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Saturday, January 9, 2010

9 January 2010

My first post of 2010. Should have tried to do more blogging over the holidays because now I am forgetting everything.

The night of the 30th, Rolly & Robyn were over for supper and Dad cooked up prime rib. Was amazing. Then on New Years Eve Rolly and Robyn invited Paul, Logan, myself, Dad & Lynn out to the lake to hangout while they ice fished. We headed out at around 1530. Rolly caught one 5 minutes before we got there but no bites while we were there. Great little shack that friends let them use. Was fun. Logan wanted to walk around on the ice even though it was cold. Dad walked with him for a bit then me, and then Paul.

Then we went back to Clark and Donna's cabin and hung out a bit. Logan was exploring everything. I mistakenly though the tetris cube was blocks so I pulled them out for Logan not realizing it was a brain teaser puzzle that is super hard.

Then we had supper. They cooked up lobster and bbq'd prime rib. Was really good yet again along with the salad and the corn, and the cheese cake tarts for dessert. We watched the juniors play the US. The PVR missed the shoot out though. Logan stayed up till 0015 and rung in the new year with us and then passed out promptly at 0015. We also played a couple games of poker which was also fun. Logan chilled with Auntie Robyn and Donna.

New Years Day we went back out fishing with Clark and Rolly and Logan had a pj party with Auntie Robyn watching movies. Then we headed to town, showered and then Rick & Candice, Rayna, Kyle, and Tyler came out along with Wendy & Family, Ann & Family, and Rolly and Robyn. Lynn cooked up a storm and we had a great turkey dinner with ham and stuffing etc. Played some cards and my new board game.

On the 2nd, we got up early to drive to Regina for Paul's flight. Logan stayed with Papa Herb and Grandma Lynn. We got to Regina no problem and had an hour to kill together. Then Paul took off and I headed down to Regina to see Lorne, Angela, Sophia and Aaron. I had a blast. I had my first ever vegetarian chilli, and awesome apple pie. Then after the kids went to bed, Angela and I did some scrapbooking and card making. Was so awesome. Throat was sore again. Then I got to bed at 0145 or so and woke up at 0330 to the bhuddist alarm clock going off. Got it off and slept till 0700 and then got up and showered. We had breakfast and Angela showed me how to make the most perfect poached eggs in the microwave. Then they took the kids for a trail sled ride and I went back to sleep. They went from 1000-1200 and I was dead to the world. When they came back we had lunch of veggie burgers and a grain mixed with apricots and raisins that was amazing. We did some more scrapbooking and I did an awesome page that I love.

I took off at 1500 for the 5 hour drive back home. It was pretty uneventful till I was almost home and was using a road that I don't normally take and the GPS was in simulation mode so I turned by accident down a road that ended up being "closed". I was lucky to be able to turn around even though I almost got stuck. Sorted out my GPS and made it home with an 1/8 of a tank.

On the 4th, we got up and headed to Mom's just after lunch for a sleepover. We had a great visit. Then we got up at 0800 on the 5th and drove back to Deloraine. We had lunch and then took off at 1430 or so for Brandon for a sleepover at Rick's and I was hoping to visit my friend Leslie and Family but they had a family emergency. We had a good visit and Candice and Rayna watched Logan so I could pick up Dad's prescription.

On the 6th we met Dad on highway one and headed to Winnipeg. We went to the airport and returned my rental car, checked Dad into the hotel and picked up Rob, then we went to visit Granny Edith, some shopping, Grandma Richard and then dropped Rob off at Auntie Elsies. Then we headed to Uncle Bruno & Auntie Olivine's for supper, and then a quick visit with Auntie Evelyn, then back to pick up Rob, and then over to Golftown, then wal-mart. Then it was 2030 and I was dropping them off at their hotel. Dad left his winter coat in the car instead of taking it. Then I took off for Granny Edith's where Logan and I were going to stay for 2 nights. I got around 4 minutes away and Dad called and said he forgot his shoes so we went back and gave him his shoes and took his boots. Then we went to Granny's. I plugged in the car and we headed up for a visit and then bed. Got to bed around 2230 or so and I was soooooooooooo tired. Then at 0530 my cell phone was ringing. My Dad forgot his nitro-glycerine in his coat so I had to run it to him. He was sincerely appologetic and I said no problem. I would rather he had his medicine with him instead of not and needing it. I drove back to Granny's and went to bed again. Logan got up at 0800 and Granny watched him till 0845 when I got up.

Then we went to Bonnie's for lunch at 1230 and we had awesome 4 cheese ravioli! Then back to Granny's and I had some errands to run so she watched Logan. I took my disabled Ipod touch to the apple store and they did some paperwork for me to call Apple so that they will send a box to pick up the ipod touch and send me a new one. Sucks that I will lose all my data. But nice that they are replacing it.

Then got back to Granny's. We hung out till 2215 and then went to bed. Logan fell asleep eating supper at 1900. I put him to bed and he woke up at 2215 and I fed him a banana and then we went back to bed. I brought Granny 2 dozen roses that I wanted to send when Grandpa died but wanted to do in person to make sure they were nice and would last. She loved them. We had a wonderful supper.

On the 8th we hung out a bit and then I left at 1130 to go and check in to the airport hotel and put all the bags in the room, then costco to pick up pics, and then to say goodbye to Granny Richard, and some other errands and then back to Granny's. Then at 1800 Lynne came and we went to BP for supper and I got to meet her boyfriend Dino. He is great.

Then we dropped Dad's car off at the air park indoor lot and we headed to our hotel. We had a blast hanging out. Logan was bagged but wouldn't sleep till 2300 or so. Today I was up at 0500 to drop off the bags and Lynne gave Logan breakfast. Then we took off thru security at 0700. Logan was good on the plane but his dvd player died 30 min into the flight. Not sure why. I charged it last night. We got to Vancouver and I put the carseat on the stroller and Logan walked with his harness and it was awesome.

That's all for now. Gotta go. My 1130 flight is gonna board soon.

Love Rae-Lynn & Logan

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