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Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

Hi everyone. 2 months since my last post. Wow. Can you tell I am barely surviving on my own being back at work and single parenting the kids during the week. It is rough. Can't wait till Paul is home again full time. I just got back from a week in Florida with the kids and Mom and Dad Hacker. Unfortunately Paul couldn't come with us. Logan drove down in the truck with Mom and Dad on the 20th. Finn and I flew out the night of the 22nd. Was a good flight down with an empty seat between us and the next person. Seat belt sign was on for 2 hours though so I had to hold Finn. He is heavy so wasn't too much fun. Dad picked us up and took us to the Marriott Harbour Lakes Resort. It was soooo beautiful. Mom and Dad had a king bed and Logan and I each had a queen and a play pen for Finn to sleep in. The resort had mini golf (not free) and 2 huge awesome kids swimming areas. One area had a hot tub and a water slide, and pool and a splash pad and a kiddie pool. The other area had a big pirate ship to climb on with lots of slides and a pool and another hot tub and another kiddie pool. We spent most of the time at the 2nd and one day at the one with the water slides. Monday we just relaxed by the pool. Tuesday we took the kids to disney world to the magic kingdom. Was a super full day of fun. Finn took a nice nap in his stroller. I was soooo glad I took the double stroller with me. Wednesday and thursday we hung out by the pool with the kids. Friday I went to Disney world by myself. Dad dropped me off and I went to epcot, then hollywood and then bussed to magic kingdom to catch a $2 bus closer to the resort. 15 minute walk back to the resort from the bus stop. Was great. Taxi would have been $35. only like 7 miles away. Would have been such a rip off. Saturday we spent by the pool again. Finn was a bit of a monster at night. He had me up multiple times each night. Finn has been constantly sick for what seems like forever. I got sick the thursday before my vacation and was sick the whole week and still a little sick. \ Logan is as brown as can be. Finn got a little tan but is still pretty white. I got a few burns and am a little browner now. For the month of april I was part of a pedometer challenge. My goal was at least 10000 steps per day and today is the last day but I have done it. I had a couple of 20,000 days while we were in florida. The resort was wonderful for kids. Logan did lots of competitions. I couldn't believe I was able to buy 12 smirnoff ice for $13.79 there. sooooo cheap. Wish it was that cheap here. Finn and I flew out Saturday night at 2030 and landed at midnight in Ottawa. Daddy picked us up. We had less than 19 hours together. It went tooo quick. Finn was super jealous whenever I was near Paul and jumped all over me. Last night he finally slept good for me from 2120 till 0800. Back to work tomorrow :( big sigh.. Oh yeah: picked up some great deals. Tide 6 use trial size bottle on for $1 at independent and loblaws and same for 12 use liquid downy. I had a bunch of 50 cents off any tide and $1 off any tide and 50 cents off downy etc. I picked up 6 tide and 4 downy. They were selling bubble blowing guns at disney for $26 each with extra bubbles. I found them for $5 today in Walmart!!! Picked up neilson trutaste milk 1% at $1 each and used my $1 printable making them free. Picked up lactancia homo milk for $4.99 - $1 off coupon from food basics. olive oil for $2.97 or so from food basics for 1 L. Also bought neilson chocolate milk at $1 for 1 L. Picked up 2 white swan paper towel for $1 each and had 50 cents off on each one!! Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

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