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Saturday, June 14, 2008

I bought an ERGO!!

So Thursday night Uncle Rolly, Auntie Robyn and Great Grandma Ursula came over for a fabulous prime rib dinner made by my Dad on his Ronco Rotisserie. It was delicious. Friday Dad, Logan and I headed to Winnipeg. We didn't leave Deloraine till around 1400 by the time we packed up etc. We made it to my Grandma Edith's at 1815 for a wonderful supper. Ruby was visiting from Chilliwack and Grandma made an awesome fish dinner. She enjoyed seeing Logan again. The last time she saw him he was 3 weeks old. After that we headed out to Uncle Bruno and Auntie Olivine's house. We stopped at Auntie Evelyn and Uncle Dennis's on the way and hung out till 2230. Logan was pretty tired so we then went home to Uncle Bruno's and I bathed him and put him to bed. Today Logan was up at 0430, I made him a bottle and then he fell back asleep till 0800. We got up and Auntie Olivine made us a wonderful breakfast. Then we headed to Winnipeg to run errands. I ended up buying the ERGO from the "baby bin boutique". http://www.babybin.ca/ It is awesome. I got a blue ergo for $120 before taxes. It comes with an instructional DVD and washing instructions. I love it already. I wore it around the store and Logan was as light as a feather. I even put it on Grandpa and he wore Logan around!!! Was super fun. Logan seemed to enjoy it. Then we went to visit my Grandma Richard. We had a half hour visit with her and then went with her down to the chapel for mass. Then we visited with her some more and then it was time for her supper so we took off. We came back to Uncle Bruno's and had supper and then at around 2000 I bathed Logan and put him to bed. Not much going on tonight. Dad and Uncle Bruno went out so I watched some TV and am going to go to bed soon. Tomorrow is Father's Day but we don't have much planned. Will get to spend it with my Dad so that is awesome but will miss Logan spending his first Father's Day with Paul. My favorite Cousin Rita is popping out for a visit tomorrow as well as my good friend Lynne. Then tomorrow night my Auntie Linda is supposed to pop over after she gets back from camping for the weekend. Will be our last day in Manitoba as we fly out monday morning at 0930. We have a 3 hour wait in Calgary so I am going to see if they can book us onto an earlier flight that day as a favor without charging us. Wish me luck. Back home Monday afternoon!

I miss you Gill!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!! I'm so excited for you! You'll love it and it'll totally be worth the $$! Have a safe trip home. I think I'll be back around the 26th. See you soon!