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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

30 JUNE 2115

Had a great day today. Was super busy. Got up at the usual 0630, showered, and went to breakfast and then work. After work, I walked home, changed in to my workout clothes and then headed to the gym. I did 65 minutes on the elliptical machine. It was good I burnt off 849 calories and 5.58 miles/kms. After that I had a super quick shower and then stared an episode of criminal minds. I was supposed to go in to work at 1900 for a meeting so I called over at 1840 to make sure it was still on. I was told not to worry about going to the meeting so that was nice. Sven was already up to go so we went to eat supper. Then I came back and started watching some criminal minds episodes.

Looking forward to Canada Day tomorrow. There is lots of stuff during the day like volleyball, tug of war and other stuff, but I am working till 1600. I don't mind missing that stuff. Then at night there is a bbq and I will get my 2 beers at 1815. Should be a fun day.

Happy Canada Day everyone!!! And a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNALEE!!

Love Rae-Lynn

Monday, June 29, 2009

29th June 2157

Today was a pretty good day. I got up at 0630 and showered and then headed to breakfast and then work. Work was steadily busy but was great. Finished at 1600 and then walked home. I had a little ice cream from work on my way home. It was awesome. On the boardwalk I met a guy who wanted to know where the barber was. I got to ride in his hummer. Was awesome. He gave me a lift and I gave him a tour around the base. Was cool riding in the hummer. He offered to let me drive but I didn't. Then I came back to my room and read some of my book. Then at 1830 I headed back to work for our professional development brief. It was good. Then I walked over to Timmies and had a bagel and then walked home. Then I watched the movie "The hangover". It was hilarious. Now I am blogging and then I am going to bed. It is already 2200 so I have to get to sleep.

Last night I was watching criminal minds and Paul messaged me. I was able to go over and do a video chat with Paul, Mom and Logan.

Paul received his CD medal today. Sucked that I had to miss it but Mom and Logan went. I can't wait to see pics. Would have been special for Mom and Logan to be there!!!

Mom is keeping Logan this week instead of taking him to daycare so they are having some fun adventures together.

Love Rae-Lynn

Sunday, June 28, 2009

28 JUNE 2008

Had a wonderful day today. I was up at 0630, had a quick shower, then got dressed and headed to breakfast and then work. Once again I was really good and ate alpen cereal and then some mandarin oranges. Headed in to work and a very busy yet very productive day. It was great. Finished at 1555 and walked home in the blistering heat. It is really really hot here. I burn my hand on that doorknob I mentioned yesterday. I walked home and changed in to my workout clothes and then headed to the gym. I did 54 minutes on the bike and read my book. Getting quite close to the end. I burned 814 calories then I had a quick 30 second shower. I just wet my hair instead of washing it cause I wash it in the mornings. Then I came back and got ready to go to our Air Wing sunday night supper. Tonight it was at the Kebab house. I had the chicken finger with curly fries meal. It was alright. We got our "free" meals and carried them to where old canada house used to be. It burnt down last saturday but we sat on the patio and ate supper and chatted. Was a good turnout. 8 of us I believe. Finished up at 1930 or so I guess. Something like that and came back here. Our professional development was moved till tomorrow night at 1900. So that was nice.

Now I am checking my email. I hope Paul will come on so we can have a video chat but other than that, may watch a movie and then go to sleep.

Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, June 27, 2009

27 June 2150

Man is it ever hot here. It is 40 these days. We have coded doors everywhere to get thru to certain areas and in one the knob is silver and it in the sun all day. I burn my hands on it whenever I come back from the bathroom. Super crazy.

I had a really good first full dayshift. It went really well. I was up at 0630, quick shower, get dressed, went for breakfast. I was able to exercise some self-control and only had alpen cereal, some orange wedges and a yogurt as opposed to before when i would have had eggs, sausage, toast, and hashbrowns.

I got to work at 0730 and had my handover with Patti. Went well, she found some small mistakes I had made 2 weeks ago so I fixed them. Was a good pick up on her part. I had an awesome yet busy shift. Finished at 1555, came home, did the laundry run in the crazy heat. I wore the neck cooler that the MFRC in Comox sent me. Worked alright. Then I had to go and pay for another month of internet. I technically had till tomorrow night but had time so I did it. They are only open 0900-1900 so had to get it done. Then I came back and went to the gym. I did 43 minutes on the bike I think. Was good, read my book, got all sweaty. Then I took a super quick shower because we are only allowed 3 minutes per day. I didn't wash my hair, just got covered in water and then shut it off, soaped off and then rinsed. I got my hair wet but I'll wash it in the mornings.

Then I came back to my room and went online. I had a great chat with Andrew Willis and Suzie. Then I missed supper so I quickly walked over to Timmies for a bagel with cream cheese. Came back, and managed to give Paul a quick call. We finally got online at the same time and had a video chat. Logan was adorable. I get emotional at the end when I have to say goodbye. I don't know how people do year long tours. That is tooooooooooooo hard. I can't wait to see Paul and Logan again.

After the video chat, I came home, and am doing my blog and then aiming to be in bed by 2200. My mind wanders when I go to sleep so that should give me 8.5 hours of sleep. Hopefully I will get at least 8.

I am so happy for Paul and Logan and Mom H. she gets there in around 35 minutes. She is soooooooo excited to see her little Logan. Already six months since she has seen him because the last time Paul and Logan were in Ontario was for Christmas. I hope they have an awesome time visiting each other.

That's all for now. I will close.

Love Rae-Lynn

Friday, June 26, 2009

26 JUNE 1954

Hey everyone

After I blogged this morning, I went to the gym. I did 69 minutes on the bike and burnt 1008 calories. 6.58 miles/kms not sure which one. Was good. Came back all sweaty. Was able to have a chat with Paul before I showered because he was online. He had a good time at the spouses of 407 BBQ. Apparently the associates from the mess ate most of the salmon which was supposed to be for the 407 party. Good times!! I was glad that Paul had a night out. Then I showered, and came back and got ready for work, went to lunch and then work. My friend Jose was at lunch so that was nice.

I can't believe that Michael Jackson died. Only 50, and he looked fit as well. Weird for a heart attack. Sucks for all those people that bought tickets to his concerts that were supposed to happen in London in July. Very sad about Farah Fawcett as well.

Work was good. I got alot of stuff done. I ran into one of the majors that I see around and he stopped me to ask about my nickname "Boots". He wanted to make sure it wasn't derogatory. I said it is fine. Told him the whole story about wainwright. Too funny.

Oh yeah, I was private chatting with someone and I accidentally typed a message that was supposed to be for them on the main ops channel so everyone saw it. It was so embarassing. Was nothing bad. I had said "Did you like Patti's email" and of course we have a big screen in our ops room that displays all of the ops messages. So this message came out and people were like, ummm G3 AVN etc, and I was like, I know disregard. So then I posted "disregard". Then I had to wait like 45 minutes for their to be enough messages after mine, that mine wouldn't be displayed anymore. Very embarassing. Was so hot out today. I was even sweating in the ops room.

Finished my shift at 1900 and then walked home, changed in to civies and went to supper. It was pretty good tonight. I had rib eye steak and rice.

Now I am home, doing my blog and then will maybe read or watch an episode of criminal minds. I am aiming to be in bed, lights off for 2100. I should be getting up at 0630 so that will be quite the change from my normal 0830-0930 ish. I tried getting up at 0700 today but couldn't get out of bed till after 0800.

Hopefully I will be able to drag my butt to the gym tomorrow after work, or I'll have to start getting up way earlier to go to the gym before breakfast. Not sure what is the best plan. We'll see I guess.

Love Rae-Lynn

Thursday, June 25, 2009

26 June 0830

Hello. Sorry I couldn't post yesterday. My internet was sooooooooooooooooo slow that I didn't bother. I just watched a movie and made some cards.

NOthing much happened yesterday. I got up, did the laundry run and then went to the gym. I did 56 minutes on the bike and burnt over 800 calories. Was really good. I read my book.

Then I came back, showered, and went to lunch and then to work.

Work was busy as per normal and then I had to stay late for a briefing. The guy giving the briefing (the one that was 1 hour 45 minutes late last time) was 15 minutes late again. Good times. Then when he was finished I went to eat supper and then walked home.

Today is Day 65 of being away from home. It is day 60 in paradise. To put things in perspective, I get to see Paul and Logan on Day 120 of my theatre time. So today puts me half way to that goal!! After my holiday with them I leave them on Day 138 and get back here on Day 140. Then I should be getting out of here on or around Day 206 and home in Canada by Day 211 at the latest and then home to Comox the day after that.

I am so happy that Paul is going to have some help. Mom H gets there on Saturday till the following Friday and then my Dad from next thursday the 2nd until the 21st.

Logan will have a blast with his grandparents!!!

Love Rae-Lynn

26 JUNE 2041

Hello. Sorry I couldn't post yesterday. My internet was sooooooooooooooooo slow that I didn't bother. I just watched a movie and made some cards.

NOthing much happened yesterday. I got up, did the laundry run and then went to the gym. I did 56 minutes on the bike and burnt over 800 calories. Was really good. I read my book.

Then I came back, showered, and went to lunch and then to work.

Work was busy as per normal and then I had to stay late for a briefing. The guy giving the briefing (the one that was 1 hour 45 minutes late last time) was 15 minutes late again. Good times. Then when he was finished I went to eat supper and then walked home.

Today is Day 60 of being away from home.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

24 June 2157

Great news!! I hit my first goal for my weight loss. I am down 18.5 lbs today. I can't believe I am saying it on here but I was 200 Lbs this morning. Yes I was 218.5. I know, that's alot. Oh well. I am doing good. My next goal will be 190lbs and I will go in 10 lb increments until I am happy!! I did 46 minutes today on the elliptical and burnt 646 cals or something like that.

I was up at 0900 this morning which enabled me to have a chat with my hubby this morning. It was great. Our son is quite the character. Paul said they were outside and Logan had on his diaper, a t-shirt and running shoes, and the cloth diaper fell off. Paul got pics, can't wait to see them. Apparently Logan didn't mind being naked. Also, Tikka got out some how of the backyard and met Paul at the car when he got home from work. Someone felt bad for Tikka and gave him a container of water on the porch.

After our chat I went to the gym. I did 46 minutes today on the elliptical and burnt 646 cals or something like that. Was good. Came home, showered, and went to lunch and then work.

Work was entertaining as always. Lots of crazy stuff happened. Then I found out that I got a huge package today. Turns out, I got 2 packages. I got one from the Military Family Resource centre in Comox. They sent: a pack of cards, a neck cooler (this will be awesome), a "scrapbooking kit", a pack of gum, a pepperoni stick, a couple pax of crystal lite, a comb, canadian national geographic magazine, air freshener, frisbee, playing cards, tic tac toe, hand wipes and some pieces of paper, and the totem times dated june 2, 2009.

I also got a huge package of junk food from Paul. Maybe he doesn't want me to lose weight. He sent me like 20 little bags ofchips, a package of peach slices, dill pickle spitz, a box of poptarts, a soap opera mag, Crafts and things mag, 225 cards and gifts mag, and a container of gatorade mix.

I also received a letter from Grandma Edith!

Was wonderful to get packages today!!! I had to borrow Dave's vehicle to drive home today because the packages were so huge and awkward. Patti also got 2 packages and they were heavy as well so I brought those back for her. Paul from work also got a package from his hubby yet again!!!

I wonder how hard it will be for me to get up at 0630 once my day shifts start??? Will probably be too tired to even go to the gym after work so I will have to force myself.

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

23 June 2249

Stayed up till 0100 last night. I was checking my Oscar Dvd's and watched most of the Duchess. Good flick. Then I got up this morning at 0930. Checked email, then did the laundry run, and then got ready and went to the gym. I did 45 minutes on the bike. Burn 640 cal or so and 4.3 miles or whatever. Read over 50 pages of my book. Then I came back, showered, and got ready, went to lunch and then work. I was at work earlier than normal. It was around 1215.

When I got there we had a comms lockdown but thankfully, the person did not die. They were seriously injured by an IED but he is still alive. It is very sad. He lost a leg. Needless to say, my Dad was super busy. I finished just after 1900 and went to supper and then walked home. I came online, chatted with Nadia for a bit on skype and then watched the film Happy Go Lucky. Super weird. It was good, but british so you know what I mean.

Just finished watching that, so now I am blogging and then I will probably watch an episode of criminal minds and then go to sleep.

Love Rae-Lynn

Monday, June 22, 2009

22nd June 2106

Today was a sad day. 7 years since Raymond left us. RIP my dear sweet brother.

I got up at 0930 or so. I went online and Paul was online still so I was able to visit with him a bit. It was nice. He was having problems installing his new hard drive. Hopefully he will be able to get it working today. It was very frustrating for him last night.

Mom H booked her flight out to see Paul and Logan. She will be there from 27 June until the 4th of July. Will have a 2 day or so overlap with my Dad since he will be there 2nd July - 21 July.

After my chat with Paul I got ready and went to the gym. I had a great workout. I did 34 minutes on the elliptical. I hit 3.0 in 26:40 o that was a new record for me. Then I came back and showered and went to lunch and then work. Had a busy day. Lots of crap to sort out. Has been challenging lately.

Didn't get out of work till almost 20 to 8. Had supper and then walked home. Then I came online and am doing my blog and watching a movie.

Oh yeah, I can finally blog about it. A few days ago the CDS was visiting here. I got to meet him and shake his hand and tell him about my job. Was cool.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day 21 June 2014

Today was a pretty good day. I dragged my lazy butt out of bed at 0805. Got dressed and went to a quick breakfast and then mass at 0900-1000. Then walked home, did the laundry walk and then went to the gym. I did 45 minutes on the bike and read my book. Was good. 632 calories burnt or something like that and I can't remember how many miles/km's. Was good. Then I came back and showered and then got dressed for work. I was lucky, I got to talk to Paul this morning before I went to work. He was still up from Bingo. He didn't win either. I hear Laurel and Brian won 3 times. Yeah for them. Then work was rather busy today. I finished up work and then went over to the air wing for their bbq with Paul and Mark, two of my police officer friends. It was fun. The cheese cake was amazing. Then I snagged a ride home with Roxie and Colin because I wanted to have a video chat with Paul and call my Dad. I managed a quick call in to my Dad. Was great, there was a big line up for the phones. Now I am waiting for my chat with Paul and Logan. Will be awesome. I am tired. i know I shouldn't be, but I am. I will get a good nights sleep tonight so I can recover. Paul got his package on Friday and picked up his hard drive on sunday. Was awesome.

Supposedly should be starting 0730-1600 shifts next Saturday the 27th. This means no more market for me. I hope my stuff I bought is good because I won't be able to go back for awhile. We will see what happens. I am not sure I want to do that shift. Maybe I'll go back to midnight shift since I will have to be dayshift for sure when Sven goes.

Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, June 20, 2009

20 June 2201

Today was an awesome day. I got up early at 0630 to have a video chat with Paul and Logan. It was awesome. Logan was so adorable. I said kiss Daddy and he started kissing and hugging Daddy. At the end of the call he was kissing the camera and laughing. Was so cute. We had a good chat then I went back to bed at 0730ish and got up at 0915 or so. Was gonna go grab a shower and get ready but Paul saw that was online and we had another chat. It was good. Then I showered, got dressed in my uniform, walked to Timmies, had a bagel and then walked to the Bazaar.

I returned the watch I bought last weekend that died the day I bought it and the replacement is awesome. I wore it all day and it is still working. At the market I bought Season 1-5 of Grey's Anatomy for $25, and then a 30 disk DVD set called the 81th Oscars!!! Here are the dvd's in the case: 1. The curious case of Benjamin Button, 2. milk, 3, the reader, 4. slumdog millionaire, 5. rachel getting married 6. The visitor, 7. Doubt, 8. Tropic thunder, 9. Frozen river, 10. The dark knight, 11. Vicky Cristina, 12. Bolt, 13. Kung Fu Panda, 14. Wall-E, 15. Der Baader-Meinhof, 16. okuribito, 17. Waltz with bashir, 18, hellboy II, 19. Iron Man, 20. Wanted, 21. Australia, 22. Changeling, 23. Revanche, 24. Man on wire. 25. Encounters at the end of the world. 26, The Duchess, 27. Happy Go lucky, 28, In bruges. 29. The wrestler, and 30. Defiance. Seemed like a good deal. I also got him to throw in Star Trek the future begins for Paul as well as the movie called The Hangover.

Last night I finished watching the movie "yes man" with Jim Carey that I started watching on my plane ride to Quebec while I was in Canada. It is too funny. I also bought Paul a surprise. It is cool and I hope he likes it.

Then I walked to work, had lunch and started my shift. Shift went well. I got tons of stuff done. Then Paul relieved me early at 1830 and I was able to eat my steak and a smokey and drink my 2 beer. The kokanee I found made me burpy but the Keith's went down really well. Then I walked home. After that I changed, and got dressed in my civies. I seat a ton today. It was ridiculous. I walked down to New Canada House for Bingo. I didn't win unfortunately. The Chief won twice, and then Roxie and Colin tied but Colin prevailed after the bingo off. All in all it was a millionaire day.

Tomorrow I have church and then hopefully will be able to talk to Paul for Father's Day otherwise will be monday morning which is saturday night for him. Hopefully will be able to talk to my Dad too.

Was really really hot here. I think it was 39 today!!

Love Rae-Lynn

Friday, June 19, 2009

19 JUNE 2024

Had a pretty good day today.

Set my alarm for 0800 but couldn't get up till 0845. Not sure what my problem is. Got up, checked my emails, did the laundry exchange, then did some more internet and then went to the gym and did 45 minutes on the bike. When I use the bike I take a book and read and then I don't get so bored. Then I had a shower, got dressed and went to lunch and then work. None of my friends were at the mess so I sat by myself. Then I went to work and had a busy time. I made a couple mistakes on the conop from the day before which wasn't a big deal because the users weren't confused but Patti and Sven were. I must have been really tired. Had fun and worked hard, was good. Then there was bbq after work so I popped in to eat there and then walked home. I was looking around for a 1 TB hard drive because I heard they had some here. I had bought 2 500 GB hard drives at Christmas time on sale for Paul and I but he told me he didn't want his so i returned it to staples. I talked to him the other day and now he wants it since he is out of storage space on his laptop. I just ordered him one off of future shop.ca He can pick it up in Courtenay. I will also get him to ship me mine so that I can use it over here.

Tomorrow is going to be super awesome. I will get up early and maybe chat with Paul and Logan, and then go to the bazaar. I have to return a watch I bought last weekend that doesn't seem to be working. Then I will go to work and then there will be a bbq at 1700 so I will sneak out and eat, then finish my shift and then drink my 2 beers and then go to BINGO at New Canada House. I am very excited.

No packages today but I checked the status of Paul's package and it is in Courtenay so I hope he gets it today otherwise will probably be monday.

Love Rae-Lynn

Thursday, June 18, 2009

18 June 2225 Day 52

Today was a pretty good day. I tried to get up at 0800 but didn't manage to crawl out of bed till 0830. I was able to chat a little with Paul online at around 2200 his time and a little later. Works well when he talks and I type so I can hear his voice. Not sure what all I did this morning at this point!! I did go to the gym. I did 35 minutes on the bike. Was good. 3.34 or something and 450 calories. I read the cosmo Leonie sent me as I biked. Time flew for my ADD mind! Then I did 6 pushups and 45 crunches, not in a row, with breaks because I suck at them. Will be sore tomorrow. Then I came back, had a shower, and then went to lunch. Ended up eating lunch with the wing commander, wing chief, my friend the EA to the wing commander Colin, and Roxie. On my way to work I saw a sign saying there was bingo at new canada house on saturday night so I am super stoked about that. I can't wait!!! Saturday night is a bbq after work, my 2 beers and then the bingo!!! will be great. Work was busy as per normal and it was pizza night so for $1 I got a pepperoni pizza. Was delicious. Too good actually. Came home after work, changed and then walked down to the beach volleyball court to play a little. I played for 20 minutes or so but it isn't well lit enough so I felt like a tard. I couldn't see the ball soon enough to play properly. So I left and came home. I downloaded windows live mail all day because my outlook express has been annoying. It was 136 MB or something so it took a long time.

I fixed something on our G3's computer so he said I could have yesterday off!! was funny. I asked for an immediate promotion to major!! He said, it'll come!! lol.

Day 52 done, and I see Paul and Logan on Day 120 so quite a bit more to go!!!

Saturday will be a good long busy day. I will have the market in the morning, then work, then bbq, then BINGO. $10 to play.

There is a half BFT going on here on Sunday in memory of a soldier who passed away. You don't have to carry the ruck sack, just ballistic vest, helmet, and rifle. It is at 0600 but I don't think I want to do it. I hate marching and army BFT's etc. I'll stick with my routine.

Ran into Kyle briefly tonight. I have only seen him once since I have been here. He is a busy boy. He works 13-14 hours a day. Only has time to work, work out and sleep.

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

17 JUNE 2016

Got up earlier this morning as I am trying to get my self ready to switch shifts in a week and a half. I went to bed at 2330 or 2340 last night and got up at 0815 but it was really really hard. Finally got up, checked my email and then since I was up I tried to call my hubby since I normally get up after he goes to bed. Tried and tried, couldn't get him on cell or land line. Was getting worried. Then I gave up trying, did the laundry run, and then went to the BX to buy this box to ship Paul's next parcel in. Apparently if you buy this big box, you can put 20kg of stuff in and it only cost $30 to mail. And the box is reusable. It is quite nice. Gonna give it a shot. Then I tried Paul again and nothing, so I walked down to try and find out about mailing stuff to the USA since I have received 2 packages from there. I found out I can throw letters in any USA postal box and mail them for free. Leonie, and Nadia, I'll have a card in the mail for you tomorrow. I am still trying to figure out how to send packages. People seem to think you have to be American to send stuff via the American postoffice. I will try soon and then if you do, I'll get an american friend to mail the stuff for me. Supposed to be really good rates. But if I do it myself, I may have to put a fake return address so don't mail to that address!!!! We shall see what happens. After that I went back and tried Paul again. By now it was almost 2200 his time I think. I finally got a hold of him. He had been working in the garage. He for some reason had a feeling I would call but forgot to take the phone out there. Was nice to chat with him because normally we don't talk till the weekends unless we send a few emails. The boot rack he is working on is looking great. After our wonderful chat, I came home and got ready to go to the gym. I went to the gym and had a great workout. I did level 2 and did 3.0 in 29 minutes and then did a full 35 minutes total for 3.56 and 498 cal or so. Had a quick shower and got ready for work. I headed to the mess for lunch and then in to work.

At around 1500 I think, maybe a little later Dave delivered a huge package for me from Mom H. It was really heavy and awesome. She send me 4 packages of wax strips(totally need now that the estheticians are closed down), 5 packs of cosmetic pads for my face, a new venus razor with 2 blades + 4 4packs super awesome- I was running out and they always run out of stock here, 4 cans of leg shaving cream, 500 ml of Glysomed body lotion with a 250 ml bonus pack, a tube of deep conditioning vaseline cocoa butter cream, a tube of shave cream for women, and a tube of healing foot cream for my dry and cracked feet. I love everything. It was awesome. I hope that will do me for the rest of the deployment. Thank you so much Mom, you are the best!!! I have THE BEST MOTHER-IN-LAW in the world. Everyone was surprised that I got a package from my mother in law because most mother in laws don't like their sons spouses!!! Was so funny. I was talking about how much I love her and how great she is.

Then I finished work. Was pretty busy. Got out of there at 1930 or so and walked home. Went to the mess for a quick supper and then came online so I could email Mom and thank her and post on my blog.

Hopefully after this weekend, I will be able to send Paul's next parcel to make sure I get everything in there.

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

16 June 2131

Had a long day...

I got up at 0930 or so. Was 1035 before I dragged my butt to the gym. Had a great 35 minute workout. 3.35 or so and 480 calories. Was good. Was on the elliptical. Then I came back and got my stuff to go to the shower. There was no hot water but it was very refreshing!!!!

Then I got ready and headed to lunch and then to work. Was a busy shift. I was done at 1900 but we were supposed to have a brief at 1900 and then we found out that the brief was at 1930 so I went to eat at the mess. Had Supper with Colin, another guy, Darrin and our G3. Was good. There was ribs tonight!!! Then we went back to work for the 1930 brief which didn't end up happening till around 2035 or 2040. It was 2055 before I even got back to my room so too late to go and get my laundry. will have to do that in the morning. CAme home, changed out of my boots and uniform and now I am online.

A few more people have started to call me boots besides Andrew. Too funny.

An idea for Professional development that I came up with is panning out. So that is cool.

Last night I watched a couple episodes of criminal minds so that was cool. I love that show!

Apparently there has been a theft in our tent lines so I will have to make sure that I am locking up all my stuff. i have been leaving my laptop out so I'll make sure to lock it up from now on. Another 10 days or so maybe a few more and then I will be half way to my HLTA trip with Paul and Logan. I am really looking forward to that! Logan is changing so much and I know how much Paul is looking forward to the trip. It will be a nice family vacation.

Love Rae-Lynn

Monday, June 15, 2009

16 June 0004

Had a long day, seems long at this point because I just got back form 2 hours of ramp ceremonies. We had a Canadian one followed by a british one. It was along time to be out there. There was a breeze which was nice but we were at attention for just under an hour for the british one.

Other than that, I was up at 0930ish. Went online for a bit and then got ready and headed to the gym. Had a good workout on the elliptical. Did 30 minutes at level 4. Was just under 3.0. Then had my 5 minute cool down. Almost 500 calories burnt. Had a really good sweat going.

Then I showered and smelled really good thanx to Leonie! Then got ready and went to lunch. Joined Roxie and Colin for lunch. Colin is a buddy from RMC. Was good and then went to work and had a very busy 6.5 hours. Was pretty much spent when I was done. Had supper and walked home. Then went online for a bit, chatted with Leonie, did some emails. Then at around 2140 took off for the ramp ceremonies. It is very very sad.

Now I am home and very tired so going to bed shortly.

Paul told me he was taking Logan for a canoe ride on Sunday. Mom H said that Logan was falling asleep in the canoe so Paul hurried home!! Too funny.

Happy 41st going out to my big bro Rob today the 16th!! Love ya.

Love Rae-Lynn

15 June 1155

Forgot to mention yesterday that I got a birthday card from my Mom. Man I love mail.

Also: there was a huge cockroach in my tent last night and I had to kill it. Was so gross. I almost puked.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

14 June 2211

I can't publish this till the comms lockdown is over but I thought I would get it ready.

Got up this morning too late since I was up till 0200 watching a movie. I also made some cards. I missed church but I made it to the gym. Had a great workout. I did 3.0 in 28:13. Finished off the 30 minute workout. Was really really good. Then I came back, showered and went to lunch. Had a great lunch and was very happy until I got in to work and found out that we lost another soldier. Was very very sad. Had a crazy busy shift as well and then professional development. After that I met up with the rest of the Air Wing HQ for our "weekly meal" out. It is a free meal. It was at burger king. I had the chicken sandwich and fries and an apple pie. Was pretty good. Then Colin and I did a laundry run. And then I came back to my room.

weather was crazy today. Was very windy. I got sand or something in my eye when I was walking to the washroom. Still bugging me a little right now. There was thunderstorms and wind. I was hoping for some rain. I think there was a tiny bit.

Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, June 13, 2009

13 June 2146

Had a good day. I got up and was able to chat with Paul online for about an hour so that was nice. Then I got ready and walked down to the bazaar/market. I stopped at Timmies on the way for a bagel. I got to the market at about 1030 and was there until around 1155. I bought Logan a couple of keychains with dead insects inside the glass and some rattlesnake eggs. you throw them in the air, they are magnet and they make noises. I also traded in his non-working gullivers travels for the disney movie UP. I also managed to buy a mask for my collection. Got it for $5. I picked up a laptop cooler fan system for Paul for $10 since his laptop keeps overheating. Will hopefully be sending him another package this week.

Smelled really good after my shower this morning with the shampoo/conditioner Leonie sent. I also love the smell of the Good Night set she sent me. It smells sooo good. i put on the sleep handcream and the pillow spray last night!! sooooo good.

After work I walked home and then changed and went to supper. Then i waited around for my video chat with Paul and Logan. When they came on, I ran over to the computers and there was a line so I had to wait. Then we had our video chat. Logan was smiling as soon as he saw me. Was sooooo cute. He was running around. He always steals the headset from Dad and wants to play with it. Paul says he has grown 5/16 of an inch since his last measurement! He looked taller and older on the screen. It is nice he gets to see me every week so he doesn't forget me!!!

I have lost around 16.5 lbs since I got here. I had a pair of pants that I bought in Ontario at the boxing week specials and they were getting tight when i left home but now there is lots of room. My uniform is getting really baggy too!!

Gonna sign off and do some cardmaking and maybe watch a movie.


can see a video of me here. only 11 seconds. Password is my maiden name.

Love Rae-Lynn

Friday, June 12, 2009

12 JUNE 2020

I had another fabulous day. I got up at 0930. I stayed up till 0130 in the morning. Had a good sleep though. Got up checked my email, chatted briefly with Gill. Then I went to the gym. Had a great workout. did 25 minutes on the elliptical. Hit 2.0 in 18:11 so that was great. Then I did 10 minutes on the bike for a total of a 35 min workout. Came home, showered and went to lunch and then work. Work was good. Not crazy busy but I made myself busy getting stuff squared away.

I got my parcel from Leonie today. She sent it the same time as one to another friend and he got his 2 days ago so she told me it would be soon. I changed my address so I get my letters and parcels sooner. It used to have to travel all the way over to the air wing and wait there till someone went there. Was awesome none the less. It was so heavy and awesome. She sent me: an awesome card, a cosmo, a people and two people mags, cucumber melon body wash and lotion, pink grapefruit mini shampoo and conditioner, 2 bags of candy!!, 2 lip balms, 4 post cards, a huge wonderful loofah, a mini loofah and sea sponge exfoliator, 2 lavender sleep well hand creams, stress relief sea salt soak (will have to wait till HLTA), aromatherapy sleep mask (sooo awesome), travel q-tips, 5 pack of nail files, brain teasers for dummies, a deck of playing cards, and an awesome aromatherapy good night pack which as sleep body wash, sleep body lotion, sleep pillow mist, hand cream and 2 candles and some super sweet lounge socks which I am wearing now. It was the mother load.

After work I went to exchange my laundry and had supper. Now I am checking emails, reading my mags and relaxing.

Love Rae-Lynn

Thursday, June 11, 2009

12 June 0020

This is my 11th of June post but I am a little late.

Had a good day. My internet was down this morning so I went right to the gym after getting up. I did 50 minutes on the elliptical vice my normal 35. I did 4.0 in 42.5 minutes. Total was 4.6 or so and 670 calories burnt.

After that, showered, and got ready for work, my internet was still down. Sucked. I love checking my email when I wake up in the morning.

I went to eat lunch and then went to work. Wasn't that busy today. There was a call at the walking blood bank for O positive so they said I should go. I went and because I wasn't "pre-screened" in Valcartier, they didn't want my blood. Said they can't do the screening here. Oh well, I walked back to work. Finished my shift and walked home. Had supper at Niagara mess with my friend Mark and some other cops. Then I came home and finished checking Logan's disney dvd's. Only 1 doesn't work of 154. It is gullivers travels so I am not too disappointed. Will post the whole list here.

1. Three little pigs
2. Snow white and the seven dwarfs
3. Pinocchio
4. Fantasia
5. Dumbo
6. Saludos amigos
7. Bambi
8. Tortoise and the Hare
9. The three Caballeros
10. Donald duck and the gorilla
11. Make mine music
12. Fun and fancy free
13. Melody time
14. The adventures of Ichabod and Mr. toad
15. Cinderella
16. Alice in wonderland
17. Peter pan
18. Lady and the tramp
19. Sleeping beauty
20. Hundred and one Dalmations
21. The sword in the stone
22. The jungle book
23. The Aristocats
24. Bedknobs and broomsticks
25. Robin hood
26. The rescuers
27. The many adventuresof Winnie the pooh
28. Gulliver?s travels
29. The fox and hound
30. An officer and a duck
31. The black Cauldron
32. Life with Mickey town
33. Oliver & company
34. Who framed Roger Rabbit
35. The little Mermaid
36. The Rescuers down under
37. Beauty and the Beast
38. Aladdin
39. The Nightmare before Christmas
40. Homeward Bound: The incredible journey
41. The Lion King
42. The return of Jafar
43. Pocahontas
44. Aladdin and the King of thieves
45. Toy story
46. Goofy movie
47. Casper
48. Hunchback of Notre dame
49. James and the Giant Peach
50. The wild Swans
51. Everybody loves Donald
52. Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco
53. Hercules
54. Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
55. The search for Christopher Robin
56. Mulan
57. Pocahontas II: Journey to a new world
58. 3 Belle?s Magical World
59. A Bug?s Life
60. The Lion King II: Simba?s Pride
61. Fantasia 2000
62. Tarzan
63. Toy Story 2
64. Winnie the Pooh Franken Pooh
65. The Emperor?s new Groove
66. The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea
67. The Tigger movie
68. Dinosaur
69. Buzz Lightyear of star Command: The Adventure begins
70. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
71. Monsters
72. Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp?s Adventure
73. Recess: School?s out
74. Mickey?s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse
75. Walt Disney Treasures-1
76. Walt Disney Treasures-2
77. Walt Disney Treasures-3
78. Walt Disney Treasures-4
79. Winnie The Pooh: Story Book
80. Cinderella ll Dreams Come True
81. Lilo & Stitch
82. Return to Never Land
83. Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year
84. Treasure Planet
85. Tarzan & Jane
86. The Hunchback of Notre Dame II
87. Mickey`s House of Villains
88. Atlantis: Milo`s Return
89. Finding Nemo
90. The Jungle Book 2
91. Dalmatians II: Patch`s London Adventure
92. Stitch! The Movie
93. Brother Bear
94. Wikipedia
95. Winnie the Pooh: All For one and one for all 2003
96. Piglet`s big movie
97. Home on the Range
98. Mickey`s twice upon a Christmas
99. The Incredibles
100. Mulan II
101. Mickey, donald, goofy: The Three Musketeers
102. The lion king 1/2
103. Winnie the pooh: Springtime with roo
104. Valiant
105. Mickey & Minnie
106. Walt disney?s 100 Years of magic: goofy sport
107. Winnie the pooh: 123
108. Magic English 1
109. Magic English 2
110. Magic English 3
111. Magic English 4
112. Magic English 5
113. Magic English 6
114. Magic English 7
115. Magic English 8
116. Disney princess stories: A gift from the heart
117. Disney princess stories: Tales of friendship
118. Chicken Little
119 Felix the cat saves Christmas
120. Kronk`s new groove
121. Pooh`s heffalump halloween movie
122. Tarzan II
123. Everybody loves goofy
124. Everybody loves mickey
125. Sweetheart stories
126. Lilo & stitch 2: stitch has a glitch
127. Pooh`s Heffalump movie
128. Jasmine?s enchanted tales
129. Kim possible: so the drama
130. Cars
131. Brother bear 2
132. Bambi II
133. The wild
134. Mickey mouse clubhouse-mickey`s great clubhouse hunt
135. The fox and the hound 2
136. Ratatouille
137. Meet the Robinsons
138. Cinderella III: A twist in time
139. My friends tigger and pooh: super sleuth Christmas movie
140. Mickey mouse clubhouse mickey saves santa
141. Disney princess enchanted tales: follow your dream
142. Mickey mouse clubhouse
143. Mickey mouse clubhouse-mickey`s storybook surprises
144. The chronological donald volume one
145. The chronological donald volume two
146. Walt disney treasures: the complete pluto vol.1
147. Walt disney treasures: the complete pluto vol.2
148. Disney heroes volume one
149. My friends tigger & pooh`s friendly tails
150. The little mermaid-ariel`s beginning
151. My friends tigger and pooh: hundred acre wood haunt
152. Tinker bell
153. Wall.E
154. Bolt

There was ice cream in the freezer today at work. I had one. Was yummy. I still managed to get tons done at work today but it was very quiet.

Can't go to the bbq on the 21st since it is sunday night and we have professional development. The good news is that there is one at work on the 20th so I can have my 2 beer after my shift!

Found Young and the restless on the internet but my connection makes it very choppy to watch. I may have to settle with reading about it online.

That's all for now.


oh yeah. For my mailing address here. I have made a change that may make me get stuff quicker. email me if you want my addy.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

10 June 2044

Had an awesome awesome day. I got up at 0900, went to the gym at 1030 and had an awesome workout. Did my 3 in cardio random mode in 28 minutes 51 seconds. Ended up going until 35 minutes. Total of 3.45 and 490 cals. Was really good. Then I showered and went to lunch and then to work. At 1500, Dave came down from his office and had 2 parcels for me. One was from Dad and Lynn and one was from Nadia. I was super excited and happy. I also got an awesome email from Angela.

After work Dave lent me his vehicle so I could drive home since I wanted to run to the post office and mail a parcel to Mom H. I also did the laundry run and then went to eat supper.

Then I got to open my awesome packages. Dad and Lynn sent me 2 mats for my floor. They are awesome, some ziploc baggies, 2 movies, and some gum.

Nadia sent me a reusable shopping bag, a pic of her and Eli, 2 dream catchers, a soap opera mag, a book, some plastic snakes, a little stamp set, a magnetic memo pad, a foot pumice stone and brush, craisins, hair eleastics, and gum. It was awesome.

Now I am blogging and then I am gonna read my soap opera mag and then probably watch a movie.

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Auntie Olivine

Happy Birthday to my Auntie Olivine. Not sure if she reads my blog but if she does she will see it.

Just got back from my first ramp ceremony. It was very very sad. He was only 20 years old. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

Other than that, I had a pretty good day. It is hot again. A little bit of a breeze but it was still warm tonight.

Today is my 43rd day away from home. I see Paul and Logan again on Day 120. I am a third of a way to my HLTA. This has gone by really fast. I am sure it will get slow right before I am supposed to see them. I will be dayshift at the end of June 0800-1600 with a show time of 0730 so I will be really tired from the end of this month until I see them.

Had a good chat with my friend Lynne. Was great. I am glad that she is doing well.


9 June 1218

Sorry no post yesterday. There was a comms lockdown so unnecessary communication with home is discouraged. I had to respect the order. It was lifted last night but I didn't find out till I got to work today. Was a sad day yesterday. RIP.

Had a video chat with Paul in the morning and then my internet went down coincidentally with the lockdown. Was lazy and didn't make it to the gym. Had a busy shift as per above.

Went home and then surfed the net but was unable to email or chat with people. I made a cool box with my scrapbooking stuff based on a post by Dawn. Was awesome.

Got up this morning at 0900 and surfed the net a bit. Then I went to the gym and had a good work out. I did the fat burn workout on the elliptical where I had to keep my heart rate at 125 or so. Ended up being a 35 minute workout 2.45 and 402 calories. Wasn't tiring because I didn't go fast. I have to do some research. I always thought the hard core cardio workouts were the best option but maybe not.

Showered and then came in to work. Starting in 8 minutes.

Please pray for the family of the fallen soldier.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

7 June 2304

Had a great day. Not much to say since I blogged this morning.

Had a sandwich and a salad for lunch. Work was busy as per normal. Someone bought me a chicken sandwich and fries from burger king to say thank you for me helping them out yesterday. Was cool.

Had to stay at work late for PD. Didn't get out of there till 1955. PD was interesting though.

Came home, went to the bX to buy some gum, and then hung out at home and checked some more dvd's. I have only found one so far that doesn't work properly. It is gulliver's travels. I shall see what they do about it at the market/bazaar next week. I have only checked about 60 dvd so far. It takes a long time. I am very excited for Logan. I think he will love them.

We have a bbq on the 21st that I think I will finally be able to make it to to have my 2 beer. It starts at 1800 but I won't get there till after 1900 though.

Have to set my alarm to get up just before 0630 to have my video chat with Paul and Logan. I prefer them at night but Paul wanted one on sunday night for him so I will get up and go. I love seeing them.

Love Rae-Lynn

7 June 1135 bonus blog

The videos I bought Logan are awesome. I am super stoked. Laurel will have to borrow some for her friday night movies with D so she doesn't have to watch Transformers so much. Hope to be sending them home soon.

I just got back from a wonderful workout at the gym. Worked my butt off. Finished my 3.0 (miles or km not sure) I am guessing km but the machine is in lbs etc and talks about mph so not sure. Anyways, did 3.0 in 28 minutes 47 seconds which was awesome. Ended up with a 34 minute workout and 3.4 and 475 calories burned. Was great.

Before that, I got up to my alarm at 0820 so I could go to church. Was great.

I remembered some stuff from yesterday that I found hilarious. When I was leaving the market these guys tried to sell me a burkha. I was like, what would I do with that. And they go "It's beautiful, It's wonderful thing". I was like, no way jose.

Super funny stuff.

Not sure if I mentioned that they are paving all of the roads here. It is really great and sure cuts down on the dust.

Also another note about Logan. Last night he was blowing me kisses during our video chat. It was awesome. Then he was trying to bite Daddy's laptop screen. Daddy didn't like it. I thought it was funny.

Hope everyone is well.

Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, June 6, 2009

6 JUNE 2207

Today was a wonderful day. It started out awesome chatting with Paul online this morning (last night for him) We had a great chat. Then I showered and was able to grab the bus to the bazaar (market). I didn't get there till 1100 so I didn't have much time. I was able to buy 153 Disney DVD collection for Logan. I am testing them all right now. Looks good so far. It was fun shopping at the market. Then I carried my heavy bags to work, dropped them off and then went to teat. After that I went to work. After work at 1910 I was walking home and a nice lady stopped and gave me a ride home and then we drove to the mess and ate supper together and then she drove me home after that. Her name is Hali and she is a new friend. She speaks like 6-7 languages. Her Dad was a general in one of the Scottish regiments. She is super cool and we will hang out again. I ended up sitting with a full bird colonel from the british army for a bit. Was super cool.

Then I went to do my laundry run and then from 2106-2136 I had a video chat with Paul and Logan and then till 2200 back in my room chatting with them. Logan is so adorable it is ridiculous. I heard him say Tikka and bye on the phone and Mommy of course. Paul said he also says ball, and wow. He is so precious. Paul is doing such a wonderful job. Probably better than I would do rolls reversed. He is keeping the house clean, washing floors. My hero!!!

I am looking forward to seeing them in August. Now I am checking my DVD's over and then going to bed. I have church at 0900 tomorrow, then the gym hopefully and then work.

Apparently the massage place won't be opening again. Hopefully we will at least get another hair/waxing/spa type. There will be no more massages on Kaf though.


Friday, June 5, 2009

5 June 1956

Had another awesome day.

I got up to my alarm at 0900. Checked my email and started uploading some pics for Mom and Dad H to Flickr since they don't have facebook. Then I went to the gym and had an awesome workout. After that I showered and then had a few minutes online before I had to go to lunch and then work.

Work was challenging and rewarding and went by quickly. I got alot of stuff accomplished. Was really good. Actually finished my turnover at 1840 but stayed till 1900 to finish some more stuff. Then I was outta there at 1902. Had supper on the way home and then came home to see my pics had been uploaded and Mom H loved them.

It took a long time to upload.

Last night I was up to midnight downloading my new antivirus. The first time didn't take so I had to do it again. It's all good now for 2 years.

Friday night, and I am looking forward to the market tomorrow. I'll go and get some more stuff and then go to work. This time I don't have anything to return. I think I watched an episode of criminal minds last night while I was waiting as well.

Weather was cooler today so that was nice. A bit of a breeze. It was a nice change from the sweltering heat. Patti got another package today and apparently Paul got one yesterday. Sven hasn't got any mail at all, letters or packages. I guess I am lucky that i have received 1 letter from Grandma Edith, one card from my Mom, and 1 dvd from Paul with videos of Logan.

Dad H said that they have put up Support our troops flags on the hydro poles in Bancroft. Sounds nice.

That's all for now. Just relaxing tonight. Maybe I'll watch a movie.

Love Rae-Lynn

Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 June 2214

After my blog this morning I went to lunch and then into work. A bit of a gongshow for awhile today but oh well. Was a good shift. Then there was a meeting at 1900 that G3 wanted us to go thru. Technically only Sven had to go but I went with him for you info. Then I went to supper, and then laundry run. I was downloading my new version of norton cause mine expired. It downloaded for an hour and a half and now there are errors so I have to redownload. Very annoying. Weather was alright today. Had a bit of a breeze which was nice.

One of the MP's I work with gave me a $10 gift card for Timmies. They had received 2 each and he doesn't drink coffee. I don't either but I 'll use it. Was very nice of him.

Almost time for the market again this week. I will probably go for a bit on saturday before work.

Didn't make it to the gym today. Will go tomorrow morning. I was gonna go tonight but I thought that would screw up going tomorrow morning.

Mom H is going out to visit Paul and Logan too. Paul is a lucky guy. He will have lots of help with our precious little boy. Mom Just sent him a package which was very thoughtful of her!

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

4 June 1109

Today started out soooooooooooooooo awesome. I woke up at around 0830 and thought I should check in with Paul. He had a great day so we had an awesome chat. Then I came back to my room and he was online so we had an online video chat. We typed but we had video. I had my video on and his off for a bit which made it better and then we switched. Was great. I was super happy after our chat and then I made a card using a new technique from Dawn. I will add her to my blog roll. It was fun. Then I was in a rush to shower to get to my massage for 1100. I didn't go to the gym this morning due to the video chat and then the card. I ran out of time. So I showered and decided to throw my uniform on so that when the massage was over at 1130 I would go right to lunch, eat leisurely and then go in to work for 1230. Well, I get all dressed and rush out the door and hurry down there because I like to be early. I get there at 1055 and there is a sign on the door saying "Closed re-opening date unknown". I was so pissed. Thank goodness there was a nice breeze but I am still all sweaty. good news for you is that I am blogging 2 times today! Shitty that I didn't get my massage. I was really looking forward to it.

So in other news. As far as the rental car fiasco goes I wrote them an email back and waiting to see what happens. I also forwarded my email trail to the National people that send me specials. I got a generic this mailbox isn't monitored reply but then I got one saying that they would look in to it. I have found that I can use 120000 aeroplan points and have a rental car for the time I want as well. It would be a vw fox or something. 4 door with A/C. That seems like alot of miles though since a flight to europe is only 60,000 points. We shall see what develops.

This course be a PR Nightmare for National. I will make sure everyone knows that they screwed me over if they don't honor the confirmation.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn

3 July 2206

Had another great day. Was up at 0745 to call Paul. Had a feeling he needed to talk and I was right. I won't go into it but please pray for him. He is doing the best he can and dealing with some bullshit at work. I hope and pray that it will all work out.

After that I tried to go back to sleep but then decided not to. I got up and headed to the gym. Had an awesome workout. 31 minutes long. Then showered and did some stuff in my room.

Last night I watched an episode of Criminal Minds. It was great.

Then I went to work. It was overcast today so it was the first time in a long while that I didn't sweat walking to lunch/work. Had my lunch and headed over to work. Was crazy busy again today doing stuff.

Didn't get out of there till 1955. We had a meeting that was supposed to be at 1900 that I had to go to that didn't go till 1930 but I was busy working through the meeting to update the schedule for tomorrow since I didn't get the timings until 1900. I got it all done though.

Went to eat supper and then walked home. I went for a smoothie with my friend Mark tonight. Was nice to catch up. He has crazy shitty schedules like 0800-2200 sometimes. We chatted and then he had to go back to work and it was 2145. The boardwalk was pretty busy tonight, people playing beach volleyball and floor hockey. I am going to be up all night from the smoothie I had.

Tomorrow is my massage and I can't wait. My back is sore from my work space. I think we are getting new chairs which will be awesome.

I am looking forward to the Canada Day celebrations and hoping that I will be able to have my 2 drinks/wine.

Hope everyone is well.

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2 JUNE 2051

Had another great day in paradise.

I didn't get to bed last night till 0130. I was playing around on the internet. Slept till 0930. Got up and did some stuff on my computer, answered emails. Had a good one from Robyn & Rolly. Then I went to the gym at 1030 or so and did 35 minutes on the elliptical. Not eating breakfast is doing me some good since I was over-eating at breakfast. Had a good work out and then showered and got ready for work. I left my computer running to download a couple of videos for me. Was great worked like a charm. Headed out to work stopping for lunch at the mess on the way at 1155. Somehow I managed to be out of there and teeth brushed and in to work for 1220 so I checked my work email account and then did my handover with Sven.

Work went well. I got alot accomplished again. Corrected a couple things I did yesterday. It's all good. Shoulders were sore again. The work station is not ergonomic. Had a blast though. Got out of there just after 1900 and walked home. Went to eat at the mess and then to do the laundry run. Came back from the laundry run and I saw that Nadia had added me on skype. No one was in the tent so we were able to connect. We had the video up for a minute which was great to see her and Eli. Then we just did the voice chat. It was awesome. It was really clear like she was in the next tent over. We chatted for a half hour. I loved it. She is such a great friend. Now that I know she has skype, we will be able to skype when I get home too. Then we can see each other's babies!!

Now I am just hanging out doing my internet thing. I may watch some stuff on my laptop. The other day I watched a video called Khandahar. It was alright. It was one that I bought at the market.

Hmmmmm. I guess that is all for now. I'm gonna email Paul and see if he wants to talk tomorrow morning and then I can get up earlier and call him or not.

Hope everyone is well.

Love Rae-Lynn

Monday, June 1, 2009


Heard Sven this morning getting up even though he was quiet. Got up to go to the washroom at 0600 and then stayed up playing on the internet. Had a nice chat with Leonie and then Gill. Was cool.

I figured out how to download UTUBE videos which was awesome. Now I can download my scrapbooking videos and card making videos and work on them here. The internet connection is too slow to try to watch the videos online in real time. Very choppy.

Tried to sleep between 0900 and 1000 but couldn't. Showered at 1120 and then got dressed and headed to eat for 1200 and then work for 1230. Was a super busy shift. It was awesome. I got so much accomplished. I actually found I didn't have enough time to do everything I wanted. I am like the last batter that cleans everything up. I had to sort out alot of stuff. Today was one of those days. Was great though. There was ice cream in the freezer too so I had a twix ice cream stick. Was awesome.

One of the guys I work with gave me a nickname but he's the only one that calls me it. It is "boots" because of when I had the blisters on maple guardian and I had to wear running shoes. They all thought it was soooo funny. It did look ridiculous wearing running shoes and cadpat. I do have to agree. So now he calls me "Boots".

After my shift, I ran into Dave. He has a vehicle. He let me borrow it so I could run home, grab the stuff I wanted to mail to Paul and then drive to the post office and then back home and park it near his room. He must have walked home. Was awesome. Speed limit is 20km/hr. The windows are tinted so also very hard to see, especially with the dust. Got a package mailed off to Paul. Cost me $23. I hope it gets there soon. I have some stuff in there for him to give to Mom H when she comes to visit as well as some stuff to send home to Manitoba with my Dad after his visit.

Then I went to the mess and had supper and then came home and have been on the computer for an hour already.

I am probably going to go to the gym before I go to bed and then shower and go to bed.

I am loving how I rearranged my room. I'll have to take a pic. It looks better than before.

My neck and back were sore after my shift since I was working so hard. I didn't take any breaks.

I am starting to find that 1-2 people create a ton of work for us. They ask us to book person x on route y and then cancel. Or we do a special route for them and then they submit change after change after change. One of the people, is very annoying. I am trying to be understanding because he is French and english is his second language but he is tired of sending emails which we need for tracking purposes so he will call me with every little thing instead of sending an email. It is frustrating. I sent out a simple email on a new procedure stating that we need the names of the pax No later than (NLT) 0530 3 days before the day of the mission. He called me to ask for clarification and then basically just repeated it to me. Like "so what does that mean when you say : No later than (NLT) 0530 3 days before the day of the mission. Does that mean that you want us to send you our requests 3 days before the mission at the latest. Yes that is what I mean.

anywho, I think I will start writing to him in french and then maybe it will make it easier. Or I will put both translations.

Can't wait till my back massage on thursday morning.