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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Exercise update

Last Friday I ran/walked to Auntie Evelyn's the 2 km and then ran the whole 2 km back. Calf was sore on the way there but good on the way back. Saturday I didn't exercise at all. Sunday we got up and went to church and stuff so I didn't get a run in. Monday and Tuesday I didn't get a chance and had no one to watch Logan. Today Wednesday, Tyler and I went for a run to highway 21 from Rolly's place. I'm gonna clock it later but it is pretty close to a mile each way. We did good. Was great. Was windy and overcast so we weren't too hot but I still sweat my butt off. I feel really good now after my run. Logan is at Grandpa's house right now. Tyler and I are rocking out to rock band and guitar hero!!! Tonight we are going to my Mom's for supper. Tyler has never been to Grandma Dona's place yet so will be nice for him to see where his Dad grew up.

We are going to Rolly & Robyn's cabin at Lake Metigoshe for the weekend so that will be awesome! I am totally looking forward to that. We can do some swimming and play some poker.

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