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Thursday, October 18, 2012

flyers for 19 oct - 25 oct

Deals I saw in the flyers for this week: Food Basics 3L Gallo olive oil $9.99 each. Shoppers: 3DS $149 Freshco fresh whole chicken $1.77/lb 24 cans of pop (coke, pepsi, gingerale,) $5.97 black diamond cheese slices 24 $1.97 40 nestle halloween chocolate bars: $5.97 dofino havarti $2.99 4 pack of mini bell peppers $1.99 Zellers: 50 halloween chips $8.79 purex ultra packs $4.44 pine-sol $1 443ml Rexall: stayfree or carefree pads, use $2 printable https://consumersocialmediacanada.ca/stayfreequiz/www/coupon.php Giant tiger: chocolate milk 1L 99cents pringles $99 cents limit of 5 Doritos 2.50 wonder 6 english muffins $1.47 Independent: Clear shampoo/conditioner $4.99 use tearpad coupons from shoppers drug mart oasis healthy break smoothie or premium juics $2.49 Metro: fresh bL SL chicken breast $3.99/lb italpasta 900g 88Cents each ragu spaghetti sauce 99 cents prime rib roast chef style grade AA or higher $4.99/lb regular 9.99/lb free movie from zip.ca at the metro kiosk. Olymel chicken breast strips or nuggets $4.99 use your coupons if you have them Fruitopia, five alive etc $1.39 each for 2L Nestea or Coke, minute made five alive powerade: 2 for $10 15 bonus airmiles when you buy 2. mushrooms, tomatoes, avocados, seedless cucumber: 88 cents/lb selection bacon $2.99 activa 2.99 650g nutella $2.99 lean cuisine $2.99 2 bonus airmiles for each one. tide pods $4.99 3 airmiles for each one you buy. coupon in flyer for buy 3 lysol broducts = 10 bonus miles. Buy 3 $1.99 each, 2 = $2.50 each, 1 = $3.49 each. seedless grapes 1.99/lb oreo/chips ahoy, kool-aid jammers, maynards wine gums, dentyne gum, cadbury raisins chocolates, $2.49 each buy 3 get 10 bonus miles. look for cereals that give free yoplait products maxable value $4.00 produce depot: andy boy romaine hearts $1.99 for package of 3. food basics: pumpkins 88 cents each oct 12,13,14 lactantia milk 4L $3.88 1,2 and skim chips ahoy, ritz, peak freens $1.88 ach romaine 3 packs or raspberries or avocados: 3/$5 sweet red or green peppers 97 cents/lb WALMART: charmin: 16 double 32 single rolls $5.97 use charmin coupon gain 64 loads: $5.97 use coupon buitoni $3.97-coupon bounty 8 pack $5.97 - couon 2 pack of maple leaf prime whole chickens $14 10 lb bag of potatoes: $1.97 renees salad dressing: $3.47 hamburger helper $1.67 yoplait tubes $2 use gocoupons mccain deep n delicious $2.87 each crest 100ml toothpaste or oral b brush $1 Canadian Tire: comet or white swan kleenex or 20' foil wrap, 25' wax paper, 75 sq ft plastic wrap 59cents no rainchecks 40 sturdi garbage bags $2.29 tide pods $4.99 bbq's 100-300 off selected bbq's, double high queen size coleman air bed $119.99 regular $199.99: may have to get that for camping season next year!! eliminator 600A powerbox with built in 400W inverter. two ac outlets/one DC outlet $124.99 regular $249.99 4 button remote starter $69.99 eliminator 700A booster pack. jumpstart without a 2nd vehicle $74.99 regular $149.99 OBD2 Scan tool: read/erase engine & transmission codes and graph live data reg $299.99 on for $199.99 milk 4l $4.29 neilson, eggs $2.29 or dempsters bread sugar 2kg $2.49

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