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Friday, February 18, 2011

18 Feb 2011

Happy Birthday Nadia!!!

Well my little angel is almost 3 weeks old and growing like a week. He was already 9.5 lbs a couple of days ago. He is such a little blessing. He only cries when he is hungry, or too hot, or being circumcised. Had his circumcision on Wednesday which was very traumatic for mommy once again. Paul was late so got to miss it. He is recovering well from it.

I was home from the hospital on the 2nd of Feb and then Nana came on the 4th. Was so great to have her here. She cooked and cleaned and played with Logan tonnes and helped with Finn. We thoroughly enjoyed her visit. Monday morning the 7th I had the awesome idea that we should go to Whistler since I promised Paul a Whistler trip for his birthday. Mom was able to book a condo through her timeshare and we payed the rate that went with the points. Great deal for Whistler considering we had a one bedroom unit with laundry and kitchen. Was awesome. We left Wednesday morning with the truck and didn't check the ferry schedule in advance so ended up on the 3:00 PM ferry. Was around 2000 or so by the time we checked in to our condo. Thursday Paul skiied and Mom and I and the boys relaxed in the condo. Mom and logan went out for a bit and played on the toy structure and in the games room. After Paul got back from skiing him and Logan enjoyed the hot tub. The pool was closed down due to a pH problem. We had a wonderful pork chop supper in our unit. Friday Paul skiied again. It snowed all day. We went for a walk with the boys in the snow and I had Finn in my Ergo carrier. Paul came home for lunch during his ski which was nice! Then we had more leftovers for supper. We got up early saturday morning and packed up. We thought we would only make the 1230 ferry but we were extremely lucky to catch the 1030 ferry. It was no where near full. We stopped at costco in nanaimo for some stuff on the way home. We were home around 1530 or so and it was raining like crazy. Paul found some water in the garage and it appears to be leaking somehow from the roof but no water in Logan's room. More investigation needed to find the source.

Sunday morning Mom was up early to get ready for her flight. Finn and I hung out with her a bit before it was time for her to go and then Paul took her to the airport. Then the 4 of us headed to church for 1000. We were able to sit out with the congregation this time and Logan was very well behaved. Everyone was in love with Finn and everyone enjoyed shaking Logan's hand during "Peace". After mass there was a bake sale and someone gave Logan some cupcakes as his valentine's day present and Judy and Robert gave him a bag of candies. We relaxed for the rest of Sunday and then Paul headed back to work on Monday.

Monday was a busy day for me. We picked up Papa in a huge rainstorm at the airport and then dropped off Papa and Logan at home and I took Finn to chiro with me and then ran around doing some errands. At 1400 I went to look at a used bike for sale. It was hardly ridden. A giant Sedona with fenders, paniers, and a front basket. I loved it. I was able to get it for $400 and she originally paid almost $800 and only rode it maybe 2 hours. I really really love it.

Then Monday night I woke up at 0100 and couldn't get Finn latched on to feed so I decided to get up and bring him to the living room to use my nursing pillow and sit up. I went to the washroom and smelled a weird smell. Then when I got to the bedroom door with Finn I smelled another chemical like smell. I woke up Paul and he said he didn't smell anything. Then I turned on the hallway light and it was full of smoke. Paul got up and took a look around. We couldn't find what was causing it.I took Finn downstairs to the basement and was going to feed him there since no smoke down there. Paul said we needed to evacuate. I woke up Dad and he was very disoriented. I packed up my little boys and headed over to Phil & Camilles in case it was going to be awhile. I felt bad waking them up. We were home by 0220 or so. All of the smoke had been sucked up. Fire fighters couldn't find the cause but thought it was a tube of hand cream on the baseboard heater. The container was super hot and the cream liquified but I was pretty sure that it wasn't that. Then when we came home Logan grabbed his Dora chair and said "look Papa". The whole back of it was black and charred. As it turns out, Logan put it away directly in front of the gas fireplace which is normally off but the pilot was on and he may have adjusted the thermostat. So it would have come on during the night and smoldered the chair. We were extremely lucky that an actual fire didn't occur and that we had no damage and were able to get out. My Dad packed up all his bags and took them when we evacuated. Took awhile to get back to sleep from all of the adrenalin from the almost fire.

The rest of the week was busy with appointments and such;. Finn is such a wonderful baby. He is a pleasure to care for and Logan is so gentle and loving with him it makes me so happy!!!! Such a great "big brother". Wednesday night Finn was up for 4 hours and biffed Paul's sleep.

Paul patrols this saturday night sunday.

We are thoroughly enjoying having Papa here especially Logan!

We had quite a bit of snow here wednesday and last night. Hopefully it melts again soon.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan & Finn

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