with the girls. Saturday morning the 10th Paul took Logan to visit Uncle Michael on one of the "Orca" vessels that he is commanding. Logan fell down some stairs and landed on his face. When I saw him after my volleyball game on the 10th I couldn't believe it. I thought he broke his nose so I took him to the Dr. on Tuesday and she said he was fine. Thank goodness. We played Saturday and Sunday morning. Dad flew in Saturday night so we picked him up from the airport and then I had to go and watch the guys play but Dad came home with Logan and Paul. I was home shortly after when the men smoked Esquimalt.

Sunday I went to my volleyball game, Paul patrolled at the mountain and Papa brought Logan to watch me play volleyball. He was so cute clapping for everyone!!! After we lost, we went to church and then came home. Can't remember what else we did that day.

Monday and Tuesday I was supposed to have badminton practice but had appointments with Logan and I was too sore from volleyball. Wednesday I headed to Victoria for badminton nationals. I drove my own car. Wednesday night was the meet and greet and then we played Thursday. Since there was only 3 girls they decided that we would all play each other twice. I beat them both. Was still sore and something was wrong with my back. We played some more Friday and I got my prizes. Then I came home Friday night. I then worked Sunday and Monday night. Paul and Dad golfed Sunday after church.

This week I have had back problems so I had 2 chiro appointments and I have one more tomorrow. Logan has been home yesterday and today and will have him till sunday. I work mon, tues, wed, and thurs of next week. I am going to badminton nationals in Kingston, ontario from june 3-11. Actually flying out 1 June arriving 0617 on the 2nd and staying till the 12th. Mom H (Nana) wanted me to bring Logan so I have that all arranged and Paul is looking forward to his mini-vacation. Hope he isn't too bored. I can't wait!!!

Papa leaves this Sunday so we are starting to get sad.

Next big thing for us is the Shane Yellowbird concert on the 9th of May. I am working but will have to move some hours around with someone else so I can go. I love his new song "watching you walk away". I am off to take Logan to get a haircut right now and then I have a cut and highlights planned on Sunday afternoon.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan & Papa visiting!

Friday, April 9, 2010

9 April 1500

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Thursday night we went to the Air Force Beach Campground and set up the trailer. Unfortunately there was a huge monsoon like storm. Paul made a fire in the rain for him and Tikka but Logan and I stayed warm inside the trailer. We were supposed to stay 2 nights but given the weather we decided to go home and he let us cancel our reservation. Lots of people were without power. We only lost power for 30 minutes or so on Friday afternoon. Michael came up Friday night so that was great. Been a year and a half since I saw him and he hadn't met Logan. Saturday Paul and Michael headed up to the mountain for some skiing which was apparently some of the best skiing of the year. I was happy they had fun. Then we went to mass that night. One of the Church Ladies gave Logan an Easter book so that was really nice. He is a superstar at mass. They all love his antics. Mass was at 2000 so we didn't get home till 2145 or so. Then on Sunday we had an Easter Egg hunt in the house for Logan and then went down to "Easter at the barn". Logan got to ride his first horse and had a blast. He loved it and wanted to go twice but there was a huge line so we said no. There was also a petting zoo and another egg hunt. Logan wasn't too interested in the egg hunt because it was in the hay and he thought that was dirty!! Then we came home and Paul cooked up a wonderful turkey dinner. We did it in the deep fryer and Uncle Jerry came up from Parksville. We topped off the evening with a game of 20000 pyramid. Michael and I won!!!! Buddy also came up from Parksville. Then on Monday I went and played badminton with Leah. Was good. Unfortunately she can't go to regionals because we would be a really strong team together. Then I came home and spent the rest of the day with Paul and Logan. Paul worked on some biology as well.
Tuesday I worked a 12 hour dayshift. I was able to go to my volleyball practice from 1600-1700 so that was good. Then on Wednesday I had another 12 hour shift. I went in for 0600 since he was going to come in that night at 1800 so I could go to my volleyball game. The game was awesome. We won 3 sets in a row. We played the under 18 team that we played a week and a half ago. We only missed 3 serves total in the whole competition. I was a hitting machine. My serves were pretty great too. We played really well.

Tonight I have my volleyball meet & greet supper with the team from victoria. We are having steak and chicken which will be awesome. Then I play tomorrow at 1400. My Dad flies in at 1846 tomorrow night so we are super excited about that as well. Then we play Sunday morning at 0800. If we win those first 2 matches then we are done. If we have to play a third it will be at 1300 or so Sunday afternoon.

I had a wonderful 16 days off with Logan. He is talking up a storm now. He doesn't talk much at daycare because the other little girls do all the talking. Potty training didn't go too well. I think it is stressing him out so I am backing off a bit. Soon though he will be ready.

Other than that, I am off till the night shift on the 18th and 19th now. I just did a nightshift last night. My first solo overnight. I am off from tonight's shift because of volleyball regionals. Then next wed, 14-17 April I am in Esquimalt for badminton regionals.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan