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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

couponing info

You can get coupons mailed to you from the following sites for free: www.save.ca (set up an account and you can also print some of them) There is currently one for $2 off edge shave gel. It is on for $2.46 at walmart right now. www.websaver.ca www.gocoupons.ca www.brandsaver.ca (can order proctor and gamble coupons) www.brandsampler.ca they have free samples at certain times that you can order. www.flyeronfire.com (go here and you can put in whatever you are looking for and the database will tell you where it is on sale this week) Has links to the flyers as well www.flyerland.ca (has flyers and some coupons) like michaels etc. Price matching with flyers at : Giant Tiger, Walmart, No Frills, Zellers, and FreshCo. Couponing websites that have information and do the coupon match ups: www.mrsjanuary.com www.couponchristine.com www.frugaledmontonmama.com my blog: www.raelynn77.blogspot.com Facebook has tonnes of coupons and deals as well. Hope this helps Rae-Lynn

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