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Friday, July 31, 2009

31 JULY 2202

Yeah August.

Can't wait till my vacation.

I am sure Paul can't wait either given the disrepair of our home. What a nightmare.

Today was alright but I have been so darn tired. It is ridiculous. I left at 1530 when Paul got there. He told me to go. I went right to bed at 1600 and slept till 1900. Got up and my internet was down so I finally dragged my lazy butt to the gym. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical for 2.84 or 460 calories and then I did 35 minutes on the bike for 3.59 and 590 calories. Was a good workout. Grabbed a quick shower, and then I came over to use the internet since mine is down right now and then I'm gonna head to bed.

BBQ and beer tomorrow night. SHould be good.

I hope the next 21 days go by super fast!!!

Love RAe-LYnn

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

30 JULY 0331

Had a pretty good day but I felt tired all day. Nothing much was going on at work so maybe I was bored too. Got really busy from 1430 till 1545 when I was able to leave. I walked home. Stopped for a bagel on the way home from Timmies. I didn't make it to the gym on the 28th. To make matters worse I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my left butt cheek just from sitting on my bed the wrong way. Man did that hurt. So all day on the 29th it bothered me. Came home, checked my email etc till 1730 and then I was tired so I thought I would take a little nap and then get up at 1830, and go get laundry and go to the gym. Nope, I just woke up at 0300. crappy, now my sleep is going to be all screwed up. I decided to blog and then give Paul a quick call and hopefully catch him and then go back to sleep.

BBQ on the 1st of August. I wanted wine but apparently I have to go with beer. crappy.

Just talked to Paul. Bad news. He came home to a flooded house. The new fridge blew a gasket or something or and leaked water all day. He said there was an inch of water all thru the house and it was raining in the basement. Phil and Camille came over to get Logan so Paul could deal with the mess. Crappy.

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

28 JULY 1912

Had a good day today! Was really busy at work today. It went well. I even took the time to go to the mess hall for lunch instead of eating it at my desk. I love the new database. It is alot of fun. I did alot of work with it and updating files etc.

After work I was relaxing in my room for a bit and then I took a little bike ride down to the new canada house store. Patti found a bike that belongs to no one and appropriated it. It was a great ride. It was fun. It is a bike like I love. I'll have to take a pic of it. The only problem is that one of the pedals is missing so you have just the piece of medal to push on one and the other is good. Wasn't that big of a deal. I get a $100 US tour gift. You can pick something out of a catalogue like north face jackets, ipods, cameras, hard drives. There is alot to pick from. Or you can buy anything you want here at camp and then you bring in your receipt and they give your $100 US back. I didn't know what to get and missed the deadline for the catalogue stuff. I was going to get the hardrive. It is 500 GB, It would have ended up costing me $18. I decided to get myself the IPOD touch 8 GB for $229. After I hand in my receipt it will have only cost me $129. Not bad eh?? My palm pilot crapped out when I got here so I thought it was a good plan. I'll pass my ipod 4 GB. I hope he wants it!! If he doesn't I'm sure Logan will love it!!!

Paul told me there is a movie coming out called "the time traveller's wife" that he wants to watch with me. I'll hold off on buying it. I won't be at the market for awhile anyway! Sven left today for his HLTA. As soon as he gets back I leave the next day. Can't wait.

I am super stoked about my new ipod touch!!! I think it is awesome!! It is charging now as I wait 1.5 hours for the ipod software to download.

Hope everyone is well and that everyone has an awesome long weekend. I wish!!!

Love Rae-Lynn

Shortly I'll be off to the gym.

Monday, July 27, 2009

27 JULY 2004

Had a pretty good day today. Was super busy at work. We have a new way of doing things and it is a new database so it changes things but I love it. Did alot of work on that among other things at work. Had alot of stuff to track as well.

Didn't get out of there till 1630, then I walked around the boardwalk over to Timmies and grabbed a bagel with cream cheese. Finally they had it in stock and with cream cheese. I then walked around a little more and swung by the canadian sea can. Took a quick look and then walked home. Was so refreshing in our air conditioned tent. Checked my email and surfed the net a bit. Then at 1800 I walked over to pay for my next month of internet and then went to the gym and did 50 minutes on the bike for 5.27 and 853 calories. Then I walked down and did my laundry run. After that came home and took a quick shower. Now I am blogging and gonna relax and watch some criminal minds, and endeavor to go to bed early at least at 2200.

So happy that July is almost over. Day 91 finished today!! 96 days since I have been away from home. Had an awesome video chat last night with Paul and Logan before I went to bed. Logan is changing so much.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn

Sunday, July 26, 2009

26 AUGUST 1651

Had a great day today.

At around 1000 Nick went to grab some mail and he came back with a package for me from Allison!!! It was awesome. She sent me: a nice card, 9 bags of chips, bag of cashews, a CTMH Mini circle album, 5 envelopes, some patterned paper, and some cardstock, body shop vanilla spice shower gel, almonds, peanuts, a rubber stamp, bag of beef jerky, book of daily devotions, 8 packs of excel gum, peanut butter and nutella sample, 5 fruit source bars, and a pack of wine gums. Thank you so much. I lve it all!!!

After work, which was busy, I walked home and watched an episode of criminal minds as I am updating my blog. At 1800 is our Air Wing dinner. It is at the dutch restaurant called Echos. I am having a chicken fillet. I hope it is good!!!

Paul uploaded some pics of Logan that I will post.

I hope to chat with Paul and Logan again later tonight.

Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, July 25, 2009

25 JULY 2113

Had a pretty good day today. Work was busy. Seemed to go really fast up till noon at least. Got alot done.

After work, I walked home and checked my email, and then read some more of my book. Then I grabbed supper and then came home and did the laundry run.

Then I went to the gym. I did 58 minutes on the bike for 6.09 and 1003 calories burnt. Was good. My butt gets really sore during my bike workout now.

Then I grabbed a quick shower and now I am waiting for Paul and Logan to come online so we can have our video chat. I really look forward to these and hope that Logan is in a good mood. He is changing so much.

Dad managed to find his cell phone in his suitcase so that was good. Paul is going to mail him his razor.

I am sure Lynn is very happy to have Dad home. Sucks she had to miss him while she was off. I know Paul enjoyed his company and of course so did Logan.

Mom H is off to the Elvis festival with the girls. I hope she has fun.

Just came back from an awesome video chat with Paul and Logan. Logan is sooooo adorable. He was hugging the dog. He was saying Momma. At the end he said bye and blew me kisses. Man I miss that kid. I miss my hubby too but Logan is changing so much.

I finished the tenth circle tonight. It was a really really good book!!! Thanx again Robs and Rolly.

Happy 40th wedding anniversary to Auntie Olivine and Uncle Bruno. Wish I could be there to celebrate with the family.

Love Rae-Lynn

Friday, July 24, 2009

24 JULY 1649

Had an uber-productive super awesome day. I got tons of stuff done at work and was really really busy. Things went really well. When I walked in to work today I saw another package there for me. It was my birthday present from Mom H and it rocks!!! It was really really heavy. Mom sent me: a wonderful birthday card, 5 gift cards for timmies, A national enquirer, US weekly, a book called Gypsy, a pomegranate candle that I wish I could light but I can't. It still smells good though!, food cream (pedicure in a minute), a big container of body wash, 2 gorgeous nail polishes, Nail polish remover pads, a pack of crystal light singles, a Calgon bath set with a body lotion, body wash, body mist and loofah, and a University Medical Acne Free clear skin treatments skin care set. I really hope it works because my face is a total breakout. Thank you so much Mom.

I love love love everything.

I also received a letter from Rita Spence with 2 maple sugar suckers and a pin that says I love prairie people. I also received a birthday card from Grandma Edith. Was super great!!

Finished work just after 1600 and then walked home and now I am blogging. I got a huge paper cut opening up the card from Mom today. crazy crazy.

Last night I had fun playing with my scrapbook stuff.

Love Rae-Lynn

Thursday, July 23, 2009

23 JULY 2154

I was playing around on the internet for awhile and playing with my new stuff. Then I went to the gym and did 45 minutes on the bike on level 12 random. This bike calculates things differently from the one I normally use. It said only 402 calories and 11.39 miles/km. It was a good workout anyways. I read some more in my book. It is sooooooo good. Then I did the laundry run and then dashed to the mess at 2015. It closes at 2030. I had a quick supper so I wouldn't get the growlies while I was sleeping, then grabbed a quick shower and came home and played some more with my stamps.

I was so happy that Laurel updated her blog. Had been a month!!! She said she did it just for me!!! I emailed her the other day to ask her why she hasn't blogged. Gill my BFF hasn't blogged since last September when Jen left. Jen also hasn't blogged since february I believe. It has been a long time anyway!!!

I hope Tammy sends me her new addy in Hawaii!!!

Apparently my Dad lost his cell phone at my house. As well as he left behind his electric razor. I hope Paul is able to find the cell and then express it all home to Manitoba for him. Sorry I wasn't there to pack you up Daddy. I sent home some presents with Dad for my family in Manitoba. I hope he is able to hand them out!!


Love Rae-Lynn

23 JULY 1635

Had a great day today. I was super crazy busy but I got alot of stuff done.

And I got 4 packages in the mail today!!! Was fabulous.

I got a huge box of girl guide cookies from the Comox MFRC. They were fundraised by a local Comox Troop. I shared them with everyone and left them out. I also set aside a box for Patti, Paul and Sven each. I kept a box for myself as well. 2 cookies is 140 calories. holy cow. Have to watch that.

Package #2 was a surprise package from Annalee. She sent me some awesome stickers for scrapbooking and some awesome fibres, some gummies and other candy as well and some trail mix. Was super cool.

Package #3 was from the Mombos. Must have been before they moved. They sent me 2 bags of chips, a huge tootsie roll, a whole bunch of candy, a Hawaiian lay, some stickers, a Canada ball, a Merry Christmas pin in a little Christmassy container, hand sanitizer, a little Catscratch stuffy from mcD's, a painted rock, a set of 5 dice, a compass, a little yoyo, some pics of their house in Hawaii, a wonderful hand made card, a logic problems book, Cdn scrapbooker magazine,an awesome necklace from Hawaii and a pocket sudoku which I love but I can't figure out how to shut off the sound so I can play it. I love sudoku now!!!! And a super sweet yet very sad letter from Ryan talking about how much he misses me. I miss you and love you too Ryan!!

Package 4: was my scrapbooking stuff that I ordered. A couple of acrylic stamp sets that I can use on cards, can't wait!!! As well as a couple of edge punches. One does a postage stamp edge and the other is called parisian. She threw in some extras for me: One is a kit to make a simple star album, a nice handmade thank you card, some 6 x 6 patterned paper, some envelopes and a sample of cordinations card stock as well as a few flowers, 4 pretty buttons, and 15 brads!! I cannot wait to play with this stuff. The stamps I bought are super cool. The stamps are by Inkadinkado. One set has 9 acrylic flower stamps. The 2nd set has a turtle, 3 dogs 2 cats a fish and a lizard. I can't wait to colour them and use them on cards.

Was really hot again today. Really hot at work. Gross Sven just farted really loud as he is sleeping. I hate when he does that.

Thank you to everyone!

I'll probably relax a bit, play with my stuff, and then head to the gym for a workout.!

Miss you all

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

22 JULY 2122

Had a pretty good day today. It was hot. Was pretty working with a new database that we have to use. Sven and Paul are being resistant to it but I really like it. There is a few bugs in the program but overall it will make things way easier for the planners so I am for it. I have no problems with the database.
It was so hot in the hq that I took my combat top off eventually. I was way too hot and felt crappy.

Left work at 1605 and walked home. Then I checked my email. I watched the movie "Duplicity" starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owens. It was pretty good.

Then I fell asleep at around 1800. Slept till 2000 and then got up and went to the gym and did 35 minutes on the bike for 3.64 or 606 calories. Was good. Reading my book again.

We didn't get mail today while I was at work. I am hoping it came in after I left or that we get it tomorrow!!!

An American friend of mine that I haven't met but talk to daily at one of the FOBs sent me a book today. It is issued to them. I love it. It is lime green and lined pages. Super cool.

Paul and Logan went to the river last night. Then Paul took him to the water park and they were running through the water. Paul said he asked Logan if he had fun and he said "yeah". He yells yeah all the time. It is super cute. Or no.

He'll be talking a million words by the time I see him. 33 sleeps till I see my boys!

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

21 JULY 2217

Had an okay day. The Americans flying for us managed to stay on the proper routing and most of the time said what they were doing so that was nice for a change.

Dad flew home to Manitoba this morning. Logan is sure gonna miss him. Paul too for that matter.

Stayed at work till 1625 or so. I felt like crap at the end. Lightheaded, headache. I begged Jeff for a ride home and he finally agreed. I was worried that I would fall on my face again. It was really warm in the HQ today. He gave me a ride home and then I just chilled out in my room in the airconditioning relaxing. Then at 2000 I went to do the laundry exchange and then went to the mess to grab some supper since I was starving. Then I went to the gym and did 50 minutes on the bike and started my new book that Rolly & Robyn sent me. The tenth circle. It is by the same author as "my sister's keeper" so it should be a good book. So far so good. I got 30 some pages in to it. Sweat a tonne and then grabbed a quick shower.

Now I am blogging and then going to bed. Tired... Pattie should be back tomorrow from her holiday. Then Sven leaves next.

We had ice cream at work. It was awesome. I had the twix ice cream bar and it was amazing!!!!

Holmes on holmes sent over sweat socks for us all. They were mens socks so I didn't bother getting a pair. Was nice of him!!

I really hope we get mail tomorrow. If we do it will be awesome!!!

Mom H sent me a package for my birthday and I have the stuff I ordered from the scrapbook store coming as well!!!

Love Rae-Lynn 85 days down (90 days since I left home) I home to be home in Comox on day 208 or day 213 away!!! I am almost half way done my tour. I got here April 28th and I am almost complete 3 months. crazy crazy. It is going super fast at times and super slow at other times.

Watched some criminal minds tonight. Disk 7 of season 3 won't play properly. Not sure if there is a problem with the disk or my dvd player. I think the disk.

Okay goodnight

Love Rae-Lynn again....

Monday, July 20, 2009

20 JULY 2143

I actually had a relaxing day at work. I had zero flights to monitor. Was crazy. Got some stuff done and mostly relaxed. I forgot to mention that I also got a letter from my Mom on the 15th. I got a letter today from Megan Rakoczy. We did basic together back in 95, went to RMC together and she was also really good friends with Michelle. Megs sent me the letter back in June but I only got it today. I think it got lost on the base somewhere.

After work, I came home and surfed the net a bit. Then I went to the gym. It was 100 degrees in there. I did 50 minutes on the elliptical for 4.47 and 764 calories. I did level 10. I was really exhausted throughout but I finished it. Then I came back, grabbed a quick shower and then watched the movie "my sister's keeper". It is a really crappy copy that I am going to return if I ever get back to the market. It was different from the book but that is all I'm gonna say because I don't want to ruin it for anyone.

I made some cards while I watched the movie. It was alot of fun!!!

Dad flies back to Manitoba on the 21st. Sad for Paul and Logan. I know they had a blast. Last night Paul and Dad went golfing. Paul also took my Dad out for his birthday on Friday night!!

Love Rae-Lynn

Sunday, July 19, 2009

19 JULY 2058

Pretty good day today.

Man it was hot.

Work was busy with some sadness that I can't talk about yet. Also was crazy. The Americans were flying a route for us and they made a new routing without telling us. It was sooooooooooooooooo annoying. One guy even slammed the phone down when I called him to ask what was going on. Good times!!

After work I walked home, sweat alot! Then I checked my email and then headed to the gym. I did 61 minutes on the bike for 1126 calories burnt and 6.61 miles/kms. It was a good workout. Then I grabbed a quick shower and had to go in to work for professional development. That went till 1930 and then I walked home. I was reading my book at the gym and then when I got home. I just finished it. Was very sad. Not what I was expecting. Really good book though. I'm gonna watch the crappy quality version of it tomorrow most likely. Maybe a little of it tonight.

I had a good video chat with Paul and Logan and my Dad last night. Not very long because his laptop kept overheating. Paul also posted some pics on facebook that were awesome.

hmmm. We got a new chair at work and it is super comfortable. I love it.

Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, July 18, 2009

18 JULY 2054

Today was an alright day. It was super crazy hot. I was able to make it to the market. I was gone from my desk for 30 minutes. Jeff lent me his vehicle so I was able to run over to the market quickly. I had to return a movie and then I bought 3 more. I got "He's just not that into you", Duplicity, Labour Pains, and My sister's keeper. My sister keeper is a really really shitty copy done in the theater. The other ones are decent enough copies. I watched he's just not that into you and labour pains tonight. I was super lazy and didn't make it to the gym. I just watched those movies and played sudoku. I am waiting right now for Paul to hopefully come online so I can have a video chat with him, Dad & Logan. I love seeing them on the weekends.

Was so happy that my a/c is working again. I love it. It is getting pretty hot at work with all of the computers.

Not much else is new. I really hope Paul comes online or I am going to sleep.

Love Rae-Lynn

Friday, July 17, 2009

17 July 2217


Dad turns 66 today! He is spending it in Comox with Logan and Paul!!! I hope he has a great day.

I had a better day than yesterday. It went pretty quick and then I walked home. Thank goodness the airconditioning was fixed when I got home from work. Yahoo. Then I did some sudoku and took a tiny nap before I went to the ramp ceremony. After that, I grabbed a quick bite to eat at the mess and chatted with one of the Majors that I talk to on the phone alot thru the course of my job. Then I walked home, changed, and went to the gym and did 40 minutes on the bike for 4.23 and 706 calories. I read my book which I am really enjoying.

I may get to go the market tomorrow for a tiny bit. Maybe an hour or so with the walking to and from. My WO has said he will pop in and man the desk for me so I hope that pans out. I have a video to return that doesn't work, and I want to check if they have "my sister's keeper". If yes, I will pick one up for Rolly & Robyn as well since they sent me the book and want to see the movie!! I also want to see if they have some other ones that I want to see.

Today was day 81 since I have been here and day 86 since I have seen my husband and son in person. Thank goodness I get to see them every weekend on the webcam. Has been nice seeing my Dad as well and Mom H when she was out visiting.

Paul is having some crappy days at work. I love how "unsupportive" they are being given the fact that I am deployed. It blows my mind.

Can't wait till day 120 when I see Paul and Logan again!!!

I hope this time blows by till I get to hold them in my arms again.

Love Rae-Lynn

Thursday, July 16, 2009

16 JULY 2222

Had a crappy day for many reasons. For starters I didn't sleep well since my "cat nap" turned into a monster nap last night. I was tired this morning. Then when I got to work I found out we lost another Canadian Soldier so that was more bad news. Then it was just a crazy day for me at work. Lots of crap to do and stupid people from the battle group giving me attitude instead of answering the questions that needed to be answered. Then to top it all off, one of the A/C units in our tent (1 of 2) died today so it was very hot in our tent. I don't think I will sleep too well tonight because of it.

I came home and did some sudoku and checked my emails. I love Rolly's moustache. It is an exact replica of my Dad's!!!

Then I went to work for pizza night. I don't think I will go anymore. I felt crappy after I ate it although it was really good. I then went to do the laundry exchange and then went to the gym and did 47 minutes on the bike for 5.12 and 812 calories burnt.

Then I grabbed a quick shower, blogging and will attempt to get some sleep. It is really hot here so I hope they get that air conditioner fixed soon.

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15 JULY 2204

Had an awesome day full of packages!!!

I had a package waiting at work when I got there this morning from Nancy, Andrew & Nevenka. Was very nice. They sent me a birthday card, an essential oils floral reed diffuser, a chocolate banana spread, a snickers bar, a chocolate dip with cookie batons, 2 packs of butterscotch candy, stickers, a glass God is love container to put the essential oil thing in and a suduko book!! Thank you Andrew, Nancy & Nevenka.

Work was retarded busy till around 1330 when I was able to go grab my lunch and come back. Then my friend Tom called at 1430 to say that I had received a package and it was on his desk. I ran over to get it. It was a birthday package from Nadia: birthday card, 2 soap opera digest, 1 entertainment weekly magazine, stickers and some red cardstock cards that I will put to great use. Was super awesome. She mailed it on the 8 July and it was here by the 15th. That is super fast. I love using his American Address. Thank you Nadia.

Then when I was leaving work at 1600 the sigs guy was bringing in a whole bunch of packages and he said there was a couple for me. I got a birthday package from Colleen. She sent me a 3 pack of nailpolish which will be awesome for my toes, a little green stuffed frog, 4 packs of crystal light, and a beautiful notebook. Thank you so much Colleen. I love it.

The other package was from my scrapbooking friends in Comox: Barb, Jodi, Gill and Laurel. There was a beautiful handmade birthday card with a pic of us all together before I left, a pack of mini-toblerone bars, a pack of assorted chocolate bars, a pack of hot rod pepperoni sticks, a handmade little post it note notebook holder and pen (super cute), and a very adorable handmade paper crafted set of drawers mini with a stampin up lip balm, candies, and wonderful sayings. a Canadian Scrapbooker mag, as well as Creative Keepsakes and Paper Crafts Magazine. A totally awesome package. Thank you so much.

I then walked home carrying all of my awesome packages. I am addicted to sudoku now. I think I tried it awhile ago and didn't like it but I did it today and I love it. Good little brain game!!!

I have a canker on the side of my tongue that is really bothering me. It always rubs on my teeth and is quite painful. Other than that, all is good.

I was pretty bagged tonight, I got home and opened all of my packages and then read my canadian scrapbooker mag cover to cover and checked my email. I lay down at 1730 with the light on and dozed on and off till 2200. Now I am up, blogging and debating on dragging my butt to the gym. Maybe I'll go on the bike and read my book since I slept so long. I hope it doesn't screw up my sleep tonight.

I was quite overwhelmed by all of the posts on facebook, emails and packages that I have received for my birthday. It made my birthday extra special even though I am over here and not with my loved ones. Thank you so much. It means alot to me to know you guys are thinking of me.

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

14 July 2119

Had a great day. Didn't sleep very well but slept alright. Got up showered, went to breakfast and then to work. There was a package there from Paul which was awesome. It was an anniversary card and a birthday card as well as a DVD of about 1 hour of video footage of Logan from June. It was so awesome. I can't believe all the stuff he can do. It was really really great. I am so happy that it got here on my birthday as well.

There was also a card that my WO bought me and had everyone I work with sign. It was great as well. My Little Pony. Very nice, and he also gave me a 2 GB jump drive with some music on it. Was very thoughtful of him.

Thank you to everyone who either emailed me, sent me cards, and wrote on my facebook. I love you all very much and it means alot that you took the time.

After work, I came home and checked my email and then went to the gym and did 69 minutes on the bike. My butt was sore after that. Burnt 1140 calories and did 8.2 miles/km's. I read my book. I love the book. It is really good!

Was really hot here today. I didn't feel good for a bit of the day. Not sure what was wrong. Maybe just the heat.

Tonight I had subway at 2000 for supper with my friend Mark. Was good but they were out of lettuce, and tomato. I had the oven roasted chicken breast with just pickles and jalapeno. And the jalapeno was gross so I took them off. Was good though.

I hope Colleen and Rebecca had awesome birthdays yesterday.

Love Rae-Lynn

Monday, July 13, 2009

13 JULY 2207

Had a pretty good day today. Was pretty busy at work. Did some rockstar stuff!! Went well. It was really hot today as per the trend. 40. Should cool off to 39 for tomorrow and then back up to 40 the next day.

Was able to leave at 1550, walked home in the heat. Then I vegged on the internet till like 1730 and then was tired so I meant to take a little nap until 1800 but I slept till 2000. Then I got up and got ready and went to the gym. I did 68 minutes on the bike, over 1100 calories burnt and over 7 miles/kms. Was a good workout. I read the new book that Robyn & Rolly sent me "My sister's keeper" It is really really good. Already over 100 some pages in to it.

Had a shower and now I am blogging and then I will go to bed.

Should be an awesome day tomorrow. Everyone knows it's my birthday so we will see what happens. Andrew was teasing me today (the one that calls me boots) He goes, hey boots, tomorrow's your birthday, are you excited? LOL, was funny.

Gonna go out to dinner tomorrow night with Mark and maybe a few others to celebrate my birthday! Should be good!

Love Rae-Lynn

Sunday, July 12, 2009

12 JULY 1606


Had a good day. Up and busy all day. I was happy because as I walked in to work I saw a package there for me. I got an awesome Package from Rolly & Robyn. A wonderful birthday card and the following: sour sticks which I shared around, an awesome Tweed water bottle, a tweed eq pen, some juice cystals, 2 magnetic tweed erasable notes, some cardstock, a yahtzee game, a tweed eq drink holder, 3 movies: Ther Perfect man, Head over heels, and In good company, some foam snowflakes, 2 books: The tenth circle, and My sister's keeper, and a People Magazine!!! Was awesome!!!

Was pretty busy at work today but not super crazy busy. Finished at 1545 and walked home, now blogging and then will relax. I have a laundry run to do but I think I will take a night off from the gym. We'll see.

Had an awesome video chat last night with Dad, Paul and Logan. Logan is sooooo funny. Dad is really enjoying his visit!

I just got back from mailing a package to Paul. Was 16 kg and only cost $36.00. It will probably take a month to get there. I got to drive a standard with my left hand. Was cool!!

Supper with the air wing tonight at Subway.

Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, July 11, 2009

11 JULY 2130

\Had a pretty good day. I felt tired throughout. Probably because I woke up at 0400 or so and thought that I had overslept. I ended up getting up at 0600. Long week must be catching up with me. The new guy moved out last night so that was awesome. Work wasn't too busy today although at times was quite hectic. Was really hot today which seems to be the norm now.

Finished work at 1600 and walked home. Check my email and played on the net for a little and then took a nap. I was bagged. I think I went to sleep at 1720 or so and got up at 1815. I went to the gym and did 54 minutes on the elliptical for 5.51 miles and 915 calories. Was a good workout. Then I had a quick shower and then went to church. I didn't hear Father correctly when he was asking for volunteers and I volunteered to do the prayers of the faithfull. When I got the sheet all I saw was french and I was like, oh no, its french and he said it's bilingual. There was 6 and 3 were french and 3 were english. I did alright. LOL. After mass I went to the mess and grabbed a quick bite to eat and then walked home. I took a paper cup from the mess so now I am enjoying a cup of non-alcoholic red wine. It is quite tasty. I bought it for $3.50 at the Canadian sea can on the boardwalk a few days ago.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn

Friday, July 10, 2009

10 JULY 2206

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RITA-LYNN! Even though I am sure she doesn't read my blog. Rita-Lynn is my dear cousin Winnipeg.

Had a great day today. Was crazy busy at work but it was awesome. I figured out a mystery!! Work was really great actually except for my turnover with my WO. He has been in a weird funk every since the helicopter crash and has just been very negative. I asked him why so negative and he said I was being a bitch. Nice eh?? I asked him if he would ever say that to another captain "That they are being a dick", then he gets all ridiculous and is like "I don't want to talk about it". Really immature and unprofessional. Good times!!! But that didn't bother me too much, I left at 1555, and walked home. I vegged on the internet for about an hour and then I brought out my stuff and made some cards till 2030. Was alot of fun, while I was watching a movie, State of Play. I tried to watch "knowing" but it wasn't working so may have to return it if I ever get to go to the market again. Then I did the laundry run, and then went to the gym. I wasn't using the recumbent bike I like because they were all busy. I did 35 minutes for 8.78 miles/km and only 251 calories. Not sure if the calories were so low because it didn't ask for my weight or what, oh well!

Didn't bother with supper and I'm not that hungry so guess I don't need the food that much. Tomorrow is day 75 in theatre and day 80 away from home. Can't wait till August!!!

Gonna go to mass tomorrow night and then hopefully video chat with Paul and Logan afterwards!!!

No market for me, sucks that I have to miss it all the time because of work, but I love the dayshift. I really really do!!! It is so fulfilling and perfectly suits me.

Love Rae-Lynn

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Today is our 4th wedding anniversary. Sucks to be apart, and I am sure I will feel the same way on Tuesday. I'll get to the funny part. Was able to talk to Paul this morning which was nice!! It was 2200 at home and Logan was still up. He was laughing like he was soooooooooo tired.

Morning routine was normal. Was very busy as per normal. Had a good shift, and got a tonne of stuff done. Finished up at 1615 and walked home. I popped by the American postoffice and grabbed some mailing stuff. It is free there!! Sweet score. Sweat my butt off walking home. It was soooooooooo hot. I heard it was 61 in the sun yesterday. Then I vegged till 1730 and then hit the gym. I did 65 minutes on the elliptical for 1030 calories and 5.01 mile/km. Was good. I was bored throughout though but I kept going since I had a fatty lunch and then I knew I would be having pizza later. Then I showered and walked in to work for 1900 for pizza. Was good and then I stayed in to cover the desk while Paul went to the ramp ceremony. The British Capt that perished in the Griffin crash on the 7th had his ramp ceremony tonight. I had to cover the desk since there was alot of stuff going on. I let at 2050 to walk home again.

Oh yeah, here's the funny part. When I got there I grabbed my pizza and then I told Paul it was my anniversary. I guess he told G3 because G3 said what a way to spend an anniversary with all of us. I said, yeah I'll tell my husband I went to a sausage party, he started laughing and said yeah with extra sauce. I was laughing so hard, and he's like oops, guess I crossed the line, and someone was like, more like jumped right over it. Was sooooo funny.

Just as I was typing this, there was a huge commotion. Apparently someone is moving in to our 8th bunk space. He was being very very loud so he probably woke up Sven. They through all of our stuff outside so my pelican mob boxes are outside. good times!! I hope the guy isn't here for too long.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

8 JULY 2009 2140

Today I got up at 0530, something woke me up so I got up because Paul sent me a message yesterday that he wanted to talk to me. I went over to the gym to weigh myself since I haven't been able to weight myself except at night and the weight is skewed later in the day. I was 198 so I was happy. 20.5 lbs down!!!! Going well. Clothes are getting baggier and baggier. Then I called Paul and we had a good half hour chat. Logan was playing around int he background. Dad is doing well having a blast with Paul and Logan. I am told they made it out golfing together already once and Paul went fishing on Sunday and caught 2 rainbow fish. The new fridge is there and is awesome! Thanx Mom H. Then the routine was as per normal except I was sooooo insanely busy. I was busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. I was seriously multi-tasking like 15 different things at once and sorting out a huge screw up the someone made. I fixed it all and was tracking so much stuff. It was also retarded hot here today. Yesterday I heard 55 in the sun and 45 in the shade. It has been so hot yesterday and today that my eye balls feel like they are boiling when I am outside. Someone either came up with the same idea as me or took my idea and put a cover over that scorching hot doorknob that always burns my hand. Was great!!! Finally made it over to the mess at 1330 to grab my lunch and walk back to eat it at my desk. Was so happy to see the WO at 1530 so I could start my turnover. I was totally spent. I left work at 1615 and then walked home, I vegged on the net till 1730 and then lay down to rest a bit. I guess I crashed hard. I didn't wake up till 1930. Then I got ready to go to the gym. I was using the port a potty and someone reefed on the door and it opened. It was a chinese guy. I was like, what the f**K. and I finally got the door shut and locked again. Then I got dressed for the gym. I did a 47 minute workout on level 10 or 11 on the bike. I burnt 801 calories for 4.73 miles/km. Was a good workout. I sweat a tonne. Then I grabbed a quick shower, and then I gave my Dad a quick call to see how things were going. There was a random power bump during the call so we got disconnected. I was unable to reconnect. I sent Paul an email to let my Dad know. Lynn, if you get this, please give Dad a call and let him know things are cool and explain what happened.

Then I came back to my room and now I'm doing my blog and watching an episode of criminal minds. Man I love that show. I am on the 3rd season already!!!

I found out some good int on the mail system. Apparently at the american post office they have priority boxes with a price no matter what you put in. I'll have to recce it tomorrow.

Man I miss Logan tons. Dad said that Logan was carrying my picture around yesterday kissing it. I feel so bad that he misses me soooo much. Will be hard to come back here after my 18 days with them in August/September.

I am glad that Paul had Mom there for a visit and then now that Dad is there as well. It is a nice break for Paul since it is really hard being a single parent.

I really miss the summer good times at home but I am glad that I am using this time to get healthier and lose weight.

I hope I can get down to 170 lbs at least before I get home. Sucks that Paul was right. When I did herbal magic the other time I lost 48 lbs before I got pregnant and he was always like, the gym is free it works too. And it is actually working here so I guess I have to make more time for it and make it a priority. Also sucks that I am missing Merritt this year. Kenny Chesney, Paul Brandt. Man, I would have loved it. Oh well.

There is something weird going on with my left foot. The middle of it is all dry and sore like it got punctured with something. I'll keep putting lotion on it and hope it gets better.

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

07 July 2139

Morning as per normal. Had a busy day dealing with the aftermath of yesterday. G3 told me 3 times that I did a great job yesterday. Was nice of him. Made me feel good. I went to the visitation at the church from 1630-1645 and then came home and chilled out for a bit. Then later on I had the ramp ceremony. It was super sad. I was super close to the airplane.

Then I came home and chilled for a little bit and then went to the gym. I did 36 minutes on the elliptical for 3.57 miles/km and 552 calories burnt. Was a good workout. Came home and decided to watch the rest of an episode of criminal minds.

Love Rae-Lynn

07 JULY 1800

I put in an order the day before yesterday with Kate at http://www.scrapnstamp.ca, please see the link on my blogroll. The super awesome thing is that she is throwing in some extra special goodies for me to enjoy since I am over here!!! Kate rocks!! It was thru Kate that Mom & Paul ordered my stuff for Christmas. My scor-pal and my bind it all and some other awesome stuff. Please check out her blog and store. She has really good shipping rates and is awesome!!

that's all for now.

Gotta go.


07 JULY 1426


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER RICHARD!!! My nephew is now 15 years old!!!!

Yesterday was a really really really hard day for me.

Normally I go over to the messhall and bring my lunch back to work and
eat it at my desk in case something happens. Yesterday I waited till all
the flying I needed to track and then went to lunch and decided to eat
there since I was way ahead in my work. When I came back to work, I
found out that one of our Canadian Griffins had crashed. It was a very
stressful time but I managed to do a really good job even though I was
very upset about what had happened. As an aviator especially this was a
really tough thing for me. I am not going to go into details at this
time but it was horrible. I was emotionally exhausted after my shift
and had a good cry about it in my tent. Needless to say there was a
comms lockdown so I couldn't blog last night. I vegged a bit and
watched an episode of criminal minds and then decided to go to the gym.
I did 48 minutes on the bike for 840 calories burnt and 5.04 miles/kms.
It was a really good workout. Then I grabbed a shower and hung out in my
room all night watching criminal minds. I didn't even go to supper. I
ate a mini-bag of chips that Paul sent and a pop-tart. Then at 2230 I
was able to have a quick visit with Mark at the boardwalk. Was nice to
hang out with a friend after such a crappy day.
G3 came over before my shift was over and said "Good job Rae-Lynn". I
was very good at handling all of the inputs and keeping everyone in the
loop about what was happening. This has been a rough week already.
First with the IED strike on 99er's tac the other day and then this. I
was also sad to hear that a soldier that was injured in an IED strike on
June 23rd (the day Cpl Dube died), has also passed away in Canada due to
his injuries. RIP.

That's all I have for now.

Love Rae-Lynn

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 69 5 July 2009 2040

Had a great day. Morning as per normal. Not that crazy busy of a day. I accomplished alot of extra stuff and still rocked my shift!! Finished at 1600 and headed home. I dawdled a bit online and rested and then headed to the gym at 1720. I did a 25 minute power workout on the elliptical on level 15. I burnt 404 calories and did 2 miles/kms. I sweat a tonne. Then I rushed to shower and head over to the french cafe for my free supper out with the air wing. I just had a mango smoothie and a baguette. Was good. Then I had to go to work for our professional development. I ended up saving the day because last week we were supposed to have a chinook and a griffin presentation. Only the chinook guy came last week and I thought that was all we were gonna get. Then a Maj from the helo sqn called over to see if we still wanted the griffin presentation. I asked G3 and he said sure since he didn't have anything previously arranged. A Capt came over and did a great presentation. I thought it was awesome. G3 thanked me for saving his butt!! Then I walked once around the boardwalk to see if anyone was still there for supper. No one was there so I came home and went online. I did some cards up to send to people for my packages that I received. The awesome thing was that when I was there for PD, there was a birthday card there for me from Grandma Richard!!! Was awesome.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn. Gonna watch an episode of criminal minds and relax before bedtime.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4 July 2205

Happy July 4th to all of my American Friends.

I had a pretty good but busy day.

Morning routine was normal. Work was fast paced most of the day. I stayed at work an hour late so Paul could go to the ramp ceremony for our recent lost comrade. RIP. Was very sad.

I got a tonne of stuff accomplished today. Then I left work after 1700 or so and came home, got ready to go to the gym. Some how I didn't get there till 1800 and then I did 42 minutes on the elliptical on level 9 and burnt 660 calories and did 4.07 mile/km.

I had a wonderful video chat with Paul and Logan today. He is such a cutie. He says one two three now. Logan and Paul joined Gill for a swim at Barb's yesterday. Man I miss those maternity leave swims at Barb's.

Then after my workout I had a shower and then got ready for bingo. I met up with Roxie and Colin at Timmies. I grabbed a bagel and we headed to new canada house for bingo and they made me power walk it and when we got there it was cancelled due to renos. Sucked big time. So we walked back and then we hoped to catch a concert but it happened earlier somewhere else. Oh well. So then I called Paul quickly and talked to my Dad and then gave Granny R a quick call. She is doing well and was happy to hear from me.

Then I had the video chat which was nice.

Logan is gowing so fast. I can't wait to see them. A month and 20 days to go till I see them again!! I hope it goes by fast.

Love Rae-Lynn

Friday, July 3, 2009

4 July 0854

Hi there.

I had a crazy rollercoaster of a day yesterday. Morning routine was normal and they had another Canadian Hero die. Was very sad all day. Rest in Peace.

I received a package from Twyla. It was awesome, a cosmo mag, a soap opera mag, and 2 awesome mix cd's which I love and a birthday card.

I also received a birthday card from Dad & Lynn and an awesome hand made card from Gillian.

I was at work until 1645 and then walked home and uploaded my cd's on to my ipod for my workout. I had a fantastic workout. I did 68 minutes which was 1123 calories burnt and 7.04 miles/kms.

After that I had a shower and then decided to go grab a bagel at timmies. I waited in line for 30 minutes just so they could tell me they were out of bagels. I got a chocolate chip muffin instead but due to the comms lockout there machine was down so I couldn't use my timmies card. I walked around the boardwalk and then came home.

I popped over to return Dave's book which I finished the other day and we chatted.

Then I came home. I'm typing this on the 3rd so I can post on the 4th when the lockout is lifted.

Bingo saturday night, not sure if I will go. I can't go to the market since I will be at work.

Dad made it safely to BC at 1730 on thursday the 2nd and Mom flew out this morning at 0600. Logan had a blast with Nana. I'm sure he is sad that she is gone home as I know she is.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn

Thursday, July 2, 2009

2 July 2036

Had a great day! I am so good at my job I am getting bored because I do stuff tooo fast!!! LOL. I love it!! Day shift rocks. My brain and ADD need the constant Chaos to keep me un-bored!!

I got a parcel today from Auntie Evelyn. First off. Happy Birthday to my dear Auntie Evelyn. She is a sweetie. She send me a magazine, a nice smelling candle (I can't light it or my tent will burn down but it smells really good, a package of almonds, a package of dried fruit, 2 packs of gum, 2 packs of mentos, 2 anti-perspirants, and a wonderful birthday card. I should have waited till my birthday but you all know me, I couldn't.

I also got a birthday card from Annalee!!!

I finished work at 1605, walked home, got changed and ready to go to the gym. I did 65 minutes on the bike, burnt 1009 calories and did 6.31.

Mom is spoiling Paul and Logan all week. She bought us a new fridge that has water and ice on the outside. Paul has wanted one for awhile. She also bought new furniture to organize Logan's room. They were putting it all together yesterday can't wait to see pics. She also bought Paul some plants for the front garden. Things are looking better and better along with cleaning our whole house and tidying up our linen closet. I have the best mother in law in the world!! What can I say!

Oh yeah, then tonight was pizza night so I went in to work to get my pizza. Was delicious.

There is bingo this saturday night from 2000-2200. Not sure yet if I am going to go.

We shall see!!! I should go because the wing chief is away so this time he won't win all the prizes!!!

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1 JULY 2212

Happy Canada Day everyone.

I had a great day. Usual routine till work was over. Then I came home and changed and then headed to the boardwalk at 1640. I should have went and did the laundry run but I forgot. So I met up with the wing chief at the boardwalk and watched some ball hockey. Then at 1745 we headed to New Canada hOuse. Was a blast. I had my 2 beer and the supper was good, steak, chicken, salad, baked huged potates. Was great. Then there was music etc. I won a t-shirt randomly since I didn't win any door prizes. Then we left at around 2100 to walk home. I was able to go online for a little bit with Mom H and Logan. Was nice. Then Paul's laptop overheated and it shutdown, so I came home and got ready for bed. Talking to them a bit now. Mom is spoiling Paul and Logan and getting the place looking good.

Paul and Logan are enjoying Nana's visit. My Dad flies in tomorrow.

Marjorie and Jerry are going there for Canada day and are hopefully going to have a fire at the beach.

That's all for now. I'm tired.

Love Rae-Lynn