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Monday, August 31, 2009

31 AUGUST 1930 - PARIS

Wow, did we have another busy day. This time no cars were involved so it was a nice change. We took off this morning on the metro down to see the louvre, saw mona lisa and then left there. Headed to the arc de triomphe. Took some pics and then over to the Eiffel tower where we waited in line for a bit to take the elevator to the 2nd floor. Was wonderful. A wonderful view. The last 2 times I was in Paris I have never went up so was cool. We did that and then headed to the moulin rouge, and then back home. we walked up and down the streets and then decided to buy a rotisserie chicken and eat it in the room. Was a wonderful picnic with charodonnay, baguette, and chicken!!! When we were in the grocery store Logan grabbed these egg/flour muffin things and he loves them. Before we went up to the eiffel tower there was a sprinkler watering the grass and we let Logan run around and play in it. Of course he threw a fit when he had to stop so we could change his bum and then move on. After the eiffel tower we had ice cream which was wonderful and then we were harassed by a whole bunch of women beggars from somewhere in the middle east who wanted money. Good times. Paul is ecstatic about all we saw today. Logan fell asleep just after the eiffel tower until we were almost back to our cozy little hotel room. They gave us some ice from the fridge so that was good. Our bed is pretty snug but alright. Logan is very lovable and kissy and huggy at night and when he wakes up in the morning. We didn't make it to notre dame cathedral or to Jim Morrison's grave but we weren't too bothered by that. Tomorrow we will head to juno beach, normandy and then to vimy and probably sleep in belgium. We seem to be ahead of schedule so we will see how things pan out. Maybe we can slow down a bit.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan, will add some pics.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


wowsers. Finally got to Paris and finally have an internet connection. I checked the email and Mom H was freaking out and hearing nothing from us. What can you do when you are on the road and don't have internet access. Yesterday was completely exhausting to say the least. We took off from ferrara after a wonderful breakfast and headed towards Pisa. We got there in the afternoon and managed to find it even though there were no signs. Pics are downloaded on Paul's computer so will have to use his to log on next time to add some. He was going to take the tour but was full till 1700 and it was 1500 so we didn't want to wait around. Grabbed some pics and paid to pee once again!!! Good times. Then we hit the road again. A few wrong turns later, thank goodness for GPS, we stopped in a town called Arezano so Paul could swim in the Med. We did that and then hit the road again. I wanted to stop at 2000 at the latest but we couldn't find anything till 2100. We found this little place can't remember the name right now. 80 euros including breakfast, no free internet, but free parking. No A/C either but was alright. We grabbed showers, and then Paul went out to grab us some food. He scored us some frenchfry/meatball pizza. It was delicious!!! Yummy. Then we went to sleep, got up this morning and had the free breakfast which wasn't that great, and then hit the road again. Today we made it all of the way to Paris. We started looking for a hotel room and they were all retarded expensive so we parked and found an internet cafe and found one for 60 euros per night and booked 2 nights. I put the address in the GPS as 12 rue Leon vice 12 rue Leon frot. So we went to the first one and it was in a very sketchy neighbourhood. People were backing into cars trying to park, then we realized it was the wrong one and put it in correctly. Got here at 2030 and saw no parking so we were driving around because it was suposed to have parking, then finally paul dropped me off and I went in and he gave me a fob for a parking garage. We were ecstatic. Grabbed our bags, carried Logan in his stroller up the stairs and in we came. This was supposed to be a 150 euro per night room. It isn't great but for 60 EURO we can't complain. It has a double bed only and a shower and a toilet and a sink and the TV has no volume so it is very quiet. The elevator is also sooooo small. Oh well. Better than no elevator. We got totally gouged on roads/tolls in both Italy and France. One tunnel was 30 euro and one was 40 for the highway. Logan travelled like a champ. No major meltdowns. Was nice since we know it isn't fun for him in his carseat so much. Driving in Paris sucks. People were cutting us off and honking, motorcycles everywhere. Paul had the shakes after we finally got here. I had wanted to stay outside the city and then use the subway but Paul didn't understand. Oh well, we are here now and the car is safe underground. Tomorrow we will see the sites of the city and then move on to Juno Beach and then off to Vimy and then Ypres Belgium. I love all of Logan's cuddles. He is such a wonderful soul. He is saying new things all the time. I get him to say Yo which is yes in German. So adorable. Logan and Paul had fun running around at the rest stop today. I still can't get over the price we had to pay for diapers. We couldn't wait till tomorrow when more would be open. Had to buy from a pharmacy.

Hmmmm. What else. I guess that is it for now.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan. Will have a tight sleep the next 2 nights in our little bed with Logan.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

29 AUGUST 1100

Had a crazy long day yesterday. Was exhausting. Was really hard to say goodbye to the relatives. We had such a wonderful time with them. They were crying, I was crying, the kids were sad, Logan was sad. Drove from Jabing Austria to Venice. Left Jabing at 1300 ish and got to Venice at 1800. Parked and took the water ferry over to Venice. Cost 13 euros each. Then we went for a 70 euro gondola ride, then dinner. Logan had a monseter melt down with snotty nose crying. Good times.Then ferry back. It was then 2200 and we started driving. Didn't find a hotel till almost midnight. In bed by 0100 after we were all showered up and then up at 0900, went to the breakfast that was included. Now downloading pics and updating blog and then on the road again. Heading to see the leaning tower of pisa today and then up into France.

Hopefully we can get a hotel at a decent time tonight.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan.

Friday, August 28, 2009

28 AUGUST 1212

Had a really long and wonderful day yesterday. They took us to Vienna. We went to a famous church. St Stephens. Then they took us on a horse and carriage ride around vienna which was wonderful. Logan fell asleep on me. Then we went to prater to ride this huge ferris wheel that has bus cars. It gave an incredible view from above of the city. We rode the log ride, and Logan went on a horse carousel. We had a drink with Fritz and his wife. We rode subways. Was alot of fun. It was a long day. Got back at 2100, up till midnight hanging out. We slept in till 1000 Today then had breakfast, now we are packed up and are heading out. Should end up somewhere in Italy tonight. Probably swing by venice and then Pisa and then into France.

We will miss everyone here tremendously. They spoiled us and showed us a wonderful time.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, and Logan.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

26 AUGUST 1915

I woke up at 0730 this morning I think. No Air conditioning here but was alright. Logan slept till 1000 when I woke him. He had a poopy bum and I could smell it when I went in the room.

We had a lovely breakfast and then we went over to Great Aunt Mary's house for a visit and then to the church beside her house. Logan was a little cagey. I think he was still tired. He ran all the way up the hill to the church. Beautiful view, then the cemetery to see where Paul's great Grandpa and great grandma are buried.

Then we drove to the schnitzelhaus for lunch. Logan seemed really tired there. It was 1500 or so. I thought we were coming back here but then we went to Great Aunt Anne's house for a visit. We also stopped at the audi dealership. The GPS in the car is in english mode but it talks in German. Asks us to put in the language disk and load it but the disk inside the car won't eject. Audi guy couldn't fix it and was taking too long so we gave up. We will just keep watching it for the navigation vice listening.

Then we got back here at 1645 or so. I took a nap with Logan and just woke up at 1900. Paul is gone to some lake with Karl and Maria and Logan is still sleeping. I woke up and Aunt Mary was here and we couldn't communicate very much at all. I think they will be back at 2000. Regina just got here.

Tomorrow we are going to Vienna.

Bye for now

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan

26 AUGUST 1024

We finally got Logan up at 1000 or so and then we left the hotel and headed to Dachau. We were trying to find food enroute. We unfortunately had mcdonalds again. Logan played on the structure. Then we went to Dachau probably for around 3 hours till 14 something. Then we went to town and found the store so we could buy a couple of red bull for me, some water and food for lunch so we wouldn't have to get fast food. We bought wraps and chicken, and baby bel. Then it was almost 1500 and another 4 hour drive to here. We stopped to get diesel once since we left Frankfurt. 51 euros for a tank. 800 km's. Logan was really good in the car. Paul spent alot of time reading everything at Dachau while I was watching Logan and letting him run around. We stopped to go to the washroom a few times. Then when we went gas, I had to take my laptop in to power it up to get Maria's phone number and where we were supposed to meet. The GPS was a lifesaver. We missed a couple of exits and it re-directed us back to where we were supposed to be. Lots of tunnels. and Lots of tolls to pay. This keyboard has the y and the z in the opposite spot so makes it hard. The directions told us to stop in McDonalds in the town before Jabing. We weren't sure since we had the GPS so we were going to go right to Jabing. But we stopped and it was a good thing we did. It was 2030 or so and Paul went to find a phone, and all of a sudden I looked up and Karl was outside our car. They had went there 2 hours prior and were just waiting and looking at all of the german cars. The AUDI is awesome. It is soooooo much fun. Then we followed Karl and Vanessa to Jabing. They phoned ahead and said we were coming. Everyone was so happy to see us and ran out to the car. Logan was very excited. They had a bike for him to ride from when Martin was little, and a trampoline, a crib. Thez gave us the master bedroom and we said no but they insisted. Finally put Logan to bed at 2245. He didn't want to go to sleep. He slept till 1000 this morning when I woke him up because i smelled poop. We had a nice visit till midnight last night when I had to go to sleep. It was a really long day and I was exhausted. Great- Aunt Mary cooked us a big supper of Austrian Soup, ham, salad etc. Paul had some beer and I had some sparkling wine. Was good. We had a lovely breakfast this morning muesli and pastries. Paul went for a run when he got up. There was a problem with the shower that Karl has never had since they lived here for 12 years. It was 40 degrees and wouldn't cool off. Paul had a shower last night and had to keep shutting it off because it was so hot. Then Karl fixed it this morning. We have a full day of fun stuff ahead of us. We are visiting the relatives around here etc. Regina came last night as well. They loved the gifts from us and the kids love Logan so much. Oh yeah, on the way to Dachau Logan seemed grumpy and then all of a sudden he puked all over himself. We had to pull over and change his outfit and clean it up. Was crazy. Maybe that was why he slept so long. Anyway, they are waiting for me so must go.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul and Logan.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Holy cow, where do I begin?

So yesterday I took at 0500 shuttle to the airport for my 0825 flight. I got there, walked around, bought a book by the same author as My Sister's keeper. Can't remember her name right now. Didn't end up reading it yesterday. Then waited for my plane after waiting in line forever to go the washroom.

They had free wi-fi so I was able to use my ipod to surf the net while I was waiting.

Then they opened the gate, and I was walking along. I was supposed to be in 19F on a 777 300 series. When I went through the line to check my boarding pass, she took mine, printed me a new one and said "Business class". I was so stoked. I didn't even ask for a free upgrade. It was the best moment ever. Then we went downstairs and waited a little more and then they said, boarding for business and first class passengers, so I went and boarded. It was soooooooooooo amazing. I had the seat that reclines to a bed. It was sooooooooooooooo awesome. It had a massage option too so I used that alot. It was the best flight of my life. The meals were pretty good although I ate 3 chocolate croissants along with the fruit selection and yogurt. They also brought me champagne while I was waiting to take off. we were 25 minutes late leaving but landed 10 minutes early. There was hundreds of movies to choose from. When I reclined to sleep I only got a half hour because they woke me up to see if I wanted wine and lunch. Lunch was alright. I had a chicken dish which seemed to have alot of curry. Was so amazing. So I arrived to Frankfurt on top of the world from my first class treatment. I made it out the gate with my luggage to Paul and Logan. He had a huge smile and let me pick him up and kiss him tons. Then I found out the hell of an ordeal that Paul had been through. First he left Logan's backpack on the shuttle bus in Vancouver. This one had the passports in it. He got it back luckily. Then he said Logan didn't fly very well. Then when he landed in Frankfurt, he drove around for 5-6 hours trying to find the hotel I booked for him. Poor guy. He finally got to his hotel at 2300. Then Logan was up at 0400 or 0500. Oh yeah, and the car seat didn't show up so he had to rent one with the car, the gps, and he went and bought the insurance. So I showed up and instead of the car costing 534 euros + the gps, was a bill for 1200 euros and the car was so small it barely fit the luggage. My dear hubby brought way too much luggage, He brought his huge samsonite, and my huge mec bag. So we had this tiny volkwagen car. Luggage everywhere and I didn't think it was very safe so I said we were returning it and trying for a bigger one. So we were leaving the parking garage and Paul realized that he lost the parking ticket. He had already paid for it but couldn't find it. Logan and I waited in the car for 45 minutes while he went in to talk to the people to see what we could do since we already paid. They were going to charge us for a whole day, then Paul finally walked back the way we came and found the ticket. Yeah!!!! So then we went to Terminal 1 and Paul went to find Logan's car seat and I went to the rental counter. He had already went to get it before my flight landed and they said it wasn't there yet. I talked to the budget people and they wanted to charge us 920 euros to get a station wagon or something like that. Then I went over to national. The company that screwed me over before when it was supposed to be $300. That would have been a sweet rate. She said we could have the audi that I originally booked for $300 for $740 euros. That has a built in gps, and is a sedan so way more room. Very sporty though. So we booked that, and then we had to go back to the other car which was full of our luggage and move it all to the new car which we had to walk forever to get the new car. First off we couldn't find the car because it was parked in the wrong spot. I was having nightmares of "planes, tranes, and automobiles" Thank goodness for key fobs. I opened the trunk and then we found it. Then we couldn't figure out how to start it. There is no key, just a fob thing, so you put that in and push it in. It is a standard and it is amazing. We then drove to the other car and moved all of the luggage. Then Paul tells me he can't find the passports for him and Logan. Last place I saw them was at the national counter. He ran back there, and they said they weren't there. It was so frustrating wondering where they could be and him freaking out. So he walked around for awhile. Logan crashed in the back seat, he returned the other car. Then we drove around 3 times into the same parkade and couldn't find the one that we got the audi from. He thought he may have put them on the roof of the car and they blew off while we were driving. So we went to national in the wrong parkade, and he got a guy to drive him to the other parkade, nothing there, and then the guy drove him back to the main terminal counter and the national counter actually did have the passports so he got them back and came to the car and we were finally on the road. Was now 1730. I had to pee forever but I just held it. We headed out since we had a booked hotel in Munich which was 4 hours away. Paul was driving and was very tired. It was an emotional and exhausting day. He was like" we should have stayed home!!" instead of Europe, but he feels better now. So we drove for a bit, and then we stopped at burger king for supper and to let Logan run around. Then Paul drove a bit more, and then he went to sleep and I drove. This Audi has 6 gears. It is amazing. CAn hardly tell when you are driving 200 km'hr. Just kidding, I only did that once, just to see. But 160 is the norm. We mostly went 120 km/hr. Then Paul slept while I was driving and then took over driving for me. We stopped again at a rest stop and the WC (water closet) aka bathroom was in the basement. Paul went down first and then Logan and I and it was like a subway where you pay to enter. .5 euros. I have no euros but there is a child cutout for kids and I climbed through there and we went to the washroom. You get a ticket that is a coupon for .5 euros off the price of a purchase. So then we took off again. we finally made it to our hotel at 2205. Logan waited in the car and we ran inside to get our room. 46 euros. Then we went to get our luggage and Logan and the lady freaked out on us. She said, 3 people, you have 3 people. You can't have 3 people in double room. I didn't know why since the booking said kids under 4 are free if they use existing bedding. But finally because it was late she let us go but she wanted to charge us 76 euro for a 4 bedroom. crazy. We got up to our room, and I grabbed a quick shower with logan and got him ready for bed. He was having a blast climbing on the beds. (it is 2 singles pushed together). Then Paul grabbed a shower and it was almost midnight when we finally went to sleep. Logan was so cuddly giving me lots of kisses and saying Mom mom mom. He is so adorable. Then we slept. I woke up at 0640 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. Paul got up at 0730. Logan is still sleeping right now. Paul has showered, I am updating blog, and got the address for Dachau. We are going there later this morning. It is 13 kms north of our hotel here.

That's all for now. We hope all of the badluck is behind us. We are ecstatic to be totgether as a family unit again. Dachau concentration camp today, and then Off to Jabing Austria to see the relatives!!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan

Sunday, August 23, 2009

23 AUGUST 1854

Had a pretty good day today although I woke up at 0700. Showered, did some laundry, had breakfast. Poached eggs were great. Then we caught the 1000 bus to town. We walked around a bit and then finally found the gold place. I just bought myself a silver puzzle ring for $7 US. I love it. My friend bought a 1400 pair of earrings and my other friend spent $4000 on a diamond ring for his Mom.

I bought a diesel back pack since I forgot mine in Canada. I got it for $28. Love it. I also picked up the converter/adaptor plugs for Europe. 2 at $5 each. Great deal. I also bought myself a D&G belt and a levis one for Paul. Also good deals. I paid $68 total for the backpack, and the 2 belts.

Oh yeah, and I bought us some saffron. Hope it is good.

Then we went to the Hyatt hotel for lunch, they all had sushi so I went to the spa instead. I had a 30 minute massage and some waxing. Not bad. My one friend paid $50 for his lunch. My massage was $60 US, and my waxing was $40 US. Was an alright deal especially since I didn't have an appointment. There was an ice rink inside the hotel. Was sooooo crazy. Didn't get any pics.

Came back at 1600 and I had a monster headache. Laid down for a bit and then we went to supper. My friend Julie went back to town on the 1800 bus till 2200 but I was too tired. I catch a bus at 0500 tomorrow to the airport to catch my 0825 flight to Frankfurt. Can't wait. Paul and Logan should be there now and hanging out. I hope he isn't having problems driving around and that they find me no problem tomorrow. Will be a long night and a long flight anticipating seeing them.

My t-shirts are like big bags on me. So funny because when I was bigger they just fit and now they are like tents.

So humid here.

talk to you next from Germany.

Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, August 22, 2009

22 AUG 2306

Had a pretty good day today. Got out of dodge. My flight was on time but was a long ride in a herc. Was very hot. Got here and even hotter. They didn't have enough buses so I couldn't go to town but we ended up going to a huge outlet mall. I didn't like the prices though. I only bought a pair of sunglasses since I forgot mine in my room back at the camp.

I'm tired, it is so humid here. Off to bed. Gotta go and call Paul

Love Rae-LYnn

Friday, August 21, 2009

21 AUGUST 1846

Had an awesome day. Last night I went and took out "Munich". I never had any interest in seeing it but Paul saw it awhile ago and said it was good. It was descent. Watched 2 hours of it and then read my book. Had a rocket attack at 2240 or so. Then I was up reading till 0100 and then went to bed.

Set my alarm and got up at 0910 so I could call Paul. He can't wait till our vacation either!! He got the letter in the mail from me saying he is allowed to travel with Logan.

We talked for 35 minutes or so. Was great. I did some more planning for our trip. We are going to drive to Munich after he picks me up. I have booked us in to a b&b There. Looks nice, will get up and go to Dachau concentration camp. I went there in 2000 but Paul wants to go. Then we will check out a bit of Munich and then hit the road again enroute to Jabing. We are so looking forward to seeing the cousins and more of Austria. We will spend a couple of days there and then drive to Italy. Hopefully make it to Rome, and then a day there, and then head up to Paris. It is around 15 hours drive from Rome to Paris, then visit around Paris and go to the Louvre, and the Eiffel tower, L'arc de triomphe and the champs elysees. Then go to Dieppe, Vimy, juno beach, gold beach, ypres, and flanders fields in belgium. And then we will make our way back to Frankfurt. Hopefully we will be able to relax along the way and not spend the whole time in the car!!

Paul told me a cute story about Logan. They went to Lorna our neighbours last night to see if she would water his vegetable garden when he was away. She picked up Logan, and then Logan looked at Paul and waved and said "bye-bye" because he wanted to stay with Lorna. So cute.

Got the postcards mailed to Lynn today.

So after my phone call with Paul, I grabbed a shower and then went to Timmies and bought a bagel. Walked around the boardwalk and ran into my friend Mark. Said goodbye to him since I am leaving. He paid $1200 for a rental in france for 2 weeks so ours for $760 or so for almost 20 days is a decent deal. Then I went to the Dutch PX walked around a bit. Then I went in to work to see Sven and see if he had any questions. Hung around there for probably an hour or so and then biked over to the french PX. Nothing there. Then I went to the mess for lunch and Paul and Patti were there so I sat with them. Then I went to the American PX. Nothing there, so then I came home, finished the "HA HA". Good story I guess. Then I went and got a refund on my internet since I leave tomorrow so had to cancel it. Then I picked up my last bit of clean laundry and returned Munich and the book. I then went to my HLTA briefing and the post office. Then I came back here, blogging, packing and then bedtime.

Love Rae-Lynn

Thursday, August 20, 2009

20 AUGUST 1626

Had an awesome day today. Man was I ever busy. Was good to be really busy during my last shift. Today was the elections and things were crazy all day.Was good though.

I finished at 1600 and came home and then went and exchanged my laundry. I returned my video from yesterday and signed out the movie "awake" but now I realize I have already seen in so I will go and get a different one.

Tonight is pizza night so I will go in for 1900 for my pizza. Then I will sleep in tomorrow and then get up eventually and pop in later to see if Sven is alright. He got back today.

4 more sleeps till I see my boys. Tomorrow will be a relaxing day of last minute packing!!! I have some laundry to pick up in the afternoon.

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

19 AUGUST 1939

Had a good day today. Was pretty busy and it went fast. Biked home after my shift at 1600, and then checked email and relaxed. I booked a hotel for Paul and Logan for their first night without me in Frankfurt. Hopefully they will be able to find their way.

Then I went to the gym. I did 47 minutes on the bike reading my book for 805 calories burnt and 5.06 miles. Then I grabbed a shower and biked down to turn in my laundry from last night and today since I want my capris for my holiday. Came home, returned my movie from the other day and signed out "The door in the floor". Updating my blog and then gonna watch that movie!!!

1 more shift to go. and 5 more sleeps till I Kiss my boys!!!

Can't wait

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

18 AUGUST 2057

Had a good day. I had my first french vanilla capuccino since I have been here. We have a Cpl that goes and gets coffee for everyone every day from Timmies and I don't drink coffee so I don't every get anything but yesterday when I asked her, she had already gone so I missed it. So today I ordered a french vanilla. It was good. Had a busy day today. They moved a flight from tomorrow to today but didn't tell me. I figured it out on my own and was trying to contact everyone to let them know. Hopefully everyone made it. Finished work at around 1615. Still having computer issues.....sucks.

Other than that, was a great day, came home, did the laundry exchange then I went to work out to make sure i would get it in. I was being slack. Friday was my last workout. Today I did 65 minutes on the bike for a new record of 1131 calories burnt and 7.01 miles. Was great. I read my book.

Mom H couldn't pick up the Lost symbol for me because it doesn't come out till sept 15th. She is sending me a couple though. Will most likely get them after my trip.

There is a fly buzzing around my bedspace. He is really annoying.

Then after my shower I started packing up for my trip. I can't wait. 2 more shifts at work, although I will probably have to go in for a little bit on the 21st to make sure Sven is good to go. I hope to sleep in though and then go. We'll see what happens. Then I still won't see Paul and Logan till the 24th. It will have been 124 days since I have seen them. Which reminds me that I need to book their hotel for the night of the 23rd when they get to Frankfurt.

Any takers on driving my car to parksville for me when someone is heading down island. Need to know before Paul takes off.


Monday, August 17, 2009

18 AUGUST 0316

I had a an alright day. I was super tired all day. NOt sure why I was so drained. Anyways, made it through the day, walked home, checked email etc and then fell asleep at 1700 and was going to get up at 1800 and but didn't get up till 0300 this morning cause I had to go to the bathroom. So then I decided to do my blog an then I'll go back to sleep.

Not much to report. Didn't make it to the gym because I crashed hard in bed.

3 more shifts and 5 more sleeps till I see my boys.

I am getting really anxious for my holiday. The countdown to the elections is on. I hope things don't get too crazy. One of my computers was down all day which was really annoying. I had to find workarounds and use other people's etc. was so annoying.

I'm gonna start packing tonight!!!
Love Rae-Lynn

Sunday, August 16, 2009

16 AUGUST 1922 BLOG POST #200

Hi there.

Had a good day. I forgot to mention that Paul went fishing yesterday. He caught 2 fish and Henry gave him 2 so he had his limit. Today was crazy boring at work. I had a computer system down so I couldn't do anything and nothing was going on. Was very tiring being so bored. Oh well. Finished at 1530 and left. Came home, changed, and then I had to go and get the key for my video chat. Picked it up and then mailed my book The Time Traveller's wife to my sister-in-law Robyn. Unfortunately I forgot Lynn wanted post cards for school and I hadn't bought them yet. I picked them up later tonight after our Air wing dinner at the kabob house. I could have waited and thrown them in the package. Oh well.

After that, I picked up my laundry and dropped some off. Then I went to the dinner and then I signed out the movie "Then she found me". I am watching it now as I blog and then I can't wait until my video chat. One more hour till I see Paul and Logan.

I have 4 more shifts left and 8 more sleeps till I see Paul and Logan.

Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, August 15, 2009

15 AUGUST 2205

Had a really good day today.

Work wasn't crazy busy so I managed to bike over to the market for 30 minutes ish. Someone covered in case but didn't matter. I bought 7 movies. 2 of them don't work so they will be returned: My sister's keeper and superbad. The others are great: I love you beth cooper, American Violet, The Answer man, The proposal, Confessions of a shopaholic.

I managed to score myself a sweet dolce and gabana purse shown above. I love it.

I also picked up a Louis Vitton purse that I love!!! Good times. Good prices.

Then I ran out of money and had to go back to work. Finished at 1600 and came home, checked email. The free wi-fi from old canada house is back up and running. The thing is that I can't get reception from my tent. My WO told me if I buy a signal booster thingy for 55 then I will get 4 bars of reception on the wi-fi and that it is really fast compared to my pakistani highspeed. I bought it and it rocks. I will probably discontinue my pakistani highspeed after my vacation and just use this. It is awesome. I got online at old canada house with my ipod touch yesterday. Was cool.

I booked Paul's flights to get him from the the island to the mainland. He will fly out of comox to vancouver on the 22nd of august. The problem was getting him back to comox. There was a flight at 1830 but he lands at 1625 so I didn't know if that would be enough time for him to clear customs and check in and catch that flight especially if the flight from Germany gets delayed. I ended up booking him back at 1950 from Vancouver to Nanaimo. It was totally on sale for $88 total. Great deal. The problem now is figuring out how to get them back to Comox. Comox friends: please let me know if you will be travelling down to nanaimo at all between the 22nd august and the 12th of september. I am wondering if 2 or more are driving down if one of the people can drive my car and leave it at Aunt Marjorie and Gerry's house for Paul and Logan. That way, when they land, hopefully M&G can pick them up and then they will drive home. Please let me know if anyone can help us out!!!

That is all booked. It is good!!!

Gillian is going to take Bear and Tikka. Hopefully Bear and Hope will get along otherwise Bear will have to leave. If that is the case, I need to hook up a back up plan.

Paul picked out most of the new flooring on Friday. Sounds like it will be very nice.

Then I went to church tonight. Was good. Came back and called Paul to confirm that the Nanaimo flight was good and he said yes so then I booked it. Then I called my Grandma Edith. She is doing well. Mom and Auntie Betty are in Winnipeg right now for a visit but they were out shopping. Was nice to talk to her.

I got a letter in the mail today from my Mom today which was nice.

Didn't get any reading done of my book. That'll have to wait.

Didn't make it to the gym either. Was busy researching Paul & Logan's flights etc. Was another hot one today. Got an email from Allison today and Robyn and just one from Rolly. Was a nice surprise.

Finished watching "little miss sunshine" as well tonight. It was such a cute movie. Loved it!

Love Rae-Lynn time for bed!

Friday, August 14, 2009

14 AUGUST 2133

Had a pretty good day today. One of my computers isn't working since yesterday so it is really annoying because i need it. I am logged on to it on the computer beside me because that guy is away but it really reduces efficiency. Was really hot here again today. An ongoing trend. I can't wait till the rainy season. Watch me then...lol

I biked home after work and then did the laundry exchange. So much faster with the bike.

One civilian that I met was here for 11 months and left today. She will go to the UK for a couple weeks holiday and then home.

After the laundry I went over to Old Canada House to see what books are there. They don't have much of a selection and most of them are in French. I finally managed to find what looks decent. It is called The Ha-Ha by Dave King.

I finished the Time Traveller's Wife last night. I loved it alot. I can't wait to see the movie with Paul. The book was fantastic. Should have it in the mail this weekend to Robyn in Deloraine. For those that don't know, she is one of my wonderful sister-in-laws. Got an email from Mom H, she is gonna send me a couple of books. I told her I wanted to read the new one by Dan Brown called the lost symbol as well as 3 cups of tea. She said she picked some up to send me.

I joined the dvd club today. You pay $20 and you get a rental card. You can take one movie at a time and keep it for how ever long you want. Then at the end of the tour, you return the card and you get your $20 back. Today I borred Nights in Rodanthe even though I heard it wasn't a "happy ending". I still really enjoyed it. The waiting is sort of like the waiting you do here. Waiting to see your loved ones again!!!

Then I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the bike for 3.36 and 551 calories burnt. I wanted to do at least 40 minutes and then do some situps and pushups since it has been forever but I can't mention why but I was interrupted. So after the interruption I just showered and came home and then I am blogging, and I started to watch "Little Miss sunshine". Paul saw it awhile ago and tole me it was really good.

6 more shifts!!!

I hope I can run out quickly to the market tomorrow for 10 minutes to check if there is any new dvd's. We'll see how crazy busy I am. I have the bike now so it makes it super quick for me to run out to the market and get back to work.

Our Austrian relatives are really excited for us to come and visit!!! Will be awesome.

Paul wants to see:

I want to see a concentration camp, Vimy, juno beach around Normandy France, Flander's fields (from what I've seen on the internet it's in Belgium), Paris, Vatican (would be nice if there is time), Berlin (again if there is time, it's way out of the way). and swim in the Mediterranean.

I will just be happy to see my boys! I want to see Rome though. I have seen almost everything else on Paul's list, although I haven't swam in the med yet.

Love Rae-Lynn

Thursday, August 13, 2009

13 AUG 2122

Just finished watching "I love you man" It was sooooooooooooooooooooo awesome. I totally recommend it. It was soooo funny.

I'm gonna read some more of my book now.

Love Rae-Lynn

13 AUGUST 1830

Just got back from a wonderful workout with lots of reading on the bike. I did 6.81 miles, burnt 1109 calories and 65 minutes. I grabbed a quick shower and now I am back in my room. I am on page 400 of 540 and I am loving this book. I should have this in the mail for Robyn before I go on my holiday.

I keep forgetting to mention the video chat that I am going to have with Paul and Logan on Sunday morning. I was super bummed about not seeing them the last 2 weekends because Paul has no internet in the house right now because the modem got packed and also so did the webcam when he suggested I book the video teleconferencing thru the MFRC. He is so smart. So Sunday night at 2030 for me and 0900 for him we will get around 45 minutes before they have to go to church. I can't wait.

Paul said Logan says Shoes now. So cute. Mom said he was saying it when she was visiting and doing alot of imitating and being super cute.

I still wish Mom and Dad H would join us for a week or so in Europe. Would be a blast.

hmmm. Gonna read a little bit more and then watch a movie.

Tomorrow the 14th of August would have been my brother Raymond's 29th birthday. So hard to believe 7 years have gone by. The song "who you'd be today" I love. It is by Kenny Chesney and always reminds me of my bro. It makes me wonder if we could have just gotten through that rough patch the man he would be today. Handsome as ever I am sure. It is really odd but out of all my siblings, he is the one who was most like me. I always thought of him as the male version of me. Man did I wish he was a little girl when we were little so he could be my sister. He would always let me paint his nails. He was adorable. I was the only one who could understand what he was saying which delayed his speech since I did all of the talking for him. But he eventually talked. The main difference was that he was better with his hands and doing stuff. He was great at woodworking stuff and welding etc. Not me. But I am good at scrapbooking and cardmaking. I feel his presence at times but I haven't felt it for awhile. I know he was there when Logan was born. Logan was 10 lbs but he felt like a feather to me. It was like he was holding Logan up so I could hold him given my c-section. Then another time, I could feel him inside Logan looking at me with Logan's eyes. I know people will find this weird. And the other time was when I was in Winnipeg with Logan in the summer of 2008. We were with Papa (my Dad) and Dad looked both ways and didn't see any cars, so he started to cross the street. Logan and I were in the van. All of a sudden a car was coming right at Dad and almost hit him. At the last second some force which I believe was Raymond grabbed him and pulled him out of harms way. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. I immediately started crying. It was very emotional. My Dad almost got run over and killed but was saved. And just the way his body moved, was so unlike my Dad moving his own body. There was definitely a force present. Later Dad told me he agreed with me. My bro the angel watching over us all. I like to believe he is watching over me here keeping me safe and watching over all of my loved ones keeping them safe. I love you and I miss you. Wish you were here. xoxoxoxoxo To all of my family reading this, I am thinking of you and sharing your pain.

Love Rae-Lynn

13 AUG 1629

11 more sleeps till I see my boys!!!

Only 7 more shifts though. Woo hoo.

Dad & Lynn are up in Yellowknife visiting Rob & Rosie. They are having a good time.

I got some good emails yesterday from Mom H and Dad H. I can't believe what happened to Grandpa Hacker. He is like 88 years old and someone at the bank thought his cane was a gun so they called 911 and the police came and scared the crap out of him. Totally ridiculous.

My thoughts and prayers go out to my friend Megan whose Father was just diagnosed with Leukemia.

I am really enjoying the time traveller's wife. Mom H is going to send me a couple books and Robyn said she would send me some that she is finished!! CAn't wait. Will most likely just get them when I get back from my holiday.

My friend Mark got back from his family vacation yesterday and I met up with him at breakfast accidentally. Was a nice surprise.

Seem to be feeling better. I will head to the gym shortly for a workout. Probably just the bike so I can ready my fabulous book.

Didn't sign up for pizza for tonight. Ate too much crap this week.

My American friend at one of the forward operating bases sent me a package today. It was little snacks and treats. Was nice. I had sent him out some girl guide cookies but the guy who was delivering it let someone else eat them. Was horrible.

That's all for now. I will probably go to the gym and then watch the movie "I love you man".

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

12 AUGUST 2009

Had an alright day. It was crazy hot here today. I am feeling a little better today. Still sick though. Left work at 1550 and had to run out to see the global connect guys. They got the wi-fi working again. There used to be a free wi-fi at old canada house and new canada house and it is back again. I can't get it from my room but I will be nice if I want to try and set up my ipod wifi. Did that and then biked home. Sweat was dripping down my face. Got changed and biked down to laundry. Came back and my internet wasn't working so I called the guy that runs it. Then I curled up with my book. I am already on page 283 out of 536. It is soooooooooooooooooooooo good. I also watched the trailer for the movie on utube and loved it. My hubby is so sweet that he wants to watch it with me. This was all his idea. I hadn't even heard of it.

I got an email from Paul's 2nd cousins in Austria. They can't wait to see us and said we can stay as long as we want. I wish we could but we have so much to see. Hopefully a 2-3 day visit will be good. We will most likely start driving to Jabing the day I land at Frankfurt. It is an 8 hour day to Jabing so we will see how far we get. Then we will grab a hotel for the night and continue the next day. It all depends on how cranky my little man is.

So tonight I just read my book all night up till now. I am resting one more night of no excercise and back to the gym tomorrow. I am sending the book to Robyn when I finish it. I'll have to start a little book swap club. Nadia starting reading My Sister's Keeper since I mentioned it, but I didn't know about it till Robyn sent it to me!!! Who wants to read my sister's keeper, or the eleventh circle? I can mail those out. They were awesome.

My G3 was relieved to learn that we will be here till end november. He thought the 4 of us were leaving in october and I had already told him about our replacements and so he was a little stressed about it. Nothing but relief at this time. I am glad we will be leaving with them. It will be nice to relax and party in Cyprus all together!

Paul has been super busy at work on a big project. He is doing good but I know he will relish our vacation. Poor guy!

The girls in comox are having a huge scrapping weekend. Jen is flying out and Angela too I think. I wish I could be there for that.

Got an awesome email today from Jen C and Nadia.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

11 AUGUST 2114

Had an alright day today. I woke up and felt fine and then I sneezed in the shower and my nose was running non-stop all day. I am sick and feel poopy. Day felt long because I was sick. Left work at 1550 and biked home. Went to the PX to buy some medicine. I bought night and day stuff. Will go to bed early tonight, and not going to the gym. My nose is sooooooooooooooo annoying. I bought the book "The time traveler's wife". It is good so far. I looked all over the px and that was the only book that got my attention that I wanted to read. Robyn asked me yesterday what I was reading. It was nothing because I didn't have anything. I had read all the books that people sent me!!!

So I am looking online to book the hotel for Paul and Logan's first night in Germany since they get there the day before me. Then when I land we will probably drive for awhile and then grab a hotel on the way to Jabing Austria to see Paul's relatives. Paul's Grandma Hacker was born in Austria so she has at least 2 sister's there and lots of Paul's second cousins are there. We met 3 of them at Amy's wedding. They came over from Austria so will be nice to see them again and meet the rest of the relatives.

I seriously cannot wait. Will be crazy busy up till I leave as well because Afghanistan is gearing up for their 2nd elections. The first was in 2004/2005 and the second is on the 20th of August.Hopefully it will go well.

I have been reading my book for an hour or so. I love it. Gonna read for a bit and then try to go to sleep early and try and kick this cold. It is sooooooooooooo annoying.

I watched Funny People last night. It was alright.

Love Rae-Lynn

Monday, August 10, 2009

10 AUGUST 2014

Went to the gym. I did 3.34 for 556 calories burnt and 35 minutes on the elliptical.

Went to that meeting. It was like an hour. I was bored but it was important. I am home now and really tired. I got a few nice emails from Robyn.

I am going to watch the movie funny people and relax.

Love Rae-Lynn

10 AUGUST 1726

2 weeks from today I will be with my boys!!! Man I can't wait. 10 more shifts to go. And then I will sleep in and pack up and then get outta here!!!

Had an alright day. Nothing too crazy. Was hot out.

I ate too much today. I really need to get to the gym tonight.

I should go back to work at 1900 for a briefing but I should get my gym time in before I go. I just don't feel like it.

I got my letter all packaged up and my friend is bringing it to Canada to Express to Paul. That way if they give him any grief travelling alone with Logan, he can pull out the letter and it will be OK.

Everything is shaping up good for our trip. I just need to book a hotel for the night Paul and Logan get to Frankfurt. They get there 24 hours ahead of me.

I think I will kick my butt over to the gym now, and then shower and go to the briefing.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

09 AUGUST 2024

Had a good day today. Was really busy at work. Went well. We got ice cream today. It was really good . After work I came home and checked email and then went to the gym. I did 38 minutes on the elliptical for 617 calories burnt and 4.0 miles. I did a hardcore 3.0 in 28:32. Was a really good workout. Then I grabbed a quick shower and then we were supposed to have professional development at 1900. I biked in to work and then the people that were supposed to brief us didn't show up.

The good thing is that last night I asked Paul if he thought he needed any kind of letter from me saying it was okay for him to leave the country with Logan. He didn't think so but I asked someone tonight and they said that I do. So I gave Paul a quick call to get some information and then sent an email to the Legal advisor to see if she can draft the letter for me to sign and then I will send it to edmonton with a friend going home tomorrow and then get him to express it to Paul so he will have it. Should work out.

Has been like 46 lately so feels so much cooler than 56!!!

Got a nice email from Rosie in response to my email request. That was it though! I hope more people email me.

Love Rae-Lynn

Saturday, August 8, 2009

8 AUG 2138

So I managed to drag my butt to the gym. I did a hardcore 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by a 5 minute cool down for a total of 3.51 miles and 544 calories burnt. Was great!!! Then I just grabbed a quick shower.

I found my leave pass which was good because I was looking for it.

The animals are all home with Paul and Logan now. I wonder if Father misses them??

If you read my blog, please drop me a quick email at rae_lynn@hotmail.com The only people that I get daily email from is my Dad & Lynn so it will be nice to hear how everyone else is doing. Plus it makes me happy when I get email!!!

also say in the email if you want to see the pics of my house. They are crazy pics.

Paul and Logan are headed down to Parksville today to see the sand castle festival. Should be a good day for them. It has been 2 weeks since I have been able to webcam with Paul and Logan and it doesn't look good for this weekend either because the router was taken from the house in the flood and so was the webcam. boo. very sad.

Yeah I think that ridiculous plan of working out twice a day was ridiculous. Must have been on an exercise high when I thought that. I am lucky if I can drag my butt there once a day.

I woke up 1 minute before my alarm this morning. It went off in my hands. crazy crazy


by for now.

Love Rae-Lynn. Looking forward to your emails!!

8 AUG 2005

Had a pretty good day. Nothing too impressive. Managed to make it to the market for 13 minutes or so. I bought the following DVD's: The Ugly Truth (watched it tonight, it was awesome), Funny People, and G Force. I also bought Logan a 10 disk DVD set of Sesame English. I am watching it now to check. Mostly in english but some parts are in chinese. Oh well. Hopefully he will like it. We shall see soon enough! Apparently Paul got my package the other day but he hasn't opened it as of friday night.

At least it made it there.

didn't get out of work till 1630. Has cooled off quite a bit. I think it was 45 today. Much better than 56!!

Father Arek told me it got up to 40 in comox. Wowsers!!

STill trying to convince myself to make it to the gym tonight. It is already after 2000 though. We'll see.

Other than that, not much else going on. 12 more shifts till my holiday!

Love Rae-Lynn

Friday, August 7, 2009

7 AUG 2109

Well I took a little nap and then made it to the gym. I did 50 minutes on the elliptical random level 10 for 4.48 and 765 calories. I may try and convince myself to start getting up at 0500 and going to the gym in the morning as well. We'll see how that pans out.

Got a good email from Father Arek. I guess Paul didn't tell him Bear's name so he just calls him Cat!!! He said he can't get enough of Father's attention while he is on the couch!!

Love Rae-Lynn

7 AUG 1631

Had a pretty good day today. I split a bike with Patti. Only cost me $12 and it is super handy. I biked to work this morning and then dashed off to the sick parade. Only took me 20 minutes total and they hooked me up with an arm brace and some ibuprofen. Was good, then back to work for a very busy day. I didn't get to go and grab my lunch till 1345 or so. Today went pretty quick though.

My internet is working right now but wasn't working this morning or last night. So that is why I just posted my entry from yesterday.

Talked to Paul this morning. Apparently if the damage is over $25,000 then I don't have to pay my $1000 deductible. Here's hoping it's over $24000 since his hotel was $1000 already. Paul should bring the animals home today some time. Father Arek said that Bear hides all day and then sleeps with him. I wonder how he is enjoying that?

My friend Matt is an American who works in the HQ with us. He gave me a pair of US issued Oakley's today. Super cool!!!

Gonna try and drag my butt to the gym tonight.

Can't wait to see Paul and Logan. I am getting super excited about it. I only have 13 more work days, then a day off here most likely, and then my flight out. So excited.

I am sure Paul can't wait either. I hope they work on the house and have it done when he gets back.

Gonna look like we had a grow-op on our hydro bill from all of the heaters and de-humidifiers they had plugged in.

I should have a really slow day at work tomorrow so hopefully I can run out to the market!!!!

Love Rae-Lynn

6 august post

My internet is down again so I can’t blog but I will get it ready so I can upload it in the morning if it is back up. Sounds familiar eh?

Had an alright day but I am feeling really depressed about everything that happened at home and how stressed Paul is. I hope he will be able to relax and de-stress on our vacation.

My arm is pretty sore so I am going to go to sick parade tomorrow morning and see if they can hook me up with the brace. Gill says it will be good to use when I sleep and as much as I can.

Left work at 1600, walked home. Seems a little cooler. Probably only 46 or 48 vice 56. Cooler isn’t the right word. Less hot maybe. I biked down to laundry and dropped off and picked it up.

Came back and checked my email. Then the internet went down at 1730 so I took a little nap till 1830 and then I went in to work for pizza. Was great. Although I feel crappy now for eating it. Oh well.

I am really sore from my run the other day so probably won’t make it to the gym till tomorrow. I may be going to a bbq so that should be fun. MP’s invited me.

Paul should be moving home today after work even though there is still no floor. They have installed a toilet for him at least. Poor guy has so much on his plate right now and they are screwing him over at work as well which really annoys me. He has a new Sgt coming in at the end of the month who I think will be awesome and supportive so that will be nice.

Love Rae-Lynn

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A couple of pics Gill took when Paul and Logan swam at Barb's while Dad was visiting!

05 AUG 1639

I had a good day at work today. Was busy so it went fast. They came in to clean the air conditioners as well so hopefully that will make them work better.

Left work at 1600 and walked home. It was hot but not like yesterday when it was like 56 or so.

Came home, and the internet works so just checking email, facebook, and updating my blog with the post I did last night that I couldn't make.

Found out I have carpel tunnel syndrome. Had no idea. Every now and again my arm acts really really weird. Like pins and needles and sometimes like I can't even feel it. I was describing it to my WO and he said it sounds like carpel tunnel and it all makes sense now. It is the weirdest feeling and can be painful at times. Luckily it doesn't happen every day but I'll have to get it looked at when I get home to prevent it from getting any worse.

It really sucks that I didn't get a video chat on the weekend and not sure the next time I will. Our webcam is packed up along with everything else.

Paul is physically and emotionally exhausted and I hope that his work gives him a couple of days off to recuperate and de-stress.

Can't wait till our trip. I should only have 15 shifts left!!! yeah!!

Hope everyone is well.

Love Rae-Lynn


My internet is down again so I can’t blog but I will get it ready so I can upload it in the morning if it is back up. I had an okay day at work today. Not too busy at all. Was really hot in there though. There is almost 50 computers in the room and only 2 air conditioners working right now. It is like a sweat shop.

Cute Logan story. There is no tub in the hotel so Logan has to shower with Paul. Last night Logan was in the shower waiting for Paul and he started smiling and laughing and then took a pee. Paul was like, Nooooooo, lol. I though it was too funny.

After work, I got to leave at 1525 but the closer gate was busted so I had to go all the way around. Good times. All sweaty by the time I got home. Then I surfed the net, for a bit and then I read my book until 1930 or so. Oh yeah, I biked down to get my laundry right after work as well. Then I went to the gym. I have had zero motivation lately. I did a 2 minute warm up and then ran for 20 minutes and then 4 minute cool down for 26 minutes total and 2.01 miles, and 304 calories. Then I did 35 minutes on the bike for 3.6 miles/km and 602 calories burnt.

Then I grabbed a quick shower and then came home. I intended on blogging but I can’t because the internet is down. After this I am going to read a bit and then go to sleep.

5 th August is day 100 here and 105 since I left home. I see Paul and Logan on day 120 here or 125 since they saw me. My last shift should be on the 20th, and I should have the 21st off .

I hope Paul can find his and Logan’s passports. They are all packed up in boxes. My house is empty. It is very sad.

I feel bad for Paul having to deal with the house, Habibi’s death, being a single Father, and his work situation.

Please pray for us.

Love Rae-Lynn

Monday, August 3, 2009

4 AUG 0118

Came home and was emotionally exhausted.

Went to bed at 1730 and just got up at midnight. Called Paul and Logan. I had no idea it was so bad until I just talked to him.

Everything we own is gone to either the garage or storage. The floor is all ripped up. The only thing in the house right now is our bed and the stuff in Logan's room. Other than that it is completely empty. They even packed up our passports so Paul is going to have to find those ASAP. It is truly a nightmare. At least we still have a house unlike the people affected by hurricane katrina but it is awful. I have no idea how Paul is managing. Even all of the plumbing fixtures on the first floor have been ripped out.

It all makes sense now what happened to Habibi. He must have been so upset with me being away and then all of the water. Cats hate water, and then the heat. Paul had moved the cat food, and litter up to Logan's room and that was where he found poor Habibi.

What a horrible mess.

Talked to my Grandma tonight on the phone and she hates cats but she still felt bad for me. Also talked to my Mom and Dad & Lynn.

I hope everyone else is doing better than me.

Love Rae-Lynn

03 AUG 0830

Sorry I couldn't blog for the last 2 days. We had a comms lockout. Was
a crappy couple of days.

First of all the flood at my house has been really awful. Paul and Logan
are at a hotel. Major damage to my house.

Then 2 days ago we lost another 2 Canadian soldiers and 3 Americans. It
was horrible.

The BBQ planned for the 1st was cancelled. Yesterday there was 2 ramp
ceremonies. I was at work for the American one so I couldn't go but I
went to the
Canadian one last night and then we had the BBQ. Man, my beer tasted
good. The food was really good as well.

Then I went home and the lockdown was still on so I wasn't able to video
chat with Paul and Logan this weekend. Not that they could have anyhow
because Paul was busy. Our neighbour Lorna watched Logan for a bit on
Saturday so Paul could mow the lawn.

I called Paul this morning to see how things were going and he gave me
even more bad news that has ruined my day. It sucks I had to find out
at work because all I want to do is cry and I can't.

My sweet Habibi (my cat) died. Due to the flood there is heaters
everywhere drying stuff out and the floor is all ripped up so it is
plywood. Paul went up to Logan's room and saw Habibi there and he
wasn't moving. We think that the stress of the flood was just too much
for him and probably with me being away and he probably had a heart
attack or something. I am very very sad. He was only 7 years old and
that was a horrible way for him to die all panicky. RIP my sweet
Habibi. I can't wait to go home after work and cry. Hopefully that will make me feel better.

So now Bear and Tikka are living at Father Arek's house and Paul and
Logan are at the Best Western.

Hopefully things will get better because I can't handle any more bad