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Sunday, October 21, 2012

My headshaving extravaganza

NDWCC & Y101 FEED THE COMMUNITY EVENT When: 26 Oct 1300 Where: Leitrim all Ranks Mess 3545 Leitrim Road Who: Everyone. Entrance by food donation to the food bank. Everyone bringing food will receive 1 ticket per food item donated for fabulous door prizes. Food donated to Y101 Feed the Community Initiative. What: Captain Hacker challenged her unit to raise $5000 for the NDWCC campaign and said she would shave her head bald and donate the hair to wigs for children. Door Prizes: So far there is a pedicure set, 2 bottles of homemade wine, a Lysol no touch soap system (retails at $14.99), a Graty, Photo frame display set, Cropadile 3(scrapbooking tool), some skincare items, and a shotglass and drink glass with pewter irish wedding bands on them, crabtree and evelyn 60 second fix for feet, 5 handmade greeting cards, Mary Kay Essential Eye Set, and an authentic cultured pearl necklace and earrings from Dubai, a blackberry duracell rechargeable charger, 4 baileys coffee mugs and MWO Smart's parking space for a week! When your ticket is drawn you will get to pick a prize off of the table. If you would like to add prizes to the table feel free. If anyone else would like to donate the minimum hair length accepted is 10 inches if it has any processing to it. If you have no hair colours/perms in your hair then 6 inches is the minimum. Let Captain Hacker know if you would like to donate your hair too! Please bring lots of food for those less fortunate, and win some awesome prizes!!!Hope to see all my friends out to watch me become bald!!!

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