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Saturday, July 16, 2011

blog post and deals and coupons

Last night Finn and I went to Amy Cunningham`s CD release party at the `Freakin Coffeeshop` Was such a fun time. My friend Andrew`s band Tin Town also performed as well as Amy and Paul Rodgers. I love that coffee shop. It is so eclectic. The furnishings are funky with some antiques. The music was wonderful. I met my friend Camille there and a few acquaintances. Lots of nice people who wanted to hold Finn. I finally had a headset for him so the music wouldn`t be sooo loud. We picked it up in Cumberland yesterday at Organic Family Store. Wish I would have had the headset for musicfest. Dave from our pre-natal class with Logan was there too. Was good to see him. I found out once I got there that Logan and Paul could have come too since it was a private function. I thought I could only take Finn because he was breastfeeding because of the liquor license. oh well. Paul is still recovering from the vasectomy. I was home at around 2300. Was a great night.

Finn rolled over twice yesterday from stomach to back which was very exciting. Logan finished up a week at soccer camp. I am glad it is over because he didn`t cooperate very well with the instructors and wanted to do his own thing.

Now for the deals:

Apparently there is a tonne of furniture on sale at liquidation world.

Today is 20X the points event at shoppers drugmart!!Spend $50 before taxes and after coupons and discounts. So you will get 10000 points instead of 500 if you spend $50. 8000 points is equivalent to $8.00. Didn`t see too many great deals there so will have to shop around and see what I can do.

Rexall has tylendol body pain night not sure how much but they have a coupon in their booklet for $4 off and I have another coupon for $5 off that I think I cn use with it.
They also have Advil coupon for $3 off and I have one for $2 off so I will get $5 off the large size.

Postage stamps are 10% off of the 10 packs for a limit of 3 per person. Great deal!!! I always stock up when I am there.

If you have the mail in rebate coupon for the lysol healthy tough soap system they will re-imburse you up to 14.99 for this system, taxes and postage. It is now $8.99 at Rexall. You can also use your $5.00 off coupon so you will get it for $3.99 and then send in your receipt with the mail in rebate and they will send you $8.99 plus taxes and postage! Even if you don`t do the mail in rebate, $3.99 is a good price for the dispenser and refill. Refills are on for $3.99 there as well which is cheaper than I have seen elsewhere.

Arm and Hammer 31-35 loads with oxiclean is on for $3.49. I have acoupon for $1.00 off so I can get laundry detergent for $2.50.

Aspirin at rexall has a coupon for $3 off and I have one for $6 off so I will get $9 off. Depending how much it is I will buy it there. If it is over $10 I will buy it somewhere else.

Body pain night by tylenol. Rexall has a $4 off Coupon and I have a $5 off coupon so I will get $9 off. The $5 body pain night can be found here: http://www.livingwell.ca/english/print/21146

The printable coupon for $6 off aspirin can be found here: http://www.aspirinforpain.ca/pdf/aspirin_extrastrength_coupon_v2.pdf

Other printable coupons can be found here: http://www.mrsjanuary.com/free-canada-printable-coupons/

Heading to market days with the kids soon. Hopefully it will get warmer out. Rained all day yesterday and the day before. I have misplaced my car keys since thursday so I must find them.

Have a great weekend.

Let me know if you get some great deals!!!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

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