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Thursday, March 11, 2010

11 March 2010

Happy 20th Anniversary to Dad & Lynn. It was on the 10th but didn't blog yesterday!

Things are going pretty good around here. We are just taking things one day at a time.

Paul patrolled Saturday afternoon/night and Logan and I went to a bbq at Gill & Brandon's with all of the scrapgirls and Brandon and Dale. It was awesome. The food was yummy. Then I left at around 1900 to come home and bathe Logan and get him ready for bed. He was soooooooooooo tired he fell asleep in my arms on the couch at 2030. Earlier I took him grocery shopping and he fell asleep sitting up in the cart so I had to hold his head with one hand and push the cart with my elbows. Was so cute. He was a tired little monkey. I went back to work on Sunday so Paul had Logan all day. I was able to make it to church to join them so that was nice. Didn't get home till after 2000 hrs so I was tired. Logan was still up so got to spend some time with him before bed. Then same thing on Monday. Paul took Logan to daycare and picked him up because I was at work from 0715 till 2000 hrs once again. I was able to get him ready in the morning and feed him to help Paul out. Then on Tuesday I was nights. Am trying to find the best mix to get some rest. I got up with Logan and got him ready and had him at daycare by 0900. Then I came home and tidied up things. Then I slept from 1030 or so till 1400 and then had to go to the grocery store, mail a package of books to Robyn & Rolly, and then come home. Paul picked up Logan and I was going to sleep from 1600-1800 but couldn't because I wanted to spend time with them. Paul took Tikka to the park and I played with Logan. Then we had supper together, and then I showered, bathed Logan, and got ready for work and headed out. Things were super quiet and since there was 2 of us on shift, and I am not "fully checked out" to work on my own, I was able to come home at 2230 to go to sleep. It was super quiet so he let me go. Then I was up at 0530 to head back in for 0620. I got Logan up and ready at 0600 to help out Paul again. Then I went in to work till 0730 and then came home. This time I cleaned Logan's bathroom, scrubbed down the counters, emptied the dishwasher, de-cluttered the table and counters, dusted and vacuumed. Cleaned the stove top. I can't remember what else but it kept me busy till 1100 and then I went to sleep till 1500. Then I got up and had some food for lunch/supper and then left at 1540 for volleyball practice which was awesome. I am not as rusty as I thought I would be. I am in alot of pain today though. I hurt my knee. The one that always bothers me. I jumped and it hurt when I landed. Not sure what will come of it. Then I left at 1750 to come home and shower, had some of Paul's yummy chicken soup, and then had cuddles with Logan before work. I left at 1900 for 1915 and was at work till 2200 and once again it was quiet so I got to come home. I jam packed those 3 hours of work reading lots of stuff for my job and learning more! Then I didn't have to go in this morning because there was no flights so I didn't have to do any briefings. I got up at 0630 when Logan ran down to the room to wake me. It was nice for Paul that I could take Logan to daycare. I got him ready, fed him breakfast, and then we played a bit with some of his puzzles. I had him at daycare at 0800 and then I came home. I managed to spend the first hour cleaning up the garage. I can't wait for Paul to see it. It is super clean. I hope he is impressed because he was talking about cleaning it this weekend and now it is done. You can actually move around in there. Then I spent the next hour cleaning up more boxes in our basement. It looks so much better now. Then I vacuumed the basement and the laundry room and then did the stairs. It is now 1137 so I think I will go and have some lunch. I am hobbling around from being so sore from volleyball. I have practice again Friday night at 1600-1800 and then we are going to Tita's for nachos as a team so that will be fun.

I am on days off now till next Wednesday so that is super nice. Logan is at daycare because normally after a nightshift I will be tired and will need to sleep alot that day. I have him the next 4 days in a row and then he will go back to daycare the day before my next shift. I am going to take Logan swimming tomorrow which I think will be fun. Then I have volleyball practice next Monday and a game on wednesday!

We may go up to the hill on saturday and try some family skiing. Will have to rent skis for Logan and I and Paul will ski with Logan since he is way better than me. Hopefully it will be fun. We all have passes which Logan and I have never used yet so we will see. If it doesn't work out we can probably go tubing while we wait for Paul to have some ski time on the big hills!

We hope everyone is well.

Logan can now say "Hacker" and it is the cutest thing.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan

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