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Sunday, April 10, 2011

10 april 2011

I can't believe it has been so long since I have blogged but then again I have been crazy busy taking care of Finn. Had a wonderful visit with Dad while he was here but ever since then my laptop hasn't been working very well. There is something wrong with windows and windows explorer. They keep crashing. There was a virus. May have to try and restore it to factory settings. Soooo annoying. Mozilla Firefox keeps crashing as well. It is a huge pain in the butt. May have to take it in to get looked at. Finn is growing like a weed. At 6 weeks he was 2 oz heavier than Logan was at 6 weeks and Logan had a 2 lb head start.

I was/am very sad about Uncle Frank's passing on March 22nd. Unfortunately I was unable to fly home for the funeral but everyone was in my thoughts and prayers especially Auntie Elsie, Moe and Joe.

Now Finn is 10 weeks old tomorrow and he is around 17 lbs. He is adorable and smiles tonnes for me, and at me. I can't wait to hear his laugh. He loves diaper changes but isn't really fond of the bath. His doting big brother loves him up every chance he gets with hugs and kisses and cuddles. Finn still won't take a bottle but I have ordered the Adiri bottle that babies that won't drink from bottles have been known to like. It is the most similar to a woman's breast. I am praying for a miracle so we can get a sitter every now and again. He also won't take a soother but he did take one today for a little bit. It is weird getting used to a baby that poops because Logan's poops weren't very often. Still he only goes once a day. He still feeds every 1.5 hours or so but lately has been giving me a bit of a break. Once he has went 6 hours between feeds and another time 5. He did quite a bit of cluster feeding from 0400 on this morning.,He normally feeds in 5 minutes so my sleep interruptions aren't too long. I do miss having a baby that slept 6 hours at 6 weeks but I am sure he will get into a groove soon.

Logan is a wonderful child and very smart. I love watching how happy he is to have a baby brother and how much he loves him. They will be the best of friends! Logan got into the Aboriginal Headstart pre-school last Tuesday. He is fully potty trained with the occasional accident. He loves school. I drop him off for 0900 and then it is over at 1115 but he is able to catch the bus home and I pick him up at 1155 at the dropoff point a couple minutes from home. The school is downtown Courtenay. He goes Mondays thru Thursdays and then on Fridays we go to parents and tots at the base. It is also free and he loves it as well. It gives me some mommy time.

I have been busy decluttering and trying to be better organized. Housework is still behind the 8 ball since I am concentrating on the boys and their needs first but it will come with time. I have a whole bunch of stuff for sale on craigslist and am getting lots of interest and thus decluttering and making some cash on the side. I am even trying to sell my wedding dress.

Flights are booked for my friend Lynne's wedding. We are flying on the amazing and wonderful WEST JET (www.westjet.com) Me and the boys fly to winnipeg on the 28th of May and back home on the 14th of June. Paul flies out of Nanaimo on the 3rd of June and comes home on the 8th. He is just going for the wedding portion and a quick hello to the family.

The boys and I are also flying to Ontario this summer for a visit with Paul's family and my friend Julia's wedding. We fly out of Victoria on the 27th of July and will be in the Tweed area till the 10th of August. I will be in Ottawa for the wedding the first weekend we are there. Mom and Dad Hacker will be keeping the boys! Not sure where Paul will be at that point.

Looking forward to my trip home to see the family. Haven't been home since Christmas 2010.

My friend Colleen is coming for a visit for 2 nights tomorrow with her 2 children so that will be nice. They are posted to Ottawa this summer and are coming up from Victoria.

Paul is still playing the waiting game with work. He is done ski patrol for the year which is awesome.

I have lost quite a bit of inches and weight and can now fit a size 12 jean!!! So exciting. I am currently doing the couch to 5K program and loving it. one week down 8 weeks left in the program. Will be even skinnier for my trip to Manitoba.

That's all for now as I am tired and heading to bed soon. Newborn photo shoot pics are posted on facebook, all of them. Will try and move them over here when i get a chance.

Loving life and living it to the fullest every day and thankful for all of the blessings in my life.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

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