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Thursday, November 27, 2008

To Trenton

So I finished up my week in Greenwood. Wednesday night we tried for 3 hours in the sim but it was broken so we ended up finishing up early. We got a ton of snow wednesday night. Thursday night went ok as well. Then on Friday they said there would be another snow storm so we called the sqn at 1200 to see if we could change our flights. It would be $550 per person so the sqn said no. So we went in to the sim and did our trainer till 1430. Then I called west jet and they said that since the storm was coming that they would move us for free. This would have us leave at 1640 and head to calgary overnight and then get home at the same time as originally scheduled from calgary to comox. By the time we left greenwood at 1500 we were pretty much doomed from the start. We still however tried to make it but it was too late. The 1830 flight was already full so we ended up getting stuck in Calgary. Friday night after I checked in Michael and Owen picked me up and we went back to their house for supper. Kelly looks awesome. We had a wonderful supper. They bbq'd some 3 day marinated steak and a wonderful salad and of course some lovely wine. We hung out. I was totally envious of Kelly's wonderful scrapbooking room!!! Owen was adorable as usual. Then since the snowstorm was supposed to be coming and Kelly and Michael were flying to Cuba the next day Michael drove me home at 2100. Saturday morning at 0500 I got up to get ready for the flight. I looked outside and there was alot of snow but it seemed to have stopped and looked alright. At 0515 JP knocked on my door and said that our flight was cancelled and we weren't flying out until 0740 on sunday morning and that we were meeting at 1100 in the lobby to move to the hotel downtown since there was no room at the base. I had to wade through waist high snow to go over to the Juno Tower for breakfast and then back to my room. Same thing when I was checking out. We went to the Sheraton Four Points downtown. It was amazing. Free wi-fi in the rooms and 2 queen beds with wonderful duvets!!! We all went out as a crew for lunch which was fun, and then a quick stop at MEC. AFter that I went back to my room to change my flights. Since I wasn't making it home on saturday, I had to fly right to Ontario on sunday so I could go to Trenton for my training. They moved me to a 1218 flight from Halifax to Toronto, then Dad Hacker picked me up and took me to their house. It was so great to spend time with Mom and Dad H. Mom is still recovering from breaking her ankle. Then I headed out for the 2.5 hr drive to Trenton. I was pretty tired when I got to Trenton but thanx to the GPS I found the base no problem and checked in. I had a frustrating time trying to get on the internet. I thought the first cable was not working but I tried another and still nothing. Then I plugged in down in the lobby and realized that my laptop was ok. The next day the IT tech came by and was submitting a work order so I asked for a new room. I moved all of my stuff to the new room and the internet wasn't working again so they moved me to the 2nd floor and this time it worked. Then I left for Belleville hospital because Mom Hacker had left me a voicemail saying Nana had a stroke and was in the hospital. I headed right down there for a visit. I had planned on going to see Grandpa but when I called him at lunch, he had told me that he didn't feel well enough for a visit. Then Tuesday after class I was going to see Grandpa but I had a message from Mom and Amy saying that Grandpa was in the hospital now too because of his heart. I headed right out and Amy and I took turns visiting Grandpa in Emerg and then going up to see Nana. Amy and I have been at the hospital every night so far this week. My course is going really really well. I am learning tons of stuff and most of it is very interesting. Tomorrow I will head up to Mom and Dad's after I am done. I have to clear out of my room first thing in the morning and then go to class. Mom and Dad are driving down tomorrow to go to the hospital. Then they will be back home tomorrow evening and we are having a fish fry!!! Delicious. I have probably gained 5-10 lbs over the last 2 weeks. Has been a stressful time this week. I have to get back in to gear when I get home. I also am on a complete different awake/sleep schedule from last week so that doesn't help. I was supposed to be only coming home on the 1st of Dec, but now I go home on Saturday night. I can't wait, I miss my boys so much!!! I am looking forward to visiting with Mom and Dad again tomorrow night and saturday before my flight. I picked up some scrapbooking stuff over the last couple of days and made a scrapbooking thing for Nana and gave it to her tonight. She loved it. I made a more manly one for Grandpa and he loved it too. They are doing alright so far although Nana is still having trouble with her left side. It is extra hard for her since she is left handed. I had a nice visit with Aunt Maryann and Uncle Dwight at the hospital last night as well. I am going to see about getting most of my training done at home instead of doing those extra 2 weeks in K-town. We will see. May not be able to keep Logan in Ontario depending on how Nana is doing. Aunt Maryann may be too busy with Nana. We will see what happens. 2 more sleeps till I am home.

Love Rae-Lynn

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Greenwood and beyond

We attended the Remembrance Day Ceremony in Courtenay this year. Then we had a babysitter and Paul and I went to the festivites at the Officer's Mess. We had a great time visiting with veterans and fellow colleagues.

Wednesday night I had volleyball practice, Friday night, Paul went to his TGIF, and then I went to the Officer's mess for mine. It was quebecois night. Food was pretty good. The Tortiere was amazing. The poutine wasn't great. I also rocked out on some guitar hero with Chris Wattie.

Saturday I spent most of the day with Logan since he had a fever. Paul worked on the fence a bit more. Saturday night we went to church and then out to supper. I popped over to Barb's to drop off her chipboard calendar. Then Gill popped over to drop off the beautiful birthdya mini album she made of Logan's 1st birthday!! It is wonderful.

I finally packed up at 2200 on Saturday night.

Sunday morning I woke up later than planned at 0640 and furiously finished packing up. Logan woke up very fussy. He was crying alot and still had a fever. Camille and Phil gave me a ride to the airport since Phil was going with me to Greenwood anyways. We got to the airport and it was pretty foggy. We ended up being delayed 40 minutes and didn't take off till 0920. Then when we got to Vancouver we had to pretty much speed walk/run to catch our 1000 flight. We got to the gate right at 1000 to hear that CMA didn't call Air canada to say our flight was delayed and Air Canada had given away all of our seats to standby people. We boarded the plane and some standby people got kicked off. I was all sweaty and gross from running there and got stock in a middle seat but it was actually very comfortable. It was a 767 and it was huge. 2 seats, 3 seats, 2 seats. 2 aisles. I started to watch Baby Mama and then the system crapped out. After it was reset I didn't have the option of watching baby mama. So i watched something else. Can't remember the name right now. It was pretty good. At the end of the movie I accidentally sheared the pin of my ipod headset. It broke and I was unable to watch anything for the last 2 hours of my flight. I slept instead. In Toronto, we grabbed supper at red rocket, and then I bought a pair of cheap earphones for $6.00. The first place I looked at was charging $25, $35 and $45 for headsets.

We ended up arriving in Halifax at 2200. I was able to watch almost all of Baby mama on this flight. missed the last 30 minutes or so. WE got to Halifax and waited an hour for our luggage which didn't arrive. Air Canada has complimentary toiletries if you ask, but only if you ask. Walt knew that, so we all asked. There was a t-shirt in the bag, a brush, razor, laundry soap, toothbrush and toothpaste but no shampoo. We got to juno Towers at the base and they had booked us into Russell House. I washed my underwear in the sink so I would have a clean pair on monday. I got up at 0730 on monday and ate breakfast at the wardroom. then my luggage arrived at 1000. 3 of us got our luggage. We headed to the airport to look for everyone else's luggage but no one elses was there so we came to greenwood. Everyone else's luggage arrived last night at 1700. Since it was over 6 hours since they got their luggage they had $500 to spend on new stuff. Unfortunately everything was closed during the time that I could have bought new stuff. Then I knew at 0800 my luggage would be there at 1000 so there was no point for me.

Had my first OMS session last night. It had been 2 years since I have done acoustics. It was brutal at first but towards the end I was feeling more comfortable. I definitely have alot more to learn/remember but I feel much better about things. We finished at 2240 last night and had some drinks with the Aesops.

I slept till 1100 today and then had lunch and now I am doing some internet stuff. I will head over to work at 1530 to get my brief ready, then come back for supper at 1630 and we brief at 1700 and do it all over again.

Logan had a fever all day sunday but Paul said he seems better now.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

wow, I can't believe I forgot to blog about...

I must have been super tired last night because I missed blogging on some important stuff.

I got to help Barb last thursday and work on my stamp-a-stack, then I slept over there on thursday night and came home early to get L ready for daycare. Then Friday I ran errands with Barb since she has a broken elbow. We had a blast. Friday P won the 50/50 from his hockey team. Won $65.

Our first stop on the weekend was to Colleen and Jonathon's house to meet Baby Gordie. He was so tiny and so cute. Really put things in to perspective on how big L was at birth. He was adorable and they have a wonderful family now. I am soooo happy for them. It was a long road for them to get to this place. We had a wonderful visit. Since I am still a little sick, I decided to wear the dust mask because I would feel pretty bad if I made the baby sick. Mom and baby are doing well. Was ironic that Jonathon was a 10+ pound baby and so was L, but P was tiny and so is Gordie. No we didn't do a partner swap!!!

Anyways, we are off to Courtenay today for the Remembrance Day Services.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Yeah L....He's walking

So he could walk since before he turned one but he chose not tooo. Today was the first time where he stood up and walked around on his own volition. Was sooooo cool. Our little man is all grown up!!!

We had a wonderful weekend in Victoria visiting friends and we did a little shopping. It was very go go go. I played poker on Saturday night with Snickers and friends. P and Tim went out drinking with Chris. Then we had breakfast on sunday morning with Annalee and then headed home stopping at Leslie & Andrew's, and then costco.

I haven't blogged yet about my epiphany so here goes....

I finally put the pieces together and realized what my problem is. I have ADD. Like Howie Mandel, I too could be the poster child. I finally realized it was the problem through MG. I am very good at multi-tasking but I am pretty random as people have mentioned. I just didn't pay it very much attention until I realized. It sure feels good to know what's what. I used to think I was crazy but Barb said "RH, Crazy people don't know their crazy". My whole life I have been misunderstood and now I know why. It explains why I felt the need to memorize everything. I had a learning disability and was unable to focus and concentrate unless I was super engaged in the subject or really liked it. I have been training and teaching myself new skills every day. It is alot of fun! It explains almost all of the fights I have ever had with P. Things are soooo amazing between us now. He is a little annoyed about hearing about my epiphany but loves the fact that we can discuss things now without getting angry or having big miscommunications. My Dad told me on the phone the other day that he has it too. It explains alot. One key characteristic is a lack of patience. It is frustrating when you are saying something that seems easy to understand but other people don't get it. Also, that is why I was having so much trouble with jez on my MOAT. I want the answer right away and couldn't focus on analyzing the gram. Knowing about my ADD now, I can take frequent breaks and try and re-focus my energies.

I emailed my team today. I found a whole bunch of information and thought I would share it. My Wing Commander emailed me back a couple of times to thank me for the info. He is a Colonel. I figured he was busy enough being a Wing Commander that I could handle the research. He is from Newfoundland and is awesome!

So I have a few more dates for my training. Looks like I will be in Greenwood for the simulator from the 16 Nov -22 Nov. I will get back at 1130. Then I will be flying to Toronto on the 23rd of Nov and will be there for the IPC course from the 24-28 Nov. I will try and fly back on the 1st of Dec so I can visit people.

After that, I have my exercise in K-town from 5 jan - 16 Jan followed by my pre-deployment training from the 17 Jan - 5 Feb.

Then I have volleyball regionals at the beginning of March.

Well, I am exhausted. So I am going to bed.

See you at Remembrance Day parades tomorrow!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I had no problems getting from calgary to Comox. Gillian picked me up at 1130 from the airport. She drove me home and then we went for a walk with the dogs (Jack and Tikka). Tikka was ecstatic to see Mommy after her trip. After the walk, we hung out for a bit and then I needed to sleep so I took a shower and a little nap. I went to get L at 1515 and stayed for 30 minutes so he would be comfortable with me again. He was all smiles, crawling all over me and kissing me. Was adorable. Then we just got home and the phone was ringing. P was calling because his car had a flat tire and he needed me to take the truck and pick him up. Was leaving the car at the gas station near the base. He also wanted to pick up the last fence panel for the fence. We packed up and headed to get P. He had gotten a ride from the gas station with the MP's to the fence place and I picked him and the fence panel up there. Was sooooo awesome to see him. He did such a wonderful job on the fence and taking care of L. I think he had a really good time despite being sooooo tired. We headed home and P finished the last panel of the fence with our neighbour Brian and then we had a wonderful evening.

I figured out that L goes to the garbage if he wants attention. Will be easy to teach him now that we know why he does it. Ref P spanking him, I came down pretty hard on him on my blog the other day. Needless to say, I over-reacted and made assumptions. With L's thick diapers, he can't even feel the little tap that P gives him. He gives him 2 freebies with moving him and a no, before a bigger no and a little tap.

It is wonderful to be home. Wednesday I was crazy busy. I am trying to get all of my training booked for my deployment. The next dates that I know for sure are the 5 Jan - 16 Jan in Kingston. It is a 24/7 computer exercise doing the same thing that I was just doing at MG. I can't wait to see the team again. Man did I learn alot. I still have a ton to learn. I went in to settle my claim from MG and sort out my training and didn't expect to be there from 1030-1515. Then I picked up L and then made it to Volleyball at 1617. Was so awesome to play again. I wasn't sure if I was going to play this year because of juggling things with L but I am definitely going to play. It was soooooo awesome. Our team kicks ass. We have 3 uber tall girls, Sarah (cism player), Audrey and Maria, then Lynette from last year, Carly, myself, and Amanda. Amanda is the tasking clerk that I work with on my deployment stuff. She is pretty cool. The workout was amazing. I think I will get Laurel to come out. If she came to the volleyball workout from 1615-1800 mondays and wednesdays, she wouldn't need the personal trainer. We did tons of cardio and jumping etc. I wasn't crazy rusty either. It was a great group of girls and I am stoked for the season. It is nice we are training early this year. I missed 5 practices while I was away at MG and unfortunately will miss them while I am in Greenwood, and doing my pre-deployment training. I will however, be here for Regionals. I will plan everything around that. This year is our year to take it to Esquimalt and kick a little west coast butt!!! My knees were pretty sore before practice but they feel really good right now.

I leave for Greenwood on the 16 Nov-22 Nov. Then the night of the 22nd is Turkey Bingo at the officer's mess so I can't wait to go. I know Gill will want to go too and maybe I can drag Barb to it as well!!!!

I ordered my boots yesterday for my deployment. Due to my orthotics I needed special boots so I am pretty sure that they will be re-imbursed. I can't wait to get them so I can start doing my training for my BFT.

For all of the non-army types, the army has a new rucksack. It is awesome. It has 3 sizes, small, med, large to fit the person, and it has bendable wires inside it to shape to the person. I can't wait to get mine.

I lost around 4 lbs while I was in MG. So far I am down 17.5 pounds since we got back from Ontario in september. I feel wonderful. I can feel my body healing itself from old injuries and getting stronger. I don't have cravings for unhealthy food anymore. I don't starve myself but if I want a treat then I have one. (like the nachos I had for breakfast on tuesday).

I miss the new friends from MG. We had soooooo many laughs. Kingston will be just as fun.

I have to go in to work again tomorrow and check out some stuff, and go to supply. Will limit my time so I am not "working" on my day off.

P is on parade on Tuesday for Remembrance Day. L and I will get dressed up (me in uniform) and go to the Courtenay parade this year. I have went to Comox for the last couple of years.

I am working on booking Christmas flights. Mine will be free since I have to be in K-town in January anyway for my exercise. So I think we will splurge and pay for P's flights from Comox to Winnipeg and Winnipeg to Toronto. Then we will hope that he gets the free flight home to Comox on the 4th of Jan.

That's all for now.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

on the way home.

Hi everyone. Unfortunately the other internet was done on Sunday night. I finished my shift at 0030. I was soooooo tired. I got home and went right to bed at 0100 and slept till 0630 which was much needed. Then I got up for breakfast and intended on getting some more sleep but I ended up gabbing with Rob and then they decided to tear town 2 of the mod tents. I didn't feel comfortable sleeping when others worked so I got up and helped. It took 3 of us 1.5 hours to take one down. Was so windy it was so hard to fold the canvas and the liners. Then I also folded up all of the cots from our mod. army cots, super fun to fold once you get the hang of it. I also had to move all of P's stuff in to the other mod for him since he had to work at 0800. I was all set to go shower at 1100 so I could go to work at 1200 and be there for the ENDEX. However, it finished at 1100 and they made an announcement. Since I was in my PT gear, I ran the 1.5 km over there. I shook hands with Chops. He is the Chief of Operations, an army LT Colonel and super awesome. I also shook hands with G3. (formerly known as crazy eyes). My face was all read from running and he said "crying already", I said no sir. I ran all of the way over here. Not as fit as the army. Was awesome. Then I walked/ran back home, had lunch and we tore down the other mod.
My flight was booked for 1640 on the 4th of November. We were supposed to take the 1000 bus from camp to W and then the 1100 shuttle to the airport. P (my coworker) hatched the brilliant idea that most early morning flights aren't full and that the same day standby fare is only $40. I called west jet to check on my flight and since DND paid full fare for my ticket I was allowed to change it for no extra cost. Then we had to figure out how to get to Edmonton earlier. The other shuttle is at 0030 to wx and then 0200 to edmonton. I went over and saw the clerks that were supposed to take care of us and inquired as to if there was any room left on the bus for 0200. He seemed very reluctant to even make the call for me. He said to come back in an hour. P went back in an hour and the guy said that everything was full or over booked. When I caught up with P after my shower he told me that and I wasn't convinced. Seemed a little odd that it could be overbooked since if there is more people Transport has to load on another bus. I called Wx direct and asked the Transport section if there was room on the bus. He said of course Ma'am tons of space. Man was I ecstatic with him but choked that the clerk had lied to us. P arranged for his friend to give us a ride at 0100 to camp but later she told us to just take the bus from camp and that it wasn't full. So weird. P didn't want to make a big scene about it but we showed up at 0030 and had no problems. It was a super long night since I had been up at 0630 and hadn't slept. I arrived in Edmonton at 0400ish. I can't remember. I slept on the floor at the back of the bus for about an hour and it was awesome. Then I talked to a secret squirrel for the rest of the bus ride about army stuff. He was helping me learn key words to translate air force speak into army. Was great. Then we got to the airport, ditched our bags and went thru security. Sven, Paul and Dave had to pay $40 to change their fares but were happy to get home 12 hours earlier than planned. They flew out at 0630 and I flew out at 0830. I slept for 20 minutes on the bench before my flight. Flight was super fast, a bit of hard landing into calgary. I am currently in the business lounge at the airport. It is awesome. $25, free food and beverages, booze starts at 1000. I will be able to have a beer before my flight home. Oh yeah, beer which I hate, didn't taste too bad when I had 2 kokanee at the Smoker(final party). We had steak and lobster for supper, had to pre-purchase tickets for 2 beer. NO one asked me so P gave me his 2 beer tickets since he didn't feel like drinking them. I think I got a buzz off of 2 beer. Andre left that night and there was guitar hero on the projection screen. I rocked out a few times. Was awesome. Dave and Sven thought I must be able to play a real instrument since I was good at guitar hero. Was funny to see my degradation at guitar hero from one beer to two.

Sorry so disjointed. While in edmonton, P and I had nachos for breakfast. He let me treat him and he mowed down on the beans. No booze before 1000 am in Edmonton. We have a great time together. Lots of misunderstandings but lots of good times. We are a really good team. He hates that I talk so fast. He is 46 and I am 31 so we are working on our differences.

so Overall I can consider MG exercise life changing. I loved it soooo much. I finally found something that I am really good at. Maybe because I have some OCD/ADD issues. I'm not sure but I loved it and now I know how to steer my career in the direction of jobs I will love. One of the jobs is in Winnipeg so maybe I will get that job eventually.

I miss scrapbooking of course and my girls and especially P and L. I can't wait to see them.

Gill is picking me up at the airport. Was going to surprise Paul but thought best not to.

Can't wait to get home.

talk to you later.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

There was no internet yesterday so I couldn't blog. Things are going awesome. I only have 4 minutes left on the computer so I will do as much as I can.

Only got 3.5 hours of sleep last night. Too much on my mind. Things are going awesome. I had a good chat with P this morning. He sent me pics friday night after Halloween. He is doing a wonderful job with L and they are getting very very close.

I miss them both alot.

I was up to talk to p this morning and could have went back to sleep but I wanted to go to church so I went at 1000. Was good. Was all saints day so thought about my brother Raymond and my Grandpa and my Godmother and Paul's grandmother.

Mom (Paul's Mom) fell down her back stairs last night and broke her ankle. Supposed to get pins put in today. She is at the hospital. It is also her birthday today too.

Still loving my job. Weather has been awesome. Lots of learning but it is sooooo much fun.

I will be bilingual again after my tour which will be april/may to november. I think I will miss some friends when I am there though.

Well my time is up.

talk to you later.

Friday, October 31, 2008

LOL Cont

So last night 99er came in wearing his beret. I messaged P (my coworker) on the chat that 99er was there wearing his beret and that it was nice. He said lol or screw off or something like that. 5 minutes later he messages me that 99er came back there and says to him "nice lid", starts laughing, says that yesterdays event was actually very funny and shook his hand again. It was toooooooooooooooo funny.

Man was I tired yesterday. Good thing there is so much adrenalin pumping through me at work that it keeps me from falling asleep. It was chaos everything going on yesterday but I did a good job keeping a grip on it. Was very hectic right until 0030.

I stopped in to check my email last night at 0045 on my way home. I was trying to update my blog last night but the laptop that I was using wouldn't go to my webpage said it was blocked by dnd. So I am updating it now. So it was 0120 or so when I finally got to my tent and then I got ready for bed. Got to bed at 0140 and the last time I looked at my watch was 0300 and I was still awake. My brain is on overdrive planning stuff etc. Then I was up at 0815 so it is getting worse and worse. My insomnia that is. I love the job, I can't wait to go to work.

I forgot to post yesterday that the night before Dale (Jen's husband) was in my work area and we got to have a little chat. Was really nice to see him again. Made me really miss Jen and Nate more but was soooo awesome to chat with him. Kyle W is also here, Stew (AESOP) from greenwood, and a few other people. It is really cool working with Brian Tang. We were in the same year together at RMC. He is an AERE and he is doing a staff job in my HQ as well, learning the army lingo.

One annoying thing is that the army seems to be so jealous of the AIR FORCE that they bash us all the time. They make a joke everyday about the aurora or the UAV or something else. Was annoying me but I think it is jealousy so I am trying to not let it bother me.

I think that is all i have for now.

Robyn sent me an awesome email. I loved it.


Thursday, October 30, 2008


I had another awesome day yesterday despite being very tired from little sleep. I headed to the other side at 1020 yesterday so I could make it to MIR before 1100 to check on my cold since I have been coughing up phlegm and unable to sleep. They gave me 4 T3's for sleeping and some ibuprofen for my knee and some sudafed for the day. She also did a throat swab so we will see what happens. She doesn't think I have strep throat.

So I was there way too early but that let me be able to go for lunch with Andre. He is the guy that is helping me learn the job. Normally he fills in for me when I go eat but since the other guy was on watch he could go to the mess with me. Was nice to chat about stuff and what is going on. He is a Griffon Pilot and he is retiring in June. He has been working 16 hour days helping us although yesterday he didn't go till 0930 and he left at 2000 so he is pulling back because he knows I can handle it.

The day went really well. I was a rockstar. I love this job alot. It taps into all of my special skills. I get to use 2 computers, monitor the chat program, control assets, liase with the air battalion, etc. I really like it. 12 hours goes by really fast when you love what is going on. The problem is that I keep thinking about it after I am off shift. I even had a dream about it and I was Mircing in my sleep. MIRC is the chat program that we use for comms with everyone. It has since become a verb. anyways that was what I dreampt about.

I took 2 T3's last night and I only managed to sleep from 0200-0745 again. but I got up and had a hot breakie, and then took a shower. Now I am doing my blog and email and then I will try and squeeze in a little nap before work.

It was a beautiful day here yesterday ending with a fabulous sunset. My warrant officer took pics so I will post them when I get them from him when I get home.

So there was a couple of highlights yesterday. One was that I did an "attention in the JOC" That was awesome. The JOC is where I work. So I did one to clarify things for everyone in the room since there was alot of confusion. Was awesome. I got bonus points for that from G3.

Then later the General came in to the JOC. Here is the funny part. The general went back to where my Warrant Officer works. He was wearing his desert cadpat with his patrol pack and his helmet and the flashlight on the helmet. P turns around and doesn't recognize the general. He thought it was the captain that works behind me. So he goes "Nice helmet". The general goes excuse me? He goes "Nice helmet Sir". Then he sees the nametag and realizes who it is. The General goes, What's your name and who do you work for. He goes WO.... And the General goes 'Don't you ever dismiss me like that ever again". Then P goes, I am very sorry Sir, I didn't recognize you, and shook his hand. So then the general is standing by G3 to the left of me and Paul comes out to talk to me about something. I go, there's 99er (the general) and Paul goes, I know and told me that story and I couldn't stop laughing. I was almost crying. It was so ridiculous. The general is a very very scary guy. I almost pissed myself. Then we had a rocket attack so I had to run to the other room and put on my flack jacket and helmet and come back to my station. The problem is that everytime I saw Paul after that I couldn't stop laughing hysterically. The general has no problem ripping someone a new one. So I think because I was so tired I couldn't stop laughing. I was going a little crazy. Everything was funny. But I am laughing as I type it. Kris, you probably are too. It was that funny.

So we are guessing there will be a power point presentation happening soon with pics to ensure that everyone can recognize the general.

Anyways, having a blast but missing my son terribly. Can't wait for Gill to visit him on halloween to take pics since Paul told me last night that he is way too busy to take pics for me. He says he will do it when I go to Afghanistan but I am not convinced. If he can't do it while i am away for 2 weeks then I don't know. It really pisses me off since I get no email or pics from him. All he has to do is post it on facebook for me. Or at least take 1 pic a day and leave it on the camera so I can download them when I get home. But hockey and skiing are more important. I will have to have a major discussion about this with him when I get home. I will not come back after a 6 month tour and have no pics or videos of my son for my scrapbook. I am not sure what I will do. I think I will arrange for Logan to spend some time in Manitoba with my parents because they will take pics for me. I think it is good that Paul is seeing all of the stuff I do because I don’t think he realized it before.

Another thing I am really worried about when I deploy is P spanking L. He has been spanking him since around 10 months I think. I don’t like it and I don’t know how to fix the problem. Spanking is so old school and I don’t want Logan to be afraid of his parents like I was growing up. (I am not angry that I was spanked). There was 5 kids. I am sure it was a nightmare and that was how things were then. But now there is so much research on the negative aspects of spanking. I need to figure out a really good support network for while I am gone to ensure that my son is well taken care of while I am away.

Logan was crying on the phone last night when I got to talk to P because he got into the garbage and P spanked him and he was crying. It broke my heart to hear him cry while I was away and couldn’t soothe him.

P figures that L isn’t sick anymore.

P is spending a fortune on babysitters while I am away so that is another reason why I wouldn’t mind L heading to Manitoba for a month or something. That would also let P know what it feels like to be away from your son and not see any pics or anything. He had a babysitter last thursay night, Friday night, all day Saturday, all day Sunday and last night. Hockey and skiing seem to be the priority.

Mom H, I may be in Kingston from 5 Jan to 5 Feb. I am wondering if you can talk to Aunt Maryann and see if she can keep L for that time. That way, if I can borrow a vehicle from you, then I can go visit L on the weekends and spend some time with him. I want to spend as much time with him as I can before I deploy. Can you see if that is a possibility?



That’s all for now.



I had another awesome day yesterday despite being very tired from little sleep. I headed to the other side at 1020 yesterday so I could make it to MIR before 1100 to check on my cold since I have been coughing up phlegm and unable to sleep. They gave me 4 T3's for sleeping and some ibuprofen for my knee and some sudafed for the day. She also did a throat swab so we will see what happens. She doesn't think I have strep throat.

So I was there way too early but that let me be able to go for lunch with Andre. He is the guy that is helping me learn the job. Normally he fills in for me when I go eat but since the other guy was on watch he could go to the mess with me. Was nice to chat about stuff and what is going on. He is a Griffon Pilot and he is retiring in June. He has been working 16 hour days helping us although yesterday he didn't go till 0930 and he left at 2000 so he is pulling back because he knows I can handle it.

The day went really well. I was a rockstar. I love this job alot. It taps into all of my special skills. 12 hours goes by really fast when you love what is going on. The problem is that I keep thinking about it after I am off shift. I even had a dream about it and I was Mircing in my sleep.

I took 2 T3's last night and I only managed to sleep from 0200-0745 again. but I got up and had a hot breakie, and then took a shower. Now I am doing my blog and email and then I will try and squeeze in a little nap before work.

It was a beautiful day here yesterday ending with a fabulous sunset. My WO took pics so I will post them when I get them from him when I get home.

So there was a couple of highlights yesterday. One was that I did an "attention in the JOC" That was awesome. So I did one to clarify things for everyone in the room since there was alot of confusion. Was awesome. I got bonus points for that from G3.

Then later the General came in to the JOC. Here is the funny part. The general went back to where my Warrant Officer works. He was wearing his desert cadpat with his patrol pack and his helmet and the flashlight on the helmet. P turns around and doesn't recognize the general. He thought it was the captain that works behind me. So he goes "Nice helmet". The general goes excuse me? He goes "Nice helmet Sir". Then he sees the nametag and realizes who it is. The General goes, What's your name and who do you work for. He says his name etc. And the General goes 'Don't you ever dismiss me like that ever again". Then P goes, I am very sorry Sir, I didn't recognize you, and shook his hand. So then the general is standing by G3 to the left of me and P comes out to talk to me about something. I go, there's 99er (the general) and P goes, I know and told me that story and I couldn't stop laughing. I was almost crying. It was so ridiculous. The general is a very very scary guy. I almost pissed myself. Then we had a rocket attack so I had to run to the other room and put on my flack jacket and helmet and come back to my station. The problem is that everytime I saw P after that I couldn't stop laughing hysterically. The general has no problem ripping someone a new one. So I think because I was so tired I couldn't stop laughing. I was going a little crazy. Everything was funny. But I am laughing as I type it. Kris, you probably are too. It was that funny.

So we are guessing there will be a power point presentation happening soon with pics to ensure that everyone can recognize the general.

Anyways, having a blast but missing my son terribly. Can't wait for Gill to visit him on halloween to take pics since P told me last night that he is way too busy to take pics for me. He says he will do it when I deploy but I am not convinced. If he can't do it while i am away for 2 weeks then I don't know. It really pisses me off since I get no email or pics from him. All he has to do is post it on facebook for me. Or at least take 1 pic a day and leave it on the camera so I can download them when I get home. But hockey and skiing are more important. I will have to have a major discussion about this with him when I get home. I will not come back after a 6 month tour and have no pics or videos of my son for my scrapbook. I am not sure what I will do. I think I will arrange for Logan to spend some time in Manitoba with my parents because they will take pics for me. I think it is good that P is seeing all of the things I do.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

awesome weather

We have been totally blessed with awesome weather here for the last 2 days and today looks like it will be just as awesome. Makes me so happy.

Had another rockstar day at work. G3 told me we did an excellent job.

My co-worker is a rockstar as well and he totally makes my job easier.

Met some more awesome people. Makes it nice to know that you will be working with cool people.

I only got 5 hours of sleep last night. It was after 0200 before I fell asleep and I woke up at 0745. I decided to go for breakfast at 0815. It was awesome. 2 sunnyside up, bacon, potatoes and toast. Then I came back and tried to sleep and couldn`t so I decided I would just get up and shower and then go to the other side early to try and make it to MIR. My knee is bothering me and I want to get my cold checked out since I am coughing up phlegm and still feel shitty and I`m losing my voice. I think it might be an infection.

That`s all for now. I am expecting a not too crazy day at work.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So yesterday was awesome. I was a rockstar at work. My shift was non-stop action till midnight. Then I had 30 minutes to prepare my turnover to let him know what was going on. I am doing way way better now. It felt awesome. Lots of adrenaline. My fast typing skills are a huge asset since alot of what I do is on computer. I have 2 laptops in front of me when I am working. I have to monitor 7 different chat windows along with the situation in the room, and make phone calls when necessary. Things can sure get chaotic but I was a multi-tasking machine yesterday.

I am still sick and it has gotten worse. Now I have a bad hacking cough, coughing up phlegm etc. Not fun. But other than that, my blisters are good. I will wear my running shoes till thursday and then try my boots again for the last few days. I am not sure if it is because the weather is so nice but I am on top of the world. I feel great. It was warm and sunny yesterday. Then today it will be 16. I love it. I went to bed just after 1 AM and I was up at 0900. NOt sure when I fell asleep but I am sure I did. I feel alright right now. I got up, had to pick up my laundry, dropped off my roomies laundry. Then I came back and showered, and then dropped off a new bag of dirty laundry.

NOw I am here doing my blog/checking emails etc. Then I will go back and do some other stuff. Then lunch 1130-1145. Then I walk to work which takes 15 minutes. Then I have a half hour to see what is going on before I take over.

Andre (the helo liason guy ) that I work with who is helping me learn the job thinks I am a rockstar. He loves how fast I type. Sometimes he dictates. Goes well.

I didn't get yelled at once yesterday so that was awesome as well.

I got to talk to P for 5 minutes last night. He thinks L is coming down with a cold. My poor little guy. Not sure what we will do if L is too sick for daycare. We will have to figure something out. A contingency plan.

I wish I would have been home on the weekend to take Logan to the pumpkin patch with Laurel and Gill but nope. It really sucks not getting a weekend off but what can you do. Reminds me of being at sea when you have no time off. You work around the clock. Same as with the guys in the field.

HMMM. Oh, Most of the people I work with are awesome. They are having a cheesy mustache competition right now. So funny. I didn't know that till yesterday though. I thought people thought they looked good!!!

that is all for now!

Oh yeah I thought they were going to make us tear down the mod tents when we are done but the latest I hear is that they may move us to another tent. That would suck since we are shift workers. We shall see. I am going to pop in and see if they changed my flight for me.

Monday, October 27, 2008

So I updated my blog yesterday and then was signing out and something happened with the server or something and my post didn't get posted. When I saw that I didn't have enough time to time it again since I was heading out to go eat and then go to work. Was not happy I typed up my post for nothing.

So basically saturday was retarded windy and cold. It even snowed a bit. Our tent almost blew down and there was a fire in the tent beside us. Lots of portapotties blew over. I was glad I wasn't in one when that happened and that it didn't fall over on the door so that I was stuck. It was an indication of a fire. We share the same heater (only allowed on at night and is thermostat controlled) Grass had blown into the heaterand it smelled like fire. We froze on our 15 minute walk back home at 0030. Then when I got up yesterday the showers were down so I had to have a little bird bath and go to work with crazy hair. My face looks like crap these days. I broke out just before I came here and the filthy living isn't helping anything. Sand and dirt everywhere. In my eyes, ears etc.

My cold is ongoing and is very shitty. I can't sleep very well because of all the phlegm draining down my throat. Despite that my blisters are healing. I am waiting until my 7 days though so that if they start again I only have like 4 more days here after that or something.

I really miss L. I feel bad for him since he is at daycare all day and then P had a babysitter thurs and fri night so he could work on the fence and then again all day saturday and sunday because he had training at mt. washington. I hope L isn't too upset by me not being there. I guess I won't really know until I get home. If he is really mad at me then that will be my answer.

P said L's teeth seem to be bugging him lately.

My Dad can't get over how much L has changed since July. His face has totally changed since it is so slim now where it used to be a round circle.

Things are coming along ok with the job. I am learning alot every day. I got yelled at yesterday by the army major for stuff that wasn't our fault. I stood my ground though and tried to explain to them. He appologized later for freaking out on us which was very very nice of himm.

The army is retarded to work for. The setup here isn't ideal for us either with the walking 15 minutes to work and back. They are finally letting us drink their water. Before we had to carry our own water there from our side.

It has been really cold and windy but any day I wake up and there is no snow is awesome.

The port a potties are disgusting here but what can you do. They pump them out every day but with so many people here they always run out of toilet paper.

I only get to talk to P for 2-3 minutes each day if I am able to find some time while I am on watch and he is available. Makes it hard especially since he doesn't email me or take pics of L to send to me. I hope he gets better at that when I am actually deployed.

I just learned that I have another exercise in Kingston from 5 Jan - 16 Jan. I also may have to stay there till the 5th of Feb to complete my pre-deployment training.

Sorry for the novel.

Can't wait to get out of the field and get home.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

So yesterday the winds were ridiculous. It was nuts. It was a very cold in the face wind on my 15 minute walk to my tent at 0030.

Apparently our tent almost blew down yesterday. Patti was securing it when she was supposed to be sleeping to come on watch at 0030. There was also an indication of a fire in the tent next to us. Apparently it was just grass blowing in to the heater.

I did well on my watch last night and learned alot. Those 12 hours seem to take forever and it doesn`t seem I have enough time in between watches to do anything.

Showers were down this morning so I had a little birdbath. Good thing I came prepared.

My knee seems to be bothering me but I hope it starts to feel better.

L and P are doing well although I only got to talk to P for 3 minutes last night when I went out for a bathroom break. 3 of the porta potties had blown over etc.
IMP for supper. Not so yummy.

later for now. talk to you tomorrow morning hopefully.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Field Ex

Hi everyone. I am in the field. I am trying to make the best out of it. I have huge blisters on my heals again so I am wearing my running shoes for 7 days. They are starting to feel better. I also have another raging cold so I feel like shit. My nose is all congested and I have a really sore throat and it is harder to sleep. I was job shadowing and learning since I have been there. It is nice there is internet here but I doubt I will have much time to use it with my schedule. I now work 1230 until 0030. It is really cold and windy here today. Feels like my accomodation tent is going to blow down. We have a heater that is on at night and so far I have been warm even though Lesley K told me to only bring one part of it. I haven't run in to Dale or Josh yet. Ran into a few old friends though. I hope by the end of this that I get what is going on. It is alot to absorb right now. I have a 1.5 km walk every time I have to go to work and then back after my shift. My tent is right beside the blue rockets so that is awesome. The showers are very close as well. I get 1 5 minute shower a day. The food is pretty good. I am confident that my flight home will be changed till the 4th of November since my tasking cell screwed up and sent me here a day early and is sending me home a day late. The exercise is over on the 3rd and there will be a smoker.

I got to see my Dad and my brother Rob in Edmonton when I flew out on the 21st. I had 3 hours with my Dad and an hour with Rob. Was so awesome. I treated Dad to supper and we had a really nice visit. Then I caught the IBBS at 2000, and got sent right out to the field. Finally found my tent at midnight. I was cold that night but now I am alright.

I really miss my son alot but I am coping. P seems to be really busy with L and work and the fence. L is with a sitter all weekend because he has some ski patrol stuff going on. My watch assistant is P and he is awesome. He is very funny so he makes it less shitty. I also made friends with Kris B. He is an ex aso out of Comox so we have alot in common.
No time off while I am here so unfortunately I won't be able to see Jen. We aren't allowed to leave and it is just 12 on 12 off until I leave.

Love RH

Monday, October 20, 2008

Off to the field tomorrow

I am leaving tomorrow for MG until the 5th of November. The awesome thing is that I may be able to meet up with my Dad and my brother Rob at the airport while I am waiting for the bus to Wainwright. Dad is driving Rob's truck from MB to Edmonton tomorrow. Rob flies in to
EIA tomorrow at 7 PM. I land at 1633 and my bus isn't until 2000.

I have huge blisters on my heels. I am hoping that my feet get better. I am not wearing those boots anymore. i am going back to my oldschool pair.

I managed to do 3.5 km out of a 5 km march on saturday with the dog and L and the stroller and the boots that give me blisters. My blisters hurt so bad, I had to call P to come and get us after 3.5 km.

I am still recovering.

Talk to you when I get back.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Off on exercise I go

Well, I see that I have been bad at blogging. I blogged after we got back from Ontario. Well, the last couple of weeks before I came back to work were busy with preparations. L started daycare on the 1st of October. We absolutely love her. She takes him at 0710 for us even though she only opens at 0800. He is thriving there and loves it. Sometimes he seems sad to come home. He naps well for her twice a day. Not so well for us sometimes. I went back to work on the 8th of October. I had my medicals right away and I am fit full duties again. Friday I found out that I am deploying. There are alot of positives. It will be hard being away from L and P but not as hard if L were older and "knowing" that I am gone. I hope he remembers me. I will fly P and L over to Europe when I have my HLTA and we will do our tour of Europe. Will be fun. L will still be under 2 so he will fly free. So that is the big news. I am furiously trying to get stuff ready to go and live in the field. I get my kit tomorrow. There is alot of stuff to do along with some of my Air Force quals I need to get back.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We deep-fried a turkey on Saturday night and had Barb, Gary, Shannon and Jaime over. Sunday we did one in the oven and had Laurel and the boys over. My trip to Greenwood had been pushed to mid november.

We will probably try to spend a week in Manitoba and then a week in Ontario for Christmas/New Years or in the reverse order.

That is all I have for now. I will keep you posted!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


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Friday, September 26, 2008

To Ontario and back again.

P and L made it to Ontario safe and sound. I wasn't sure that he would make it in time since the night he left I received calls from Ontario that Grandma probably wouldn't make it through the night. They got there in the morning and Mom picked them up. They also got a call during their drive from Toronto that it didn't look good. Dad had headed out to belleville at midnight the night Paul flew out. P made it in time and Grandma was very happy to see them both as was Grandpa and everyone else.

Thursday I cleaned the house and took Tikka for a run and then went for a 1 km swim. Then Thursday night Gill and I had a swim at Barb's and then helped her with her swaps. I was there until 0100 helping her. Friday afternoon Tikka and I, Gillian and Jack did the Terry Fox run as a walk. It was 5 km. Then I went to the Support Our Troops march at 5:00 PM. I was still at the march when Mom H called me and said that I should come home and that she would pay for the ticket. I went home and was on the internet all night finding flights and someone to take Tikka for me. Tim and Shaleena took Tikka and Camille watched the cats. I headed to Parksville at 2230. I slept overnight at Marjorie and Jerry's and then Jerry took me to Nanaimio airport at 0600 to catch my flight. It was pretty go go go. Nancy picked me up in Kingston and drove me to belleville hospital. Grandma recognized me which was nice and then P and I headed back to Grandpas house. We were staying there with Mom and the baby. Grandpa, Dad, Amy and Steve had been staying at the hospital around the clock. Palliative care was really good to us and let us stay with her. I visited again on Sunday. Sunday night, P and Grandpa were home for an hour when they got the call to come back. Grandma had slipped into a coma. She passed away Tuesday morning at 0700. It was very very sad but she was in so much pain that we were relieved for her. We had 2 wakes on Friday and then the funeral on Saturday morning. We flew back to Comox on Tuesday. It was a very very sad time.

I have a pinched nerve in my back from sleeping on one of Grandpas 40 year old single beds. I am hoping it goes away soon because it is very painful. My arm is very very sore as well and my hand feels numb at times. I have physio now but I want it to be fixed ASAP since I go back to work in a week and a half.

L is doing well. His fat lip was gone by the time I got to Ontario. P dressed him up in his Lederhosen for Grandma one day and she enjoyed it. When he took L in the room Grandma brightened right up and said his name. Was really nice to see. L was amazing to have around for comic relief at such a sad time. I am getting him to stand for longer and longer amounts now. He is resistent and will often go limp. It is very exciting.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I am getting just as bad as Gill for not blogging. Has already been a month. Things have been hectic since we got home. I have been frantically searching for childcare for L. Looks like we found a place. Conveniently mostly on the way to work. I am soooo happy about that. I was super stressed trying to find a spot for him. L is awesome. I think he'll be walking soon. He walks behind his walker and up and down the hallway holding on to the wall. He babbles a ton. I love it. He did fall down today on his face and cut his lip on his 2 bottom teeth. He has a huge fat lip. L and P are leaving tonight for Ontario. P's Grandma has cancer and hasn't been given very long to live so they are off to say goodbye. I will really miss them and most likely will miss Logan's first steps since he is so close to walking. I will try and exercise a tonne while they are gone. I want to go swimming every day and then running. Will be easier without the baby but will miss them. I also want to get the house in order and clean.

I go back to work on October 8th and am gonna be gone for 3 weeks before Christmas. Oct 19-25 to greenwood. Nov 6-15 to california, and then Nov 30-Dec 6th to Greenwood. Busy busy. I have 90 days to get my B cat back.

Hope to be more up to date with my blog.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

L update

I forgot to give a big L update. He is now 10 months old. He has 1.5 teeth. The 2nd one started the day after he turned 10 months. He is weighing in at 24.5 lbs and 30.5 inches. He is a stair climbing, crawling, cabinet opening, pulling himself up, cruising along furniture machine. He is in to everything these days. He loves spilling the water dish all over the place and spilled the dog food all over the floor the other day. He still doesn't eat anywhere near as good as Nate but he is working on it. He still sleeps through the night but stayed up much later on holidays. He didn't want to miss anything. Now that we are home he wakes up at 0400 or so and then goes back to sleep with me in the bed in his room. He woke up at 0100 this morning though and then was up at 0600 for good. He is fussier lately because of his teeth I am assuming. I am still stressing out about finding childcare for Logan. Would appreciate any leads.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I last blogged. I thought I blogged more in Manitoba but I guess I didn't. Then while I was in Ontario I had no internet access so I wasn't able to blog. Here goes. May be a long one depending on how much I can remember. I last blogged on July 23rd. That night Rolly, Robyn, L, Tyler and I headed down to Pierson to my Mom's house for supper. It was great. There was twisters around Brandon and a thunder and lightning storm but we made it home no problem. Thursday, we just hung out and then we went over to Dad & Lynn's for supper. Dad took Tyler golfing and Logan and I hung out and watched TV and then went home and I got him ready for bed. Made it to bed at 2230. I was tired. Tyler gave up waiting for Rolly & Robyn to get back from Brandon and went to bed just after 2300.
Friday morning Grandpa Herb came by just after 1100 or so and took Tyler and Logan home with him. Tyler went to the library with Grandma Lynn and Grandpa hung out with Logan. I decided to run to Dad and Lynn's from Rolly's around the perimeter. I ended up running 4.3 km to the south end of the perimeter, and then I walked to the cemetery to visit Raymond and my Grandpa. I then walked the 1.5 km or so over to Dad's. I took his car and went to Rolly's for a shower and grabbed some muchies and coolers for the lake. Friday afternoon at around 1630 Tyler, Logan and I went back to Rolly's house to pack up to go to the lake for the weekend. We headed to the lake and Rolly and Robyn's cabin. It was awesome. They barbecued up some burgers for supper. We watched a movie on the satellite. Saturday morning Rolly cooked up an amazing breakfast. We hung out down by the water all day. I took Logan swimming but there was so many weeds it wasn't that fun. Rolly was driving the seadoo and pulled Tyler and I around on the hot dog. The first time we fell off really hurt but the next time was fine. Rolly said we were jacking around and that was why we fell off. I still think it was because of his driving. Then we tried knee boarding. I couldn't get up and had a bad bail at one point and lost my nose plug. Saturday night Dad, Lynn & Ursula came out for supper. It was really really good and then they took Logan back home with them. It was a nice break although I did miss Logan. That night we played poker. I started off doing really well. I had a straight flush!!! Then I made a stupid play later and was out. There was Clark, Rolly, Robyn and I playing. Donna was playing sudoku puzzles. Later we went to bed around midnight I would guess. They made some nachos which were awesome. Sunday we just relaxed a bit. I went on a pontoon boat cruise with the neighbours which was fun. I had a little swim. Tyler did lots of knee boarding with Rolly and Carrie. Then we left that night after supper. I almost forgot my cell phone but I remembered and then managed to find it. I went back to staying at Dad & Lynn's for sunday night and monday night. Logan was in bed when I got home that night at 2200 but he woke up at midnight when I was going to bed. He went back to sleep right away. Monday Mom came down for one last visit with Logan with us. It was nice to see her again. Tuesday morning Dad & Lynn left for Brandon. Tyler, Logan and I left shortly after them. We stopped at Superstore for formula and I bought a fill it in book for Tyler who loves them now. Then I took him home. We couldn't find his meds but it turns out he forgot them at Dad & Lynn's. Then Logan and I headed to Winnipeg. We stopped in at Grandma Edith's for a visit. It was nice. Then Dad & Lynn came by and we all headed to Auntie Elsie's house. We dropped off blue thunder and headed out to Auntie Olivine and Uncle Bruno's. Wednesday we headed to town for a bit and then visited Grandma Richard. Logan I flew out on Thursday morning to Ontario. I managed to forget my sunglasses but Auntie O sent them to me.
My flight ended up stopping in thunderbay enroute to Toronto. Logan had some troubled with his ears at this point. I had 2 seats to myself to T-bay. Then I had 3 on the way to Toronto. Flight went alright. Grandpa Hacker picked us up at the airport and we headed to Sutton. We ended up moving Paul's flight up by 24 hours since he had the friday off. Was $250 which was exactly what I had in a flight credit so it worked out alright. Paul landed at 0615 on friday August 1st. For most of Friday Paul slept since he was on the red eye all night. Friday night Dad and I went to the Argos vs Blue Bombers CFL football game. It was so awesome. We got to sit in the season pass spot so we weren't even in regular seats. I had astroturf at my feet. The food was also free. We ate before we went but we managed to eat some free pizza and chips and salsa and a hot dog. The game was awesome to be so close to the field but I was disappointed that Winnipeg lost.
Saturday night we headed over to a friend of Mom and Dad's for a party. It was alot of fun. Mom and I took the car and and the ferry. Dad and Paul took the boat over to the island. Paul, logan and I ended up coming home on the 2200 ferry. The water was pretty rough so Mom and Dad ended up sleeping over there. We had a great time at the party and Logan was a big hit. Sunday night Amy ended up coming to Mom & Dad's. On Monday, Dad, Paul, Amy & I went out downrigging. We ended up bringing home 2 lake trout. We may have lost a couple. We cooked them up for supper and they were awesome. Paul, Amy and Dad did some waterskiing once we got back. We relaxes, tuesday, wed and thurs. Thursday night we watched Harold and Kumar escape Guantanamo. Was hilarious. Friday Logan, Paul and I headed down to Kingston. We stopped to visit Nana and Papa and Grandpa and Grandma Hacker on the way. We got to Amy's at around 1930. Saturday we went and visited with Andrew and Nancy and Andrew's parents. Andrew and Nancy had a belated birthday cake for me. Saturday night was Paul's reunion and Mom and Dad came down to babysit Logan for us since Amy and Steve were going too. Mom and Dad cooked up a fabulous supper for us before we went out. We had a really good time and Nevenka came to hang out with me. Erin Smith was also there so that was nice to catch up with her. Paul won a door prize and Nevenka gave me here ticket when she left and she ended up winning a body shop gift basket which she ended up giving to me. Sunday morning we got up and Mom and Dad had cooked us a wonderful breakfast. Then Mom and Dad left to head to Grandpa and Grandmas. Paul and I went to the cemetery to visit his friend's grave and Nevenka met me there. Steve and Ryan also met us there. Then we headed to Grandpa and Grandmas. We visited there for awhile and then headed to Nana and Papas. After a visit there we headed home to Sutton. Another long day. I did all the driving since Paul was hungover and I had the GPS so I wouldn't get lost. Monday, Paul and his Dad started working on the shed for down by the water. They didn't finish it until Friday. Wednesday was spa day. Mom Hacker got me a facial for my birthday and then side by side 1 hour massages for Paul and I for our anniversary. It was sooooo awesome. Wednesday night Paul and I took the aluminum boat out fishing. It was sooooo much fun. We caught a few. I had a decent size perch and a decent bass but we threw them back. Thursday morning Nana and Papa came up for a visit. We had a wonderful supper thursday night with them and Bill and Vicki. Friday night we had some more fish which was awesome. We came home Saturday morning. It was a long day. We had a wonderful, wonderful time in Ontario. Mom and Dad spoiled Logan and were sooooo good to us. We had awesome meals. It was really nice for them to be on holidays while we were visiting. Was great to see Logan's great grandparents again. Nana Karen and Logan had alot of good times together and I know she misses him tons since we left.
After we got home and I cleaned up a bit we headed to Air Force beach for Nate and Griffin's 1 year birthday parties. It was alot of fun. We swam in the ocean which was super warm as well. It was sooooo good to see lots of my friends after being gone for a month.
Logan went to sleep at 2000 last night but was up at 0300 this morning. We brought him to bed with us and he went back to sleep till 0730.
Today I cleaned all day. It sucked but I got alot done. I will sleep good tonight.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Exercise update

Last Friday I ran/walked to Auntie Evelyn's the 2 km and then ran the whole 2 km back. Calf was sore on the way there but good on the way back. Saturday I didn't exercise at all. Sunday we got up and went to church and stuff so I didn't get a run in. Monday and Tuesday I didn't get a chance and had no one to watch Logan. Today Wednesday, Tyler and I went for a run to highway 21 from Rolly's place. I'm gonna clock it later but it is pretty close to a mile each way. We did good. Was great. Was windy and overcast so we weren't too hot but I still sweat my butt off. I feel really good now after my run. Logan is at Grandpa's house right now. Tyler and I are rocking out to rock band and guitar hero!!! Tonight we are going to my Mom's for supper. Tyler has never been to Grandma Dona's place yet so will be nice for him to see where his Dad grew up.

We are going to Rolly & Robyn's cabin at Lake Metigoshe for the weekend so that will be awesome! I am totally looking forward to that. We can do some swimming and play some poker.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Shane Yellowbird, Manitoba Rodeo & Dad's party

Friday at 1530 I headed over to Lynne's so we could go to the concert. Craig decided to come too. Grandpa was babysitting at Olivine's. We left Lynne's at 1700 and headed to Morris. We went to the rodeo events and it was pretty cool to see the bunking broncos, and bareback riding in person. There was a huge budweiser can so I took a pic for Gill. After the rodeo we went to line up for the 2130 Shane Yellowbird Concert. We lined up at 2030. We realized that they didn't give us the right pass for the concert at 2115 so Craig ran to the main gate to sort it out. We held our spot in line. Doors opened at 2130 and we were in the front row of seats. It was in an arena and there was a huge dance floor in front of the stage. The cover band played from 2200 until midnight or so and then Shane came on at Midnight. I was right in front of the stage. It was awesome. Acoustics sucked in the arena but I loved my prime spot. A few girls beside me got really rowdy during the first song and were pushing and shoving each other probably to get closer to Shane. I was getting shoved a bit. Then they really "went to town" beating on each other. They were rolling all over on the floor punching each other. There was blood everywhere and they all got kicked out. The concert was awesome. I bought a t-shirt and a pic to get signed. Concert was over just after 0200. I was first in line for autographs but Shane didn't come back. It was disappointing since he was supposed to sign autographs but I understood he was tired. I was pissed that he was supposed to be on at 2130 and they had a cover band first. I hadn't intended for it to be such a late night. I got a refund for the Shane pic since I only bought it to get it signed. I got home at 0400 or so and was pretty tired all day Saturday. It was definitely a memorable night though.

Sunday at 1400 was Dad's 65th birthday party. It was awesome. Pretty much everyone was there so I got to see all of my family. My brother Rick, Candice and Tyler(my 14 year old nephew) all came up from Brandon and My brother Rolly and his wife Robyn came too. Dad was blown away with all his gifts. All of the gifts were very useful. He got a GPS for his car, a flat screen monitor for his computer, a water cooler, a welcome stone for outside his house, LED lawn lights, lots of dove soap, CD's, movies, gum, a toolbox... and many more.

Sunday we got up and went to the 0900 mass and then out for brunch. Was only $3.99 each for 2 eggs, 3 bacon, 2 toast and hashbrowns. I couldn't believe it. Then we packed up to head out to Deloraine. The car was so full with my 2 big bags and then all of Dad's gifts. We stopped to say bye to Auntie Evelyn but they were out. We saw Uncle Frank and Auntie Elsie, and then we stopped at my Grandma Edith's for a visit. Rick, Candice, Tyler, Rolly and Robyn were all there too so it was a nice visit. I asked Rick if he could ask Tyler's Mom if Tyler could come out to Deloraine for a week to visit with me and his cousin Logan and she said Yes so we have Tyler out here too. We stayed at Dad & Lynn's place last night but things didn't work out there so we are at Rolly & Robyn's. It is more convenient here having my own bathroom and nothing for Logan to get into. They love having us here too. Tyler is having a blast playing with the PS3. We even did a little Karaoke tonight. Not me, I was putting Logan to bed. Uncle Rolly and Tyler were givin er!!! We were playing PS3 guitar hero co-op though so that was fun.

I miss Paul alot and can't wait to see him when we go to Ontario but I am loving seeing my family and watching Rolly & Robyn play with Logan. They enjoyed watching him splash around during his bath.

Mom came out to Deloraine to see us today. She enjoyed seeing her 2 grandsons together. Rolly and Robyn weren't back from Winnipeg till after 1700 though but we had a really good visit. She brought me some more buttons and some daisy flowers, and a black diamond necklace for my birthday!

I fly out to Toronto on the 31st of July. Probably heading back to the 'Peg on the 29th of July.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Merritt and more

Well, we’re back from Merritt and still alive. We had a blast. It was a good thing we volunteered because round trip for ferry and gas was over $500. Split 3 ways it wasn’t so bad. The seats for the volunteers are awesome too. Those seats would probably be $300-400 themselves. We left Tuesday night and missed the 1745 ferry at Duke Point. We ended up catching the 1930 ferry from Departure Bay. While we were waiting for the ferry since we were there before 1800 we hopped in the camper and had some supper. There was a trucker in a big truck behind us. He kept ogling at us. Was so funny. He had a bag of pickles which was hilarious. I didn’t think you could get a bag of pickles but he bought one at a road side fruit and veggie stand. After he finished his supper he came out to talk to us. Gill asked him if he had a bed in his truck and he said “yes I do, wanna come try it out. It fits one by two”. Was so so funny. Then Gill and I got pics standing on the front of his truck with the mack bulldog hood ornament. We were on the newest ferry and it was pretty good except the overheight vehicles are on a deck with no cutouts so there was no breeze.
We arrived at Merritt at 0030 and the gates were closed since it was too dark to camp people. They had us camp just outside the gate for the night. We were up early the next day and they weren’t open yet so we ran to Wal-mart for some supplies. After we came back and got our site and figured out our shifts we ran to husky for a shower. It cost $7 each but I snuck up with Paul and we both had our own shower for the $7. Gill was happy to blow dry her hair. We bought a table at crappy tire that folds up for camping for $40 and a naptha lantern that Paul has been wanting for a long time. No fires are allowed there so it was nice to sit around the lantern as opposed to sitting in the dark. Wednesday night we did our first shift. We were on traffic duty. We each had our own golf cart and radio and worked from 1530-2200. It was a lot of fun and not too hard at all. It was also Paul and my 3rd anniversary which turned out really nice. Merritt was our gift to each other!!! It got pretty chilly so Gill was pretty cold by the time we were done our shift. They told us to show up Thursday morning and they would try to get us a morning shift. Unfortunately they didn’t need us Thursday morning so we headed back to our camper. We were pretty happy our shift was later when we had a huge afternoon rain/thunderstorm. We were back on shift at 1530 and they had us at the gate. The gate was a lot of fun but was harder on the body since we had to stand there for 6 hours straight. Gill and I were scanning wrist bands. Paul was flogging programs. Thursday night featured: Jessie Farrell, Aaron Lines, Shane Yellowbird and then Sugarland. It was supposed to be Pat Green but he had a family emergency so Shane got to take his place. Since our shift was over at 2200 and Sugarland didn’t start until 2250 we knew we would be guaranteed to catch Sugarland. I really wanted to see Shane Yellowbird. I talked to my boss at the gate and she said I could take a 20 minute break to take the bus to the stage, watch one song and bus back. I was ecstatic. It’s all about you. It was phenomenal. One of his band members was from Comox. Then when I went to catch the bus there wasn’t any and I didn’t want to be late so I ran all the way back to the gate. It is just over a mile away. It took me 10 minutes or so to get back but I made it. Good thing I had my shoes on. No buses past me when I was running back. I was sooooo happy to see his one song. Then Sugarland was amazing. Gill was pretty cold but was dancing up a storm. They were soooo amazing. Gill froze this night in the camper. I felt bad for her. We gave her all of the blankets but one.
Friday we finally had a morning shift from 0930-1600. We had another traffic shift. This time Gill, Paul and I worked in closer proximity. Gill and I shared a golf cart and Paul was in the area. Was so funny. I gave Gill radio duty but Paul still radioed “Paul for Rae-Lynn” and Gill would answer “Go for Rae-Lynn” even though they knew it was Gill and not me. We had a really good shift. It was really hot that day but driving around kept us cool. We met 3 guys from Nanaimo who helped to pass the time. They were super funny. They called me Rae Rae and Gill, Gill or Gill stain prounounced like a fish Gill. We were in charge of parking the day only people. Most people were pretty cool but some were knobs. We finished our shift at 1600 and headed back to the camper. We went for a bathing suit shower in the river and then cooked supper and headed to the show. There was Kelly Brock (we missed her), Aaron Pritchett, Dierks Bentley, and Hank Williams Jr. Gill was better prepared for the weather tonight but she didn’t have a coat so she was cold. I lent her mine until I needed it. We left just before the end of Hank since it was cold. He was alright. Dierks, and Aaron were amazing. We loved them. I was disappointed that Dierks didn’t sing “My last name” but he sang all of his other hits! Friday was our drinking night. Paul went to the beer garden during Aaron Pritchett but we stayed to watch the show.
Saturday Gill slept all day and rested. Paul and I went to see the hypnotist but they didn’t show up. We came back and had a river shower and then we went on shift from 1730 till midnight. This time we were selling tickets for booze in a booth in the beer garden. The line up tonight was : Beverley Mahood, Gord Bamford, The Wilkinsons, and then the Judds. I really wanted to see the Judds and actually everyone tonight but we were on shift. From our booth they set up a screen and we were able to see the Wilkinsons and then the Judds. When we finished at midnight I caught the Judds last song and then there encore song. The encore song was “Love can build a bridge” . It was so amazing. I thought about my brother Ray (RIP June 2002), the whole time. I actually started crying during the song since it was sooooo emotional. This was one of his favourite songs. I had goosebumps and felt he was there with me. After that I headed back to the beer garden to meet up with Gill and Paul. Tickets were $5 each and Paul ended up being tipped 4 tickets. Gill and I only got 1 free drink each. Gill walked home at 1230. I walked home at 0200 and then Paul was home at 0300. He ended up falling asleep outside by the lantern. I woke him up and told him to come to bed.
We decided that since we did all of our shifts and we were there that we may as well stay for Sunday’s shows. After we got up we packed up everything and then went for a river shower. Then we headed to the main grounds. We walked around for a bit. We bought souvenirs (a t-shirt each for Paul and I) and Gill bought a hat and a belt buckle. Then we got to spin the wheel at the Chevy tent. I only won party beads and stickers, and a keychain. Both Paul and Gill won t-shirts. They were super cool. Both mediums though so I won’t be wearing Paul’s medium until I lose some weight!!! There was Rick Tipi, George Fox, Jo Hikks band and then Sarah Evans. Jo Hikks and Sarah Evans were awesome. It was really hot and really windy so Gill and I were covered in dirt. We rolled out at 1800 and headed home. We were very very fortunate to catch the 2135 ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay. We ended up getting home around 0100. We were all very tired and dirty. Brandon picked Gill up and after I shower I was in bed.
Monday was my birthday and was sooooo awesome. I slept till 0900 and then since I missed Logan so much went to check on him and Dad. They were taking a nap and Dad said Logan had been up since 0430 that day so I took over so Dad could rest. Was good to see my little man again. Every time I called Dad while I was away Dad said things were awesome. Logan was really really good for him. I was so happy that Dad wasn’t dying of exhaustion. He didn’t call any of my backups. Logan is soooo fast at scooching now. He does miles and miles around the house!! He is very very close to the regular crawl now. Paul and I returned the camper to storage and took Tikka to the beach and then went home to relieve Grandpa of Logan. Then Monday night we headed to Boston Pizza for my birthday bash with : Brandon, Gill, Jen, Dale, Nate, Barb, Gary, Pam & girls, Laurel, Angela, Lorne, Sophia & Aaron, Rebecca, Alan, Bria & Finn. It was sooooo awesome. BP gives you a free piece of cake too. I ended up with $45 in gift certificates for Scrapbook Central and $50 gift certificate for Stampin UP and Dad treated me and my boys for supper. I am very sad that Rebecca and Angela and Jen are all leaving Comox this summer.
Tuesday the 15th I was up early with Logan and then I took Tikka for a run. I ran from St.Andrews up the hill to the end of the bike path and back. Laurel says it is only 1 km but I still think it is 1.5km. I was very proud of myself for finally turning over the new leaf and deciding to eat healthy and exercise even if I am sore because my body feels like it is 100 years old. Then at around 1230 we headed to the airport for our flights. I flew on West Jet at 1410 to Edmonton followed by Winnipeg. Dad flew at 1435 to Calgary followed by Winnipeg. From Comox to Ed I had 3 seats to myself and Ed to Wpg I had 2 seats. I love west jet for blocking those off for me. Was so much nicer travelling like that with Logan. We landed at around 2000 and Dad was late getting in but arrived at 2145. Logan and I killed time at the airport until 2110 when uncle Bruno arrived. I took 4 photo booth pics with Logan on my back, had some dinner, filled out a survey on the computer for 100 bonus aeroplan points. When Uncle arrived I realized that my carseat was damaged. They ripped off one of the harness systems. They ended up giving me a $250 West Jet future travel credit. The car seat must be installed with the cars seat belt right now but it still works great. Paul will take a look at it when I get home. We were in bed after midnight.
Wednesday we hung out at Uncle Bruno’s all day to relax and had supper at Auntie Evelyn’s. I ran 2 km to Auntie Evelyn's and then my calf started to hurt. I wanted to run the 2 km back but it hurt too much so I walked back. Thursday morning I was going to get a perm in Winnipeg. I ended up changing my mind and I got a fabulous hair cut with many layers, tons of blond highlights, and side bangs. I am sure Gill will love it. I wasn't able to run today but am definitely going to run tomorrow (friday) Then tonight we went to Rumor’s comedy club to celebrate Dad and my birthdays. There was Auntie Olivine and Uncle Bruno, Auntie Elsie and Uncle Frank, Dad, Me, Lynne & Craig, her friend Paula and her friends Rami and Pilar. It was a blast. The comedians were hilarious.
Tomorrow night Dad is babysitting Logan and Lynne and I and maybe Craig and Paula are heading to Morris to catch a bit of the rodeo and a concert by Shane Yellowbird. I am sooooo stoked since I only got to see one of his songs in Morris. We pay only $20 and we get entrance to the rodeo and to see Shane!!!
Saturday is Dad’s big birthday party with the whole tribe and I can’t wait. I gave him his birthday present this morning and he cried. He loved it. It is a file folder mini album that Barb inspired me to create. It turned out really well and he said it was a priceless gift!!

Enjoy the pics. The rest are on facebook or soon will be.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Long time no bloggy

I can't believe that the last time I blogged I was still in Winnipeg. Wow, I must have been really busy these last couple weeks since I have been home. Things have been going pretty well. Logan is thriving. He just turned 9 months yesterday. He scooches. I must say he is getting pretty good at it. He still has only one tooth. He is 30.5 inches long and weighs 23 lbs. Bad on me for not blogging sooner since I can't seem to remember much. We have been pretty much living at Barb's lately. She hooks us up with refreshing swims and good times. We had card club at her place on June 23rd which was awesome as usual. Wednesday the 24th of June was 407 SQN beach bash and mug outs at Air Force Beach. Logan and I attended and had a blast. He was really really good as usual. Paul and I attended the Junior Ranks Campers Bingo on the 26th but unfortunately didn't win. On the 27th we went to 407 sqn's goodbye to the Officer's spouses (wives) party. Will be funny when I am posted and my "wife" Paul gets his goodbye!!! Then we ended up at the CO's house at midnight until 0200. Was a good time. Then this week we had the long weekend. I took care of Gill & Brandon's cats for the weekend while they were gone camping. Paul was given Monday off and then was on parade on tuesday. Logan and I went in to take in Dad's parade. We had quite the heat wave for awhile here so we have been coping. Paul got the AC set up in Logan's room and in ours. Has been nice. Paul went tubing down the river with friends and Logan and I headed over to Barb's for a swim. Gill, Brandon, Jen and Dale ended up popping over and it was quite the pool party. This week as well was the big thunder storm that sounded like it was right outside the window. Scared the poop out of Paul. He must have jumped 3 feet off of the bed. More swimming at Barb's this week. On Wednesday Logan and I attended Daxin's 1st birthday party at Kim & Devin's. Thursday night we swam at Barb's again. Friday I scrapped with Jen & Laurel at Laurels. Logan was with me so that cut in to the scrapping but he managed to take a decent nap to make it fun for Mommy. Friday night we rented the movie Vantage Point. Was an alright flick. Saturday was Paul's day with Logan so I ran to Walmart to print some pics for some projects that I am working on. Then we had Angela's goodbye Luncheon with the scrappin chicks at Atlas. Was great followed by back to Barb's for a bit. Paul went to UFC at the mess with Henry. Logan and I headed over to Barb's at 1830 for impromptu scrappin night with the ladies. I managed to get Logan to bed around 2000 or so and then we scrapped till midnight. There was Barb, Gill, Jodi, Angela, Jen and myself. Laurel also stopped by to say hello. I received lots of compliments on a certain project I am working on. I uploaded a video of Logan scooching tonight to facebook. He has been scooching since last Wednesday night or so. He can scooch with the best of them. Grandpa flies in tomorrow to watch Logan while Gill, Paul, & I head to Merritt for Mountainfest. Should be good times. I am getting really sad about Jen, Angela,Jeanette & Rebecca being posted this summer. Sucks.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I bought an ERGO!!

So Thursday night Uncle Rolly, Auntie Robyn and Great Grandma Ursula came over for a fabulous prime rib dinner made by my Dad on his Ronco Rotisserie. It was delicious. Friday Dad, Logan and I headed to Winnipeg. We didn't leave Deloraine till around 1400 by the time we packed up etc. We made it to my Grandma Edith's at 1815 for a wonderful supper. Ruby was visiting from Chilliwack and Grandma made an awesome fish dinner. She enjoyed seeing Logan again. The last time she saw him he was 3 weeks old. After that we headed out to Uncle Bruno and Auntie Olivine's house. We stopped at Auntie Evelyn and Uncle Dennis's on the way and hung out till 2230. Logan was pretty tired so we then went home to Uncle Bruno's and I bathed him and put him to bed. Today Logan was up at 0430, I made him a bottle and then he fell back asleep till 0800. We got up and Auntie Olivine made us a wonderful breakfast. Then we headed to Winnipeg to run errands. I ended up buying the ERGO from the "baby bin boutique". http://www.babybin.ca/ It is awesome. I got a blue ergo for $120 before taxes. It comes with an instructional DVD and washing instructions. I love it already. I wore it around the store and Logan was as light as a feather. I even put it on Grandpa and he wore Logan around!!! Was super fun. Logan seemed to enjoy it. Then we went to visit my Grandma Richard. We had a half hour visit with her and then went with her down to the chapel for mass. Then we visited with her some more and then it was time for her supper so we took off. We came back to Uncle Bruno's and had supper and then at around 2000 I bathed Logan and put him to bed. Not much going on tonight. Dad and Uncle Bruno went out so I watched some TV and am going to go to bed soon. Tomorrow is Father's Day but we don't have much planned. Will get to spend it with my Dad so that is awesome but will miss Logan spending his first Father's Day with Paul. My favorite Cousin Rita is popping out for a visit tomorrow as well as my good friend Lynne. Then tomorrow night my Auntie Linda is supposed to pop over after she gets back from camping for the weekend. Will be our last day in Manitoba as we fly out monday morning at 0930. We have a 3 hour wait in Calgary so I am going to see if they can book us onto an earlier flight that day as a favor without charging us. Wish me luck. Back home Monday afternoon!

I miss you Gill!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Travel update

Logan & I left Comox on the 29th of May. Paul was able to drop us off at the airport with all of our bags. Was nice to travel with Jen and Nate. Logan traveled really well to Calgary. Then we had an hour wait for the next flight. The four of us scored some super comfy leather chairs to wait in. We had a bite to eat and then did our pre-board. Jen and I were supposed to sit across the aisle from us but they screwed up and booked in 2 sisters and a child besides Jen. You can only have one hand held infant per 3 seats together so Jen was moved to the seat behind me. That worked out alright since when I lifted Logan up she tickled him and kept him happy. Logan did fairly well on this flight. He fell asleep near the beginning and slept for almost 2 hours. Then he woke up and it was a bit of a challenge. We saw a row of 3 seats with only one person in them so we moved there. As soon as we got there Logan was hungry so I had to go back to my seat. I had to hold him and manage to use one hand to pull everything out. I grabbed his turkey stew and he managed to get some on my shirt. Then he was tired of the turkey stew and I had to make him a bottle. I layed him on the floor in the aisle so I could put away the turkey stew and make a formula. Then the flight attendant came and told me he wasn’t allowed on the floor. I am pretty sure that it was obvious that it was only for a minute so I could do that but oh well. I left him there until I was ready and then picked him up and fed him. He got fidgety for the rest of the flight. Then we landed and Jen and I waited till everyone left before we headed off the plane. We stopped and changed the babies and then went to get our bags. They wouldn’t let Mom and Dad H in to help me with Logan and the bags so I wheeled Logan over to the door and pushed him out to them with my carry on bags. Then I went in and grabbed my bags. I had my bags while Jen was waiting for hers so I went over to oversized baggage and grabbed both of our car seats. Then we headed out to Mom and Dad. Logan didn’t cry with them and soon recognized Mom’s voice. We loaded up the escape and headed home. Jen was waiting for her Dad when we left but we ran into them again in the parking garage. Once we got to Mom & Dad’s, I bathed Logan and put him to bed. Friday morning we got up and then in the afternoon Mom went for a pedicure and I watched Logan and then she sent me for a manicure and pedicure and she watched Logan. It was awesome!!
Friday night Vicki came over to meet Logan and we had a nice visit. Saturday morning, Mom, Logan and I got up and hit the road by 0800 to head down home to see the great grandparents. Dad left at 0400 Friday morning for a fly in fishing trip in Northern Ontario. We stopped in Tweed to see Aunt Leen and Uncle Terry. Had a nice little visit and then headed to Madoc to see Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Hacker. They had never met Logan so were very excited. Uncle Bernie, Josee, Laurel and Sidney popped out to meet Logan as well. We had a nice visit there and then went to Great Nana and Great Papa’s place. We had supper there and Aunt Maryann, Uncle Dwight and Michael came to see Logan. We left to go back to Sutton at around 1800 or just after and were home by around 2130. It was a super long day. Logan fell asleep with Nana Karen while I was calling Paul. Then I picked him up and brought him to my bed since Nana was scared of rolling over on to him in the night.
Sunday we relaxed around the house. Monday we hung around the house, then Trina popped over for a visit and then we went to Newmarket. Mom picked up a few more things for Logan. I forgot a bottle when we left the house so I had to buy another one since Logan was hungry. I also bought walking wings so it will be easier on my back while Logan walks. Mom had a huge bag of baby gap clothes for Logan when I arrived. They are all so very very nice. Some won’t fit for a year probably but others fit him now. Logan wears 24 months in one full outfit. In separates he can wear 12 months and some 9 months. Nana bought Logan a pair of Robeez sandles which are very very cute. Logan also ended up with another 5 or so sleepers from Costco (only $7.49 each) and 3 rompers (only $4.49 each). Awesome prices at Costco. They are a really good quality as well. Tuesday Mom worked the morning. Wednesday night at 2145 Dad was back from his fishing trip. Logan stayed up to wait for Grandpa. Then Thursday morning, Dad, Logan and I headed back down the 3.5 hour trip to see the great grandparents one more time. It was another long day but nice to see them again. Thursday was also Logan’s 8 month day. We had a lovely visit. We made it home by 2130 and I was super tired. Friday Dad worked from home. The 3 of us headed to Newmarket and went to Costco. They bought Logan a Lightning McQueen swimming outfit that has floaters in it. It is really cool.
Friday night Auntie Amy came up for a visit and we ate the 4 pickerell that Grandpa Allan brought back from his trip. They were delicious. Then we were up late on the deck with the neighbours and Logan. Finally at around 2200 they let me put Logan to bed. Saturday Amy and I went to liquidation world. I bought a carrier for logan specifically designed for swimming since he is so heavy. It was only $12. Then Stephanie (my best friend since grade 7 who I knew since grade 5) and her fiancĂ©e Carlos came up for a visit. We were drinking on the deck since 1300 in the afternoon. I also went for a swim in Lake Simcoe (across the road). Water was a little chilly and then very warm. It was in the 30’s temperature wise so I was very very hot. Then we had another awesome supper. After Logan’s bath, the 3 of us headed down to the Burn’s for a campfire while Mom & Dad watched Logan. We were home at 2330 and I plucked Logan out of their bed and took him to mine. Dad was facing Logan and holding his hand and was sound asleep. Sunday was another scorcher with a heat warning for Toronto.
We had a wonderful time in Ontario with Nana and Grandpa and them spoiling Logan. The Burns lent us a stroller, an exersaucer exactly like Logan’s at home without the toys, and tons of other toys. It was very very nice of them. Mom threw away my filter for my pump by accident as well and Trina Burns had a couple of filters still sealed and saved me.
Logan and I flew out at 1615. I have to admit this was Logan’s worst flight so far. He wasn’t super bad but worse than normal. He was fussy and wanted to grab everything. He only slept for around 30 minutes out of the 2.5 hour flight. The guy beside me on the flight was from Altona and knew Laurel’s Husband Brian. She found out about that before I was even able to tell her. Grandpa (my Dad) picked us up at the airport and we popped by my Grandma’s nursing home so she could see Logan. She couldn’t believe how big he is now. Then we headed out to Uncle Bruno and Auntie Olivine’s place. Logan was bathed and went to sleep. Monday morning we stopped by Auntie Evelyn & Uncle Dennis’s for a visit, then Auntie Elsie’s, and then Grandma’s again. We stopped in Brandon and took supper over to Uncle Rick’s place ( my brother) for a visit with Candice and Rayna. We only made it to Deloraine just before 2100. Uncle Rolly (my brother) popped over last night as well. Then today we hung around home and Dad took Logan to the school to visit Grandma Lynn but she wasn’t there so they came home. Tonight Uncle Rolly and Auntie Robyn came over for supper. Rolly is gone until Thursday so we had a little visit.
Logan is now 8 months old. He isn’t crawling yet. He rolls everywhere and is able to change directions and swivel around. He is still standing all the time whenever he is picked up and loves to dance. He is a very very happy baby and travels really well. Grandpa is loving having him home!!! I think he likes seeing me too. He has one tooth now. I finally felt it on Sunday. It finally popped out of his gums. It is in the middle at the front. I am not sure when we are heading back to Winnipeg. We fly out at 0900 on Monday the 16th of June. Paul is really missing us. He is getting tons of stuff done around the house though. It really sucked not having internet access in Ontario. So nice to be back online again. I thought I was going to go crazy. Not sure what the 2 weeks this summer back in Ontario will be like!