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Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 4th deals and shopping

Hello everyone. Had my last week off this week. Did some house organizing stuff. Worked out every day this week. I take Sundays off though. Workouts are going well. i finished the series life unexpected on netflix. loved it. Now I am watching Drop Dead Diva on netflix during my workouts and I also really really like it.

Thursday I popped out to lululemon to pick up my some bras. The military pays us $180 per year and the policy used to be for 4 bras. I have since learned that you now get $180 total and you can buy as many bras as you want. I picked up 4 great running ones, 2 at $42 and 2 at $48. Total came to $200.48 or so so I only have to pay $20 out of pocket or $5 per bra. So sweet. I also treated myself to my first ever lulu lemon hoodie and I love it. It feels like a wonderful hug when you wear it.l It has the thumb hole too so it keeps me super cozy and warm.

I also popped out to see Kelly on Thursday and had a visit. Her kitchen is looking amazing after the renos!!!

Friday I was planning on cleaning the house all day but I didn't get any flyers this week so Stephanie lent me hers. I also had to try on her DEU pants. I found out that women are allowed to wear men's pants so I was sizing with her pants. I can't wait to order mine from logistik. They fit soooo much nicer than the ridiculous women's pants.

So I headed to metro with her flyers. I picked up 10 harvest splendours potatoes on for $2.99 minus $1 off coupon for each. I have already tried them and they are wonderful. The flyer for metro showed the scrubbing bubbles extended shower cleaner on for $4.97 or $4.99 this week. I figured it had to be a typo because these are normally $8.97 at walmart and the cheapest I have seen them is $5.97. So I picked up one and it scanned at $9.67 which is the regular price at metro. Then I showed them the flyer and they gave it to me for free but they have probably issued a correction that that isn't the price this week. sweet deal for me. I also picked up 3 packs of strawberries for $5.

Then I went to walmart. On the 29th I bought advil muscle aches 72 count for $12.96 and used a $4 off coupon and advil nighttime 40 count for $12.96 with $4 off. This week they are on sale for $10 each so I took in my receipt and they put $6 something back on my visa!!! Was awesome.

I picked up 6 gold fish at $2 each. The new one that is a mix of pretzels and regular and used 6 50 cents off each one coupons, picked up 2 avocado at .88 each. Picked up 2 astro omega3 biobest at $3.97 each (12 packs) and used $1 off on each from the tearpads, and then I price matched the scrubbing bubbles from the metro flyer and got 3 for $4.97 each and used a $5 off coupon on each one making them free, I picked up 3 febreze air effects for $2.79 each price matching food basics and used a save $4 when you buy 3 febreze products coupons. and then 2 babybel price matched at $3.49 minus the $1 coupons attached to each one. and also grabbed 2 dempsters wraps one whole wheat and one white which were supposed to be $2.50 each. subtotal before coupons was $60.83. After coupons before tax was $34.83 total $37.86. Then I noticed that I was charged $3.17 for each pack of wraps so I went to customer service and because of the SCOP (scanning code of practice) I got both for free since they had different upc symbols. Was awesome!!! $6.34 put back on my visa.

Then I stopped at sobeys and picked up 3 chocolate milk 1L's on for .99 each, pepperoni stick 250 g for $2.49, free trop 50 orange juice from superbowl promo, free liberte greek yogurt from facebook promo, and then 2 lean ground beefs on for $2.49/pound. Great savings!!!

Saturday morning at 0200 Finn woke up with a fever. It was a flash cold. Sucked. Hardly got any sleep. Then Paul and I took the kids to see the Lorax. It was awesome!!! Finn ate some chocolate aero balls and ended up puking all over himself and Paul during the movie.

Then we came home and did some tidying and prepping for supper. Stephanie, Brendan, Connor and Kieran came over for supper. Paul cooked up a prime rib roast and another roast, we did some of the harvest splendour potatoes, some broccoli, carrots, a caesar salad and I made the epicure citrus berry cheesecake for dessert. It was soooooooooooooooooo yummy and we had a great visit. We rented Our idiot brother yesterday from the walmart kiosk for $2 for 24 hours. Paul and I watched it last night and it was pretty funny. He polished my oxfords for me. He is the best! We pulled out some DDR and kids dance. I think the kids will be able to do it really well soon.

Then Finn woke up at 2300 or so and hung out with us for a bit and then ended up puking up his carrots from supper. Changed him and got him to bed. He slept till 0600 or so from 0020. I woke up with Logan curled up beside me with a fever. He is now sick too.

Paul is also sick so we didn't make it to church today.

I made a quick trip out to return the movie to walmart south keys and then a quick stop at shoppers drug mart to check out the deals for the spend $75 get 18500 points promotion which is on till march 6th I believe. I got some awesome deals. Dove shampoo and conditioner 750 ml is on for $5.99 which is a great deal since the cheapest I have seen the 355 ml for is $2.99. I picked up 5 shampoos, and then guarnier fructis shampoo on for $2.99 minus $1 off coupon and 500 bonus points, free trop 50 juice from superbowl promo, 2 packs of biore strips on for 2 for $18 minus 2 $1 off coupons, tylenol body pain night on for $9.99 minus $5 coupon, physicians formula 3 pack of eyeliner on for $11.89, tylenol migraine on for $9.99 minus $4 coupon. Total before taxes and coupons was $82. After coupons was $70.81, after HST $81.08. Earned 820 points + 500 bonus, +18500 bonus points for a total of 19820 points. I also used up the rest of the giftcard I bought last week and then purchased a $50 giftcard as my first transaction earning 500 bonus points as well and then used it to pay for this purchase. i still have $5.54 left on the card. I also heard there is a bonus redemption next weekend. I currently have 134224 points so I can easily redeem 95000 points for $200 if it is a bonus redemption next weekend.

Finn is a walking/running machine. he is soooo good at it now. Logan is doing super well at school. I met with his teachers last week since he hasn't been there long enough for a report card. Both kids love their daycare and are upset when they have to come home with me.

Back to work tomorrow. Will be rough since I have been off for 14 months but I am sure it will be fine. I just have to put some time in today meal planning for the week and prepping the night before and things should go well.

Excited about the 24th of march for international women's day. my girlfriend Colleen and I are heading to Montreal on a daytrip organized by the mfrc. We paid $115 and we get roundtrip transportation on a luxury coach, a 1 hour massage at strom spa including the baths, pools, hottubs etc and supper. Can't wait.

I work this week and then Paul and I are off with the kids from the 10th-18th. I am off the 19th as well. Then I am also off the 26th and the 30th march till the 2nd of April.

Mom and Dad Hacker are taking Logan to disneyworld in Florida from the 22-29 April. If I can find cheap enough flights for Finn and I, we will also go.

Still praying for our house in Comox to sell soon.

I am off to prep my 3's for tomorrow.

Love always, Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn.