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Sunday, March 1, 2009

On the road again

I am in Edmonton right now for a week of training. I am the only one staying in barracks though so that sucks.

Since I got home on the 6th of Feb, things have been really good. I went to volleyball regionals this week in Victoria and unfortunately we lost to esquimalt.

Paul go to go to the Brad Paisley concert because I had to go to the range for my C7 shoot + night shoot. I rocked the shoot, in a blizzard. Paul had a blast. He got to see Dierks Bentley, Brad Paisley and Crystal Shawanda.

After volleyball regionals I got to visit with Angela and Jen who are both visiting in Comox right now. Was so great to see them again. I didn't get to fully participate in their scrap weekend since I had to prep for this trip to Edmonton.

When I get back to Comox I have badminton regionals followed by 2 weeks of leave. I can't wait. Paul will be off for one of the weeks. My Dad is flying out from the 18 March - 29 March so that will be wonderful too.

Logan is growing so fast. His favorite word is hi. He says it so much. He is a very sweet soul, even when Nate is beating him up or shooshing him!!! I love my little sweetheart. Paul has been really busy with ski patrolling and single parenting while I am away.

Will be heading over to visit with Allison & Josh while I am here. They are having me over for supper. I also hope to see Vince.



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