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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finn`s Baptism

Friday night we camped at air force beach with friends and had a blast.

Yesterday was Finn`s baptism here in Comox at the base church. It was wonderful. My longtime friend Colleen was the Godmother and drove up from Victoria with her hubby and two children for it. Marji and Jerry also attended and Jerry was the proxy Godfather for the ceremony for my brother Rolly who could not attend. It was wonderful.

We bought a cake from costco (cheesecake) and I stamped out Happy Baptism Finn with my new stamp set Broadsheet alphabet from stampin up. Love this set, cut them out and put them directly on the cake and everyone thought it looked super awesome!!!!

I also made my taco dip with multigrain and regular chips, and a caesar salad and a loaf of dempsters rosemary bread!!!

I also gave Father, Colleen, and Uncle Jerry a bottle of wine we had made that I had made a label for. It said `Finn Alexander Richard Hacker`baptised in Christ 18 June 2011, Thank you for sharing in our special day.

The Baptismal gown that my Auntie Linda (Logan`s Godmother) made him, fit Finn perfectly. He was so adorable. He was awake for the whole service whereas Logan slept through his since he was only a month old for his!!!

After the service Finn slept for a good couple of hours. The Holy Spirit exhausted him.

Tammy stopped by for a visit last night. Visiting from Hawaii. Was nice.

Today is Father`s Day. Happy Father`s day to my wonderful Dad, my Father in law, and my brothers and all of my uncles, friends and family who are Fathers.

We have church at 1000, then a baby shower at 1400. Paul is probably going to go skiing a bit!!! The mountain is open this weekend.

I also have more de-cluttering and cleaning to do!

Enjoy the pics.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan & Finn

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