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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2 Jan 2011

Happy New Year everyone! Wishing everyone all of the health and happiness possible for the new year!!!

I am at 35 weeks now and things are going great. I am doing a really good job managing my blood sugar and eating healthy. I am only 3 lbs heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight due to eating healthier!!!! Baby is on track to be a normal size!!! Things are going well. I still have some pelvic pain but no where near as bad as with Logan and the chiro has been helping immensely!!!

We had a wonderful family Christmas with just the 3 and a half of us!!!! Was lonely not travelling this year and seeing both of our families but was less stressful not having to travel. Logan really enjoyed setting up the Christmas tree which he calls the Santa Tree. I worked Christmas Eve and Christmas night. We went to mass on base for Christmas Eve at 1700 and then I worked at 1915. Christmas morning I was home by 0730 and got to sleep till 0900 till Logan got up and we opened presents. Paul and Logan got me a wonderful Gold and Diamond necklace with a heart that says MOM. I love it. Logan was spoiled by everyone. We just got him some small things like Toy Story 3, some cd/audio books, a new pair of Thomas PJ's. He had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed opening all of his presents. Paul got a new pair of ski pants, 2 American Eagle Shirts, 1 new set of ear phones, a new jacket, and a few other things.

I ended up napping from 1200-1300 and then we had a wonderful Christmas dinner at Dave and Nadine's. Was sooooooooooooooooo good. Then back to work I went for a some what busy night. Then I was off till yesterday the 1st of Jan. I am on my 2nd day shift right now and then I work Monday night and Tuesday night and then I am done work till a year after the baby is born. I have a month of annual leave and then if the baby isn't here by 30 Jan I will be on sick leave. The latest the baby will arrive is the 7th of Feb most likely because if I haven't gone in to labour by then, then we will do a c-section on the 7th. I think I have decided to try the VBAC but I can change my mind at any time during the labour and go for the c-section if I want. More to be decided after my 36 week ultrasound on the 11th of Jan.

Paul patrolled on the 12th and 18th at night and 19th all day. He made it up skiing for the morning on the 21st and then had hockey all afternoon. He also made it up skiing for fun for himself on the 24th. We have had a tonne of snow and the mountain hasn't been that prepared for it. Paul spent alot of time digging out!!!

Boxing day we headed to Parksville and dropped off Tikka and Logan with Marjie and Jerry. Then we went to Nanaimo for some shopping and managed to do quite a bit of damage. Paul picked up a PS3 which he has wanted forever. It was a pretty good deal from Costco. Was $247 and came with 2 games. He also got the extra controller which came with Little Big Planet which I am loving!!! We picked up rock band Beatles from sears with a giftcard from Rolly & Robyn. It is alot of fun as well. I ended up using my Christmas money to buy an IPAD from Ebay. It isn't hear yet but hopefully it will be what it is supposed to be! It is supposed to be wi-fi and 3G but I am getting worried because it was such a great deal.

After a day of shopping we made it back to Parksville for another superb turkey dinner with all of the fixings. Was sooooooooooooooooooo good. We then slept over. The next day we had a late yummy breakfast and then headed home. Paul patrolled again on the 28th for his last day of December. I cleaned the house on the 28th when Paul was patrolling and Chris and Heidi stopped in for a visit. Then on the 29th they came for supper and we had a great visit. Paul cooked a yummy roast. The 30th was my Dr. Appt where the Dr. said everything looked great with respect to the baby's size!!!

New Year's Eve was pretty non-eventful for us. Paul rotated the tires on the truck and my car and started to work on the brakes of his car. Logan and I played some rockband together. Then at 1930 I was starving so we decided to head to pizza hut for supper. We ate and Logan fell asleep on the way home. He have been putting him to bed at 2000 now to hopefully alleviate his moodiness and have him back on schedule for when the baby gets here. Has been since the the 27th or so. He is adapting well but misses staying up till 2230. I miss him too but it is for the best. He still sleeps till 0800 or 0830 every day. Although yesterday was my day shift so I was up at 0600 and he was up at 0615. Was nice to spend some time with him before I went to work. I made him breakfast and changed him for the day.

After lunch Paul took Logan to Parksville to spend some time with Marjie and Jerry. Then he came home and finished changing his brakes on his car. I was the only one working my job yesterday when there is normally 3 of us but it went fine. Today there is 3 of us as per normal. Paul is patrolling today on Mt Washington and tomorrow for 2 of his 4 january days. Paul and I played some 2 player Little Big World last night when I got home from work. Was fun!!! Paul will most likely pick up Logan tonight after he is done patrolling or I will go after work tonight or I will get up early and go get him tomorrow morning as Marjie and Jerry have to go to Victoria tomorrow. I am sure he is having a blast. Hopefully not tiring them out to much. Logan loves playing with Jerry.

We recently watched the movie Inception. It was quite good.

We are really looking forward to seeing Rolly and Robyn and meeting our niece Quinlan. They should be arriving on the 13th of January and staying till the 16th. Over the last couple of weeks I have converted Logan's bed back to a crib and he has moved in to the Queen bed in his room. The crib is now in the office ready for Quinlan's visit and then our new baby boy!!!

I just got the baby carseat re-adjusted to newborn the other day and cleaned up some more baby stuff. We also have the Exersaucer I picked up used and the playpen if Rolly & Robyn need it when they are here.

I am getting really excited about my new son but wondering if I will get my month off as planned or if he will make his debut early.

We are also super excited about Nana and Grandpa Hacker visiting to help out when the baby comes!!! Will be great to see them since we didn't make it home for Christmas. They have been crazy busy as well moving down to Grandpa's farm.

Paul and Logan managed to have a video chat with Nana and Grandpa Christmas night as I headed out the door to work.

Paul is patrolling again next weekend on saturday night and all day sunday and then he will be done all of his patrolling for january.

He would like to go away to Whistler for some skiing for his birthday so we may have to make that the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd. It is getting a little close to the due date though so we will have to see. Would suck to spend all that money getting over there and then have to turn around because I was in labour. We'll see what happens.

That's all for now. Will post some pics.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Baby Boy #2

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