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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3 July 2012 update

As always I am surprised that it has been 2 months since my last post. I have been pretty busy with the kids I guess. Paul finished up his POET Performance Oriented Electrician Training on the 28th of June and was home on the 29th. We are sooooo happy to have him home. He will be home till November when he goes on his next course. We will have to enjoy him while we have him here. On Friday the 15th of June Mom and Dad Hacker came up and watched the kids while Paul and I went to the Thompson square, Darius Rucker, Lady Antebellum concert at scotia bank place. We had a blast. Paul passed a really hard test that day so we were celebrating in style. May had us going to Kingston for a jack and jill while Mom and Dad H watched the kids. Was a nice night away from the kids and visited with Paul's friends and some of mine. For Canada Day weekend we packed up the kids Saturday morning and headed down home to Mom and Dad's to camp for the weekend. It was a beautiful spot on Beaver Lake. Paul and I tented it and the kids stayed in Mom and Dad's trailer. We swam tonnes and Dad and Paul took Logan fishing Sunday night. He caught 12 sun fish and they put them all back. They were out in the boat. Tikka also had a blast. We had a super wonderful long weekend with Mom and Dad H. Mom H spoiled us with wonderful meals. I got a bit too much sun but didn't burn. I was red but not painful. I cut my feet up quite a bit in the lake. I just picked up a pair of water shoes for me. I also bought a party island from the canadian flyer for $109. It is on sale 50% off and is super cool. Can't wait to use it next time. We got home Monday at around 1500 in time for Logan to have a play date with his BFF Ben and his brother Jacob. Logan was over at their house till 1900. Next time we will have the boys over. They are sooooo cute always holding hands and playing so well. They had their first phone call last Friday night and it was adorable. So tonight Paul went out to play baseball with friends and took Logan with him. I took Finn with me out to do my weekly shop since we were away for the weekend. Here are some deals I picked up at Loblaws: Gay lea spray whipped cream $3.19 minus $.75 coupon zone coupon. 500 g extra lean shaved turkey breast $13.11 for sandwiches 4 Chickens at $3.08, $3.44, 2.96 and $3.00 each. Great deals!! Broccoli: 4 big ones for $5 Skirt on clearance $6.94 2nd skirt on clearance $14.94. Total $57.75 after taxes. We then went to Walmart where I only used 2 coupons but did a tonne of price matching: Romaine Walmart price $.67 2 packs dempsters 6 bagels at $2 each 1.18 kg red grapes $4.60 Fruit loops fruit snacks 5 boxes at $2 each for 10 packs per box. Pink ear plugs 7 pairs $4.77 Black diamond cheese strings. 2 packs of 8. Price matched no frills and got them for $2 each. Had 2 x .75 off coupons from nutella company mailed me. So 8 cheese strings for $1.25. Super sweet!!! Maple leaf top dogs price matched giant tiger at $1.88 each instead of $3. Bought 4 packs Montreal steak seasoning $3 pepper seasoning $3 Raspberries price matched independent at $1.25 each. Bought 2 packs Blue berries price matched food basics at 3 for $5. Strawberries price matched food basics at $1.97 I also picked up 2 boxes of nature valley sweet and salty on for $2.50 for 5. I bought these because if you buy 2 boxes you go online to life made delicious and you get a free pair of Canada flip flops. I can't wait to get mine. I also love these bars for snacks at work and so does Paul. Finn was asleep in the cart for the whole shop at loblaws and was awake for walmart. He slept all of the way home and went right to bed at 2200 when we got home. We are looking forward to Dad and Lynn visiting us from the 9-24th July. I will probably take 3 days off and Paul will too and we will make a trip up to niagara falls!!! I also have a work trip to the states from 10-12 July. Finn is a climbing monkey and is constantly falling off things or running in to things and bruising up his head. I successfully weened him at the end of May from breast milk and I am happy to have my boobs back. I have been playing badminton twice a week at work with some people there. There is a great group and we have some exciting and fun matches. It is a good workout for me. I also try and run/walk on the other days. Tomorrow I will be doing a run in the morning and then going to work for 0900 and then I will have badminton at 1520 or so. Tomorrow I can stay till 1730 since Paul is off and he can pick up and drop off the kids at daycare. I think they will all sleep in tomorrow since it is 2300 and he is still out with Logan at the double header. It is looking like Capital hoedown will be cancelled this year. It really sucks since we had tickets for each other for Christmas. Hopefully we will get our moneyback. Working on planning our holiday from 4-12 August and thinking of heading to Newfoundland. We will see how that pans out. Oh the other big news from May was that we finally sold our house. It closes at the end of July. We sold for way less than we wanted but we will be glad when we stop carrying 2 mortgages. That is all for now. Love Always Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

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