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Thursday, April 21, 2016

21 April 2016 - gonna bring my blog back to life

Hi there. I'm back. It's been awhile. I have been having a great week and reconnecting with friends from the past. I ran in to the WO that I did my deployment with from April 2009-November 2009 in Afghanistan. Last weekend was great for Paul and I. Mom Hacker had the boys for the weekend. Poor Finn was sick. Had the fever etc. Mom H nursed him back to health. Logan had his chess tournament last week at school and had 11 points. He will not be advancing to the city championship as far as I know. We did alot of house cleaing. Then on Sunday I drove to Perth to pick up the boys and bring them home. Monday was a very scary day for me. I was out for a walk at lunch when I received a phone call informing me that my 8 year old had put a bag over his head, and tightened the bag around his neck. He did this in front of his whole class and his teacher. Silver linging that it was there and not alone some where. The principle did a good job at the immediate response and talking to Logan. Then I was allowed to leave work early to go home and deal with the situation. There is alot of people that don't know about the Employee member assistance program. There is a number which is 1-800-268-7708. It is manned 24 hours 7 days a week. There is several people working the line. As far as I know, it is for the public service and DND. They confirm your eligibility and then are able to put you in touch with a counsellor to deal with an acute incident that can be resolved in 8 sessions. This is free for the military to use. You could be having financial difficulties, life stresses, divorce, death of a family member or need some counselling tips for your children. The first 5 times that I tried calling the line, no one answered. The phone rang 40 times and then there was a message but you couldn't leave a message. Then there was 4 dropped calls. Finally at 1630 I got through and Paul and I will see a therapist on Monday. All feedback from the school has been positive as well as with our Chain of commands on giving us time to go to appointments to work on this issue. I have had a great week telling Logan stories and putting the electronics to the side and just having family fun!!! My kids are wonderful. Sometimes something weird has to happen to give you a wake up call. Paul biked to work on wednesday and home today. Other than that we have been able to carpool. This was a great week for random acts of kindness. Was odd to hear a co-worker say that he doesn't really see the homeless people/people dressed as if they are homeless anymore.He's pretty jaded now. The weather has been beautiful this week. I will add on things that I or someone I know didn't know. 1. I had 2 FPC (full price coupons) for Dr. Pepper and was at walmart last saturday. I called my friend V and asked her if she wanted the 2 free dr. pepper rootbeers. She seemed confused and said she didn't know that Dr. Pepper made rootbeer. I thought it was odd but then didn't think much more about it. Then that night Paul and I were at D & M's place for some cards against humanity and I ended up bringing one in to their house for them. I was calling it dr. pepper rootbeer and all 3 of them told me that there is no such thing as Dr. pepper rootbeer. Apparently I was the last to know. Then I told the story at work and all of them knew as well. My coworker however did not know about something that is very important on your cell phone. From the lock screen on an apple devie, hit emergency, then the *medical id at the bottom of the screen. There you can input all of your details, medications, and your emergency contacts. ICE stands for In case of emergency. So Paul is ICE paul hacker on my phone. Similar process for android but it is very important for people to do. This is especially true for the people who walk and text and are not spatially aware. Happy Friday. Will be a busy day for me. I am giving blood at 1120. Please give blood. Save a life. you never know when it will be someone you know and love that needs it. Keep your stick on the ice, and if she doesn't find you handsome, she should at least find you handy!!! (Red Green). Love Rae-Lynn. I'm off to dreamland.