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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We have arrived in Ottawa.

Things have been super crazy since my last post. We went to Ottawa on the 9-18 of November for our house hunting trip. We bought a house in River side south in Gloucester that is really close to where I will be working.

We were home on the 18th and had a accepted a conditional offer on our house in courtenay that should hopefully close at the end of January contingent to them selling their house.

Then we went to jr. ranks bingo with Jen on the 19th and it was awesome. Chloe, Cailey and Codie babysat the boys. On the 25th of November they did a pre-pre-pack of our stuff and then did a pre-pack on the 28th and packed on the 29th. The load was on the 30th and our movers were awesome. We really really liked working with them. Then we had the clean on the 1st. We had cleaners and Paul and I cleaned and it was still 5 hours of cleaning. But the house looks great. Dad flew in on the 1st and we also put 4 new snow tires on the truck for the trip. We sold our kia sephia to one of Pauls friends in comox.

We hit the trail on the 2nd of december and stopped in Parksville for a wonderful Jamaican breakfast with Margie and Jerry. I love her dumplings. Was so sad to leave them. They were soooo amazing to us while we were there. We miss them terribly. We caught the 1230 ferry to Horseshoe bay and we unfortunately Paul was by himself in the truck so he couldn't use the HOV lane. We hadnt thought of that but we found each other near chiliwack. We made it to Kamloops that first night and stayed at the Hampton inn.

Day 2 of driving we got 20 minutes east of salmon arm when I noticed the trailer paul was towing looked weird. I got him to pull over and sure enough he had lost a tire. All of the nuts were gone too. Paul and I and Finn back tracked to salmon arm for parts and then came back and fixed the trailer and we were off again. probably cost us 3 hours fiixing the trailer. That night we made it to Canmore and stayed at the Radisson.

Day 3 we left Canmore. We stopped in shoppers calgary to see about redeeming 95000 shoppers points for the $250 mega bonus redemption but they didn't have what I wanted so we kept going and stopped in Strathmore. For the $250 I was able to get a new watch ($60 and has a pedometer on it and heart rate), a wii game, donkey kong mario for ds, a game for the ps3, 3 movies for Paul, a $24 electronic learning toy for Finn, and then 8 dairy milk chocolate bars, 2 pepsi, and 6 bags of chips. Then because it was alberta it only cost me the one tax!!! Was awesome.We made it all of the way to moose jaw and stayed at the temple spa hotel with the geothermal hot springs. It was awesome.

Day 4 we got up and made it to Pierson where Mom and Duffer met us at Grandma Ediths. We had a great visit and then stopped in Medora so Paul could work on some light issues with the trailer. My windshield washer pump wasnt working and we werent sure why. Then we got to Deloraine at 1730 and had a wonderful supper that Lynn made. Rob and Rosie and Rolly, Robyn and Quinlan and Ursula all came along with Dad and Lynn and we had a great visit.

Day 5 we headed to Winnipeg and stopped in Brandon to see Rick and then Winnipeg where we went to see Grandma. We were lucky that Auntie linda and Uncle Dave were there so we had a visit with them. Then we went to Auntie Elsies and had a great visit with her. Then we went to Canadian tire to see if the car was ready and they hadnt even looked at it yet. Paul ended up staying there with the car to wait on it. We headed to the Fairfield by Marriott and it was wonderful. Paul was there shortly after and we were told the car was fixed.

Day 6 we left winnipeg and headed to thunderbay. We stayed at a hotel there with waterslides for the kids.

Day 7 we left thunderbay and made it to Cochrane. The Windshield washer fluid didnt work all day so we stopped in hearst and steve from canadian tire was awesome and fixed my car for real this time. We stayed at the best western cochrane and had chinese food for supper .

day 8 we made it to Tamiko which is 34 kms north of north bay and the trailer was toast so we called a scrap metal place in north bay and they came and took the boat and trailer away. Then we had lunch in north bay and made it to Mom and Dads by 2000.

We made it to Ottawa on day 10 and I had a flat tire in my car so I had to get 2 new tires but that was fine.

We finished our paperwork with the lawyer on monday and Paul headed to work at ndhq. Got the keys to our place at 1800 and Dad and I dropped off all of the stuff from the back of our truck. Place looks great!!!!

I have been sick since October and I think I have a blocked duct right now in my boob.

Today we did a beer run to Quebec. They have 60 coors lite for $56.65. great deal. I also grabbed a 24 of stella for $23.08 and $28 keiths for $28. Great deal as well. Picked up the coors lite for my father in law.

Then we went to Wal-mart and got some super duper bargains. They have the scrubbing bubbles daily shower and extended cleaning triggers on for $5.97. I have coupons for $5 off making them 97 cents each!!! You can only get one per person so I got DAd to grab one for me. Then they have colgate sensitive pro-relief on for $4.88 and it comes with a free tooth brush. I have $3 off coupons so we each got one for Dad so he will have 2 at $1.88 each. The tooth brush alone is a $5 toothbrush. He normally pays over $5 for that in Deloraine. Picked up 2 bags of tostitos multigrain on for $1.88 each. I picked up gold fish teddy graham chocolate flavour $2.97 but had a 50 cents off coupon. I used my coupon for a free scrubbing bubbles one step toilet cleaner which retails for $9.97. And I picked up a $12 bag of cat food for Bear. I grabbed some wal-mart microwave popcorn for Logan too for $1.43 for 3 bags. Oh yeah I redeemed my $3 off purex for a $4.47 or so 53 load purex bottle of laundry soap. Coupon came with a free sample from the company and expires at the end of the month. I have 3 coupons to use by the end of the month for free stuff, a free philadelphia cream cheese dill spread, a free kraft salad dressing and free amooza cheese strips. I think I have a free kashi bars coupon too. Have to go to the grocery store.

I handed out multiple coupons to people I saw with items that I have coupons for. I have so many expiring at the end of december. I also left some coupons on the shelf for stuff that I wont be buying.

I took a drive past the parliament buildings for Dad. He thought they were way out of town from on the news and had no idea that they are right down town.

I finished my Christmas letter and emailed it off to Auntie Linda.

Finn is so good at feeding himself and refuses to eat baby food now and just wants what we are eating. Logan is having a swim in the hotel pool right now as I update my blog.

Looks like our stuff will be here friday morning. Hopefully the unpack will be saturday morning so we can get all settled in while we have help. I'm going to run down to ndhq tomorrow to sort out my mata/pata stuff. I dont have to clear in at work till I am ready to start work.

We ate at East Side Marios last night and they have kids eat free on mondays. Was good!!!
Thats all for now!!!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn. From the nationals capital!!!

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