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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

13 July

Happy Birthdays going out to Colleen and Rebecca for today and Suzie for yesterday.

We had a great weekend and celebrated our 6th anniversary. We had a sitter on Sunday from noon-1600 and we went to the spa. Paul had a 1.5 hour sports massage and I had 2 of my VIP spa services which was a vichy shower and then a body wrap. Was sooooo great.

Last Thursday night we went to Allison Krauss concert. The 4 of us since we couldn`t find a sitter in time. Was a blast. We got Paul`s ticket for $50 and mine for $65 and the kids were free. Then Thursday I scored a weekend pass for Vancouver Island Musicfest for $80. Sweet deal. I took Finn Friday night from 1600-midnight and then Saturday I had Logan and Finn with me there from 1100-2330 or so. Then I went again Sunday night at 1730 or so with just Logan. We had a blast. Logan asks me every day if we are going to musicfest and I tell him it is over. March fourth marching band were my favorite performers. We were lucky on Saturday to be sitting near awesome strangers that gave Logan lots of cuddles and played with him. These 3 women from Victoria are going to be wonderful grandparents!!! We found them sunday night and Logan got to visit them again and they bought him a helium balloon. Made it super easy to find him and our spot!! Finn cried for a couple of hours according to Daddy but eventually fell asleep around 2100 and then woke up for a feed once I was home.

I had a blast at musicfest and made some awesome new friends. The boys loved the music too!!!

Paul got a tonne of stuff done saturday while he was home alone and then went to a co-workers wives birthday party. No kids were allowed.

Tuesday Paul had his vasectomy so he has been recovering from that. I had a massive gall bladder attack yesterday which lasted from 1400 till the wee hours of today.

Happy Retirement to Lynn! This was her last year of teaching! Enjoy your time off.

I still have to schedule the free massage I get for my birthday for being an oh spa vip member as well as my hydrotherapy treatment. And I have a $20 giftcard to use so I will probably get the express pedicure for $40 and only pay $20.

Hope everyone is well. We are looking forward to our trip to Ontario for Julia and George`s wedding and to visit Paul`s parents and all of the other relatives and introduce Finn.

Paul received word that he has to pick a new trade and re-train. That means that he will be going away for at least a year. It is going to suck but we will get through it.

Finn is doing amazing. He is into 9 months and 12 month sleepers. He is a very baby except around Daddy! He will be rolling over any day now and still loves to get up during the night for some boobie.

Logan had a full week at the base daycare camp last week and was soooo tired each day. I have him in soccer for one hour a day this week and even though he begged for it he isn`t participating as much as he should. The first day he ran away and was quite far before I alerted the staff that he was missing. The 2nd day he stopped participating. Today we didn`t go because I was up all night sick and it was super crappy weather. Hopefully he will do better tomorrow.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan & Finn

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