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Sunday, January 16, 2011

16 January 2011

I finished up my last shift the morning of the 5th of January and then went in to super nesting mode. I did a tonne of cleaning that day and then couldn't sleep that night. Did more cleaning on the 6th and 7th. Paul patrolled the night of the 8th and ninth and I did more cleaning. I took a break Monday a bit. Things are looking good around here.

I got the king guest bed all set up for Rolly, Robyn, & Quinlan's visit. It now has a king size comforter and awesome decorative pillows. Sweet deal on a bed in a bag king size with 12 pieces for $59 from Wal-mart. Ending up going back the next day and getting one for Paul and I as well.

On Tuesday the 11th we had our 36 week ultrasound to see how big the baby is given I have gestational diabetes. I have been very good about keeping my sugars down. Apparently too good that I have been losing alot of weight and I am supposed to try and get more calories. The other day I was .5 lbs lighter than when I got pregnant. The good news is that the baby is normal size so things are looking good. He is head down and getting ready to come and meet us.

On the night of the 11th it snowed here in Comox. We got around 20 cm. Paul had a snow day till noon. The snow was mostly gone when I left at around 1600 wednesday night with the truck to head to Victoria to pick up Rolly, Robyn and Quinlan. The roads were clear and a little wet but was nice they were clear for me. I stopped in Canadian Tire in Nanaimo for new wiper blades since the left one on the truck was crap. I begged the guy to install it for me and he took pity on me and did it. It would have taken me awhile and wouldn't have been so safe for me to be climbing up on the truck. I got to Colleen & Jonathon's just after 1900 and had a great visit with Colleen and Fiona. Fiona is such a little sweet heart. Gordie was wonderful as well. Went to bed at around 2230 although I was up many times to pee.

Dad ended up waking me up at 0815 so I decided to get up and shower and get ready. Rolly had said to pick up between 9 and 10 but would let me know. I left Colleen's at 0900 and made it to the hotel by 0924. All was well loading up everything until I went to back up to leave. No one was behind me when we got in the truck but someone pulled in right after we got in the truck and I didn't see them. I reversed a little since there was a van ahead of me. The guy behind me was parking right up my butt so I ended up hitting his car with my receiver hitch on the truck. Rolly and I got out to take a look. Not much damage but will most likely require a new bumper. Not looking forward to getting that bill. The kid was pretty good about it. Apparently he was texting his parents so he didn't see me back up and didn't honk his horn. Other than that crappy time the rest of the ride home went smoothly.

We picked Logan up from daycare and Rolly marinated the steaks for supper. We cooked some fries in the bbq basket and they turned out great too. Friday morning Rolly, Robyn, Logan, Quinlan and I headed to the Comox valley aquatic centre for a swim and we all had a blast. I took our new point and shoot that we got from costco which is waterproof and shot some awesome pics and underwater videos. My first pics from the aquatic center. Then we came home. In the afternoon I took them to Air Force Beach for a bit and we let the dog run. We had fun and then came home and got the ribs on for supper which was delicious. Then we hung out for a bit. We managed to play 100,000 pyramid dvd game which is my favorite. Somehow Rolly & Robyn won. I think the computer screwed up somehow. Oh well. It was super fun. Then we played some Texas hold'em and then they had pizza.

Saturday we all just hung around together in the house and visited. We went out for supper saturday night and we were going to try Applebees but it was retarded busy so we went to BP. We had to wait 25 minutes for a table but we had a wonderful meal and then came home and watched the Hurrican movie on TV.

Quinlan is such a sweet little angel. I love when she smiles at me. She wasn't too fond of Uncle Paul. I think it is his beard but she would cry whenever he held her. Logan loved her too but appeared to be jealous at times when I was playing with her or giving her too much attention in his opinion.

This morning Paul went skiing/snowboarding and Logan and I took them to the airport for their flight. We were so sad to see them go but thoroughly enjoyed our time with them. Looking forward to seeing them again in May/June.

Now we are looking forward to Nana's visit from the 4th of Feb-13 Feb. Guest bed is ready once again for her!!!

Paul has started taking a chemistry course so he is busy with that now.

I am enjoying my time off and am doing well. I have a few more things to get ready before the baby comes but I hope to get in a good amount of rest. Last week I was super energized and I am feeling less energy these days but hopefully I will get some more energy back. The plan is now to wait for me to go into labour naturally and see how that goes. If it isn't progressing by 12 hour mark then I will probably ask for a c-section. If I haven't gone into labour by the 7th of Feb then I will have a planned c-section on the 7th. My Dr. is away for the whole 2 weeks before I am due so I can't plan a c-section one week early with him which I would like to do.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan, and baby #2

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