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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Walmart shopping trip

I was at my Wal-mart here in Courtenay BC tonight. I tried to use a $1.00 off Crest Pro Health coupon on the trial size which was $1.00. I had 2 coupons and 2 trial size and they wouldn`t accept it. They said they won`t accept coupons on any trial size items even when the coupon doesn`t exclude trial size. Oh well.

I picked up 6 bags of cookies at 1.88 each. I got a 12 pack of burgers for $7.00, 1 L of chocolate milk on for $1.00 even though the flyer said $1.50. Sweet deal! I picked up 3 cover girl wet slicks on for $2.87 and used my 3 $2.00 off any covergirl coupon, I picked up a children`s advil for $6.47 and used my $2.00 off printable couponm,

I picked up 9 of the Old spice bodywashes which were on for $2.00. I used 3 Save $3 when you buy 2 so 6 of them were only .50 and then I used 3 $1.00 off so the other 3 were $1.00 each.

I picked up 3 satin care shave gels on for $1.50 each and I had 3 $1.00 off coupons.

I grabbed the snuggle 60 washes on for $3.97 and used my $1.00 off coupon!

I picked up the mccain deep n delicious for $4.67 and used my $1.00 off coupon.

I also got a 204 pack of huggies diapers for $39.97 and used my $3.00 off coupon. WE use cloth diapers here but I am going on a trip so will be using disposables for the trip.

Was a great trip. I saved $30 using coupons!!!

There was a young couple shopping and I saw they were buying the 4 pack of dove soap so I gave them my $1.50 off coupon since I wouldn`t be needing it. I also gave them the mail in rebate for the lysol hand soap automatic since I have already done mine.
And I gave them a .75 off any crest toothpaste coupon.


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