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Friday, July 16, 2010

16 July 2010

Hello again.

Finished my last shift the morning of the 9th of July which was our 5 year anniversary. We took Logan and Tikka camping at Air Force Beach here in Comox and had a blast. We camped across the road from friends so that was great. Logan slept in the bunk and enjoyed it. Then on Saturday I took Logan to the 5 year old's birthday party at their campsite and Paul went home to do some stuff and then went out to the fish and game for a bit. We headed home again on Sunday morning and I was exhausted.

Logan and I hung out together on Monday and Tuesday. Monday we headed to Nanaimo and then stopped in Parksville for a visit with Marjorie and Jerry on the way home. On Tuesday Paula, Mike, Taryn and Nathan stopped in for a visit on their way back to Vancouver. They wanted to sleep over but were tired of being away from home with the kids so they ended up visiting for 3 hours and then taking off. Was so good to see them. Then on Wednesday he went to daycare and it was my 33rd birthday so I had the day to myself. Wednesday night Paul, Logan, myself, Barb, Gary, Shannon, Gill, and Laurel went out to Boston Pizza for supper. I ate too much but was good to go to bed not hungry for a change!!! I am now 10.5 weeks along. I have an ultrasound scheduled for the 20th to make sure everything is going good.

I am on my 2nd dayshift at work now and then I work Saturday night and Sunday night. We have no daycare for the last 2 weeks in July so it worked out that I am off Monday-SAturday next week with him and then Paul took leave from the 26-30th to watch him. I work from the 25-28 but we will have a nice long weekend all together.

Still hoping my nausea goes away in the 2nd trimester!!!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and baby #2

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