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Monday, July 21, 2008

Shane Yellowbird, Manitoba Rodeo & Dad's party

Friday at 1530 I headed over to Lynne's so we could go to the concert. Craig decided to come too. Grandpa was babysitting at Olivine's. We left Lynne's at 1700 and headed to Morris. We went to the rodeo events and it was pretty cool to see the bunking broncos, and bareback riding in person. There was a huge budweiser can so I took a pic for Gill. After the rodeo we went to line up for the 2130 Shane Yellowbird Concert. We lined up at 2030. We realized that they didn't give us the right pass for the concert at 2115 so Craig ran to the main gate to sort it out. We held our spot in line. Doors opened at 2130 and we were in the front row of seats. It was in an arena and there was a huge dance floor in front of the stage. The cover band played from 2200 until midnight or so and then Shane came on at Midnight. I was right in front of the stage. It was awesome. Acoustics sucked in the arena but I loved my prime spot. A few girls beside me got really rowdy during the first song and were pushing and shoving each other probably to get closer to Shane. I was getting shoved a bit. Then they really "went to town" beating on each other. They were rolling all over on the floor punching each other. There was blood everywhere and they all got kicked out. The concert was awesome. I bought a t-shirt and a pic to get signed. Concert was over just after 0200. I was first in line for autographs but Shane didn't come back. It was disappointing since he was supposed to sign autographs but I understood he was tired. I was pissed that he was supposed to be on at 2130 and they had a cover band first. I hadn't intended for it to be such a late night. I got a refund for the Shane pic since I only bought it to get it signed. I got home at 0400 or so and was pretty tired all day Saturday. It was definitely a memorable night though.

Sunday at 1400 was Dad's 65th birthday party. It was awesome. Pretty much everyone was there so I got to see all of my family. My brother Rick, Candice and Tyler(my 14 year old nephew) all came up from Brandon and My brother Rolly and his wife Robyn came too. Dad was blown away with all his gifts. All of the gifts were very useful. He got a GPS for his car, a flat screen monitor for his computer, a water cooler, a welcome stone for outside his house, LED lawn lights, lots of dove soap, CD's, movies, gum, a toolbox... and many more.

Sunday we got up and went to the 0900 mass and then out for brunch. Was only $3.99 each for 2 eggs, 3 bacon, 2 toast and hashbrowns. I couldn't believe it. Then we packed up to head out to Deloraine. The car was so full with my 2 big bags and then all of Dad's gifts. We stopped to say bye to Auntie Evelyn but they were out. We saw Uncle Frank and Auntie Elsie, and then we stopped at my Grandma Edith's for a visit. Rick, Candice, Tyler, Rolly and Robyn were all there too so it was a nice visit. I asked Rick if he could ask Tyler's Mom if Tyler could come out to Deloraine for a week to visit with me and his cousin Logan and she said Yes so we have Tyler out here too. We stayed at Dad & Lynn's place last night but things didn't work out there so we are at Rolly & Robyn's. It is more convenient here having my own bathroom and nothing for Logan to get into. They love having us here too. Tyler is having a blast playing with the PS3. We even did a little Karaoke tonight. Not me, I was putting Logan to bed. Uncle Rolly and Tyler were givin er!!! We were playing PS3 guitar hero co-op though so that was fun.

I miss Paul alot and can't wait to see him when we go to Ontario but I am loving seeing my family and watching Rolly & Robyn play with Logan. They enjoyed watching him splash around during his bath.

Mom came out to Deloraine to see us today. She enjoyed seeing her 2 grandsons together. Rolly and Robyn weren't back from Winnipeg till after 1700 though but we had a really good visit. She brought me some more buttons and some daisy flowers, and a black diamond necklace for my birthday!

I fly out to Toronto on the 31st of July. Probably heading back to the 'Peg on the 29th of July.


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