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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hello everyone. Since the long weekend at the beginning of the month Paul is home for good till November. It has been going well. We are all super happy to have him home. On the 9th of July we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Paul was able to get me free flowers thanx to the scanning code of practice. http://smartcanucks.ca/canadian-code-of-practice-scanner-price-accuracy/ Flowers were supposed to be $5.99 and they scanned at $9.99. Since the sign said $5.99 and Paul mentioned that, he received the flowers for free since they were less than $10. If they were over $10 he would have received $10 off. Dad and Lynn flew in on the 9th for a visit as well. We were so excited for them to visit. I was away in the States for work from the 10th-12th. I went to Maryland for a 1 day conference. I had a wonderful room at the Hampton Inn with a whirlpool tub. Nadia visited me the night of the 11th and we had such a great visit. She was my matron of honour for our wedding and I hadn't seen her since the wedding. We did a little bargain hunt shopping. I managed to get 8 bras for $160 at Target and I will be reimbursed by the military for my yearly bra entitlement. Was great. Picked up some new underwear for Logan, Angry Birds, Star Wars!!! He loved them. I also picked up a skirt for me and 4 tops super cheap. I flew home on the 12th and worked the 13th. We picked up a rental van on the 13th. On the 14th (my 35th birthday) we got up and headed down to Mom and Dad Hacker's place. We were enroute to Niagara Falls. We spent the rest of the day with them at their Campsite swimming and having fun. Campfire ban so we couldn't have a fire. Logan roasted marshmallows off of the stove. On our way to their place I stopped to buy a cheesecake birthday cake. It was $21.99 and it scanned at $22.99 so I got it for $11.99 thanx to the Scanning code of practice. We had a great visit with Mom and Dad H. Then Dad, Lynn, Paul, myself and the kids stayed at their house overnight. Mom and Dad stayed at their trailer. The next day we got up and went to church, had lunch with Mom and Dad H and then headed to Niagara Falls. Weather was crazy driving there. Torrential downpour on the 401. We didn't get to the hotel till 1900. I thought the Hilton would give me my government rate on check in but they wouldn't. They said I should have called in ahead of time. We stayed in a room with 2 king beds and a pull out couch and one bathroom. It was a little crowded but we loved it. They nickel and dimed us for everything. No fridge, $15 for internet (only one device could use it), $25/day for parking, etc. We had a fallsview room though and we loved it. On the 16th we did the maid in the mist, journey behind the falls, niagara fury and white water walk. Was awesome. On the 17th we went to marineland and got in 50% off all tickets since we are military. Kids 6 and under are free. Logan and Finn were free on everything we did as well as 2 free suppers for each of them the 2 nights we ate at east side marios!!! We got up on the 18th and headed back to Mom and Dad's to pick up Paul's trailer and boat. He bought a used 12 foot aluminum boat and trailer with 2 oars off kijiji for $400. He still has his motor. He will be getting that puppy going shortly to take the kids fishing etc. I got a really bad cold on the 16/17th in Niagara. I am actually still sick today 2 weeks later. I stayed home sick from work on the 19th and 20th. This is an awful cold. On the weekend Paul and Dad started to build the foundation for the 10x14 foot shed Paul bought from TSE for $599 or so. They worked their butts off and the 3 of us finished it monday night. Dad and Lynn flew home on the 26th and we were very sad to see them go. We had a wonderful visit. Lynn really bonded with the kids. She read to Logan every night. We had such a great time. They bussed downtown a couple of times and toured the parliament etc. Paul and Dad only made it out golfing twilight once though. We ran out of time. This weekend Paul went home to Mom and Dad H's with the kids and I got a bit of break on my own. Friday night I went out and did some shopping. Saturday night they went to a Sandford reunion. I am sure they had a blast. I first stopped at metro. They were supposed to have gay lea gold on for $1.97 and I have a $1 coupon but they didn't have any and didn't appear to have ordered any for the sale. I bought 2 honey bunches of oats for $1.99 each and had 2 $1 off coupons. 3 pints raspberries for $5. 1.17 L OAsis juice for $1.99 minus my 75 cents off coupon!!! healthy request orange juice. Then I went to Walmart. I price matched value packs of chicken breasts. Walmart was charging 13.13/kg and I pricematched that at $8.75/kg from food land. I saved an average of $6 per pack. Was great. 10 lb bag of potatoes for $2.97 unadvertised awesome price, Gala apples price matched no frills at 1.94/kg for a $2.98 (10 or so), 2 pints blueberries at $1.44 each price matched no frills, 3 nutrigrain bars boxes for $1.88 each price matched no frills. Had 3 coupons for $1 off each box, Maxx scoop litter 7kg price matched no frills for $5.88 and had a $5 off coupon. onl paid 88 cents!!! M&M peanuts at $1.08, free with coupon from online contest, bananas reg walmart price, grapes pricematched food basics at 97 cents/pound 1.445 kg for $3.09. 8 philly cream cheese 250g for $2.49 each price matched food basics. Total $90.37. This is for 4 6 packs of boneless,skinless chicken breasts and everything else here. I was looking for stayfree ultrathin 18's at walmart which are on for $1.97 this week. There is a $2 printable here https://consumersocialmediacanada.ca/stayfreequiz/www/coupon.php making them free!!! Of course they were sold out at the 2 walmarts that I went to. I should have just got a raincheck since the coupons are good till january but I forgot. I came home and unloaded everything and then went to bed. I didn't get to bed till probably midnight or so. I got home at 2230. I slept till 1130 in the morning. Then I got up and had lunch for breakfast and headed out on a mission to find the stayfree pads and go to the awesome shoppers promo. I went to the shoppers at Findlay Creek since I wanted to check Freshco for the pads and price match. I can't find my shoppers receipt but basically I believe I bought 3 osteojointease on for $19.99 (2 came with 3 magnetic ion bracelets), had $5 coupons off all 3, 3 multibionata at 10.49 each - 3 $10 off coupons. Each of thses came with 500 bonus points as well. Advil nighttime 10 pack at $3.99 - $4 off mailed to me with a sample from advil. Thinsations at $1.99 - $1.50 facebook printable. I scratched off a $10 amount on the scratch card. You could scratch $10,15, 20, 30 or $50. You couldn't apply the discount on this transaction. Then I went to freshco and they didn't have the pads or anything else I needed so I headed to giant tiger on bank. The nestea ice tea packs have a coupon printed on the inside for a free 12 pack. Last weekend I bought a case at walmart for $4.97 and now every pack I get is free with the coupon as long as I redeem the coupon for a box that also has the coupon. Coupon is good till december. At giant tiger I redeemed my coupon for a case of iced tea, and picked up a kids tent on clearance for $8 and a mini flashlight for Logan and Finn at $1 each. After that I went to the walmart on bank st. They didn't have any of the iced tea in stock or the pads still so I bought a family size frosted flakes at $4.97 that comes with a form you mail in and they will send you a $5 pre paid gas card. Sweet deal!!! We are stocked up on cereal right now so I didn't get more. Good price though! I did get a rain check on the stayfree pads for 5 packs. After that I popped over to the home based business open house in the PMQ's. My friend Kelly had her epicure table set up. I picked up an order that Mom H and I made and bought a new taco spice and a hot pepper spice mix as well. We had a great visit. It was so hot and this was outside. Then at the end I helped her pack up and load her truck up. After that I came home and unloaded. I talked to Julia and decided to go to her place for a visit. I stopped at walmart in barrhaven and they didn't have any of the pads or the nestea iced tea. Then I stopped at the shoppers drugmart and they didn't have any of the multibionata or the nestea so I kept going. I stopped at the shoppers at 680 Eagleson road. Here I picked up the $19.99 osteojointease. Minus $5 coupon. Regular price is $27.99. 4 multibionata at $10.49 minus 4 $10 off printable coupons, and used my $10 card from earlier that day. Subtotal was $6.95 HST $8.05 for a total of $15.00. Receipt says I saved $30. I earned 2610 bonus points. My bill was $61 before coupons. I wanted to get a nestea case for julia but they didn't have them. Was gonna give her 12 cans. They were out of the scratch cards so they just gave me the $10 coupon discount card for my next purchase. Then I stopped at zellers to see if they had the stayfree pads and I would just price match walmart. I was in luck. They had them. And the sweet part is there is a free pack of carefree liners that comes in the box with the 18 stayfree pads. These were $4.49 at zellers and they price matched the $1.97 from walmart. I bought 5 boxes. Subtotal was $9.85, total $10.34. After the 5 $2 off coupons were applied my bill was 34 cents for 90 ultrathin pads with wings!! I got to Julia's around 1930 and we had a great visit till 2315 or so. I stopped by the shoppers in Stittsville. I hit the jackpot here. They had the nestea iced tea for $7.49 which I got for free with my coupon, febreze home collection luminaire refill for $3 - $3 coupon, 6 multibionata at $10.49 each - 6 $10 off coupons, nair wax strips on clearance for $5 a box. I bought 2 boxes. Total before coupons was $75 or so. After coupons subtotal was $2.94, HST 8.90 total paid $11.84. I earned 3750 bonus points and a $15 scratch for my next trip to shoppers!!! I got home at around 0035 or so. It was close to 2 AM by the time I got to sleep. I woke up at 0800 and got up and showered and headed to my massage appointment. Was great. 1 hour therapeutic deep tissue massage. On my way home I decided to stop at rexall to see if there was any deals. I picked up 8 rolls of ultra royale 3 ply for $2.99 minus $1 coupon, another free case of nestea and 2 pringles for $3. Quick stop in staples for more ink for my printer and then an epic stop at zellers. Zellers has a facebook coupon for $5 off when you spend $20 on yellow ticket items which are 70% off the last ticketed price. I price matched 1 stayfree ultra for $1.97 and used a $2 off printable. I bought Logan 5 new sets of size 6 and 6X pajamas from cars to handy manny. They were $5.10 each for 2 3 piece sets and then $4.50 each for the other 2 piece sets. I also picked up 2 3.69L arm and hammer laundry detergent on for $4.99 and used a $1 off coupon on each one!! Total paid $29.23. I then went back to zellers because I forgot my resolve coupons in the truck and I had seen a sign that said resolve was on for 2 for $4. I picked up 2 resolve spray and wash and had 2 coupons for $2 off each one making them free. On checkout they rang up at $3.29. After 5 minutes it was determined that the sign was old but they still honored the $2 price and I got them for free. I also picked up fleece sweats for Finn $3.60, Boys bucket hat $2.40, 2 pairs of jeans for Logan and one for Finn at $4.50 each, Nose and ear plug for $1.20, Hat $1.50, Hat $2.40, Hat 90 cents, 1 pair of matching pj's for Finn for $5.10 3 pack. Total paid $35.27. This was sooooo awesome. I stopped at Canadian Tire on the way home and picked up milk at $4.29, and another iced tea at $3.66 - free coupon, and an 8 foot water trampoline for $199.99. Regular price is $399.00. Can't wait for the kids to use this at Mom and Dad's campsite. We will be staying at Mom and Dad's campsite in their trailer probably from the 6-10 August. So Capital hoedown is cancelled this year. It sucks but the Boots and Hearts Festival is exchanging hoedown passes for free passes to their festival which is the same dates. If all works out I will be heading there from the 10-12 Aug. will have to take the 13th off. I have to see if Paul wants to go. If he doesn't there will be room for one person to go with me. More details to come. Also subject to Mom and Dad H taking the kids for that weekend so we will see what happens. I am thawing out some chicken right now and I am going to make the broccoli cheese bake from the recipe from Kelly. Not sure when my boys will be getting home. Our house in Courtenay now belongs to someone else officially as of yesterday!!!! Now I have to finish my moving claim and get reimbursed for some stuff. That is all for now. Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

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