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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I am getting just as bad as Gill for not blogging. Has already been a month. Things have been hectic since we got home. I have been frantically searching for childcare for L. Looks like we found a place. Conveniently mostly on the way to work. I am soooo happy about that. I was super stressed trying to find a spot for him. L is awesome. I think he'll be walking soon. He walks behind his walker and up and down the hallway holding on to the wall. He babbles a ton. I love it. He did fall down today on his face and cut his lip on his 2 bottom teeth. He has a huge fat lip. L and P are leaving tonight for Ontario. P's Grandma has cancer and hasn't been given very long to live so they are off to say goodbye. I will really miss them and most likely will miss Logan's first steps since he is so close to walking. I will try and exercise a tonne while they are gone. I want to go swimming every day and then running. Will be easier without the baby but will miss them. I also want to get the house in order and clean.

I go back to work on October 8th and am gonna be gone for 3 weeks before Christmas. Oct 19-25 to greenwood. Nov 6-15 to california, and then Nov 30-Dec 6th to Greenwood. Busy busy. I have 90 days to get my B cat back.

Hope to be more up to date with my blog.

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The Selman's said...

Glad to see you updating! Good luck with your work out schedule for the next two week. Tell Paul we'll be thinking about him and his Grandma (and you too ...)