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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

6 Oct 2010

My little boy turned 3 yesterday. Where has the time gone?

We celebrated his birthday on Saturday since I was working last night. We picked up a diary queen oreo ice cream cake for him and he loved it. We had a sparkler #3 and a regular #3 on top. He loved blowing out the candles so we kept re-lighting the candle for him to blow out. We gave him a big boy bike with training wheels but he isn't that much of a fan of it right now. We gave him a helium balloon with the bike which he loved till he accidentally took it outside and let it go and then started to cry. He pushes forward and backward on the pedals. Hopefully he will figure it out soon. We also gave him a little Thomas the tank play set, and a cars pillow. Then we took him to McDonald's for supper and he played for almost an hour at the play place. He had a blast. Then some more cake for dessert. Father came over for cake.

I worked Sunday and Monday day shift and then Tuesday night and tonight. I kept Logan home with me yesterday and we had a great day together. He is loving his birthday!!! We ran some errands together and then I took him to the mall to ride the rides. He went on all 3. The 2 cars and then the horse carousel.

On Sunday Marjorie and Jerry came up to celebrate with Paul and Logan. They went out for supper to pizza hut and had some Apple Cake that Aunt Marjorie had brought. They gave Logan an inflatable bouncer with a basketball net. We inflated it last night and he played with it a bit.

My 10 year RMC reunion was on the weekend but it would have been way too expensive to attend. If we were living in Ontario I definitely would have went. Oh well, maybe the 20 year LOL!

Baby has been kicking up a storm lately. Only I can feel it though for the time being. The drugs seem to be keeping the nausea at bay which is nice.

I am off for Thanksgiving so we should have a nice weekend here with some good family time.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and baby #2

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