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Thursday, September 30, 2010

30 Sept 2010 21 weeks and counting.

Hello again.

I had my ultrasound on the 14th of September and everything went well. We didn't bother with the picture this time since it would have been a huge pain in the butt. We had it done downtown and we would have had to go to the hospital and wait etc etc. We were both working so had to get back to work after the ultrasound. Was nice to see that everything was great. They said the baby has a beautiful heart that is very strong. The baby was moving around quite a bit and kicking which made the ultrasound take longer.

On the 15th we found out that Paul was allowed to come to the CF Appreciation BC Lions football game in Vancouver that I was already going to. We were so happy. We had transportation to the game, lunch supper and breakfast the following day and the hotel and the game paid for. We had a blast. Unfortunately BC lost to Hamilton. We had to go in our uniforms to the game but other than that we got to wear civilians.

When we got to the hotel on Saturday my friends Andrew and Nancy came to see us which was nice. They used to live in Kingston but now live in Burnaby. We went out for a late lunch early supper with them.

The only crazy thing with the weekend was trying to find childcare. Gill had originally said she would watch Logan since she was already watching Laurel's kids but that fell through late Thursday night but I finally managed to find care for Logan. It cost an arm and a leg but he had a blast. Man it would be nice to live close to family for times like that. All in all the weekend was awesome.

Paul then worked a paint night on the the 20th so was nice he could sleep in. He had to be in at work at 1430. He ended up having an impromptu quiz on general ACS knowledge from the Master Warrant Officer that he didn't do well on. He did however know where to find the answers which I would think would be more important. He ended up testing the rest of the apprentices and they all crashed and burned too which was good because it shows they are all at the same level. We are now waiting to find out if Paul will be granted his qualification or not. They are taking their sweet time telling us anything.

On the 21st Paul had his first hockey practice of the year. The season of skiing and hockey is fast approaching. The season I hate since we never see him.

I had a Dr. Appointment on the 22nd. I was at 20 weeks and I finally got some diclectin to help me deal with the nausea and vomiting. I started it and it seems to be making a difference although I find it makes me very very tired.

Then on the 24th I headed to Parksville for my scrapbooking weekend with Gill and Laurel. I headed down there just after 1300 on Friday and checked in to the hotel and was ready to scrap at 1500 when it opened. Gill and Laurel were supposed to leave home at 1500 but didn't end up leaving till almost 1700 and didn't get there till after 1800. Gill headed up to bed at 2000 because she was tired. Gill and Laurel worked Friday. I was lucky to be off. Laurel and I headed up at 2200. We were hoping to get a good night sleep to prepare for our 20 layouts workshop on saturday but it didn't work out that way. It was after midnight before we got to sleep. We were up just after 0700 and headed to Smitty's for breakfast. Lunch was included. Then we had supper at BP. Saturday was super awesome. I think Gill left at 2200 but can't remember but Laurel and I scrapped till midnight and then headed up till the room. I didn't get up till 0900 or so on Sunday and showered and put my stuff in the car and managed to get there in time to have some of the continental breakfast. I had some yogurt and a muffin. Was good. Then I finished up some titles and embellishments from my layouts from Saturday and did a couple more. I packed up at 1200 and headed home early. I could have stayed till 1500 but I missed my boys and I was done everything I had prepped and was tired. Logan had called me Saturday night. Paul said that he brought him the phone and said call Mommy. Poor little guy missed me. Was so good to see him and Paul after an awesome weekend. I came home and passed out in bed I was soooo tired. Logan took a nap with me and when he woke up he had a fever so we thought he was getting sick. That lasted a couple of days but he is good to go again.

Paul went to UFC at the mess on Saturday night as well.

Tuesday the 28th Paul had hockey again. I have been home with Logan all week and go back to work on Sunday.

I have been very tired and not sure if it is from the diclectin or not.

As I look at Logan across the table from me I can't get over how adorable he is. He is such a little sweetheart. Stubborn but still a sweetheart. We are so proud of his potty training.

It is funny that he thinks he has a baby in his belly and that Daddy has one too!!!

On the 18th of Sept my friend Colleen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Fiona Pearl a month and half early. She is only 3lbs 1 oz but she is feisty and edoing well. My friend Jeanette gave birth to a baby girl Annabelle on the 4th of September as well. On the 27th of September my friend Brenda gave birth to a boy Reid Arthur Eden. We are now waiting for Nadia and Phil's daughter to be born. She is due on the 4th of October but could come anytime.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Baby Hacker #2

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