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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kobo codes and discounts

KoboBooks.com Discount Codes
11 June 2011 - Currently active discount codes:

giftread (25% off - Expiry Unknown - One time use)
Welcome20 (20% off - Expiry Unknown - One time use)
Kobodollaroff ($1 off)
June20off (20% off)

NOTE: You do have to make sure that you are buying a non-agency book. Agency books generally have only one price listed. If a book has two prices, it is not subject to Agency price fixing and will usually/always work with coupons.

For codes containing "ca", "us", "au", or "ww", simply interchange those two letter codes depending on your location (ww means "worldwide" I believe).

Also FBREADING is currently an active code for 35% off- not sure for how long or how many books.Sorry this has expired

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