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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas letter 2014 to friends and family

Hope this 2014 Christmas letter finds all of my friends and family happy and healthy. It was another great year for the Hacker family. Of course we had ups an downs like everyone else but we tried to make the best of things. As I write this letter Logan is now 7 and Finn will be 4 at the end of January. Logan is in grade 2. He does karate twice a week and is in a chess club at school 3 times per week and sometimes yoga. Finn just has his routine of daycare. We tried him in karate but the attention deficit had us realize he was just too young.They also did swimming lessons in the spring. Last Christmas was spent with Paul’s family and then the four of us headed to Mesa to spend New Years with Dad and Lynn. Logan missed a week of school. Lots of swimming and going to swap meets. Paul golfed with Dad. For March the kids and I (Rae-Lynn) headed back to Mesa for another 10 day visit. Logan missed another 3 days or so of school. We had a blast. This time we took one day to go to Golfland Sunsplash for mini golf, bumper cars, waterslides, video games, bumper boats, and race cars etc. Was Lynn, myself and the kids. Lynn was hooked on a motorcycle game. Was fun to watch her so excited after growing up with no video games!!! I went back to work in February after 8 months sick leave. Shortly after going back I slipped on some ice outside my house and smashed my cheek bone on the front steps. Looked great in uniform on the bus. I started out with 2 half days a week. I was 100% full time in August 2014. Paul was away for April and May for a course in Trenton. At the end of June early July I was able to fly to Manitoba by myself to surprise everyone for our Richard reunion. It was wonderful. Everyone missed seeing the kids but I had a well deserved adult weekend with the family. I picked my niece up in Brandon and she stayed over the friday night and left with Rick saturday night. I had a blast with my bros Rick and Rolly and the rest of the family. Was great to meet baby Jake, my cousin’s baby. Before I left Winnipeg for Deloraine I was able to surprise Grandma Richard and have a visit with my girlfriend Jenn. When I got back to Winnipeg I was able to have a wonderful visit with Leonie and Dino, Lynne, and Pano. Come August Paul and I headed to Jamaica for a last minute holiday for the 2 of us and had a blast. We climbed up a waterfall which was exhilerating. It started at the ocean and went up. WE went to Margarita Ville, visited Ochos Rios. I fulfilled a dream of mine to swim with the dolphins. It was amazing. They kissed me and dragged me. Well worth the money spent. We made friends with other Canadians at the resort and the staff. Paul scuba dived 3 times and I did once. I was sick the first day he went so I couldn’t go. Probably because I drank some of the water from the waterfall. It goes from fresh water to salt water. WE stayed at the Club Ambience Resort. It was a nice little resort and we enjoyed the Jamaican food. Mostly Paul. I liked the curried goat as always. The breakfasts had pretty much everything. The last breakfast one of the staff cooked Paul up ackees and kalaloo. He was happy! The kids stayed with Nana and Grandpa (Paul’s parents). They Had a blast at the trailer at the lake and Logan made a new friend. Logan also started riding his bike again that he was refusing to ride at home because he was scared of falling. Logan also spent a week at camp which he enjoyed immensely thanx to Nana and Grandpa. He loved making friendship bracelets, swimming and the jungle gym. he came home addicted to the song “wrecking ball” by Miley Cyrus. We managed to fit in a couple of camping trips which were also fun. We did ones with friends so that made it extra fun. In April I found out I was being medically released from the Canadian Forces due to being bipolar. It was a stressful time. Given how well I am working at my new job they want to keep me for another 3 years so we were relieved to hear that. I continue to love my job. I had my deviated septum repaired in June and then I underwent gastric bypass surgery Oct 14 followed by 7 weeks of sick leave. I am slowly but surely healing. It has been a long road so far given that I almost died due to dr’s lack of diligence with my bipolar medication. I was in the hospital for 5 days so they could get the lithium out of my system and away from a toxic level. Paul was dedicated at my bedside and Nana helped out with the kids. We continue to be blessed with the best childcare available. Silvia often will take the children overnight so we can go to a concert or have a date night. WE love her immensely. We didn’t make it to boots & hearts this year but we made it to see a few concerts: Jason Aldean, blue rodeo, Dierks Bentley. We saw Dean Brody and Blake Shelton in a VIP area at blue fest which was awesome. I also saw part of Lady Gaga. I left early because people were smoking weed around me and I hate that smell. We plan on being at B&H 2015! This Christmas has Rae and kids heading to Arizona 13-24 Dec and then sometime down home with Nana & Grandpa. Nana retired in Dec and we wish her all the best! Hopefully we will get more time with her now. Paul goes on course Jan 12 for another 2 months in Trenton. So far I have lost over 40 lbs and am feeling great mentally. Physically I still vomit daily but I am dealing with it. I am down to a size 10 at the moment from an 18. Paul will most likely make a few ski trips this season. He did one trip to Tremblant last march break a trip to Calabogie with Logan and his sister. We did one ski trip as a family to a ski hill in Quebec for the day as well. Let us know if you are coming to the nations capital. we can always make room in our house. It is messy but we are working on it. We continue to be blessed daily with surprises from Jesus and the universe and I wouldn’t trade our lives for anything. We look forward to a blessed 2015 where we can help others and live our lives in the way that Jesus taught us. We love you all and wish you a happy 2015 filled with all of the blessings Jesus has in store for you. Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn and Bear Bear (our cat) email: rae_lynn@hotmail.com

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